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DESIGN: Numerous Console and Seating options, combined with industry leading Deep Vee AND Stepped Hulls For ultimate flexibility in personalizing your vessel.

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ANGLER R | April 2011

April 2011 | ANGLER


CONTENTS | April 2011 12 | MARDI GRAS IN BILOXI 14 | SEVEN MOTORS | The World’s Most Powerful Outboard Introduced at the Miami International Boat Show! 21 | HALL OF FAME | Current Nominees 23 | FISHING RIGHTS ALLIANCE | St. Pete Rally a Big Success!

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6 | A CALL TO ARMS | Are you willing to help save recreational fishing? by Gary Caputi

15 | TARGET KING MACKEREL | Mad skills of seasoned fishermen by Terry Lacoss

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29 | CHARTS & APPS | More info, more places by John Minetola

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On the Cover: Small Boat Division winners at Key West: Peter and Robert Weisberg captured Small Boat Division honors fishing Strictly Fishing. Team No Doubt was second Small Boat Division. Desi Perez Jr. and Desi Perez III. Lost Boys / Team AirTran picked up third Small Boat Division. Rich Cook, Harvey Watson, Ray Vidal, and Andy Alvarez. (See article in March 2011 issue.) 4

ANGLER R | April 2011


Official publication of the Southern Kingfish Association


FROM THE HELM ■ by Jack Holmes

We Need The Industry, But Do They Need Us?

15 Garnett Avenue Saint Augustine, Florida 32084 Phone | 904-819-0360 Fax | 904-819-0331 e-mail | web site | Managing Partner Jack Holmes

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For the past 20 years we have supported the marine and tackle industries, purchasing hundreds of million of dollars worth of product. Never in the history of saltwater fishing has such an explosion ever occurred. Together we have made history. We asked for better tackle and they made it. We wanted bigger, faster, fish friendly boats and when they made them we embraced their efforts with our wallets. No matter how you look at it, we were a blessing and despite a weak economy, we still are influencing product development today. However, I believe we have changed and so has the industry. We changed into an organization of what’s best for me instead of what’s best for the sport. Has “I can’t keep up with the Jones’s” been a factor? Absolutely. But that was a factor back in the early ’90s also. Those who could afford and bought 31’ Fountains were perceived to be the best. As sizes grew the domino effect prevailed. It’s no different today except because of economic conditions we haven’t been in the marketplace as much as we would like. That, in time, will change. It’s the same in the marine industry except for a very few companies. Why do we need to be a part of the SKA? They will buy our boats, trailers, tackle; we don’t need to be there. Gone are the days when we worked together to create the arena. We were the biggest driving factor for product development in the ’90s and after the turn of

this century. You have certainly earned that respect! But here’s the problem: Why would you ever go to a brand that doesn’t support our efforts? I’m not talking just the SKA; I’m talking about you, your cost of fishing, and the indifference shown to us by the people who sell us products. It starts at the grass roots level. Why would you go to the local tackle store and buy product from them knowing that they don’t donate one dime to the local tournament you fish? Why would you invest in a boat builder’s product when they invest in nothing, but laugh all the way to the bank? It’s total madness. Rods, reels, fishing line, electronics, and the list goes on and on. Have you looked at the freshwater tournament circuits? Have those sponsors abandoned the saltwater market? We believe they’re doing just that because of all the fishery issues. Maybe I’m wrong but when we talk to them they virtually ignore us. If you look at the industry organizations they are far removed for the very issues that affect our right to fish. Here’s what they recently did. They invited Jane Lubchenco and Gary Locke, top honchos at National Marine Fisheries and NOAA, to visit the Miami International Boat Show to talk to manufacturers and trade associates as to their state of economy and how their decisions are affecting them. Now imagine standing in a booth at

the show talking about the crippling effects the economy and fishery legislation is having on their businesses, while hundreds of potential buyers parade past their booths and as they scan the surrounding booths, see too many people poking and looking at new boats. Total lunacy! We need to once again rise to the occasion. If a company doesn’t support our sport with product and cash, tell them you’re not interested. We must support those who support us— period! Let me close by sighting an example. For the past sixteen years Contender has been one of our top supporters and we rewarded them with purchases. One of the best-built boats on the market today! They also have the best dealer network to support you locally and they’ve been more than fair with their customers. Yet a few have abandoned them for other brands. Brands that virtually snub their noses at us. Certainly your prerogative, but when purses keep dropping and tournaments no longer exist because of a lack of sponsorship, you can only blame it on yourself. If they can still support us in these economic times, so can the rest! We are working hard on two other new companies that could be on board soon. I will keep you apprized. We must get back to reality or our sport is in dire straights. Tight lines! — —Jack

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■ by Gary Caputi

You can see

it every time you go on a fishing website, read the outdoor column in the local newspaper, or whenever you try to go fishing. The regulations are more draconian, the seasons are shorter, the bag limits even more constrained and more new areas are closed to fishing altogether. If you didn’t think that was possible just a few short years ago you cannot deny the reality of what is occurring before your very eyes, we are losing our right to fish and the pace has been accelerating since the Obama administration put the darling of the environmental left in charge of NOAA Fisheries. The question is, are you going to sit on the sidelines and let it happen or are you ready to become an angleractivist and fight for what you love? If you want to get involved and you have time and talents you can bring to the fight please keep reading because the RFA needs you and many more anglers like you. Hunters and gun owners realized a long time ago just how fragile even those rights granted to every American in the Constitution can 6

We are losing our right to fish and only an organized effort at both the State and Federal level by fisherman-activists can reverse the tide. RFA needs qualified volunteers at all levels to man its growing state chapters. be. The Second Amendment—the right to keep and bear arms—is constantly under assault. You see it all the time; some anti-gun group goads a politician into proposing laws that infringe upon the rights and freedoms of law abiding Americans and someone has to fight them in the courts and in the hall of Congress. One grassroots organization took up the cause to protect our Second Amendment rights and has been a tireless watchdog for many years. Along the way the National Rifle Association became one of the most respected and effective political action organizations in the world and the great

part about it is the NRA isn’t representing some industry or special interest looking for government grants and feeding at the government trough, they represent “We the People.” The Recreational Fishing Alliance was formed in much the same way, as a grassroots political action organization to protect saltwater fishermen’s interests and the right to fish for “We the People.” Initially, the RFA worked on and won numerous legislative and regulatory battles to ensure the sustainability of the stocks of fish we like to catch and they continue to do that today. Working to main-

tain sustainable fisheries is one of the three legs of the organization’s unambiguous mission statement, the same mission statement that was one of the founding documents of the organization fifteen years ago. But today the fight is different and, if you’ve been paying attention, it is one that the RFA predicted would occur more than ten years ago with the 1996 reauthorization of the Magnuson Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA). The changes made to the law then included some very important and beneficial charges to NOAA Fisheries, but it also contained a few that, if pushed, had the potential to lead to restrictions on recreational fishing that were unnecessary and systemic in nature. In 2006, the reauthorization process began again and this time there was a full court press by the environmental NGOs (NonGovernmental Organizations) to include regulatory requirements that would be impossible to implement in an even handed manner with the current level of scientific data available to work with. RFA’s staff and lobbyists worked tireANGLER R | April 2011

lessly to have some of the language stripped from the bill and to maintain a degree of flexibility for fishery managers so they could make difficult decisions while taking into consideration weaknesses or gaps in the available science. Unfortunately, not enough recreational anglers got involved to avoid the inevitable and even worse other recreational fishing based conservation groups and industry organizations either promoted the questionable regulatory language or stood idly by while it was ramrodded through Congress without so much as a vote by the Senators and Congressman. It was passed using a process called unanimous consent, which amounts to nothing more than a Congressional rubber stamp on a bill of critical importance to commercial and recreational fishing and coastal economies. The sorry part is most of our representatives didn’t even bother to read the bill never mind try to understand its implications. It turned out to be one of the slickest jobs of usurping the legislative process ever pulled off and the environmental left, with help from some recreational fishing allies, get all the credit. Now, the MSA chickens have come home to roost, as predicted by RFA fisheries and legal experts in 2006! As a result, today we are fighting to preserve our right to fish on a daily basis and we have been hard pressed to head off much of the unnecessary, agenda driven closures that keep coming like rain in the spring. The main reason is because there is no flexibility left in the regulatory process, something Eric Schwaab, the Assistant Administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service, testified to just last week before Congress. When asked about any flexibility in the management process that might be used to try and reduce the socioeconomic impacts here’s what he said.

