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North Coast paraglider: 87 years young


Contents Fit For Life Raymond Mickleburgh | Riding the Ridge


Spring forward... At last the lighter evenings are with us. A new energy fills the air and brighter days inspire hope, whether it’s being out on your bike, running with your dog or playing in the water. Fit Health | Barefoot The Naked Truth, Running Efficiently and Places to go 6 Fit Feature | Cycling Commuting, Cornwall Coastal Classic, Bike Fittings, Time Trials and Book Reviews e fe 012 ionber 2 t a ult em ns ec co er/D

l tia mb ini Nove r fo

Physiotherapy Services

Need help to get active or to stay active? We can treat... • Acute or chronic sports injuries • Muscle and joint problems • Back and neck problems • Orthopaedic rehab following surgery or injuries For more information or to book an appointment call

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2 Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013


In this issue our inspiration comes from Raymond Mickleburgh who knows no boundaries. He took up paragliding in his 78th year and is still flying regularly 10 years later, an example to us all.

Fit Cornwall #05 April/May 2013 Editor: Sharon Addinall Co-Editor: Tania Steytler Contributing Writers: Alice Westgate, Toni Kinnear, Claire Hardy, Richard Gill, Maria Hocking, Jonno Gibbins, Sara Kirkham, Heather Ferry, Sandy Gourley Book Reviews: Andrew Forster Cover Photo: Anthony Greenwood Photos: Elemental UK, Steve Warner, Bethany Bloor,, Tim Martindale, Karen Richardson Design: 20/20 Contacts Event listing: Advertising: Editorial Enquiries: 07765 404418 | (01326) 618959 We welcome all comments, feedback and contributions. No part of this magazine maybe reproduced without the permission of the editor. The opinions expressed in Fit Cornwall are not necessarily those of the publishers, but are of the individual writers. Advice is for information only and should not replace medical care.

Finding confidence is all about repetition, trying something new and practising. It can be done at any age, from children exploring new heights to adults putting-off lifelong ambitions until retirement.

Fit Young Things | Confident Kids Water Activities for Social Confidence Fit Food | Gluten The Facts, Alternatives and Eating Out Fit Person Sarah Pepper | UK Cani-Cross Champion


We’ve included a special focus in our food pages on the impact of gluten, which is often hidden in mass-produced convenience foods, causing havoc to those whose health and wellbeing are particularly sensitive. The answer for most of us appears to be simple; buy natural, organic, fresh foods - you’ll absorb more nutrients and soon start to feel the spring in your step!

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Fit Events Barefooting, green gyms, kayaking, running, triathlons, paddle boarding, kite surfing and more.. 22

Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013 3

for life

for life

Riding The Ridge Photo: Steve Warner

Words by | Toni Kinnear

“As people, we like moving.” He was not the average eighty-seven year old, and that was obvious upon meeting him. Instead of receding into old age, Raymond is active and still very much in love with life. Having learnt how to paraglide at the age of seventy-eight, it’s now something he tries to do most weeks.

t fourteen, Raymond was attracted to the air cadets and joined the Air Training Core in Shepherds Bush. By the time he was eighteen he knew that being in the Air Force was what he wanted to do with his life, so the day after his eighteenth birthday he signed up and was soon posted to Europe. Over the years he travelled all over the globe, seeing Malaysia, Japan and Europe, even staying at the iconic Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

Raymond speaks with his flying buddy Steve most days, discussing the weather conditions and the possibility of a flight. He needs to be ready to go when the perfect paragliding day comes along. Perranporth is a personal favourite as it has a good West-NorthWest wind. Raymond talks about getting prepared. With the wing laid out on the ground, he prefers a reverse launch where you start with the lines twisted and back to the cliff, then once the canopy is in the air, you twist sharply to unravel the lines and run for take off.


Always being active put Raymond in good stead when learning to paraglide. As a runner, windsurfer and diver he approached his new hobby with confidence. Having a background in the Air Force meant that he had a technical advantage and soon rose to the challenge in his new sport. Now an adept pilot, he describes the synergy of flying, feeling at one with the equipment, which enables him to be in control of the 8.5 metre canopy or as he prefers, ‘the wing’. Safety is essential, and to begin with, a trainee-paraglider is taught to take-off, control the descent and land safely on the beach. Without mastering these simple but essential skills, the paraglider cannot progress to more skilful and technical manoeuvres. Once this stage is complete, the real flights can begin and this is where things get interesting. The first thing is to join a club and train to become an elementary pilot, and if you’ve got the flying bug, being keen to spend a few hundred hours in the sky, Club Pilot is the next step.

4 Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013

“I don’t like standing still. That’s the thrill of it, you see, the movement of it.”

For Raymond, the art of ‘soaring’ is to glide off the cliff, let the fetch coming in from the sea push you up, enabling you to ride the ridge, which could take you 5 miles or more along the coast.

“A freshly ploughed field attracts sun and gives a nice lift.”

