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A Better Choice, A Better Life

How it all started In 1987, our founders discovered that mainstream products that people use on a daily basis, often contained the same potentially harmful ingredients as found in harsh chemical formulations. In response and because we care, Neways began manufacturing safety-conscious alternatives. We paved the way for a new awareness – a new way of thinking and today, Neways formulates, manufactures, and distributes over 200 different products, marketing them in three major categories in over 30 countries: 1. Health & Wellness 2. Personal Care 3. Household You don’t have to sacrifice Performance for Safety and you don’t have to sacrifice Safety for Performance!

Our aim is to change the world one home at a time.


Where we are today With purpose-built in-house research and development facilities in Utah, Neways has its own production, filling, warehousing, and logistics facilities to keep pace with a worldwide demand. Now privately owned, Neways has made significant investment in Europe, including establishing a head office in Brussels to serve the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe. With 25 Years of Success and a proven business model which anyone can follow, Neways are poised for their next phase of growth, right here, right now. Neways are also proud to be members of the Direct Selling Association and operate to a strict code of practice and ethics.


Why Neways Products? “Tests reveal high chemical levels in children’s bodies”

“Women absorb up to 5lbs [2.27kg] of damaging chemicals a year from beauty products” Fiona Macrae Daily Mail, 6/19/07 Environmentalists and public health experts “warn that the industrial chemicals we come into contact with every day are accumulating in our bodies and endangering our health in ways we have yet to understand.”

Neways now avoid over 3000 scientifically controversial ingredients in their Products; possibly more than any other company in the world!

Most people just assume products are safe because they’re available for sale. Were YOU aware of the potential dangers?


Robert A. Harper

Dr. Harry Preuss

Wayne R. Bidlack

A. Wallace Hayes





Building on our mission with science The Neways Science Advisory Board •

 n independent group of highly recognised and respected authorities in their A individual fields of expertise.

 versees the Neways ingredient philosophy and ensure we are avoiding as many O controversial ingredients as we can!

Supports ingredient/product safety and efficacy.

 dvises on new and innovative ingredients, products, and partners and provides A relevant scientific and clinical studies.

 ducates our customers on key scientific issues via a separate SAB website with E a Q&A facility. 5

3000 Ingredients we avoid

Safer, effective products for you! A comprehensive range of safety-conscious, effective, high-quality products. How many of these products do you and your family use on a daily basis? •

Personal Care

Salon-quality Skin and Hair Care

Household Products


Dental Hygiene


Who else do you know who uses some of these products?


3000 Reasons to trust NEWAYS

...and the highest quality supplements In addition to personal and household care, Neways believes in looking good from the inside out. Often, because of modern farming, transport and food processing methods, the food we eat today doesn’t always provide us with the nutrition we need. The vitamins and minerals we used to take for granted are not always present in modern food so, to ensure we have the nutrition we need to live a healthy life, we should supplement our diets.

A comprehensive range of the finest nutritional products using only the very finest ingredients!

Maximol Solutions The No. 1 best-selling mineral supplement:



27 million sold & counting...

Traditional channel of distribution:

Network Marketing:

A channel of distribution direct to the consumer


Advertising & publicity


Money saved HERE Wholesaler

is paid out HERE

Distributor/consumer buys for personal consumption or resale


Recommendation to others Consumer (pays the hidden costs of advertising, warehousing, retailing etc.)

The quickest way to the customer Neways relies on word of mouth recommendation and supplies products direct to the consumer at Wholesale price. The money saved by not advertising and on other overheads, is paid back to Distributors in commissions, based on the purchases of people they have recommended the Products to. It’s Neways’ way of saying ‘thank you’ for recommending us, and the people they in turn recommend to etc.. Those people in turn can open an account, buy direct from the Company and earn commissions by recommending to others who buy.


A simple, modern business concept •

Available to anyone, regardless of background

Simply recommend Neways!

Have you ever recommended a good film or restaurant to someone? This is the same principle – except you get paid when they buy from us!!