In other words, there is no flexibility which is exactly what RFA railed against during the reauthorization process telling everyone who would listen that the legislation as written, which combined hard stock rebuilding deadlines with the imposition of catch limits and accountability measures, would have a profoundly negative impact on recreational fishing while doing little to improve conservation. RFA’s executive director, Jim Donofrio, realized at the time that the current level of data collection and scientific stock assessment methodology simply could not provide the accuracy required and, even if it could, the closer the rebuilding process got to a hard rebuilding deadline the more draconian the cuts would have to be to meet the arbitrary deadline. So we have emergency closures of entire fisheries, ridiculously truncated seasons or complete closures of fisheries to public access happening with ever increasing rapidity. Anglers like you are fed up, businesses that cater to fishermen are shutting their doors, party and charter vessels remain tied to the dock for months on end and unable to pay their bills, and entire coastal communities are nearing the brink as tourism and the income and taxes it generates crash. Have you had enough of it? Do you want to see a return to common sense conservation and reasonable access to rebuilding and rebuilt fisheries? I hope so because getting participation from the fishing public to help us change the law and get back on course will require a lot more of you to get involved and that has never been easy. Recreational fishermen are an independent lot. Part of the problem is unlike gun control the worry isn’t that some government enforcement agency is going to take away our fishing rods and impound our boats. No, it’s much more insidious than that. They are going to continue to chip

“The flexibility in our view and understanding of the law ends at the point at which we have a reasonable expectation of ending overfishing and rebuilding stocks in accordance with the timelines that are established in the act,” Schwaab answered. April 2011 | ANGLER

RFA STATE CHAPTER CONTACTS RFA-North Carolina Charles Milam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 336-708-1133 Capt. Dave Tilley . . . . . . . . . . . . 910-264-3973 Tim Barefoot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 910-264-9118 RFA-South Carolina Capt. Mark Brown . . . . . . . . . .843-568-5955 Wes Covington . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .843-330-3390 Stuart Ballard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 843-241-4769 RFA-Georgia g Bob Black . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 912-223-2986 Paul Durham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 912-282-6962 RFA-Florida Dave Huber . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 561-758-8388 Bob Flocken . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 904-669-0011 Meli Londeree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 407-339-9249 Gary Poyssick . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .727-480-2287 Dave Heil (Gen. Council) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 407-492-1991 RFA-Texas Jim Smarr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 361-463-1558 Tom Hilton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 713-530-2267

away at our ability to go fishing a little at a time reducing where we can fish and what we are allowed to fish for. When they are done the hope is they will have chipped away enough to make most of us go home and hang up our fishing rods for good! It’s called “effort reduction” taken to the extreme. The plan has accelerated dramatically under the current administration and with the former executive director of the Environmental Defense Fund running NOAA Fisheries. But some involved in the current fight in Congress and the courts are convinced it is going to get even worse. They feel that with the political handwriting on the wall and the realization that the current President will not be reelected there is even greater urgency to enact as many new regulations as possible before the top bureaucrats at NOAA and the Department of Commerce are all tossed out of their jobs in another two years and this is not good news. The problems we face today are unprecedented and the adversary pushing the agenda is politically savvy, extremely well financed, and cares not how much economic devastation it reaps in achieving its goals. When they are done there might be more fish in the sea, but there will be damned few of us left to fish for them. It’s right there in front of your face and there is only one organization that is really working to stop it by standing up to the powerful NGOs that are pull-

ing the strings in both Congress and in federal court and that is the RFA. That is the reason why the RFA is promoted by the Southern Kingfish Association and why SKA managing partner Jack Holmes has become one of the board of directors. During the entire Magnuson debate the RFA was on the money with its observations and dire predictions. Since the reauthorization all the problems their staff warned about have been coming to fruition. But the RFA has done much more, they have the right legislation in place to correct the problems and a strong core group of Congressmen and Senators behind it. A competing bill being supported by the usual suspects who helped bring us the current crisis simply does not address the problems of flexibility that have to be corrected and will not provide the relief necessary. But the only way the RFA can succeed and continue to press for our right to fish is with your support and participation. So how can you become an angler-activist? To start with if you are not a member of the Recreational Fishing Alliance join NOW! Go to www. and sign up. Like any political action organization the RFA lives or dies by its membership and funding and SKA members have been joining in large numbers recently, but not large enough. Every new member represents a voting citizen and increases the volume and the power of the message the RFA brings to politicontinued on page 30


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ANGLER R | April 2011




ntrepid Powerboats and the Southern Kingfish Association have announced the renewal of a founding relationship that will quickly restore Intrepid’s stature as a major force on “Sportfishing’s Largest Saltwater Tournament Trail.” The relationship began in 1991, when an Intrepid 300 was awarded to the winner of the SKA’s inaugural competition. For the association’s 20th anniversary, Intrepid is returning to the Trail with sponsorship of a team aboard a custom-rigged Tournament Edition Intrepid 327 Center Console. “Intrepid delivers a unique combination of performance, comfort and reliability,” says SKA founder and president, Jack Holmes. “The company has a great fishboat heritage. We’re thrilled to welcome them back to the Trail as an official sponsor.”

April 2011 | ANGLER

THE ULTIMATE FISHING MACHINES “SKA tournaments are an ideal showcase for our commitments to innovation, technology and continuous product improvement,” states Intrepid Poweboats president Ken Clinton. “Our owners know we build the ultimate sportfishing machines. It was time to remind the market of Intrepid’s incomparable fishboat capabilities.”

A REVOLUTIONARY NEW HULL Returning to the sportfishing circuit in typical Intrepid Powerboats style, the company is featuring a revolutionary new single-step dual vented aft pad on the Tournament Edition 327 Center Console, the latest advance in Intrepid’s industry-leading stepped hull designs. Setting new standards in ride, range and stability – especially at the high speeds desired by anglers who want to be first and freshest crew to the fishing grounds – Intrepid’s new super smooth, sure-footed, fuelsaving innovative hull design is just the beginning of an endless array of customizable fishboat features sure to make Intrepid’s new sportfish series the envy of the tournament trail.

Another step in industry leading hull designs. From extra large rod holders, macerated fishboxes and pressurized bait wells to the stylish tumblehome designs, optional stand-up heads with showers, and signature L-shaped wraparound forward seating with electric back rests, Intrepid offers anglers the chance to compete in unmatched comfort and style.

A COMPETITIVE SPIRIT “Over 7,000 teams compete in our tournaments, and these boats are going to turn some heads,” says Holmes. “Intrepid’s extreme quality and durability have made them the #1 yacht tender in the world. Nothing tests a boat like being towed behind a yacht on ADVERTISEMENT

battering cross-ocean journeys. This new 327 Center Console is going to appeal to captains and crew who seek a competitive edge when it comes to speed, range and versatility.” “It’s going to be the premier battleship on the Trail,” echoes Clinton. “You can get up and run efficiently at speeds over 60 knots with a twin power package. And once you get on the fish, you’re custom rigged with exactly the features, options and gear you want, backed by Intrepid’s unparalleled performance, reliability and owner support.” To learn more, call 954-922-7544 or visit


A lighter, stronger, more fuel efficient four stroke.


To learn more about Yamaha Outboards, or locate the nearest Yamaha Marine Dealer, visit or call 1-800-88-YAMAHA. REMEMBER to always observe all applicable boating laws. Never drink and drive. Dress properly with a USCG-approved personal floatation device and protective gear. © 2010 Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. All rights reserved.


ANGLER R | April 2011

RICK MURPHY WEIGHS-IN ON THE NEXT GENERATION OF YAMAHA V6 OFFSHORE FOUR STROKES. “In the last 25 years, I’ve competed in just about every major fishing tournament in the southeast. Sure, my sights are always on the win, but I’ve also got to keep an eye on the bottomline. The new Yamaha offshore V6’s are lighter, faster and even more fuel efficient. So my team can be more competitive and fuel takes a smaller bite out of my budget. I’d say that’s a win-win.”


CLASS-LEADING YAMAHA V6 OFFSHORE FOUR STROKES. Here’s what they’ve got on the competition: > Smarter—Up to 17% more fuel efficient than comparable 300hp four strokes > Stronger—4.2-liters of big-bore displacement, the largest in its class > Lighter—Up to 73 pounds lighter than others in its class > Faster—Up to 19% faster at cruise RPM than other four strokes of similar horsepower > Dependable—Legendary Yamaha four stroke reliability Lighter. Faster. Smarter. Go get ‘er. Visit to learn more about the new Yamaha V6 Offshore Four Strokes. Follow me on Twitter™ and Facebook®.