Raymond explains how it’s all about control and reading the environment. Whilst enjoying the view, you need to watch everything around you, “the birds tell you where to go” he says, “as they fly alongside and share the thermals to gain height”. He reads the terrain’s colour, lighter tones below reflect greater heat, therefore causing lift. Danger also presents itself in many ways. Raymond explains that an understanding of the clouds is imperative, “if your canopy is sucked upwards by a cumulonimbus, it’s unlikely that you’ll survive!” As he flies, Raymond talks to his flying buddy, Steve on the radio to keep in contact. Conversation is kept to a minimum, purely messaging important facts so that they know each other’s whereabouts, where they’re going, changes in conditions or their plans for a safe landing. Travelling at speeds of up to 50 mph is a huge thrill when flying, but nowadays, Raymond feels more comfortable in winds between 18 to 25 mph, also feeling that the mental tension of over an hour’s flying time becomes demanding. Paragliding is not Raymond’s only interest, he also enjoys dancing; both ballroom and sequence with his wife, plus he’s a familiar face running around Boscawen Park each weekend. If you ask his secret, he says “it’s all down to movement” – he just enjoys moving! Who could argue with that?

Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013 5


Barefoot Running: More efficiency with fewer injuries Photos: Bethany Bloor

– The naked truth

We’re the only species on the planet that chooses to wear shoes…

fter three years living a barefoot lifestyle, I’m now known internationally as ‘The Barefoot Podiatrist’ and my focus is on the foot, not the shoe.


Humans have been around for 2.3 million years, and what we know as modern man, around 200,000 years, yet only in the last couple of hundred years have we been wearing stiff-soled shoes. It is no coincidence that when humans started wearing shoes, the chiropody and podiatry professions came about. The main reason being that shoes damage our feet, leg joints and perhaps most importantly, our backs. Walking without shoes is the default human state and our whole anatomy functions at its best during barefoot movement. For example the skin on the soles of our feet is six times more abrasion resistant than other areas of our bodies and is capable of thickening up to become something akin to soft leather. The musculo-skeletal system is strengthened by barefoot walking and running on uneven ground. This is evidenced by barefoot populations having stronger, healthier and more mobile feet. It is a myth that human beings have fragile delicate feet that need protecting and supporting. In fact the more support we give our feet the weaker they become. We’ve created a physical dependency on shoes, and just like an addiction, our feet have become accustomed to this support. The muscles in our feet start to weaken and unknowingly, we‘re hooked! Every shoe compromises optimal foot and leg 6 Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013

“Feet have about 200,000 sensory nerve endings to detect the ground and protect us from jarring impacts.” function, in fact, even barefoot shoes lessen the sensory perception of the ground. Shoes have their place, but for optimal foot health, they shouldn’t always be on our feet. Understanding natural foot function has revolutionised the way I work to cure foot and leg injuries, but of course, prevention is better than cure.

Saturday 27th April Archie Browns, Truro, 10-4pm Tel: 01872 278622

Learn about barefoot biomechanics and the advantages of barefoot shoes for children with barefoot running coach Jonno Gibbins. 10% off all Vivobarefoot shoes.



The skill of running requires a certain technique that is more efficient and less injurious than what we know as ‘jogging,’ which involves a heavy impact on the heel. The fastest runners in the world are not heel-strikers but instead land ‘ninja-like’ on the forefoot, á la Mo Farah. Raised heels, cushioning and arch supports have a negative effect on the way we move, different to the way that nature intended. Learning to stand, walk and run with bare feet allows a running coach to re-train runners of all abilities by improving their posture, cadence and foot contact. By using a barefoot shoe and correct style, runners can be transformed into more efficient and faster athletes with fewer, if not zero injuries.

3 1. ‘Ultra Kids’ £29 2. ‘Rooty Kids’ £45 3. ‘T-Bar Kids’ £43

For more information contact: Words by | Stephen Bloor DPodM, SRCh, HCPC Reg, Musculo-skeletal Podiatrist

80% of runners are injured every year. Primarily, this is due to poor technique attributed to wearing a cushioned and supportive shoe that prevents vital proprioceptive feedback which in turn, weakens the foot.

Technique is everything! Jonno Gibbins | Barefoot Running Coach |

Godolphin Barefoot Trail: When the shoes come off - the smiles come out!

The Benefits > Prevents shoe-related callouses and corns > Increases foot and leg muscle strength > Improves postural alignment and back pain > Massively improves postural stability, reducing the risk of falls and ankle sprains > Increases joint range of motion > Reduces aches and pains in lower-limb joints > Regulates body temperature and better prevents foot infections like athletes foot > It feels good!

n West Cornwall, the National Trust is providing plenty of opportunity for people to give barefooting a try. They created Cornwall’s first multi-textured trail at Godolphin. Julie Hanson, Ranger and barefoot enthusiast, says,


© National Trust Images/Julie Hanosn. Registered Charity Number 205846.


Vivobarefoot Drop-In

“I’m delighted to see so many folk enjoying the trail – it seems that when the shoes come off, the smiles come out!” There’s also the Godolphin Barefoot Festival (18th August) to look forward to; a happy celebration of naked feet. There’ll be barefoot activities, crafts for children, treats for feet, professionals to quiz and opportunities to have a go at tai chi, yoga, barefoot running and slack lining. The Trust is eager to get people closer to nature and Julie’s monthly barefoot hikes around West Cornwall will do just that. These are aimed at beginners, but if you’re keen – why not just whip off your boots and go for a barefoot adventure wherever you like?!

Going Barefoot in West Cornwall


When you've tried out the multi-textured Barefoot Trail at Godolphin (open from 6 April), why not explore some of our wilder places and join one of our monthly barefoot hikes for beginners? Watch out for the Barefoot Festival in August too - more textures, games, activities, crafts and treats for feet.

