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The World’s Most Powerful Outboard Introduced at the Miami International Boat Show! ■ by Jack Holmes


ust when you thought you’ve seen it all, something crawls out of the woodwork to blow your mind. It happened to me, and a lot of other people, at the Miami International Boat Show. I can remember when Pat Mackey, President of Mercury Outboards, traveled to Biloxi for a Pro event. When we asked Pat to say a few words, he told us about a new high performance 250 from the racing department. He told everyone that if they wanted the motors for SKA competition he would give them an extra year’s warranty. On the following Monday morning, Pam Behnke started getting the calls. Within the next four months more than a hundred were sold. Remember the Verado introduction? Yamaha’s revolutionary 350 four stroke? I remember them all as if it were yesterday! When I met Ken Clinton, President of Intrepid Powerboats, he told me of a joint project between General Motors, ZF Marine, and Intrepid Boats. These new motors are going to set a standard for performance. 14

Intrepid wanted them for their bigger cruiser sport boats. When I came close to Intrepid’s booth at the show I saw that it was packed. Did I miss something, a press party or what? Nope, it was the new Seven Marine motors on the stern of a big Intrepid plus an inner working display of the new motors. Everyone was clamoring for information. The company, with eighty-five years of combined business and marine experience, is as performance driven as its products. Led by founder Rick Davis, former Chief Technology Officer and VP of Engine Development of a leading outboard manufacturer, Seven Marine’s engineers and technicians have been hand picked for their expertise, ingenuity, and experience. The motor they’ve created is called the 557, implicating 557 horsepower. It’s built around an all aluminum V8 coupled to a ZF Can-bus controlled disc clutch transmission, which allows smooth, computer controlled shifting and complete speed control from trolling

tion to wide open throttle. The 6.2-liter motor is fuel injected and supercharged. The outboard enjoys a closed loop cooling system, dual wall stainless steel exhaust manifolds, adjustable dual water pick-ups, and an octane scaler that features ECU mapping for various grades of fuel. Seven Marine and ZF Marine have worked together to deliver the world’s first outboard joystick control system using ZF’s Joystick Maneuvering System (JMS). It also uses a six blade Hering Propeller. Finally, these motors are custom painted to individual specifications making standard colors a thing of the past. New features like the exposed rear cooling fins, clean integrated power steering, and hinged cowl, combine to deliver a completely new outboard experience. Whether judged by its striking aesthetics or the muscular V8 message broadcast by its three and a half inch dual exhaust, the 557 redefines outboard style. Dry weight is a thousand pounds and available in twenty, twenty-five, and thirty-inch shaft lengths. A pair of these babies on the transom of thirty-seven to thirty-nine footer should be very interesting. I heard prices per unit being bantered around from forty to eighty thousand dollars. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Performance trials were to begin right after the show and every one was mum on distribution and availability. We’ll certainly keep you apprised. One thing is still perfectly clear: Ingenuity is still alive and thriving in the good old USA! ■ ANGLER R | April 2011

Angler Magazine – April 2011  
Angler Magazine – April 2011  

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