April 2011 | ANGLER


Mardi Gras in Biloxi! ■ by Jack Holmes

of the he thi hing ngss on my ng buck bu ckkett lis istt ha hass al alwa ways wa ys been be en to at a teend d Mar ardi di G Gra ras. ra s Ove s. vr th he ye year arss De ar Deon onaa an on and d my m se self l had the lf oppo op port r un rt unit ityy to ggoo to New Orl it rlea eans ns, ns thee la th l rg rges estt of all M Mar ardi d Gras celdi ebra eb rati tion on,, bu butt as m muc u h as we love the Fren nch Q Quarter, we just didn’t feel that was the place to be at that time. A few weeks prior to Mardi Gras, we received a letter from Justin McGuffee, the Sports Marketing Manager for the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and the person we work with for the Championship and Kingmaster. “Would we like to be their guest at the Biloxi Mardi Gras?” Then we received a call from Bobby Carter at the Isle with more


in nfoorm rmatioon. “We’re bringing som me w iter wr e s from the marine industry t the Gulf Coast for Mardi Gras to celebration which is the third largest celebration in the country, and we want you here.” They didn’t have to ask twice. John Brownlee from Bonnier Publications and his wife Poppy, Karl Anderson and his girlfriend Debbie, Chris and Melissa Fischer from National Geographic Network, plus Randy Keys & Linda Wilson representing the marine industry along with Deona and myself were invited. We arrived in Biloxi late Saturday afternoon, driving from St. Augustine, and as fast as we set our motor home in place at the Palace, we were on

our way too meeet up wit ith h ev everyy one at the Isl s e. It wa was dinner at Faraday’s, my favorite steak house in Biloxi, and an opportunity to catch up on times with friends we’ve known for too many years. Then it was off to the Hard Rock for a Doobie Brothers concert. That was one long day but a day we won’t forget. The concert was superb!

Sund Su nday nd ay w wee ha had d th thee d y to rrel da elax el a , bu ax b t at foour oo’’clo lock c Carrte ck terr su umm mmon oned on ed u uss to tthe he Im Impe mperi r al ri a Pal alac ace’ e’ss ei eigh gh-gh teenth floor whe h ree the King of Mardi Gras and his court were greeting friends. Each room on the entire floor had revelers and the crowds going roomto-room all but blocked the hallways. Beads, drinks, and food w were passed out everywhere from w th he who’s who of the area.

L Jack Holmes and John Brownlee with Left: tthe Queen of Mardi Gras BBelow: It took over two and a half hours to ccover the parade route with a never ending cclamoring for festival beads.

ANGLER R | April 2011

Above: Justin McGuf McGuffee with Debbie at lunch. The Gulf is famous for its shrimp and we pigged out.

Above: The Doobie Brothers live at the Hard Rock.

Right: Bobby and Beau Carter.

Right: The gangg in front of ouur floatt.

Above: Melissa Fischer was in charge of drinks on our float. Left: Karl Anderson and the girls show off some beads they picked up.

A Above: The coronation of the Mardi Gras king aand queen.

Left: Chris and Melissa Fischer and Deona show off the girls masks.

LLeft: Hanging beads on the float.

Later that L h evening we found ourselves at a beautiful reception at the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art. An exceptional museum one must certainly see when in the area. We were amazed at the “Mad Potter of Biloxi,” George Ohr’s innovative ceramics that were made at the turn of the century (1900) that have become a central part of the artistic heritage of the gulf south, and the broader canon of American art. The museum is just west on Highway 90 from the Isle and Grand. On Monday during the day we got to spend time with the people who help us with the National Championship and the Kingmaster. Again the evening was reserved with more Mardi Gras activities. We were transported to the Mississippi Coast Convention Center for dinner and were greeted by the King of Mardi Gras. Immediately following dinner we walked to the dome area of the Center where the Krewe members April 2011 | ANGLER

gathered in all their regalia for the Gulf Coast Carnival Association Mardi Gras Tableau. This was truly a sight to behold. The costumes, made exclusively for this event, were dazzling and the pageantry exciting. This was a part of the Mardi Gras events most people don’t get to see. It was a real treat! We woke on Tuesday morning with the threat of rain; just what we didn’t need to put a damper on all the work to make the parade thousands lined the streets to witness. We were to meet at the parade grounds just north of the downtown Biloxi area by eleven. As we parked our vehicle at the Hard Rock, we were amazed at the large spectator crowd already staking out

t their territtory. Justin was waiting w for us as we fo foound our flloat already in n line and looaded with beads, w ffood, and of course lots of drink. What would Mardi Gras be without drink? The hardest part of the time in Biloxi was the wait for the parade to begin but the cast of characters coming by our float looking for theirs was interesting. There were over 160 floats in the parade. That’s a lot of beads to hand out! With the speakers blaring out rock and roll tunes on our float, at 1:45 we made the turn onto the parade route. For the next two and a half hours we worked our butts off throwing beads, re-stocking the pegs that we hung the beads on, and generally trying to please the

Deona gets to meet the King of Mardi Gras.

throngs who lined the parade route. It was a real hoot and Deona and I finally got to experience a part of the deep south’s history. After the parade we wound up the final evening at Mary Mahoney’s, the best seafood restaurant in Biloxi, located across the street from the Hard Rock. Whenever you come to this part of the world a visit isn’t complete without a sit down at this great restaurant. It was a great trip and one we’ll never forget. We not only got to cross off another item on our bucket list but we got to spend time with old friends from the marine industry and Biloxi, we even got to do some business for our upcoming events. Whether you’re coming to Biloxi for the Kingmaster or the Championship, you really need to take a day or two and go see what Biloxi and its genuine charm has to offer. You really won’t be disappointed! ■ 13

The World’s Most Powerful Outboard Introduced at the Miami International Boat Show! ■ by Jack Holmes


ust when you thought you’ve seen it all, something crawls out of the woodwork to blow your mind. It happened to me, and a lot of other people, at the Miami International Boat Show. I can remember when Pat Mackey, President of Mercury Outboards, traveled to Biloxi for a Pro event. When we asked Pat to say a few words, he told us about a new high performance 250 from the racing department. He told everyone that if they wanted the motors for SKA competition he would give them an extra year’s warranty. On the following Monday morning, Pam Behnke started getting the calls. Within the next four months more than a hundred were sold. Remember the Verado introduction? Yamaha’s revolutionary 350 four stroke? I remember them all as if it were yesterday! When I met Ken Clinton, President of Intrepid Powerboats, he told me of a joint project between General Motors, ZF Marine, and Intrepid Boats. These new motors are going to set a standard for performance. 14

Intrepid wanted them for their bigger cruiser sport boats. When I came close to Intrepid’s booth at the show I saw that it was packed. Did I miss something, a press party or what? Nope, it was the new Seven Marine motors on the stern of a big Intrepid plus an inner working display of the new motors. Everyone was clamoring for information. The company, with eighty-five years of combined business and marine experience, is as performance driven as its products. Led by founder Rick Davis, former Chief Technology Officer and VP of Engine Development of a leading outboard manufacturer, Seven Marine’s engineers and technicians have been hand picked for their expertise, ingenuity, and experience. The motor they’ve created is called the 557, implicating 557 horsepower. It’s built around an all aluminum V8 coupled to a ZF Can-bus controlled disc clutch transmission, which allows smooth, computer controlled shifting and complete speed control from trolling

tion to wide open throttle. The 6.2-liter motor is fuel injected and supercharged. The outboard enjoys a closed loop cooling system, dual wall stainless steel exhaust manifolds, adjustable dual water pick-ups, and an octane scaler that features ECU mapping for various grades of fuel. Seven Marine and ZF Marine have worked together to deliver the world’s first outboard joystick control system using ZF’s Joystick Maneuvering System (JMS). It also uses a six blade Hering Propeller. Finally, these motors are custom painted to individual specifications making standard colors a thing of the past. New features like the exposed rear cooling fins, clean integrated power steering, and hinged cowl, combine to deliver a completely new outboard experience. Whether judged by its striking aesthetics or the muscular V8 message broadcast by its three and a half inch dual exhaust, the 557 redefines outboard style. Dry weight is a thousand pounds and available in twenty, twenty-five, and thirty-inch shaft lengths. A pair of these babies on the transom of thirty-seven to thirty-nine footer should be very interesting. I heard prices per unit being bantered around from forty to eighty thousand dollars. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Performance trials were to begin right after the show and every one was mum on distribution and availability. We’ll certainly keep you apprised. One thing is still perfectly clear: Ingenuity is still alive and thriving in the good old USA! ■ ANGLER R | April 2011

Target Kingfish

During cold front situations, it is often hard to read the water when seas are rough.

