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IQA Strategy Policy and Procedure:  CVA Training and its Approved Training Provider is an Approved Training Organisation with UK Accredited Bodies C&G, ILM, ASDAN, CYQ and with NOCN and OCN.  CVA Training and its Approved Training Provider are an Approved Tier 2 and Tier 3 Provider with the Ministry of Justice  CVA Training and its Approved Training Provider currently subcontract with Skills Funding Authority Funded FE College: John Ruskin College and CALAT AE College  CVA Training and its Approved Training Provider has its own IQA Strategy Policy Document. We are happy to provide any main contractor with a copy of our Endorsed IQA Strategy Document.  Person Responsible for IQA: Terence Doherty - Training Associate Collection and Analysis of Data and Feedback:  Our secure ‘Learner Enrolment Data’ is used to collect Personal details by way of name and address, next of Kin and contact details. We will also collect data by way of Gender, Ethnicity, Age, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Religious Background, Employment Status and Post Code.  We use all Learner data to evaluate our new Learner Recruitment Strategy and to measure our Learner Outcomes and Success 1. Pre Course: we will host pre course induction workshops prior to start of courses and training to assist new learners and trainees 2. We will utilise online websites and portals to assist Learners in Information, Guidance and Progression Pathways 3. Mid Course: By way of a mid course evaluation to include Learner, Tutor and Course Manager in small group and one-to-one discussion and by Tutor led learner discussion groups. 4. End of Course Learner Evaluation - Questionnaire and by Telephone Survey 5. We will Host Graduation Ceremonies and Certification Events to further maximise learning impact and achievements Pre Course Assessments and Interviews:  On L2 and L3 Accredited Courses we will assess all potential Learners by way of Interviews and Assessments.  Interviews and Assessments are used as a tool to help direct Learners and Tutors as to the suitability of their chosen courses and not to debar learners from new Courses Tutor and Facilitator Checks:  All Tutors and Facilitators will be expected to hold a recognised teaching qualification – PGCE; Cert Ed, PTLLs;  All Tutors and Facilitators to hold a minimum L2 Gym Fitness Instructors qualification of higher  All Tutors and facilitators to hold an Appropriate Assessor Qualification.

23rd April 2014 Terence Doherty


Assessment Process: Accredited Learning Programmes will have:  Course Notification to nominated persons at the Awarding Bodies with agreed start and finish dates  Course Approvals from Awarding Bodies  Tutor Approval / Tutor Recognition from Awarding Bodies  All New Learners Registered with the Awarding Body prior to the start of the Programme Learner Support:  We will use a Learning and Training Action Plan to plot, track and trace a Learners Progress in the Learning Journey. This will be updated and reviewed by the Tutor at regular intervals (pro rata to the length of Courses)  Wherever possible CVA / will utilise online and blended leaning resources and techniques to compliment and support classroom and workshop training  We collect email and telephone details to contact Learners and Trainees on their learning pathway  Tutors and Facilitators will be properly qualified and will be expected to give ongoing Leaner Assessment Feedback which should be recorded via a central database Course Fees:  In general full Course fees are paid prior to start of Course but in exceptional circumstances we may consider a proportional payment (e.g. 60/40) at start and completion of courses.  We will always seek Entry and L1 & L2 Support and Fee Remission for eligible learners on SFA Funded courses and pass this to our Learners Other documents:  We have a New Learner Handbook which is distributed to all Learners prior to start of Course  We have a Learner Complaints Procedure Document which is made available to all learners prior to start of course and which is outlined at pre-course Induction sessions IQA on going  We host Quarterly Team and Staff Meetings to: I. Monitor and Evaluate our Assessment process and methodologies are in keeping with the Awarding Body’s own criteria II. Ascertain and to evaluate the success of our Learning and Training Programmes III. To take forwards our Curriculum Offer, our Future Direction, Strategy and Growth.  All staff must attend Standardisation and CPD meetings in accordance with Awarding Bodies own specifications 23rd April 2014 Terence Doherty


All Planning and Progression will be done within a framework of due notification and agreement between awarding Bodies, Staff, Managers and Trustees.

Next Review Date: 12 months – 23rd April 2015

23rd April 2014 Terence Doherty


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