Start part time alongside your current job

No financial risk!

Be your own boss – you decide where you work, when, how, and with whom

Full support and training provided, including your own website!

 uccess is simply about sharing the Products, Opportunity and the Neways S Philosophy with others.

If you had something great, where you would benefit by telling others, what would you do?


Everyone buys direct at the same Wholesale Price You




Mary Peter

How is commission paid? You introduce others by telling them about Neways Products and the concept of Transfer Spend and, help them to do the same. So assume you introduce Anne, who introduces Jane, who introduces Mark etc. Everyone buys direct from the Company at the same Wholesale Price. 50% of that Wholesale Price is paid back to the Distributors as commission for recommending Neways, typically as illustrated.

Everyone pays the same, but commission levels can increase significantly...!





9 Jane


Mark Peter




Our Business Principle Success is simply about sharing the Products and the Opportunity with others and showing them how to do the same. Neways pays you a commission based on your own purchases and the purchases of others who you introduce… and the people they introduce, etc … That’s the power of networking! Imagine if you simply shared Neways with 3 others and showed them how to do the same… You would get paid on the purchases of 364 people. What if they all transfer spend £/€50 a month? You would get paid a minimum of 10%. £/€50 x 364 x 10% = £/€1820 ‘Transfer Spend’ is simply buying products from your own Neways Business at Wholesale price, instead of buying them from the supermarket at Retail price.

What would you do with an extra £/€1000 - 2000+ a month?


Where do you see yourself? Option 1 : Get your own products for free Become a smart consumer: Transfer your spending from the supermarket to your own business, and share the product story with a few people.

Earn between £100–200 / €150–300 per month Example: With a total team of 30 people each transfer-spending £100 / €120 a month, you would earn £232 / approx. €300.


Option 2 : Develop a small business Start part time alongside your existing job, and develop your business in your spare time. Your earnings will directly reflect the time and effort you can commit. When your earnings reach £1,000 / €1,320 a month, Neways will pay you an additional bonus towards the car or home of your choice.

Earn between £1,000–2,000 / €1,500–3,000 per month Example: With a total team of 155 people each transfer-spending £100 / €120 a month, you would earn a monthly commission of £1,950 / approx. €2,200.


Option 3 : Build a serious business By continuing to help others succeed, you will build a secure business on which you will be paid for life. The basics of the business never change: Simply share the Products and Opportunity with others. You can choose to build in your home country, throughout Europe, or even across the globe!

Earn between £2,000–10,000 / €3,000–15,000 per month At this level, you will personally earn approximately 10% of your total group turnover. Example: If you have a team of 780 people each transfer-spending £100 / €120 a month, your monthly commission cheque will be £7,812 / approx. €9,000.


The Neways Car & Home Programme Let Neways pay for your car or home! Through consistent effort, you can qualify for additional compensation to pay for the car of your choice or make payments towards your mortgage. You can also enjoy five-star expenses-paid trips abroad! There aren’t many jobs that will offer you rewards like these.

So where do you see yourself with Neways : • Free products? • A small business? • Or a serious Neways career?

Earnings may vary according to individual effort, geographic location, timing, and other factors. It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join the scheme. Do not be misled that high earnings are easily achieved if you sign a contract you have 14 days to cancel and get your money back.


What some of our Customers and Distributors say… Sue: I suffered seriously from psoriasis and tried everything. Then I was introduced to Neways as a Business Opportunity and started to use the products. I had such a great response to them and have been psoriasis-free for 17 years. So for me it’s been life-changing in many ways. Nigel: When Sue’s income overtook mine and, she was doing less for it, we agreed that I would join her business and we never looked back. So many people give up on their dreams before they achieve them. But if you focus on your dreams and turn them into goals, with Neways, you really can achieve whatever you want in life, simply by sharing the Opportunity and the Products with as many people as you can.