Certain factors indicate that a kingfish bite is soon to happen. Seasoned king mackerel fishermen exercise unique skills that shorten their connection with a major kingfish bite. ■ b y Te r r y L a c o s s


ne of the most trying situations a kingfish team faces is a grueling and long wait between kingfish connections. A slow bite frequently asks even the skilled king mackerel angler, how long more can we wait for a kingfish bite to happen before navigating to a second kingfish habitat? A second factor surfaces when other species of striking fish intercept kingfish baits and lures ahead of the speedy and fast striking mackerel. A variety of game fish can beat kingfish to your barbed baits, leaving your kingfish team with that never ending question, “Are there kingfish nearby, or did we just land smack in the middle of a huge ‘cuda bite?” Jacksonville, Florida’s captain Mark Williams has an answer for those common ‘cuda bites. During a past Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament, sanctioned by the Southern Kingfish Association, Williams and his seasoned kingfish team were slow trolling live menhaden some twenty miles offshore of the St. John’s inlet at the Tanzler Buoy with little success. “I just had that feeling that the kingfish bite was just not going to happen,” Williams said. “We April 2011 | ANGLER

had connected with a few small king mackerel, but the big kings that we had caught during prefishing at high noon, just did not happen. You hate to leave a spot that you know might turn on the minute you crank up your boat’s outboards, but at the same time, a worse scenario would be returning to the SKA tournament scales without a money winning king mackerel.” Captain Williams and his tournament team made their decision to run back closer to shore and

fish a big rock ledge located at Haddocks Hideaway where large concentrations of bait fish normally hold to the steep ledge. The only downside to their game plan were the big numbers of barracuda who also called the fishy structure home during the warm summer kingfish season. Here, Captain Williams used his many years of offshore fishing skills to avoid both barracuda chewing on expensive kingfish baits, or cutting a hooked money winning king mackerel into halves.

Bill Miller is an expert at reading kingfish waters off from St. Petersburg, Florida.

“Too many saltwater fishermen make the mistake of trolling right over an offshore fish haven,” Williams said. “Obviously large kingfish baits trolled right through a major concentration of bait fish and barracuda is going to be intercepted by an opportunist ‘cuda. Certainly if you are lucky enough to hook a large kingfish, a barracuda attack will often claim your big king.” “What our kingfish team has discovered from many past kingfish seasons, is live bait trolling outside of the outer edge of the baitfish schools, barracuda, and big ledge below. We have found that the larger king mackerel are holding within good striking distance of the bait fish and when the dinner bell rings, kings will make a stealthy and speedy attack. More importantly when a smoker king is hooked, you can allow the big king’s run to take it away from the big ledge and razor sharp teeth of nearby barracuda. Here, setting the drag system just tight enough so that the spool does not backlash during the speedy run, is key.” During the afternoon kingfish bite at Haddock’s Hideaway, Captain Williams’ kingfish team boated three king mackerel weighing in the high thirties and were, 15

as many SKA teams say, “In the Money!” There are without a doubt, several instances when kingfish teams will arrive at their favorite kingfish waters and begin searching for king mackerel. And without saying, the very first thoughts that enter their minds include, “Are we fishing in the right spot?” and more importantly, “Is there a big school of king mackerel holding right down through the water column that will make our day a big success?” The first sign that any fisherman looks for is surface activity. If there are baitfish schools holding close to the surface, this is certainly an excellent factor that should determine spending more time king fishing at your designated kingfish waters. While this is no fishing secret, freshwater fisher-

men have been using this same indicator for many fishing seasons now to determine if their targeted freshwater game fish are active, or they will need to slow down their fishing techniques for semi-active game fish. Needless to say the first option for many freshwater fishermen is to tie on a buzz bait, or surface lure and work it fast over a prime fish structure. After fifteen to thirty minutes of working a surface lure with a rapid retrieve without success, freshwater fishermen have been told by the fish “gods” to go deep with sub surface lures and slow down their presentation. This same technique also works very well while king mackerel fishing. Select your largest live bait and fish it far back on a flat line along with similar live baits in your trolling spread. While the live baits are frisky and able to swim hard, speed up your trolling speed a half knot while trolling right over your prime kingfish habitat. If you don’t receive any kingfish strikes on the surface after fishing from fifteen to thirty minutes, reel in your kingfish livies and motor to Live bait trolling large live baits, like this bluefish, will often let you know if a second kingfish

Doug Gies and Jeff Stam took this giant kingfish with a surface plug after watching the big king sky rocket on a live bait. This is an excellent scenario of reading the water properly.

habitat. There is always the scenario that you are watching nearby kingfish boats hook up to king mackerel, which may sway your kingfish team to spend a little more time fishing before making a move. Obviously, if you see bait fish schools holding close to the surface where Spanish mackerel are occasionally striking the surface as well, this makes for another good reason to spend more fishing time at your present location. Many seasoned kingfish teams won’t take the time to engage live, or dead baits with downriggers, which would certainly slow down their search for a hot kingfish bite. As an offshore charter captain for many kingfish seasons now, too many now that I have personally lost count, I am always faced with that age old problem of putting my charter clients on fish and in a lot of cases, in a very short period of the kingfish bite is hot or cold. time. On one particular charter we ran some forty-five miles offshore with the aid of a slick calm ocean. Our targeted kingfish spot was the famed Georgia Brunswick Live Bottom. Taking into consideration that this was a half day, four hour fishing charter, I had little time to search for king mackerel and other species of strikWith little time to spare during the last few minutes of the Greater Jacksonville Youth Kingfish Tournament, Julia Lacoss and Travis Mills caught this money winning kingfish while high speed trolling a dead ribbonfish at the St. John’s Inlet. ing fish when 16

I arrived at the hard bottom. I had several likely spots programmed into my GPS and upon arriving, simply began running over these small rock ledges and hard bottoms and at the same time, kept a close watch on my fish recorder. While running over the third area, I spotted what most king mackerel fishermen are thankful to find, baitfish on the fish finder showed up as large clouds on the screen and Spanish mackerel were working the surface. We spent two hours live bait trolling at the fishy live bottom with excellent success, then returned to the marina with a limit of kingfish, a pair of dolphin and a forty-pound cobia. All before high noon! Certainly after filling your boat’s fuel cell with expensive fuel and entering a high dollar Southern Kingfish Association king mackerel tournament, your first priority should be to recognize if you are king fishing in the right location. Seasoned blue water fishermen that take their sport seriously will often tell their crew to nap later and take various positions on the boat while running to spot signs of game fish. Drinking a cold drink or taking a short nap in between fishing destinations will certainly limit your success on the water. I can tell you first hand that skilled king mackerel teams are always searching the water while running from one location to another hot spot. Diving birds, Spanish mackerel on the surface, and more importantly, skyrocketing king mackerel, may direct your team to a big kingfish connection. Great king mackerel fishermen possess the ability of sensing if there are king mackerel present from many kingfish seasons of reading the waters and learning the signs that lead to a major kingfish bite. ■ ANGLER R | April 2011





Because Ray knows marine

Automatic Bird Mode radar that spots birds feeding on bait fish

sonar shows you the game fish and Satellite TV shows you the game


Thermal night vision will show you the way home after the sun goes down


Trust Ray to deliver innovative technologies backed by the best warranty in the industry


Watch all that Ray Knows at April 2011 | ANGLER


ACR Electronics, Inc. is registered by UL to ISO 9001:2008

More than 28,000 people have survived potentially fatal situations with the technology used by ACR beacons to instantly alert search and rescue. When it’s life or death, nothing rivals an ACR EPIRB or PLB for high quality, cutting-edge technology and reliability beyond question. Built to exacting standards, our products are made to survive – so you will, too.

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ANGLER R | April 2011


POWER BEYOND COMPARE – VERADO ® TOP SPEED At Wide Open Throttle, Mercury® Verado 300 hp is than Suzuki® 300 hp four-stroke.

3.3 mph faster

300 hp 275 hp 250 hp


225 hp 200 hp


175 hp 150 hp 135 hp


Mercury Verado was first on the outboard scene with its exclusive supercharged system. Since then, the competition just can’t keep up. With top-end speed reminiscent of a high-performance hot rod, Verado gets you there so fast it’s almost unfair. But supercharged power is just one of our many firsts. To see how far in front we really are, look deeper at

Source: Tests conducted by Mercury Marine – June 2007. Test conducted on a 23’ fiberglass fishing boat using a Mercury Verado 300 hp FourStroke and a Suzuki DF300 four-stroke. © 2008 MERCURY MARINE. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Suzuki is a registered trademark of Suzuki Motor Corporation. All other trademarks belong to the Brunswick Corporation.