01736 763194

Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013 7



Taking it to THE MAX

Commuting | Time Trialling | Bike Fitting | Books | Cornwall Coastal Classic ne of Da Vinci’s students sketched some ideas in the early 1400s, but it wasn’t until the 1800s that the bike really became popular. The design had indeed changed, which enabled it to evolve into a useful form of transport across Europe, however, worldwide acclaim did not develop until some years later.


Today there are more than a billion bikes on the planet and they have become more successful than Leonardo could have ever imagined, being used for travel to schools, universities and work places. Providing low impact fitness for all gender and age groups, prized by super-fit, hard-nosed competitive racers, the humble bicycle translates easily into everyone’s lifestyle. So whether you dabble with bike fitness to appreciate the outdoors, commute, or like to race against the clock, Cornwall’s winding roads, coastal views and countryside make it the ideal place to get out and start pedalling.

UNI’D TO COMMUTE! ravelling between campuses is a necessity for us Falmouth students, even if it’s only a few times a year or just a case of needing to get into town when living at Tremough Words by | Tay Kinnear or vice-versa. Buses are seriously cheap for us, admittedly, but if you’re travelling to and fro everyday that’s £1.20 a day, or £6.00 a week.


So what’s the alternative? Getting on a bike and pedalling between Falmouth and Penryn is a great way to save money whilst keeping fit at the same time. The distance is only around three miles from campus to campus and will take you under forty-five minutes, which, let’s be honest, is only slightly longer than the bus ride. Furthermore, the exercise you’d get from cycling every day is a great way to tone up your legs and bum, burning around 200 calories an hour meaning that each day you’d burn at least 300 extra calories. And when you get fantastic views on the way – what’s not to love? We live in such a beautiful county, why spend all your time stuck in a bus or lecture theatre. The bonus is that even if you don’t have a bike on campus you can rent one from the gym for only £1 a day. If it’s the environment that you’re concerned about then cycling produces zero greenhouse gases and along with walking, it’s one of the most eco-friendly ways to get around. There’s also the social aspect, if it’s a nice day, getting out of your flat and cycling with your friends, having a picnic on the way and getting good exercise is a perfect way to spend a sunny day. So next time you’re waiting for ages in the bus shelter clutching 60p in your pocket, why not choose the healthier, environmentally friendly, cheaper option and cycle there instead. Photo:

8 Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013

re you a keen road cyclist and looking to crank it up a gear? Have you a few races under your belt and fancy being part of something epic? Whatever your ability, you don’t need to look far to find your next challenge…


This autumn brings the first Cornwall Coastal Classic – the only seven-stage sportive in the UK. Over seven days you will take your sportive experiences to the next level and ride 777km of Cornwall’s breath taking coastal roads. The event, run by Carrick Leisure, offers the rider the chance to cycle a landmark event that fully navigates the coastal roads of Cornwall in a true Coastal Classic. The first stage starts from Lakeview, Lanivet, HQ and accommodation partner. Taking place on Sunday 20 October, so begins the clockwise tour of Cornwall, passing through iconic locations such as Rock, Polzeath and Milook along the dramatic north Cornwall coastline, through the southern fishing villages and towns of Looe, Mevagissey, and Polperro, around the craggy Roseland Peninsula to Truro, Helford and The Lizard. Continuing out west to Penzance, St Ives and Hayle and back to Lakeview HQ on Saturday 26 October. This is a chance to not only be part of a significant mark in UK sportive history, but to also experience riding the beautiful Cornish coastline and countryside. Riders will be supported by the Carrick Leisure Event Team throughout the week, as well as a significant event crew providing transport back to base, mobile feed stations, support mechanics, national escort safety motorbike marshals and spare bikes if needed! For full details and entry information visit: Carrick Leisure also organises the Land’s End 100, now in its third year, and Bodmin Moor 100, formerly the Cornwall Tor. Both events are single day sportives which offer distances ranging from 45 to 100 miles. For full details and entry please see

Words by | Claire Hardy Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013 9


Are you sitting comfortably

Bike fitting professional bike fitting session will eliminate nagging complaints that take the pleasure out of cycling, helping to improve your efficiency and speed. We advise that you book in advance as the session may take more than an hour.


Whether you’re riding to the corner store or across the county, you should be comfortable on your bike. If it fits well, you can improve your pedalling efficiency, aerodynamics and speed. Look out for some common symptoms: neck, back, or knee pain, saddle sores and hand or foot numbness suggesting that your bike probably doesn’t fit you. Posture | Legs

Place your heels on the pedals. As you pedal backwards, your knees should fully extend in the down position. When you move your foot into the proper pedalling position, with the balls of your feet over the pedal, you’ll have a slight bend in your knees as you push forward.

Bike Chain | Redruth 01209 215787

Pain | Neck pain

A common cycling complaint usually the result of riding a bike that is too long or having handlebars that are too low.

Bikeworks | Falmouth 07872382151 Clive Mitchell Cycles | Truro 01872 276930

 Pain | Saddle sores A good bike seat is imperative, make sure you find one that fits you well.

