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FROM THE HELM ■ by Jack Holmes

We Need The Industry, But Do They Need Us?

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For the past 20 years we have supported the marine and tackle industries, purchasing hundreds of million of dollars worth of product. Never in the history of saltwater fishing has such an explosion ever occurred. Together we have made history. We asked for better tackle and they made it. We wanted bigger, faster, fish friendly boats and when they made them we embraced their efforts with our wallets. No matter how you look at it, we were a blessing and despite a weak economy, we still are influencing product development today. However, I believe we have changed and so has the industry. We changed into an organization of what’s best for me instead of what’s best for the sport. Has “I can’t keep up with the Jones’s” been a factor? Absolutely. But that was a factor back in the early ’90s also. Those who could afford and bought 31’ Fountains were perceived to be the best. As sizes grew the domino effect prevailed. It’s no different today except because of economic conditions we haven’t been in the marketplace as much as we would like. That, in time, will change. It’s the same in the marine industry except for a very few companies. Why do we need to be a part of the SKA? They will buy our boats, trailers, tackle; we don’t need to be there. Gone are the days when we worked together to create the arena. We were the biggest driving factor for product development in the ’90s and after the turn of

this century. You have certainly earned that respect! But here’s the problem: Why would you ever go to a brand that doesn’t support our efforts? I’m not talking just the SKA; I’m talking about you, your cost of fishing, and the indifference shown to us by the people who sell us products. It starts at the grass roots level. Why would you go to the local tackle store and buy product from them knowing that they don’t donate one dime to the local tournament you fish? Why would you invest in a boat builder’s product when they invest in nothing, but laugh all the way to the bank? It’s total madness. Rods, reels, fishing line, electronics, and the list goes on and on. Have you looked at the freshwater tournament circuits? Have those sponsors abandoned the saltwater market? We believe they’re doing just that because of all the fishery issues. Maybe I’m wrong but when we talk to them they virtually ignore us. If you look at the industry organizations they are far removed for the very issues that affect our right to fish. Here’s what they recently did. They invited Jane Lubchenco and Gary Locke, top honchos at National Marine Fisheries and NOAA, to visit the Miami International Boat Show to talk to manufacturers and trade associates as to their state of economy and how their decisions are affecting them. Now imagine standing in a booth at

the show talking about the crippling effects the economy and fishery legislation is having on their businesses, while hundreds of potential buyers parade past their booths and as they scan the surrounding booths, see too many people poking and looking at new boats. Total lunacy! We need to once again rise to the occasion. If a company doesn’t support our sport with product and cash, tell them you’re not interested. We must support those who support us— period! Let me close by sighting an example. For the past sixteen years Contender has been one of our top supporters and we rewarded them with purchases. One of the best-built boats on the market today! They also have the best dealer network to support you locally and they’ve been more than fair with their customers. Yet a few have abandoned them for other brands. Brands that virtually snub their noses at us. Certainly your prerogative, but when purses keep dropping and tournaments no longer exist because of a lack of sponsorship, you can only blame it on yourself. If they can still support us in these economic times, so can the rest! We are working hard on two other new companies that could be on board soon. I will keep you apprized. We must get back to reality or our sport is in dire straights. Tight lines! — —Jack

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Angler Magazine – April 2011  
Angler Magazine – April 2011  

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