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“The Mighty Panthers”

Phone: 615-782-3900 George McLaurine, President Gloria Pillow, 1st Vice President Princess Gordon-Patton, Newsletter Editor

CAMERON HIGH ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, INC. MISSION STATEMENT To perpetuate the memory of Cameron High School, our alma mater, by fostering unity, fellowship and support among our membership. To raise funds to provide educational and financial assistance to deserving young men and women through the O.R. Jackson Scholarship Foundation, named in memory of our legendary and beloved principal and chief mentor. To perpetuate goodwill among those whose lives we touch.


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FAITH: The Key Ingredient


would like to take you back to Saturday, November 24, at last year’s Blue and Gold Dinner Ball. Reverend Cora Austin and a group - made up of mostly ministers - took the floor, joined hands and were led by Reverend Austin in a prayer of “Faith.” The prayer centered on something the Cameron Alumni Association has never purposed to attempt in its 28-year history, and that is to raise $100,000 in 2 years. Sure we have done extremely well in providing scholarships to the tune of some $115,000 over the years. I recognized that there was a lot of “power” on that stage that evening. So, in my mind, if we hold to that prayer, this thing will happen for us. The Bible teaches me that, if the people are one and have one goal, nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. — Genesis 11:6.

G. McLaurine

As your leader, I am asking you to hold fast to your faith. Beware, your intellect and physical senses will fight you every step of the way to keep you in a state of unbelief. Your mind will ask you: Why do you think we can raise $100,000 in 2 years, when it took us 28 years to produce a little over that amount? Do not give in! Forces will try to defeat us. I know we can do this!

George E. McLaurine, President

2013 Dinner/Ball 10 Ticket Order Form Update Your Contact Information

JUNE 2013


Cameron High Alumni Association

‘IN SPITE OF’ My heart is still overjoyed over the great honor you paid me during the 2012 Blue and Gold Weekend. As I said during my acceptance, the greatest dividend that teachers can receive

O. Hudson

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‘HAIL TO DEAR CAMERON’ When I was growing up, there were three important places in my life — home, church and school. Both of my parents expressed the desire for my sister and me to “get a good education.” After elementary school, Cameron Junior High School

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June 2013

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HUDSON, from p. 1 from their hard, yet enjoyable work, is the productive and meaningful lives of former students. I refer to those lives as my “Jewels”. I applaud you, and value the contributions you have made to the community and the world.

I am sure it was that same idea that caused Mr. Jackson to lead us forward so skillfully during one of the darkest periods of our history - the one year suspension from all athletic competition. In spite of the misconduct of a few students, which caused the problem; in spite of the seemingly biased punishment rendered Because you are my “jewels”, and because I care so deeply by the members of the Board of Education; in spite of the anger about you and the legacy of Cameron High School, I have sufand frustration felt by Cameron faculty, parents and students, fered with you during the last several months. I am proud of the Mr. Jackson chose to lead us up the high road. He helped us to manner in which you have forged ahead under new leadership see and believe that though we were down, we certainly were “In Spite Of” circumstances which could have been a death blow not “Out”. He helped us through pep rallies, programs, and fireto us. side chats (as only he could give), to prepare us for the great It is a joy to meet and greet at least one of you almost everycomeback. And come back we did! We won the TSSAA Basketwhere I go. Just this weekend, Martha Banks Manigo and I met ball Championship not one year, but two consecutive years right while attending the high school graduation of her grandson and after the suspension was lifted. my great nephew, who happened to be best friends and partMy hope and prayer for the Cameron High School Alumni Assoners in the graduation procession. While speaking of some ciation is the possession and demonstration of an “In Spite Of” health challenges within her family, she reminded me of a spirit. With that spirit we will rise to even higher heights! I am speech entitled “In Spite Of,” delivered on Inspiration Day at ready, and I hope you are too. Dear Ole Cameron by Bishop S. S. Morris, Jr. She and I have used that sentiment throughout the years for inspiration to press forward during difficult times. Former Home Economics Teacher

Ms. Ola G. Hudson

‘CALL TO THE BALL’ Cameronites, the Blue and Gold Ball is coming up on Thanksgiving week-end. This event will mark our time to give thanks for our blessings by coming out in large numbers, connecting with classmates, enjoying our meal, dancing to the music, and supporting our scholarship students. Tickets are $75.00 this year, G. Pillow because it is time for us—not just the hotel—to make a real profit. The O.R. Jackson Scholarship Program must continue to grow and thrive! This is a serious call to all Cameronites to join us in making this ball the most successful one in our history.

Twenty-thirteen has been a year like no other for CHAA, but it’s a new day. As we rebuild, we are positive and determined. Our focus is scholarships for our young people who desperately need our help. The Blue and Gold Ball is our sole fundraiser this year, so it is more important than ever. We want this event to be sold out. Even if you can’t attend, please consider buying a ticket and allowing a student or anyone you choose to take your seat. Or, make a donation of any size—it’s the thought that counts. It’s a new day for CHAA, and we plan to celebrate and contribute in style.