Built for Life Under the Sea Every Reactor watch is built to withstand the abuse of daily life in and around salt water, but the new Poseidon takes the concept to the extreme. With its 1000M depth rating, certification to the ISO 6425 Professional Diver standard, and auto-quartz movement, your next watch could be the last you’ll ever need. See it and all its aquatic brethren at NEW! Poseidon Limited Edition

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ANGLER R | April 2011

SK A Hall of Fame Nominees The following people are being considered for induction into the Southern Kingfish Association’s Hall of Fame. Inductees are considered based on their contribution to our sport both on and off the water. Your comments are appreciated! of est 007 . 2

BOB AND SUSAN WOITHE | FLORIDA Probably the most decorated husband and wife team ever to fish our sport. Bob now has a third generation grandson fishing on the team. They are the best!

BURT AND MARGARET FEREBEE | NORTH CAROLINA Maybe the best husband and wife team in the country. Always keeps the SKA in the forefront of their fishing efforts. Perfect role models.

TERRY GRANTHAM | SOUTH CAROLINA Terry is a charter member of the SKA and is considered to be the dean of our sport. He has always represented our sport in the best possible light and is highly respected for the competition he brings to the arena.

STUART BALLARD | SOUTH CAROLINA Stuart not only is a superb fisherperson but also supports the SKA and what we represent through his Tailwalker Marine dealership. Produces one of the best events on the circuit and supports our junior angler program. program

KEN MURRAY | GEORGIA Top angler, tournament director, and charter member. Ken has always been an avid participant and supporter of our sport. Highly respected in his community.

CLAYTON KIRBY | FLORIDA Probably the most recognized name in our sport. Clayton is a twotime Champion and has probably won more events than any other person in our sport. cont. pg. 22 April 2011 | ANGLER


HALL OF FAME NOMINEES cont. from pg. pg 21

H HARRY THOMAS | FLORIDA Harry is a legend on the west coast of Florida, and is a tremendous H supporter of our sport. Harry will always take the time to help you with your fishing endeavors. He is a master of our sport. w

FORREST TAYLOR | NORTH CAROLINA No single person has been a greater ambassador to our sport than this man. A past National Champion, he continues to prove he’s still one of the top captains to beat in any event he enters.

R RANDY KEYS | FLORIDA Randy is a past National R Champion and always C goes above and beyond g tto promote and support our sport. o

To comment on these nominees or to nominate an SKA member other than yourself, e-mail Jack at To view those already inducted into the SKA Hall of Fame, go to and hover your cursor over ‘Tournament Trail,’ then click ‘Hall of Fame.’

SKA Welcomes Optima Batteries into Corporate Partnership Saint Augustine, FL (March 1, 2011) – The Southern Kingfish Association is pleased to announce that OPTIMA® Batteries, has come onboard our Mercury Tournament Trail as a Corporate Partner for 2011. “We are so excited about this partnership,” said Jack Holmes, managing partner of the SKA, “We’ve been looking for a battery sponsor for a long time, but little did I think we’d get the top battery company in the country.” What makes OPTIMA batteries the perfect choice for SKA fishermen in their boats, as well as their personal and tow vehicles? Conventional batteries are built with lead plates hanging in pools of acid. Because of this construction, these plates are required to provide their own structural support. To accomplish this, the lead in a conventional marine battery is reinforced with high percentages of inert stiffening metals that rob conventional batteries of their performance. The unique engineering concept 22

of the OPTIMA battery uses long thin layers of lead wound into tight spiral cells. Alternating with the layers of lead is an absorbent glass mat that holds the electrolytes in contact with these specially designed lead plates. OPTIMA’s “Absorbent Glass Mat” construction provides far more active surface area in each cell. Because they’re tightly supported on all sides by high strength cylindrical cell casings, the lead ribbons of the OPTIMA battery aren’t required to provide structural strength, so they can be made from higher-purity, high-performance lead. This translates into dramatically lower internal resistance and higher output at all temperature extremes.

tional batteries) • Superior cold and hot weather performance vs. conventional batteries • Spill-proof, even if the case is physically ruptured • Operates in any position without spilling • Will not off-gas in normal operation, eliminating fumes, odor & corrosion • Over 14x more shock and vibration resistant than conventional batteries • Provides more power from a smaller

package • True zero maintenance • Holds charge better during periods of nonuse (can sit unused four times longer than other batteries)

For the nearest retailer, consumers can also call 1-888-8OPTIMA (1-888-867-8462) or visit www. ■

Because of its revolutionary Spiralcell® design OPTIMA batteries produce far more power and increased energy output, resulting in fast, reliable starts even in extreme conditions.

OPTIMA Batteries • Deliver higher peak amps faster than conventional batteries • Provide up to twice the life of conventional batteries • More consistent voltage across the discharge curve • Can be fully recharged in about an hour (twice as fast as

ANGLER R | April 2011


There was no shortage of signs protesting the NMFS policies.


enny O’Hearn had a plan. To rally in front of the National Marine Fisheries building in St. Petersburg protesting fishery management policy overall, but primarily against the gag grouper species closure. Then pack up and head to Washington to carry the same message to our elected officials in Washington. I thought it was a success, but could have been much better. The problem was two-fold. First, it was scheduled for Friday morning, nine to noon. Not a great time, especially for many to get off work. But it was necessary so the people in the building across the street from the rally, National Marine Fisheries, got the message. They did as the rally forced a lock down of the federal building. Score one for Denny! Second was fisherman apathy. I can’t believe that grown men April 2011 | ANGLER

and women who love our sport so much are not highly incensed over the policies of National Oceanic and Atmoshperic Administration (NOAA), National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), the Obama administration, the

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), and the PEW intrusion into policy makers at NMFS, and want to participate in their constitutional right to stand up for what they believe in. We are about to lose our right to fish because of the zeal-

ots at the Environmental Defense Fund. I felt sorry for Denny and his staff when he predicted 5,000 and maybe had 500 supporters. It was promoted well and we helped by sending an email blast to the entire SKA membership. Very few showed up. It was truly an embarrassment. I just can’t believe how a few well organized people have been systematically changing our rights to fish and how we’ll fish in the future, and are letting it happen. Have we really gotten so apathetic? Captain Stanman from North Carolina came because this is personal to him as it is to me, plus he got the opportunity to speak and tell everyone about legislation passed in the House of Representatives, thanks to his Capt. Stan Jarusinski and his wife traveled from North Carolina to be at the event.


Congressman Walter Jones, to stop all Catch Shares policy funding. Now the same legislation was introduced in the Senate thanks to North Carolina’s Kay Hagen and has a good chance of passing. I also had the opportunity to speak and I told the crowd about the visit from Jane Lubchenco, Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator, and Gary Locke, appointed by President Obama as Secretary of Commerce, to the Miami International Boat Show and the horrendous mistakes made by the very industry that we buy

our products from. There was a representative there from Senator Bill Nelson’s (D- Florida) office. She, of course, told the crowd about how the Senator was behind us and was working hard on the Hill in our cause. I, in turn, told everyone that Bill Nelson was not our friend and that he has done nothing for us. It is my belief that the Environmental Defense Fund people own Bill. We’ll know for sure when the vote to end Catch Share funding comes up in the Senate. The people in attendance were very pas-

Above: You gotta love this message. Left: Because of the rally, the NMFS building across the street was on lockdown.

sionate, knew the issues, and will fight the fight. Denny, on the other hand, left after cleaning up the rally grounds and headed for Washington to meet up with others to counteract the EDF group in town two weeks earlier seeking Congressional support for their agenda. That agenda will see your right to fish diminish and a cost involved in you taking a fish from the ocean or Gulf of Mexico. He never quits! Kudos to you, Denny. You can contact Denny and the Fishing Rights Alliance at ■

Class of 23 Will Be Called Small Boat Class! After many months of discussions with SKA members and boatbuilders, the Board of Directors have come up with a new set of rules for classification of boats in the small boat class. In the past, the manufacturers had to classify boats for the Class of 23 as a 23-foot boat with the waterline length not exceeding 23'11". It has served us well over the years. There are a lot of manufacturers that have called their boats 24or 25-footers and, because of their ignorance of our sport, missed the playing field for those who bought boats then discovered the SKA. We’ve also had people buy used boats in the 24- and 25-foot classification only to discover they could not compete in Class of 23 even though their boats were virtually the same size just didn’t have the classification. Because of that, it was decided to re-classify the Class by just using the waterline length. So how do you measure your boat? Very simple, we’ve done it many times as we checked boats. Put your boat in the water. Where the water touches the bow of your boat, sitting in the water, put a mark preferably with a pencil on the bow. Pull the boat out of the water and run a tape measure from the transom of the boat straight to the bow. Where the line you drew on the bow intersects with the straight line from the 24

transom, it gives you the measurement. It still cannot exceed 23'11". The waterline length has not changed only the designation. If you can’t figure it out, the SKA will carry a tape measure in its trailer so we can do it for you. Just don’t come to us during the peak hours

of registration and please have the mark already made on the bow. We can do it with your boat on the trailer. We believe this will bring many teams back into the Class that felt they couldn’t compete in the big boat class. ■


ANGLER R | April 2011



INTRODUCING THE ALL-NEW CANNON® ELECTRIC DOWNRIGGERS. Before we set out to design a new downrigger, we talked to guys like you who use them every day. Then, we built ours to run faster, smarter and tougher than anything on the water. The new Cannon® downriggers feature fast, automatic weight retrieval, innovative technologies and an intuitive, tough-as-nails design – it’s the best downrigger you’ve ever built.