Cycle Logic | Helston 01326 561562

Pain | Knee Your seat maybe too high causing pain in the back of the knee. If it is too low or too far forward, it may cause pain in the front of your knee. Posture | Arms You should ride with your elbows slightly bent, not straight or locked. Bent elbows act as shock absorbers and reduce impact when you ride over bumps in the road.

“As a kid I had a dream - I wanted to own my own bicycle. When I got the bike I must have been the happiest boy in Liverpool, maybe the world. I lived for that bike. Most kids left their bike in the backyard at night. Not me. I insisted on taking mine indoors and the first night I even kept it in my bed”. John Lennon

10 Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013

Hayle Cycles | Hayle 01736 753825 Pave Velo | St Austell 01726 64950

Cycling: Facts and figures •

Cycling speed is approximately three times that of walking speed.

If a person living 4km from work cycles to and from work throughout the year, rather than driving, over the course of the year, around 300kg of CO2 emissions are avoided.

To make a bicycle requires only a fraction of the materials and energy needed to make a car.

3 hours of biking per week can reduce your risk of heart disease by 50%.

A cyclist can travel 10,000kms using the equivalent of one litre of petrol.

At least 10 bicycles can be parked in the same space taken up by one car.

Time Travelling here’s a fair chance you saw Sir Bradley Wiggins take Gold in the Olympic Time Trial and in doing so sealing his name in history. This Formula One of cycling may appear to be light years away for the recreational cyclist but this is not the case. Nothing stands between you and this very basic form of cycle racing. You may not have the scientific advantages which are at Brad’s disposal but your own personal glory and competitive accomplishment may not be a million miles away.


I have always cycled and spent many years racing mountain bikes. This changed when I decided to cycle from John ‘O’ Groats to Land’s End in 2006, after this I never looked back. I then devoted all of my time to cycling on the road, however, I had no outlet for my new enthusiasm and time trialling was perfect for my competitive appetite. To time trial (TT) you need a bike, a helmet and to attend a local, club organised TT. The distance is usually 10 miles long on a flat road. You start at your designated time and complete the distance as fast as your bike and body will allow. The winner of the event completes the distance in the quickest time. This is a race against the clock. Entering my fifth season of time trialling, I’m hooked. To be honest I was hooked after my first 10 mile race. After that first attempt, I wanted another go immediately, to shave off a few seconds and beat my newly set time, needless to say it’s highly addictive. Words by | Sandy Gourley

Andrew Forster Merckx: Half Man, Half Bike | William Fotheringham Eddy Merckx is to cycling what Muhammad Ali is to boxing or Pele to football: quite simply, the best there has ever been. Merckx was a machine. It wasn’t just the number of victories (445); it was his remorseless domination that created the legend. He didn’t just beat his opponents, he crushed them. But his triumphs only tell half a story that includes horrific injury, a doping controversy and tragedy. Paperback £8.99 It’s all About the Bike | Robert Penn Robert Penn’s “It’s All About the Bike: The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels” is a homage to the humble bike; it’s the story of why we ride, and why this simple machine holds the power to transport us all. He rides to get to work, to bathe in air and sunshine, to stay sane and to feel free. This is the story of his love affair with cycling and the journey to build his dream bike; a freewheeling pilgrimage taking him from Californian mountain bike inventors to British artisan frame builders. Paperback £8.99 Racing Through the Dark: The Fall and Rise of David Millar | David Millar By his 18th birthday David was living and racing in France, sleeping in rented rooms, tipped to be the next English-speaking Tour winner. A year later he’d realised the dream and signed a professional contract. He perhaps lived the high life a little too enthusiastically - he broke his heel in a fall from a roof after too much drink, and before long the pressure to succeed had tipped over into doping. Here, in a full and frank autobiography, David Millar recounts the story from the inside. Paperback £8.99 Seven Deadly Sins – My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong | David Walsh

Sandy Gourley is the 2012 Cornish Cup Time Trial Champion.

The story of Lance Armstrong - the cyclist who recovered from testicular cancer and went on to win the Tour de France a record seven times. As early as Armstrong’s first victory on the Tour in 1999, Sunday Times journalist David Walsh had reason to think that the incredible performances we were seeing from Armstrong were literally too good to be true. Based on insider information and dogged research, he began to unmask the truth. About cycling’s biggest star. Hardback £18.99 Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013 11

young things

Photos: Elemental UK

The Trust Get Active The National Trust at The Lizard and Penrose are celebrating getting outdoors by offering a variety of exciting events. You can try everything from barefoot walks to bike rides and surfing lessons. This year the Trust is also continuing successful kayaking events and offering several opportunities to get paddling at Mullion or on the Helford River.

Confident Kids

“ I learned that I can be kind and help others when they are scared.”

ctivities that push your child’s boundaries, enable them to learn important life skills and increase self-esteem.


“to achieve something I had to really push myself.”

The National Trust works with local ambassador businesses to ensure that all trips are safe and enjoyable and aimed at all abilities.

For information call: 01326 558424.

The wetter the better Over the year the children had the chance to try out various mental and physical challenges, both individually and as part of a team. Activities included coasteering and canoeing, alongside workshops and reviews designed to improve self-confidence.

The ‘Turn Your Life Around’ (TYLA) Project is a unique coaching programme for children to improve confidence and social skills in Cornwall. In the last year 35 children from Carclaze School, year groups 1-7 were selected for coaching.

