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Bulletin of Nuclear Veterans and Children


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20-yr period to produce the Christmas Island Codex. ________________________

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Britain exploded 21 nuclear bombs into the atmosphere between 1952-1958. Thousands of servicemen witnessed each test and many, many suffered as a result. But it has been hard to prove a connection between their ill health and the bomb tests...until now. By homing in on one particular bomb test, Grapple Y, researchers have been able to identify a clear connection between the bomb and deaths and diseases in those who witnessed it. This has been made possible by the discovery of a unique archive of material detailing the experiences of more than 3,000 nuclear veterans. Every detail of the men’s lives are recorded; the bomb tests they witnessed, the sicknesses they suffered

and the terrible fate of their children and grandchildren. These flesh and blood accounts, meticulously compiled by Ken McGinley, founder of the British Nuclear Tests Veterans’ Association over a 20-yr period, have been underpinned by new scientific and medical evidence which finally nails the lies and deceit as practiced by successive governments. This body of proof , known as The Christmas Island Codex is due to be published later this year. Fssionline can today reveal just one small component of this truly shocking document. The new materialshows how the Ministry of Defence repeatedly coveredup evidence of a huge thunderstorm after Grapple Y which contaminated large

Nailing the lies: The Christmas Island Codex, the second in the ‘Between Heaven and Hell’ trilogy.

areas of Christmas Island and exposed thousands of servicemen to ‘rainout’, which can enter the bloodstream and cause cancers and other illnesses in later life. See pg 2.

Hands Across The Nuclear Divide Japan stands at a crossroads over its reliance on nuclear power as the country marks the second anniversary of one of the world's worst atomic disasters. On March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake triggered a devastating tsunami that struck

Japan's northeast coast, killing more than 20,000 and leaving at least 150,000 homeless. Nuclear Veterans Ken McGinley and Archie Ross met some of the survivors in Manchester Town Hall last month.




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Dozens of official Met ENVIRONMENT Office Charts, RECORDS SHOW THERE WAS “NO prove that it rained after the RAINFALL“ Grapple Y AFTER GRAPPLE blast of April Y 28, 1958. The DEFENCE blizzard of MINISTER DR data and marLEWIS MOONEY. ginal notes clearly show how it rained over a wide area of Christmas Island following the blast which occurred at 1905 GMT. The

notes also proved it rained over the Port Camp area where thousands of men were mustered. The MoD has always denied that it rained after the blast and kept weather reports a closely-guarded secret. What terrified them more than anything was the Met Office belief that the rainfall was “caused by the bomb.” This resulted in ‘rainout’, a particularly pernicious form of fallout. Thousands of men were contaminated. The resulting illnesses were recorded in the “Codex” long before Grapple Y was identified as a rogue bomb.

Does anyone know what happened to Mary and Billie? The only British women allowed on Christmas Island during the H-bomb tests were a couple of WVS ladies, the Misses Billie and Mary Burgess. They were said to be a couple of “tough old birds” who knew how to handle themselves. They oversaw much of the catering arrangements and acted as nurse, matron and surrogate mum to many a lonely serviceman stranded in the middle of

nowhere for a year. In recent years many attempts have been made to track the ladies down, but to no avail. Little is known of their backgrounds, although it is rumoured they later settled in Australia. One squaddie recalls: “They weren’t bothered by the bombs, they took all that in their stride. They were marvelous with everyone and were a real tonic to have around. The only thing that bothered them

Mary and Billie Burgess arrive on Christmas Island where 3,722 men awaited! was the frequency which their underwear disappeared from the washing line!



HOW VEGAS SEXED-UP THE BOMB Winter 1957-1958...and Britain shivered in one of the coldest winters for decades (a bit like today). The newlyformed Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament donned their woolly caps, gloves and scarves ready for the great Easter Marches to protest outside Aldermaston, Britain’s nuclear bomb factory in Berkshire. They stood shivering at the gates of the topsecret establishment as speaker after speaker denounced nuclear bombs and atmospheric testing. There was a real sense of impending apocalyptic doom at the time and thousands of people from all over the country

turned out to voice their protest. Meanwhile over in Las Vegas a different atmosphere prevailed. Copa Room showgirl Lee Merlin posed in a cotton mushroom cloud swimsuit as she was crowned Miss Atomic Bomb in this 1957 photograph. Above-ground nuclear testing was a major public attraction during the late 1950s, and hotels capitalized on the craze by hosting nuclear bomb watch parties, which usually included the dubbing of a chorus girl as Miss Atomic Bomb. Merlin was the last and most famous of the Miss Atomic Bomb girls.