April 2011 | ANGLER



ANGLER R | April 2011

GARMIN MARINE 2011. These are times that call for fresh thinking and new choices. Especially in your boat’s electronics. For the 2011 season, Garmin is proud to unveil the broadest, brightest and best selection of marine products we’ve ever offered. So, you’ll find ample ways to justify outfitting or upgrading your helm station with new Garmin equipment this year. Highlighting our 2011 lineup are great choices in integrated autopilot systems for your powerboat or sailing vessel. Also, you’ll find a full complement of HD and xHD marine radars. For deeper, clearer surveillance under water, there are powerful new digital sonar units

that take high-definition fish targeting to a whole new level. And you’ll also want to check out our new color touchscreen chartplotters with 3-D mapping imagery; our integrated VHF communications and satellite weather solutions; our growing array of NMEA 2000® instruments and networking options; plus, our new line of Garmin echo™ series fishfinders that feature exclusive Garmin HD-ID™ tracking technology to make catching the big ones even easier and more affordable. Garmin Marine 2011. Making history at the helm.

April 2011 | ANGLER


SMOKIN ’ — Up to 52 Inches Per Crank!

With retrieve ratios up to 7.3 to 1, new Saltist HSH lever drags smoke in up to 52.6 inches of line per crank —the ultimate for triggering high speed jig strikes from fast-moving predators. They’re the latest addition to Daiwa’s quality Saltist lineup —So check ‘em out —at your Daiwa dealer today.





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The Fishing Center of St. Lucie Ft. Pierce, FL (772) 465-7637

ANGLER R | April 2011

more info, more places ■ by John Minetola


are two trends now that affect the way you plan your fishing, record your fishing spots, and review them later. The good news is that the cost for all this information is coming down. The first trend is that the data that the chart companies use is getting very complete. The second trend is in the software development that allows the charts to be used off the boat. Some of this software is developed by the chart companies, and some stems from the land map businesses. The competition between car GPS companies and between Google and Microsoft has raised a lot of cash to bring you data and software. Now the smart phones and Apple’s popularity has also driven the development of mobile apps for marine charts. Navionics Mobile v5.0 allows you to put charts on Android, iPhone and iPad devices for convenient viewing. There is no doubt that the winning SKA teams plan their fishing spots, pre-fish them, and record their trips for review. Now you can have your charts on an iPhone and view them while you’re at a red light (as long as you put the phone down when the light turns green). Raymarine and Navionics recently announced “Mobile with Plotter Sync.” You do need to add a WiFi hotspot to your Raymarine network on the boat, and you do need to get the relatively inexpenApril 2011 | ANGLER

Chec Ch eckk ou outt th t e ne new w Na Navi vion ion o ic i s ap apps ps avaailab abl ble ffor or iiPPa Pad orr iPo Podd. d. TThhey hey of of fer an a Andro d oid app pp,, too. to

sive ($20) ($ iPod/iPad or Android app from Navionics. Then you can wirelessly transfer waypoints and other plotting data from your smartphone to your boat’s plotter. Using an iPad itself as your plotter on your boat is possible, and the app is in HD, but I don’t think the fine connector pins can take the salt environment out on the ocean. For the typical SKA boat, the Raymarine connection is ideal. You can also transfer the waypoints and route plans from the apps to view them on Google Earth. Google Earth can be free, but you can do a lot more with it if you buy Google Earth Plus. You can connect a GPS, and download waypoints to Google Earth. You won’t get depth curves, but you can plan a voyage from one harbor to another, for instance, or coordinate trailering and vehicles with the boat’s routes. Microsoft’s Bing Maps have similar functions. Google Earth will provide a track of your boat if you connect a GPS and have coastal internet access through a laptop or smartphone.

Even without internet access, there is an obscure way of using Google Earth. If you download a high-resolution map (zoomed in) it is stored in a cache on your computer. Later, even without the internet connection, you can bring up the stored map, until you delete your internet cache manually. There is a video tutorial and a userguide on Google Earth if this all seems too difficult for you. For instance, you will find out how to store photos and connect them to waypoints, and how to work with a GPS connection to maps. Another great use of the Internet for fishing comes from the knowledge we have that baitfish like to gather in the shade of large ships and transiting oil platforms that anchor off of busy ports. You can get almost real-time charts of these vessels which have to have an AIS position report on or on other AIS sites. A ship is supposed to change his AIS to say that they are anchored, but they rarely do. You simply click on the icon of a ship, and the speed in

the information block will tell you if they are not moving. SKA’s site can help you get fishing charts, like Profinder Prochips, and I think it’s worth checking out the fishing tips on the local newspaper’s website, too. It’s not geared to fishing, but navigation updates are on a free site called ActiveCaptain. com or you can post things you find that don’t match your charts. ActiveCaptain tends to have far more information than charts that have more legal liability. Take it all with the usual grains of salt, of course, since it is user generated. With the Navionics Mobile 5.0 apps mentioned above, you can post corrections to charts and (after Navionics validates them) your corrections become part of the Navionics chart. If your chart becomes too cluttered with everybody’s input and corrections, you can turn that layer off. We’ll see how many people contribute in the future, but I expect it to be a great asset to navigation, and to fishing charts later on. For planning or reviewing your day of fishing while you’re not on board, Garmin has an app called HomePort, a PC application that you can have for only $29. You use all types of Garmin BlueCharts, and data is moved from your boat to your PC on typical data cards (SD or microSD’s.) I may be overstating the obvious, but the satellite imagery that can be overlaid onto your electronic 29

charts is more recent than the drawn chart data. Pay attention to it, and use Garmin’s AutoGuidance, so you don’t run aground or hit anything that could ruin your day. The depth data in the Navionics Fish ‘N Chips is also very recent, and probably more up to date than any chart data you can obtain from government surveys. If you fish the Bahamas when you’re not on the SKA tournament trail, you can get more up to date navigation data than the old government charts if you use C-Map data, but that’s a different story than I can go into here. You have to be careful with the layers of data that are available on modern electronic charts. You have the option of turning layers off to avoid clutter. Be sure you don’t get in the habit of turning off critical data all the time, or always using the perspective views. While the 3D perspective looks really cool, it can distort your idea of where you are or allow you to miss opportunities for fish that may be off to the side of your concentration. As the amount of data grows and the software is enriched, you have to understand the options and practice using the settings a bit. It’s not so obvious as in the days of paper charts, but it’s life in the fastlane! Today, there is more data available on electronic charts than ever before, and it is available to you while you are off the boat. Take advantage of all the fishing data, add more of your own data, and then catch more fish. ■

HomePort™ software from Garmin features: Displays both fishing and navigational charts from BlueChart g2 Vision. • Allows user to measure distance and bearing on the charts. • Displays route/track depth profile. • Converts tracks into point-to-point routes (track to route conversion) and specifies the speed for each leg of the route. • Provides ETA and arrival times (for each leg) when you create routes. • Shows animated playback of data collected on device. • Calculates fuel consumption (based on fuel flow data provided by the user). • Exports selected data to Google™ Earth. • Displays statistics and graphical information about tide stations, tidal streams and currents. • Displays grid lines to show latitude and longitude. • Allows you to manage waypoints, routes and tracks. • Allows you to view the map north-up, map-up or course-up. • Displays celestial information such as sunrise, sunset and moon phase. • Displays photos and point-of-interest detail. • Supports vector charts. • Includes worldwide basemap. • Allows multiple map views.