These fun centred experiences reinforced the principles of the coaching programme covering teamwork, communication, listening and relationship building as important life skills.

Using a solution-focussed approach encourages children to concentrate on the times when things have worked well for them and to talk about personal experiences that boosted their selfesteem in the past. The coach can then build on these individual strengths and resources.

As children discover new talents, a natural affinity for adventure often blossoms. A little encouragement may be needed to get started and parents can offer support by trying new activities as a family or with friends. It’s a great excuse to get out on the water and the kids will love to see you play too!

12 Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013

We work with a number of local schools, some of whom we have a guardianship arrangement with to introduce children to a variety of activities from surfing to bushcraft. We find this encourages children to think differently and enhances their feelings towards the natural environment we are so fortunate to have here.

Elemental Kids' Club

As we watch our children grow, we expect them to develop social skills and approach new experiences with confidence. Whilst many children approach social interactions with gusto, others are less self assured, needing a helping hand to build relationships.

“In essence we treat the children as experts of their own lives, which enables them to learn to take responsibility for their actions.” Bev Light, Programme Leader

“In previous years these events have been really popular so this year we’re offering even more opportunities to experience getting on the water” says Visitor Services Manager, Layla Astley. “You can enjoy the thrills (and spills) of exploring caves, getting up close to the sea life around Mullion or get away from it all on a tranquil paddle at twilight on the Helford River.”

For information on TYLA Programmes/ Training contact Tel: 07585 440494

On a sunny morning, a line of children emerge at Falmouth’s Swanpool Beach and snake down to the water’s edge. Clad in wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids, they hop into kayaks and paddle to a sandy inlet on the opposite side of the cove. They while away the morning messing about in boats and jumping off rocks before spending the afternoon sailing, stand-up paddle boarding or raft-building. It makes you long to be a child again. “It is great to introduce children to our wonderful coastal environment as early as possible – in a safe, controlled way, of course.” says Dany Duncan, head of Elemental. Possibly the best thing about water sports is the way in which it helps young people gain confidence and self-esteem. “Some go out thinking it’s going to be too hard” says Dany, “but inevitably they find resources they didn’t know they had, and that is incredibly rewarding.”   Elemental Kids’ Club at Swanpool Beach, Falmouth, TR11 5BG is open to young people aged 6 and over and costs £18 for a half-day session and £30 for a full day. To book, call 01326 318771 or visit

Maria Hocking | Life & Motivation Coach id you ever wonder where confidence comes from? Confidence is not something that you have; it’s something that you create by repeating behaviours/beliefs over a period of time. Self-confidence can be created anywhere at anytime by every single one of us.


Outdoor Hub has a huge range of equipment for outdoor sports and activities at unbeatable prices. Body Boarding



outdoor Adventures

Buoyancy Aids

Tales from the Riverbank

Photo: Tim Martindale

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Visit to view our full range of products, or visit our shop just outside Truro.

It’s so easy to fill a morning. First, they learn some strokes to control the canoe –learning to paddle forward, backwards stop, turn and even move sideways! After mastering new skills the rest of the session becomes a powerful teambuilding opportunity. We finish by playing fun and challenging games like ‘fruit salad’ where everyone has to swap places – easier said than done, or perhaps seeing how far you can wobble your canoe and still keep it upright! For more information view | www Tel: 01288 362900

10% off

All Outdoor Hub orders placed before 1st April 2014 with discount code


Units 7-9 Tresillian Business Park, Probus, Truro TR2 4HF





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14 Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013

Beach Fun

01872 888132

Canadian canoeing originated in North America as a way to travel far afield for hunting and fishing. Now it’s enjoyed by all and is the perfect outdoor activity for primary school age children. At Outdoor Adventure, canoeing through the nature reserve on the Bude Canal is one of our favourite sessions, “everything looks so different from the water as you travel downstream, you feel quite privileged”. If children can bear to keep quiet, they often see the turquoise flash of a kingfisher or if they’re lucky, a glimpse of our local otter basking in the sun.



01326 318771

Exercise can be extremely beneficial in helping your confidence; according to a recent study in the Journal of Health Psychology, people with low self confidence gained greater confidence by exercising. It was found that their performance levels had no impact on their confidence, but it was simply the act of exercising that made the difference. Do you have the desire to try a new form of exercise, but feel that negative thoughts such as “I’ll look like an unco-ordinated moron”, or “people will laugh at me” prevent you from taking that first step? Are YOU letting the “conciousness of your self” over-ride your desire to seek a healthier and more confident you? The solution to this is to shift your focus from “you” to “others”. When we feel a lack of confidence, we worry about “how we look”, or “how we appear”, and we focus entirely on ourselves. If you are going to try a new form of exercise and feel a little apprehensive, then a great technique to switch this around, is to shift your focus onto others. Instead of being selffocused, imagine that everyone you meet (on arrival at your first lesson or class), has a sign stuck on their head that says “MAKE ME FEEL IMPORTANT”. Make it your mission to make others feel important by showing interest in them, asking them questions or complimenting them. This shifts your internal focus (the seemingly negative self talk) to an external focus (the other person) and it’s impossible to worry about how you look or feel when the attention is on somebody else! So, if you feel the desire to experience the thrill of windsurfing, the beauty of kayaking up a tranquil slow flowing river, or would like to immerse yourself in a hip shakin’ Zumba class, then just GO FOR IT! Abandon any self focused negative thoughts and simply focus on making others feel great. This will allow you to experience the incredible confidence boosting endorphins that any exercise creates, which in turn promotes health, well-being and extreme happiness!! Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013 15