The Alumni Association is in the process of updating our database so that we will have corrected information when we need to contact members. The label that appears on this issue of the CHAA Newslink is based on present information we have. Please take time to review the label and let us know if there are corrections. Fill out this form and mail it to: CAMERON HIGH ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, INC., Membership Update, P.O. Box 681, Antioch, TN 37011-0681.

Preferred Email Address:

Name: (We are requesting that women list both their maiden name and married name.)

Would you like to work with one of the committees to plan the 2013 Alumni Banquet? _____ Which? ___________________


________________________________________________ Date of Birth: (Month and Day) _____________________________ If married to another Cameron alumnus, list his or her name:



Do you have talents or resources that you would like to share with the Alumni Association this year? _______ What are they?

Gloria Pillow,

Preferred Phone:___________________________________


Vice President

Class Year (Graduates) or Years Taught (Faculty) _____________



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June 2013

WASHINGTON, from p. 1

2013 Cameron Blue & Gold Dinner/Ball Ticket Order Form INVEST IN OUR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES TODAY! DONATE!

“Gone, but never forgotten”

Number of tickets ___________ @ $75.00 per ticket Amount $____________ Number of tables ___________ @ 10 people per table Amount $____________

Cannon, Sr., Thomas Albert, ’60 – December 19, 2012. Demonbreun-Ducre, Mrs. Clemmie , ’65 – December 28, 2012.

DONATION for O.R. Jackson Scholarship Fund: $___________

Dotson-Lavender, Mary Ann, ’65 – Feb-



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ruary 25, 2013. Duff, Armstead, ’58 – April 8, 2013.


Harris, Sarah, Retired Teacher, May 22.

NAME ON TABLE:________________________________________


Henderson, Mrs. Ernestine Jennings, ’58













22, 2013.



Robinson-Johnson, Joyce, ‘61 – May 6,






Smith, Napoleon, May 21



Stevenson, Cora B., ’68 – March 14,

– November 18. Holt Jr., Leon Cecil - June 5 Jones-Waters, Willa, ’63 – March 2, 2013. McCrady, James, ’62 – January 6, 2013. Pulley-Word, Geneva , ’61 – February

was our next stop. It was there that we learned the importance of not only getting good grades, but also the importance of honesty, fair play, commitment, and perseverance. There are so many fond memories of my three years at Cameron Junior High, that I smile every time I recall them. The principal, teachers and support staff made sure we knew that we were “going somewhere.” In 1959, I applied for a teaching position with the (then) Nashville City School system. Imagine my surprise when I was sent to Cameron High School for an interview. I was nervous and excited when I met with Mr. O. R. Jackson, the Principal. He informed me that he was looking for a more experienced teacher, but would “give me a chance,” I really became afraid that I would not be able to live up to his expectations. However, for the next 10 years, Cameron High School was my home away from home. I can never remember a day when I did not want to go to work. I loved every minute I spent at Cameron. As a matter of fact, my three children grew up attending ball games, concerts, and programs at Cameron. Mr. Jackson created an environment that contributed to the growth and development of not only the students, but their parents, teachers and everyone who entered the doors of “Dear Old Cameron.” One of my greatest joys is to encounter a Cameron graduate doing well, even though on occasions, I have to ask their names. But it always gives me a feeling of pride, because Cameron was a very special place and there will never be another one like it. There are students today who will never have the experience of attending a school like the Cameron we knew. So it is up to us, members of the Alumni Association, to keep the legacy of Cameron High School and Mr. Jackson alive. How can we do this? Continue the good work we started over 25 years ago. Let’s keep going— Let’s keep doing — Together We Can!!

Millie E. Washington Former Business Teacher

She’s a Winner!

2013. Sublett-Williams, Barbara, ’61– February 23, 2013. TO PURCHASE TICKETS BY MAIL: Make checks or money orders payable to: Cameron Alumni Association. Mail along with this form to: Blue & Gold Dinner/Ball Tickets, Cameron Alumni Association, P.O. Box 681, Antioch, TN 37011-0681. Tickets purchased with personal checks will be mailed once checks are cashed. Please allow at least two weeks for delivery. TO PURCHASE TICKETS LOCALLY: Bring this form along with cash or money order to: Bill Taylor, Adkins Funeral Home, 2510 12th Ave., S. For more information about tickets, call Bill Taylor @ 615-292-8367. REMEMBER: The Class that sells the most tables will be recognized at the Dinner\Ball.

Wallace, Roy, ’68 – January, 2013. Watson, Herman, ‘67, March 27 Watson, Mrs. Louise N., Retired Art Fac-

Congratulations to Jacqueline Howse, winner of the $300 VISA gift card in last year’s Blue and Gold Ball raffle!

ulty – October 16, 2012. Carrie Washington, Raffle Chairperson Compiled by Evelyn Carpenter Watson

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June 2013

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REUNITING JUNE 2013 “CELEBRATING 50 YEARS” From left to right: Front Row: Almedia Blackman, Jennifer Dobbins, Bobbi Lyons, Gloria Pillow, and George McLaurine. Back Row: Amelia Scruggs, Morgan Branch, William “Bill” Taylor, Jacqueline Brown, Barbara Coure and Gene Green.