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STUART’S FIGHT AGAINST “DIRTY THIRTY” LEGACY Stuart Armstrong, of Whitehaven, has waged a lonely battle against Sellafield for more than 10 years. He is still recovering from a double dose of brain surgery on a blood vessel aneurysm which he blames on radiation exposure. He worked on the site for four years from 1989. There were 16 men on his shift yet five died young. He worked on a site called B30 nicknamed Dirty Thirty because of the high radiation levels. His job was to clear debris from the highly radioactive cooling ponds. It is now a no-go area for workers. Stuart has not qualified for any help from the nuclear industry compensation scheme, because the scheme only pays out for those struck down by cancers. A spokesman for the site said: “Mr Armstrong made a claim

under the scheme in November 2002. On receipt of the certificate of diagnosis from his consultant it was apparent that he did not have a disease considered by current scientific evidence to be related to exposure to ionising radiations and thus the claim was not considered eligible for assessment.




Stuart’s case has now been taken up by local pressure group Cumbrian’s Opposed to a Radioactive Environment (C.O.R.E). Spokeswoman Janine Allis-Smith said: “Like nuclear veterans everywhere Stuart finds it impossible to prove that his illness has been caused by radiation. Yet he worked on one of Sellafield’s most dangerous sites. B30 has been closed off because it is so radioactive. But still they won’t listen.

THETFORD: “THEY DON’T LIKE IT UP ‘EM…” Dad’s Army: the spirit of Thetford.

The spirit of Capt Mainwaring of Dad’s Army fame hung over a lively meeting of nuclear veterans at the Royal Naval Association

Club in Croxton, near Thetford in Norfolk last month. Thetford is the spiritual home of Walmington-onSea where the TV series was shot and the spirit of defiance epitomized by Mainwaring and his band of Home Guard warriors was burning as brightly as ever. Thetford’s very own Capt. Mainwaring, Anglia branch chairman Derek Chappell introduced guest speaker statistician John Urquhart who explained about

the Christmas Island Codex and how the new evidence would eventually force the government to take the claims of the nuclear veterans seriously. The 50-60 veterans who attended the meeting on a freezing March afternoon welcomed the new initiative. One stalwart commented: “We should take the fight to the MoD. They don’t like it up ‘em!”

fissionline Bulletin of Nuclear Veterans and Children Join Fissionline...the authentic voice of nuclear veterans everywhere. Contact:

Postal address: 22 Winchester Road, Manchester M41 0UJ


WELCOME TO THE WORLD! We’ve had bites on our fissionline from all over the world. Radiation victims from Japan, the USA, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and even China have expressed an interest in joining us. Janine Allis-Smith of C.O.R.E in Cumbria writes: “This is most exciting. More please!”

Says: Wear Your Badge With Pride ! Word reaches me of a dastardly plan to prevent British nuclear veterans from wearing the badge, topped by the Imperial Crown, which they have so proudly worn since they first got together back in 1983. It seems there are some who would like only a chosen few Badge of Honour: Tom Birch’s Legacy. representatives of the

nuclear veterans to be allowed to wear this proud symbol of solidarity and fellowship. How this move came about is unclear, but I’d like to tell those who advocate this meanspirited idea a few facts:The badge was the brain-child of Royal Navy cook Tom Birch, now sadly deceased. He saw service on Christmas Island and was there for the “big one”, Grapple Y. He personally applied to the Royal College of Arms for permission to include the Crown on the badge which he helped design. From his own pocket he paid a fee of £500 for the privilege and refused to accept any donations toward the cost. Tom was a fine man who considered all nuclear veteran as

equals. Tom died of cancer 11 years ago, after a long and courageous battle. His widow Mary tells me: “Tom was a deeply patriotic man and he had that badge made for all the veterans. He wanted them to be treated with the same respect as all the other men and women who saw service for their country. He would have been appalled at the idea people trying to stop them wearing the badge.” _____________________________

In this Holy Week, I pray that politicians everywhere will examine their consciences and do something to right the historic wrong done to untold numbers of nuclear veterans and their children who have suffered on the altar of nuclear expediency.

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