young things

Make the most of the great outdoors

Creating Confidence

The Stealth Protein




ave you ever wondered whether the food you eat could be making you ill? Food intolerance is basically an allergy, which can result in a range of symptoms such as fatigue, bloating, abdominal discomfort and diarrhoea. In extreme cases this can have chronic, debilitating effects upon health and energy levels. One of the most common food allergens found is gluten, a protein that is found in wheat, rye and barley. This means bread, most cereals, baked pastry goods and processed foods are likely to cause a reaction.


Many people simply find wheat difficult to digest and are not necessarily allergic to gluten. Others have a complete intolerance due to a condition called coeliac disease, pronounced ‘see-leeack’, where the lining of the gut becomes damaged and inflamed when gluten is eaten. This, in turn, reduces the absorption of other nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Avoiding all food containing gluten generally removes symptoms, but they will most likely return if gluten is re-introduced. If you have coeliac disease you will have to follow a strict glutenfree diet, avoiding all food products containing wheat, rye or barley, and possibly oats. Oat products may be contaminated with gluten from other grains but alternatives are available. At first it might seem intimidating to learn that you have a food intolerance, but you will be pleased to know that gluten-free alternatives are readily stocked in health food shops and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Try these alternatives…

It may seem like a daunting prospect to take the plunge into a gluten-free diet; perhaps you have a gluten intolerance or just looking for alternatives to wheat based ingredients. Demand for gluten free products has steadily increased over the years and there are plenty of alternatives to help facilitate a wholesome and varied diet. As well as offering a large selection of freshly cooked GF food, to take away or eat in our café, we stock a large range of ingredients, from organic flours and pastry, to pasta, biscuits, cereal and bread. Brands include Doves Farm, Bob’s Red Mills, Alara, Suma, Hale & Hearty, Nairn’s, Mrs Crimbles and others.

If you feel there is a possibility that you have a food intolerance of some kind, it is essential that you consult your GP. A qualified nutritionist or dietician can help you plan any major changes to your diet, ensuring that excluded foods are replaced with healthy alternatives.

The healthy option?

Sara Kirkham is a qualified nutritionist and published author with a BSc (Hons) in Nutritional Medicine. She practices nutritional therapy with clinics in Wadebridge, Newquay and Bodmin. Tel: 07919 110440

“I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant in November and since changing my diet I’ve lost 3 stone, feel great and my energy levels have soared.” Shelly

luten free. It’s everywhere and no longer just the reserve of those with coeliac disease. Our intake of gluten has increased massively, along with the emergence of mass produced foods, many of which are highly refined and nutrient deficient. It’s hidden in everything from stock cubes to chicken fillets and can cause symptoms such as fluid retention, bloating, fatigue and headaches. Our bodies can struggle to deal with it and during digestion, gluten containing foods such as wheat quickly turn to sugar, increasing insulin production and over time can lead to problems such as diabetes and obesity. 


Eating natural, gluten free foods is beneficial to everyone and making these changes to your diet will reduce inflammation, improve digestion, assist the body in the absorption of essential nutrients and in doing so support your weight loss goals. If you make healthy choices and reduce or remove gluten by swapping processed foods for fresh vegetables, fruit, free-range meat and eggs, fish, organic dairy and many other delicious natural products you will not only improve your health but drop excess fat into the bargain! For more information and online fitness and nutrition courses visit Words by | Heather Ferry

16 Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013

Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013 17

The Olive Grove

where to eat...

isiting The Olive Grove gives you the perfect excuse to catch up with family for a Sunday roast or meet up for a coffee with friends. Meandering through the olive trees and assortment of plants surrounding the restaurant, you’re welcomed into a calm and relaxing haven, full of elegant French country décor and cool tones of a country garden. The atmosphere is informal with a fresh, light and cheerful warmth from the friendly staff who welcome you.


“not only does the olive grove provide a great choice, they don’t mind you asking questions and are happy to talk about the ingredients.”

Archie Browns Café/Restaurant/ Food Store Truro/Penzance Truro 01872 278622 Penzance 01736 362828

There’s no need to feel apprehensive about eating ‘gluten free’ when you visit The Olive Grove, although making a choice maybe difficult as delicious mediterranean aromas drift from the kitchen. You won’t be able to resist the array of delectable cakes for everyone, a truly thrilling selection for GF foodies, from scrumptious home-made chocolate brownies, carrot cake, almond slices and classic cream tea for purists ….yes, you can finally have your cake and eat it!