A CALL TO ARMS cont. from page 7

Join RFA RFA MEMBERSHIP MAIL FORM Enclose a check or bank/postal money order payable to “The Recreational Fishing Alliance” for the amount of your membership donation and mail it to... Recreational Fishing Alliance Membership Attn: Toni Stefano PO Box 308 New Gretna, NJ 08224 NAME ______________________________________________________________ ADDRESS____________________________________________________________ CITY _____________________________ STATE ______ ZIP CODE ______________ EMAIL ADDRESS ______________________________________________________ PHONE (Day) _________________________ (Eve) __________________________ Is this a renewal? ❑ Yes

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If yes, member #: _____________________

Please check the amount of the membership donation you are submitting: ❑ $35 - 1 Year National Membership ❑ $90 - 3 Year National Membership “X” here____ if you want to receive your free RFA “Making Waves” newsletter. If paying by credit card: (check one) ❑ Visa ❑ MC

❑ AmEx__

Exp. Date:_____/_____/_____

Card Number: ________________________________________________________ Signature: ___________________________________________________________ SKA Anglerr magazine


cians in Washington and in coastal state houses around the country. Every new member contributes to the funds necessary to do the job with their annual dues and many of them are far more generous providing additional donations throughout the year. The RFA state chapter organization is growing with active chapters in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Texas and a new chapter being formed in Georgia. These are not social organizations that have fancy fund raising dinners and outings. They are volunteer staffed groups of dedicated fishermen who are fighting within their states to protect the right to fish for all citizens. The pressure they can generate on state legislators and governors will help drive the effort to fix many of the problems at the source in Washington. All the chapters are in need of volunteers, especially volunteers with special skills, professionals who can bring their experience in business management, law, communications, organizing, and fund raising to the chapters to help them establish greater political awareness and access to decision makers at the state level. Chapters


work closely with RFA national headquarters in an organized and well orchestrated campaign to push back against the preservationist agenda. The RFA-Florida chapter is currently working with national headquarters and is spearheading major legal challenges currently underway in federal court against NOAA Fisheries. Attorney and RFA member Dave Heil has filed suits that challenge the red snapper closures in the Gulf and more recently filed a second suit challenging the area closures off the South Atlantic states. These are huge undertakings that require funding and additional volunteer help from other likeminded attorneys and paralegals. You know the problems and these court challenges are an important step in the process. If you would like to become an active participant in one of the state chapters contact the RFA office at 888-JOIN RFA and Jim Hutchinson, RFA managing director, will put you in touch with the people in your area. The time to fight is now because if we do not we very well might not be fishing tomorrow. ■ ANGLER R | April 2011

Please note that tournament information is published from sanctioning agreements and information packets as it is received from individual tournament directors. Dates are subject to change and tournaments may be added or deleted throughout the year. For the latest information go to

DIV 1 | NC SKA Junior Tournament Plaques Sponsored by: NBOA MARINE INSURANCE July 29-30, 2011

RALEIGH SALTWATER SPORTFISHING CLUB’S 27th ANNUAL KMT Morehead City, NC HQ: Jaycee Park, S. 9th St and Shepard St. Capt. Mtg.: 7pm (Free Meal) Early Entry: $350 Entry: $400 after July 1st First Place: $30,000 all prizes based on 200 boats Contact: Bruce Andrews | Ph: 919-602-0232 Email: Web:

August 12-13, 2011

THE REEL OUTDOORS/BONE SUCKIN’ SAUCE ONSLOW BAY OPEN KMT Swansboro, NC Contact: Capt. Stan Jarusinski | Ph: 910-326-2392 Email: Web:

August 19-20, 2011


September 15-17, 2011

August 11-13, 2011

DIV 5 | North FL


SKA Junior Tournament Plaques Sponsored by: SUBWAY OF ST. JOHNS COUNTY

Charleston, SC Contact: Rob Donlin Ph: (843) 554-0177 Email: Web:

June 9-12, 2011


September 2-3, 2011

EDISTO BEACH / BUCK’S PIZZA KMT Edisto Beach, SC Contact: Darrin Moore | Ph: 803-622-7009 Email: Web:

September 23-24, 2011

MARSH WALK KING STALK June 16-18, 2011

Murrell’s Inlet, SC Contact: Jarred Floyd | Ph: 843-995-7446 Contact: Stuart Ballard | Ph: 843-527-2495

29th ANNUAL NSFA TOURNAMENT of CHAMPIONS Fernandina Beach, FL Contact: Joe Wise | Ph: 904-415-1927 Email: Web:

DIV 4 | GA

October 14-15, 2011

June 24-25, 2011

22nd ANNUAL TWO WAY SPORTFISHING CLUB’S KINGFISH TOURNAMENT Brunswick, GA Contact: Rick Smith | Ph: 912-269-7291 Email:

DIV 3 | SC SKA Junior Tournament Plaques Sponsored by: TAILWALKER MARINE June 9-11, 2011

TAILWALKER MARINE’S OFFSHORE CHALLENGE Georgetown, SC Contact: Stuart Ballard | Ph: 843-527-2495 Web:

SULLIVAN’S ISLAND SALTWATER CLASSIC Sullivan’s Island, SC Contact: Terry Adkins | Ph: 800-546-4622 Email: Web:

April 2011 | ANGLER

May 6-7, 2011

20th ANNUAL GATOR’S SUNCOAST CLASSIC Treasure Island, FL HQ: Gators on the Pass 727-367-8951 Capt. Mtg.: 7:00pm Friday Early Entry: $300 Entry: $350 after 4/29 First Place: $10,000 (based on 100 boats) Payout: 10 places plus 3 Class of 23 Contact: Sam Maisano | Ph: 727-367-2942 Email: Web:

JACKSONVILLE SALTWATER CLASSIC Jacksonville, FL Contact: Terry Adkins | Ph: 800-546-4622 Email: Web:

ST. PETE SALTWATER CLASSIC St. Petersburg, FL Contact: Terry Adkins | Ph: 800-546-4622 Email: Web:

October 21-22, 2011


July 8-9, 2011

St. Augustine, FL Contact: Avid Angler | Ph: 904-824-8322 Email: | Web:

ST. MARYS SALTWATER CLASSIC St. Marys, GA Contact: Terry Adkins | Ph: 800-546-4622 Email: Web:

July 17-23, 2011


July 15-16, 2011

CAPTAIN HAP’S KINGFISH BASH ON THE BLUFF Darien, GA Contact: Howard Poe | Ph: 912-577-0552 Email: Web:

July 29-30, 2011

SAPELO OPEN KING MACKEREL TOURNAMENT Shellman Bluff, GA Contact: Jimmy Mason | Ph: 912-213-4655 Contact: Mamie Mason | Ph: 912-213-4382 Email:

Jacksonville, FL HQ: Jim King Park at Sisters Creek Capt. Mtg.: Wednesday, July 20th 5:30pm & 8:00pm Entry: $275 til 2/6 | $325 2/6-6/30 | $375 after 7/1 Payout: Pays 20 places Big Fish, 20 places Aggregate & 10 places Class of 23’ Contact: Bob Gipson | Ph: 904-251-3011 Email: Web:

DIV 6 | West FL SKA Junior Tournament Plaques Sponsored by: NBOA MARINE INSURANCE April 8-9, 2011

August 11-13, 2011 August 5-6, 2011

June 24-25, 2011

July 7-9, 2011

32nd ANNUAL SWANSBORO ROTARY CLUB’s KMT Swansboro, NC Contact: David Nance | Ph: 252-732-5404 Email: Web:

Sarasota, FL HQ: Ramada Waterfront Hotel 941-388-8970 Capt. Mtg.: Friday 7PM Entry: $400 Payout: 1st: Contender 22/Yamaha/Loadmaster Contact: Vanessa Ralls | Ph: 941-360-6777 Email: Web:

May 20-21, 2011

SKA Junior Tournament Plaques Sponsored by: HICKORY BLUFF MARINE

ATLANTIC BEACH SALTWATER CLASSIC Morehead, NC Contact: Terry Adkins | Ph: 800-546-4622 Email: Web:

Jacksonville, FL HQ: Metropolitan Park Capt. Mtg.: Thursday at Metropolitan Park Entry: $40 Rodeo Ticket per angler plus Kingfish Jackpot ticket First Place: $15,000 kingfish (based on 120 boats) Payout: Multiple species payout plus boat drawing Contact: SKA | Ph: (904) 819-0360 Email: Web:

