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T echniques I n I ce F ishing L ak e T r out

If you have fished for lake trout throughout warmer weather you may worry that you will have to stop fishing when the water freezes over. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once the ice gets thick enough that you can get out and ice fish without risk, lake trout is also something that you should be able to catch quickly and easily. The essential is to know what their behaviour are and how they vary during the day. One thing to remember is that a area that is good for trout during the summer will likely not be as good during the winter. Trout tend to switch about and change where their chosen location is during the winger. They tend to look for a good feeding location and stay in that area until the food is no longer accessible. They are regularly found at numerous different depths and may not be hanging out on the bottom the way other fish may be. You need to keep in mind that a lake trout can notice what is above it more clearly and more easily than what is below them. This is one reason why you may not have a lot of success if you are putting your lures and bait at the bottom of a body of water. Try to fish higher in the water. A trout may move upwards by as much as forty feet in order to strike.

It might be a good idea to start by fishing with your dead bait just a few feet off the bottom. Whenever the trout are on the bottom they will still see your lure and will likely strike at it. Whenever this does not seem to be working you can always consider bringing up it by as much as ten to fifteen feet and working that depth. If still no hits seem to be forthcoming you should keep going getting shallower and shallower. When you nail one, you know the depth that will work for this fishing period. Ice fishing for lake trout can be much easier if you have the correct equipment. Make sure that your rod is intended for ice fishing and that you are using at least a fifteen pound test for your line. Leaders are very important when ice fishing for lake trout. A leader that is quite large and made of a bright or fluorescent color can also come in handy. You may find that unless you bring a variety of lures with you that you may not have the level of results you were hoping for. Continue to keep in mind that if you come to feel a strike on your jig as it is moving down it is quite likely to be a trout. Getting one on your hook can happen much more quickly than you might imagine. To learn more lake trout fishing in addition to Ice fishing house, then just visit this site, http:/ /

Techniques In Ice Fishing Lake Trout If you have fished for lake trout throughout warmer weather you may worry that you will have to st...