Cavendish Coffee House Café/Lunches Falmouth 01326 319438 Glendurgan Gardens Tea House Café/Lunches Mawnan Smith 01326 250247 Rosewarne Manor Restaurant/Functions Hayle 01209 610414

Tel: 01872 870867

Want to feel better, improve your health or lose weight? Consult a qualified, experienced nutritionist for nutritional therapy, food allergy/exclusion diets, weight loss or sports nutrition. Telephone 07919 110440 Sara Kirkham BSc.(Hons), MBANT feeding you the right information

SECRET HIDING PLACES! In most cases, chefs don’t receive training about food intolerances or the severity of a gluten reaction, so it’s wise to check a few facts before you order. It’s always worth asking whether a separate pan/toaster/ fryer is used and don’t forget that gluten is hidden in many unsuspecting foods, a few are listed below:-

Nutritional Therapy

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eating out

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salad dressings couscous prepared grated cheese tortilla chips bread sausages pastries bulgar wheat pasta soy sauce

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ready meals beer mustard mayonnaise crisps french fries orzo spelt coated chicken /fish biscuits

The Mad Hatter Café/Lunches Launceston 01566 774634 The Scarlet Hotel & Restaurant Lunches/Dinner Mawgan Porth 01637 861800 Trebah Gardens Café/Lunches Mawnan Smith 01326 252200 Trevaskis Farm Café/ Restaurant Hayle 01209 713931 Vanilla Café/Lunches Truro 01872 242466 Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013 19

UK Cani-Cross Champions

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Sarah tells Fit Cornwall about this caninefriendly sport for runners sweeping throughout the UK and Europe ust 6 months ago Sarah didn’t consider herself to be a competitive runner, having only taken part in the Race for Life and junior school cross country events many years ago. Finding inspiration from her partner, an established cani-cross competitor, she trained Rolo, a German Short Haired Pointer and gave it a go. She soon discovered a hidden talent and now holds the title of ‘UK Ladies Cani-Cross Champion’ and is 5th ranking Ladies Champion in Europe.


> What is cani-cross? It’s a cross country running event for you and your dog. The dog wears a harness and long rein, which is connected to your waistband. Races range from flat and fast to those with hills, river crossings and plenty of mud. The standard distance is 5-6km taking place over two days and for juniors or people who want to test the water, there’s a shorter course of 2-3km. > Is there a high adrenaline version? The ‘Xtreme Two Dog’ involves running with two dogs and the ‘Bikejor’ where your dog is attached to a mountain bike or scooter … you definitely need a little more confidence for this! >A  re there particular dog breeds that are more suited? All breeds of dog can compete. As long as the dog likes to run and can do the distance, it’s generally OK. The age of the dog is important as their bones need to develop before they can draw safely, being at least 12 months old to start competing in canicross and 18 months to take part in bikejor. > How do you go about training your dog? You can start training when your dog is 8 months old depending on the breed, larger dogs need to be older. The dog should be able to run comfortably before introducing a harness, you can then teach them to pull and start using the directions left and right. I always encourage them each time with lots of praise.

Up to 80% of runners are injured every year.

Run further and faster with less effort and fewer injuries. Master the barefoot running technique with VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coach, Jonno Gibbins. Call or email for clinic details. 07972 232797

20 Fit Cornwall | April/May 2013

> Where do you compete? There are races all over this country and Europe. We’ve already been to Belgium and Poland and will be further competing across the continent this year. > How would someone get started with canicross in Cornwall? As far as equipment is concerned, you need some good off road trainers and for the safety of your dog, a harness and line that attaches to your running belt. If you’d like to see cani-cross in action, there’s a race in Cardinham Woods, Bodmin on 13 & 14th April see Also, there are ‘have-ago classes’ on a 2km course to see if you and your dog like it. If you’d like to join, there’s a group in Caradon that runs around Bodmin and Plymouth and we’re going to start a central group in the spring. For more details email: Sarah would like to thank At Your Pace and Non-Stop Dogwear for sponsoring equipment this year.

“It’s an amazing buzz when you race with your dog.”

> What type of speed do you run? It’s fairly fast, 5.2 – 5.3 minute miles. > Have you ever become tangled with trees or other dogs? Following the scent, Rolo tends to set the route and quite often decides to go around the trees the opposite way to me or go under the fence, so we have to stop and unhook ourselves. Luckily, the harness has a quick release safety feature.

Photo: Karen Richardson


Sarah Pepper & Rolo


Greenwood photography

EVENTS April//events 07.4.13 FIVE TORS Running (10 miles) Location | Launceston

07.4.13 ROCKPOOL RAMBLE Walking Location | St Agnes

10.4.13 MOUNTS BAY SHORE SEARCH Walk Location | Marazion

11.4.13 SHARK EGG CASE HUNT Walk Location | Par

13.4.13 MARINE DISCOVERY DAY Walk Location | Falmouth

15 – 19th April BOSCASTLE WALKING FESTIVAL Walking (Various)

05.5.13 EARTH WALK Walk

19.5.13 ST AUSTELL HALF Running (13.1 miles)

02.6.13 CASTLE TO CASTLE SWIM Swim (1 mile)

21.6.13 ULTRA TRAIL Running (100 miles)

Location | Boscastle

Location | West Looe

Location | St Austell

Location | Falmouth

Location | Watergate Bay

18.4.13 GREENERY WITH SCENERY Green Gym – Gorse Clearing

05.5.13 LISKEARD TRIATHLON Sprint/Pool Swim Location | Liskeard

02.6.13 FAL RIVER WALKING FESTIVAL Walking (Various)

21.6.13 THREE PEAKS YACHT RACE Sailing/Running/Cycling

Location | Carn Brea

19.5.13 MARAZION TRIATHLON Triathlon Std & Mid Distance/ Open Water



Location | Marazion

Location | Falmouth

Location | Fowey

Location | Looe

22.5.13 DAN 5K Running


23.4.13 LOOE ISLAND WALK Morning Walk (Family)

09.5.13 PILGRIMS PROGRESS Green Gym – Path Making

Location | Carn Brea

Location | Fowey

Location | Looe

Location | St Michael’s Mount

24.5.13 – 2.6.13 FAL RIVER WALKING FESTIVAL Walking (Various)

