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SK A Hall of Fame Nominees The following people are being considered for induction into the Southern Kingfish Association’s Hall of Fame. Inductees are considered based on their contribution to our sport both on and off the water. Your comments are appreciated! of est 007 . 2

BOB AND SUSAN WOITHE | FLORIDA Probably the most decorated husband and wife team ever to fish our sport. Bob now has a third generation grandson fishing on the team. They are the best!

BURT AND MARGARET FEREBEE | NORTH CAROLINA Maybe the best husband and wife team in the country. Always keeps the SKA in the forefront of their fishing efforts. Perfect role models.

TERRY GRANTHAM | SOUTH CAROLINA Terry is a charter member of the SKA and is considered to be the dean of our sport. He has always represented our sport in the best possible light and is highly respected for the competition he brings to the arena.

STUART BALLARD | SOUTH CAROLINA Stuart not only is a superb fisherperson but also supports the SKA and what we represent through his Tailwalker Marine dealership. Produces one of the best events on the circuit and supports our junior angler program. program

KEN MURRAY | GEORGIA Top angler, tournament director, and charter member. Ken has always been an avid participant and supporter of our sport. Highly respected in his community.

CLAYTON KIRBY | FLORIDA Probably the most recognized name in our sport. Clayton is a twotime Champion and has probably won more events than any other person in our sport. cont. pg. 22 April 2011 | ANGLER


Angler Magazine – April 2011  
Angler Magazine – April 2011  

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