Goals of This Administration Institute a comprehensive financial reporting system, IRS and 501(c)3 worthy. To make the organization sustainable for years to come, whereby we will always have money on hand to fund our own events. To make the organization Class-driven instead of Board-of-Directors-driven. To instill a sense of family where we can work together in a spirit of camaraderie. To revamp our constitution to reflect that we are a non-profit organization.

George E. McLaurine, President CHAA

2013 Voting Board Members President

George McLaurine

1st Vice President

Gloria Pillow

2nd Vice President

Morgan Branch


Jacqueline Brown

Recording Secretary

Shirley Johnson

Asst. Recording Secretary

Almedia Blackman

Corresponding Secretary

Bobbi Lyons

Chief Financial Officer

William “Bill” Taylor


Barbara Coure

Asst. Treasurer

Bill Mason

Public Relations Coordinator

Amelia Scruggs


Min. Jennifer Dobbins

Asst. Chaplain

Gene Green

Additional CHAA Staff Members Blue & Gold Dinner Ball Co-Chairs JoAnn Washington, Ruby Robinson, and Peggy V. Gooch Brochure Chairperson

Amelia Scruggs

Praise & Worship Co-Chairs

Eula Hendricks Shirley Johnson

O.R. Jackson Scholarship Chair

Peggy V. Gooch

Events Coordinator

Carrie Washington

Contract Negotiator

Ronnie Johnson

Postal Clerk

Sarah Wade

Newsletter Editor

Princess Gordon-Patton


Morgan Branch

CHAA Official Photographer

William Corley

CHAA Official Videographer

James “JC” Cannon

Consultants: See additional Staff Members on page 9 x

Leonard H. Morton, Sr., Millie Washington, and Ola Hudson

If you are age 65 or over, or disabled, or a veteran, or are still recovering from the flood of 2010, you may be eligible for free assistance in modifying your home so that you may remain in it. This program is primarily for Davidson County, low-income families and individuals. You must own or be purchasing your home. Go to Internet address, or call 615-2973955 to see if you qualify. If you receive any type of government check, ALL government payments are electronic. This became effective March 1, 2013. If you do not have or don't plan to get a bank account, you will receive your money on a Direct Express Debit MasterCard. You will only be able to get 4 free transactions per month on this card, then every time you use it you will be charged a fee. DO NOT LOSE OR LOAN YOUR CARD TO ANYONE … It is your cash money! For more information, go to Internet address, or call 2-1-1.

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Cameron Newslink

June 2013

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NASHVILLE — During the April 2013 Board Meeting, board members voted to fund three scholarships to deserving students this year. Members of the O.R. Jackson Scholarship Committee, however, recognized the urgency of students receiving financial assistance to attend the college or university of their choice. As a result, two additional scholarships were funded by personal donations from committee members to restore our normal gift of five scholarships per year. This represents a fine example of what we can do as an organization when we are serious about our mission. Our thanks goes to those unnamed benefactors. You can be a part of this spirit of giving by making your donation to our President’s Campaign to raise $100,000 in 2 years, or you can designate your tax deductible gift to the O.R. Jackson Scholarship Fund using either the form on page 10 or page 11. This year’s scholarship recipients, shown below, will receive $1,000 each to cover their educational expenses.




Middle College (MNPS)

East Literature Magnet

LaVergne High School

CHAA Website Prepares for New Look The world is constantly changing and technology is playing a key role in how, where and when we access information. In order to keep up with constant requests for up-to-date information about the Cameron High Alumni Association, Inc., we will be upgrading the Internet webpage very soon. It will become the primary access point for information from our President, the Board and individual members. If you have information, announcements or other resources that would benefit the membership or our community, please feel free to contact Morgan Branch, our Webmaster at

See you on the Web! ALIYAH SHEFFIELD


Beech High School

Hillsboro High School

Cameron Newslink, Page 6

June 2013, Page 7

Center : CHAA President George McLaurine introduces the Committee Chairs for the 27th Annual Alumni Weekend. Top Right: President McLaurine announces his vision of a $100,000 in 2 years Capital Campaign for scholarships and makes the first pledge of $1,000 for the effort, which was swiftly followed by the first donation of $1,000 from Jean Brown. Others also made donations and pledges. Rev. Cora Alston led the gathering in prayer for the cooperation and support of the membership for this fundraising effort. Overall, this was a great night for alumni and friends to reminisce over the past and celebrate the Alumni Association’s past efforts of over $115,000 in scholarships awarded to deserving students during our 27-year history.

Cameron newslink june 2013  

The official newsletter for the Cameron High School Alumni Association in Nashville, TN

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