04.6.13 CUBERT 5 MILE ROAD RACE Running (5 miles)

22.6.13 MULLION HARBOUR DAY Kayaking, harbour games (Family)

23.4.13 LOOE ISLAND WALK Afternoon Walk (Family)


Location | Cubert

Location | Mullion

Location | Looe

Location | Kynance Cove

08.6.13 FORAGE AND FEAST WALK Walking (Family)

23.6.13 LANHYDROCK 10 Running (10 miles)

27 27.4.13 ROCKY SHORE EXPLORATION Walk (Family)

11.5.13 FREE FAMILY FUN DAY Various Watersports

Lizard and Kynance Cove

Location | Lanhydrock House

Location | Lizard

Location | Swanpool

27.4.13 LEGENDS OF THE BAY Kite Surfing/Stand Up Paddleboarding

11.5.13 BAREFOOT HIKE Barefoot Walk

Location | Watergate Bay

27.4.13 CROSS COUNTRY MOUNTAIN BIKE SERIES Mountain Biking Location | Redruth

27.4.13 VIVOBAREFOOT DROP-IN Barefoot Advice (Children/ Adults) Location | Truro

Tel: 01872 278622 13.4.13 FREE FAMILY FUN DAY Various Watersports May//events Location | Swanpool

14.4.13 ENYS 10K Running (10k) Location | Penryn

14.4.13 JUNIOR DODGEBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Dodgeball Location | St Austell

14.4.13 PENZANCE TRI Triathlon Location | Penzance

02.5.13 GORSE BASH Green Gym – Gorse Clearing Location | St Michael’s Mount

04.5.13 DAWN CHORUS WALK Walk Location | Looe

04.5.13 CREEKS AND BACKWATERS Kayaking Location | Fowey

Location | Penrose Estate

12.5.13 FEEL GOOD FESTIVAL Various Fitness Activities & Therapists Location | Newquay

12.5.13 TREVORNICK 10 Running (10 miles) Location | Cubert Common

12.5.13 HARBOURS AND BEACHES Kayaking Location | Fowey

12.5.13 RACE FOR LIFE Running (5k) Location | Falmouth

Location | Falmouth

25.5.13 THE PASTY CUP Kitesurfing (Experienced, Novice & Free Taster Sessions) Location | Marazion

28.5.13 WOODLAND BUSHCRAFT Outdoor Adventure (Family) Location | Tremayne Woods, Helford

29.5.13-2.6.13 SURYA YOGA FESTIVAL Yoga/Meditation/Childrens Activities Location | Falmouth

29.5.13 RACE FOR LIFE Running (5 km) Location | Penzance

30.5.13 GO WITH THE FLOW Green Gym – Stream Clearing Location | Gwithian Nature Reserve

June//events 01.6.13 MIDNIGHT MERMAID WALK Walking 13/26 miles Location | St Mawes

09.6.13 YOGA FOR MOTHERS Yoga Location | Truro

11.6.13 SENNEN COVE/ LANDS END WALK Location | Sennen Cove

12.6.13 BUDE LIFEBOAT RUN Running (6 miles) Location | Bude

15.6.13 STICKER 5 Running Location | Sticker

15.6.13 BAREFOOT HIKE Walking Location | Trenow & Cudden Point

16.6.13 FALMOUTH TRIATHLON Sprint Distance/Open Water Location | Falmouth

15.6.13 JUMP DANCE CHARITY EVENT 01.6.13 ROSELAND ADVENTURE RACE (Children/Adults) Kayaking/Running/Cycling Location | Penzance


Location | Helford River

18.5.13 KAYAKING AT MULLION Kayaking Location | Lizard and Kynance Cove

Location | St Mawes

02.6.13 HELSTON TRIATHLON Sprint Distance/Pool Swim Location | Helston

19.6.13 MEET YOUR MAX Running (7 miles) Location | Truro


Location | St Mawes/Fowey/Plymouth

22.6.13 ULTRA TRAIL Running (60 miles) Location | Watergate Bay

Fit Favourites: Learn to sail Swallows and Amazons Kids Fun Sessions Every Sunday £15.00 Mylor Yacht Harbour, near Falmouth Tel: 01326 377633 or 07971 520257

Junior / Ladies Only Surf Club Saturday am/Wednesday pm Godrevy National Trust Car Park, St Ives Bay. From £6 Tel: 01736 755556

Feel Good Festival Newquay, 10th May 10.00 am – 4.00 pm Learn from the best fitness instructors, therapists and sports enthusiasts across Cornwall with free taster sessions – so get your kit on! Contact:

Carrick Leisure Whitsun Half Term – Children’s Activities for 4-16 yrs There’s something for everyone: swimming, climbing, football, snorkelling, trampolining, dodgeball, coasteering, mountain boarding, Nerf Dart Tag shootouts, arts & crafts, cookery and surfing. Full details:

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