Sue & Nigel Booth, Former Air Stewardess & Marketing Executive I have always spent a lot of money on top quality skin care products and yet up until five years ago when I was introduced to the Neways range, I suffered from eczema down one side of my face. I was very conscious of how I looked and no amount of make-up would cover this condition. In fact it highlighted the problem. I was then introduced to Neways and I was hooked. Within a few weeks my skin was clearer I had no outbreaks of eczema and my self-confidence was vastly improved. I can honestly say that I look ten years younger than I did 5 years ago.

Tina Cartwright, Former Bank Manager 15 years ago, someone told me about Maximol. I thought that if I wanted it, then others would want it too. We’ve been part of the Neways family ever since. You reach a certain age and want to be free financially, to do what you want to do, to travel and the way things are going, we’re achieving just that and are very happy! We bought our daughters a flat in London and have much of our own mortgage paid off. It starts with the Products though. The ingredients are fantastic and we see the difference for ourselves. Our advice is to share your enthusiasm. This is so much more than a business – it’s a global network of partners!

Shauki & Maggie Mahomed, Consultant Psychiatrist & former Editorial Publisher I had some health problems so when a friend recommended Neways, I tried the nutritional and personal care products and found they made a huge difference. Since then, by attending trainings, skin care and cosmetics workshops I learned enough to develop an in-home pampering business, with the Hydracial System as our signature product and am now about to open my own salon with a friend. What a great way to share Neways – a company that gives so much back to people all over the world!!

Lisa Charalambous, Former Personal Assistant I joined Neways after attending a Convention in 2011, where I saw integrity and substance in the Company – qualities I like to reflect in my business and personal life. When I shared the products with my friends I got a fantastic response – they loved them! Neways empowers people. You don’t need a degree or even to have finished school. If you have the drive and motivation to succeed and are prepared to learn, then anyone can do it. You get the help and support but it’s very much down to yourself to fit it into your lifestyle. I believe THIS is the business model of the future.

Pauline Vahey, Business Owner The Neways Compensation Plan caters for everyone, from those who just want to buy the product regularly, to part-timers who want a few hundred pounds extra every month, to others like myself who want a massive income. José joined me from day one because the skin care was so great to use and from sponsoring twenty one people in our first month, we have won every award available and earned new cars and dozens of trips all around the world. In addition, our business has expanded to over a dozen countries from Norway to Australia. It is truly amazing and I know I made the right choice when I joined back in 1994. Most important of all, we have a proven system for people to follow. People joining today have a better chance of success than ever before, and that’s exciting.

Larry & José Brooks, Former CEO & former Retail Store owner


Neways’ mission to enhance the health, prosperity, and well-being of people around the world extends well beyond our products. People in need worldwide are getting relief, thanks to the generosity of Neways and our members. Humanitarian service is part of what makes Neways tick. Through our humanitarian outreach programs, we are helping fight poverty and relieve suffering around the world. In the last few years, Neways has donated more than $10 million in money and products to those-in-need, below a number the many programmes Neways has been/is involved in. • In March 2011 Neways distributors, staff, and other interested people helped with donations to those affected by Japan’s recent earthquake and tsunami. We made a $100,000 cash contribution and donated over $500,000 in supplies. • After  the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, we provided nutritional supplements, hygiene kits, and 52,000 bottles of Maximol Solutions. • After Hurricane Katrina, we donated to the Red Cross and provided 50,000 products. • In Cambodia we donated 30 new wells for safer water. • In many other countries we have given generously to charities and causes.

Thanks to all our Customers and Distributors 17

Get ready for a Successful Future! •

Minimal entry fee (free to open an account)

No risk

No stock to hold

No targets

Product deliveries within five working days

Cancel at any time

Free support, tools, and training

Comprehensive support material including your own website!!

Proven system to duplicate

Your own business— you make the choices, with the help and support of others

All the benefits of a franchise… Without the financial commitment!


Stability, Innovation, Opportunity... Healthy Products + Healthy Finances = Healthy Homes Neways is working to improve the planet one person at a time. one family at a time, one home at a time,

Why not join us?


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