April 28-30, 2011


GOLDEN ISLES KINGFISH CLASSIC St. Simons Island, GA Contact: Amy Kidney Bullard | Ph: 912-258-5999 Contact: Donna Gowen Poe | Ph: 912-269-7167 Email:

17th ANNUAL SARASOTA SERTOMA KINGFISH TOURNAMENT Sarasota, FL HQ: Marina Jack – 2 Marina Plaza, Sarasota FL Capt. Mtg.: Friday 7 PM Payout: First $10,000 (based on 100 boats) Contact: Sandy Blowers Ph: 941-232-3474 | Email: Web:

GATORS FALL KING MACKEREL TOURNAMENT Treasure Island, FL HQ: Gators on the Pass 727-367-8951 Capt. Mtg.: 7:00pm Friday Early Entry: $300 Entry: $350 after 10/14 First Place: $10,000 (based on 100 boats) Payout: 10 places plus 3 Class of 23 Contact: Sam Maisano | Ph: 727-367-2942 Web: Email:

DIV 7 | Northern Gulf SKA Junior Tournament Plaques Sponsored by: KAJUN TRUCK PLAZA June 2-4, 2011

15th ANNUAL KAJUN SPORTSMAN Fourchon, LA HQ: Moran’s Marina (formerly Kajun Sportsman) Capt. Mtg.: 7:30pm Thursday Early Entry: $450 til 5/2 Entry: $500 after 5/2 Payout: 10 places + 3 Class of 23 (based on 100 boats) Contact: Anthony Toups | Ph: 985-696-9900

June 24-26, 2011

1st ANNUAL KAJUN SPORTSMAN KING CLASSIC Orange Beach, AL HQ: Sportsman Marina, 27844 Canal Road Capt. Mtg.: 7:30pm Friday Early Entry: $400 til 5/15 Entry: $450 after 5/15 First Place: $8,000 First place (based on 60 boats) Payout: 6 places + 3 Class of 23 Contact: Anthony Toups | Ph: 985-696-9900


DIV 7 | N. Gulf cont. July 14-19, 2011

79th ANNUAL ALABAMA DEEP SEA RODEO Dauphin Island, AL Contact: Brian Johnson | Ph: 251-471-0025

July 29-30, 2011

WEST DELTA KINGFISH INVITATIONAL Venice, LA HQ: Venice Marina, 237 Sports Marina Rd Capt. Mtg.: Friday 7pm, Cajun Music & Food Early Entry: $425 Entry: $475 after July 1st First Place: $10,000 (based on 50 boats) Payout: 5 places & 2 places Class of 23 Contact: Mike Butler | Ph: 504-433-6832 Email: Web:

August 26-27, 2011


October 7-8, 2011

9th ANNUAL RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE Little River, SC HQ: Harbourgate Marina Capt. Mtg.: 7pm Friday (Dinner, Door Prizes, Raffles) Early Entry: $200 Entry: $250 after 9/24 First Place: $10,000 Payout: One place for every 10 boats plus Class of 23 Contact: Alan Paynter | Ph: 910-209-1547 Email: Web:

October 21-23, 2011

DIV 11 | Southwest FL


SKA Junior Tournament Plaques Sponsored by: NBOA MARINE INSURANCE

May 26-28, 2011

March 25-26, 2011

MARCO ISLAND KINGFISH TOURNAMENT Marco Island, FL HQ: The ESPLANADE 800 North Collier Blvd Capt. Mtg.: Friday 8pm First Place: $7,000 based on 50 boats Payout: Pays 5 places plus Class of 23, Jr. & Lady Contact: SKA Ph: 904-819-0360 Email:

YELLOWFIN / OIFC FALL BRAWL KING CLASSIC Ocean Isle Beach, NC HQ: Ocean Isle Fishing Center Capt. Mtg.: 7:00pm Fri. (Food, Raffles, Pogy Bobbing) Early Entry: $215 Entry: $250 after 6/10 First Place: $15,000 First place (based on 200 boats) Payout: Pays 26 places, 3 Class of 23’ Contact: Brant McMullan Ph: 910-575-3474 Email: | Web: www.

DIV 10 | FL

SKA Junior Tournament Plaques Sponsored by: SKA & Mercury Marine

January 21-23, 2011

May 12-14, 2011

FRANCES LANGFORD MEMORIAL FISHING TOURNAMENT Jensen Beach, FL HQ: Four Fish Marina 772-334-0936 Capt. Mtg.: 7:30pm Fri. Entry: $200 General Tournament First Place: $2,000 each King, Dolphin, Blackfin Tuna Contact: Ronald Rose Ph: 772-334-3444 Email: Web:

Key West, FL HQ: Key West Harbour Marina Capt. Mtg.: 7:00pm Fri. Early Entry: $375 Entry: $425 after 1/12 First Place: 20’ Andros Bay Boat, 115hp Evinrude & Continental Trailer Package, valued at over $30,000 Payout: Pays 10 places plus 2 places Class of 23 Contact: Lee at Murray Marine | Ph: 305-296-0364 Contact: SKA Ph: 904-819-0360

April 15-17, 2011 June 3-4, 2011

FT. PIERCE SALTWATER CLASSIC Ft. Pierce, FL Contact: Terry Adkins Ph: 800-546-4622 Email: Web:

August 26-27, 2011


April 15-16, 2011


Fort Myers, FL Contact: Terry Adkins | Ph: 800-546-4622 Email: Web:

Naples, FL HQ: Bayfront Naples, 465 Bayfront Place Contact: Alberto Abad | Ph: 239-4495-1841

DIV 9 | NC & SC SKA Junior Tournament Plaques Sponsored by: OCEAN ISLE FISHING CENTER June 17-19, 2011

YELLOWFIN/OIFC.COM JOLLY MON KING CLASSIC Shallotte, NC HQ: Ocean Isle Fishing Center Capt. Mtg.: 7:00pm Fri. (Food, Raffles, Pogy Bobbing) Early Entry: $215 Entry: $250 after 6/10 First Place: $20,000 First place (based on 275 boats) Payout: Pays 31 places, 3 Class of 23’ Contact: Brant McMullan Ph: 910-575-3474 Email: | Web: www.

July 8-10, 2011


September 2-4, 2011

BRUNSWICK ISLANDS SALTWATER CLASSIC Oak Island, NC Contact: Terry Adkins Ph: 800-546-4622 Email: Web:


Biloxi, MS Web:

This info was current as of 3/15/11. For the latest updates go to


Go to the SKA Schedule and check all information regarding your tournament for accuracy. It is your responsibility to e-mail changes and updates to Or, you may fax changes to 904/819-0331. Each sanctioned tournament is entitled to one full page advertisement in Anglerr magazine. It is your responsibility to submit the ad on time. Contact Bob Flocken at 904/819-0360.

Lake Park, FL HQ: Lake Park Harbor Marina 561-840-0188 Capt. Mtg.: 7:30pm Fri. Kingfish Early Entry: $325 plus tax Kingfish First Place: $6,000 (based on 60 boats) Wahoo & Dolphin Entry: $150 plus tax Wahoo & Dolphin 1st Place: $2,500 (based on 50 boats) Contact: SKA Ph: 904-819-0360


CANAVERAL MAC ATTACK Port Canaveral, FL Contact: SKA Ph: 904 819-0360 Email: | Web:





Biloxi, MS HQ: The Isle Casino Hotel Entry: $1,000 ($200 deposit holds your spot) Limited to 100 boats First Place: $35,000 based on 100 boats Payout: Pays 10 places Contact: SKA Ph: 904-819-0360 Web:

November 7-12, 2011

Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2011

DIV 8 | FL


May 5-8, 2011


its new

Pompano Beach, FL HQ: Hillsboro Inlet Capt. Mtg.: Thurs. 8pm Pompano Beach Civic Ctr. Early Entry: $375 Entry: $475 (see website) First Place: $10,000 for heaviest aggregate weight of Kingfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, Tuna, Cobia. Payout: 75 ways to win over $275,000 in cash & prizes Web:

June 9-12, 2011

MERCURY/SEAVEE POMPANO BEACH SALTWATER SLAM Pompano Beach, FL HQ: Hillsboro Inlet Capt. Mtg.: Thurs. 8pm Pompano Beach Civic Ctr Early Entry: $375 Entry: $475 (see website) First Place: $10,000 for heaviest aggregate weight of Kingfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, Tuna, Cobia. Payout: 75 ways to win over $275,000 in cash & prizes Web:

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Please note, The schedule for Angler magazine is sent to press on the 15th of each month. For the latest updates go to

912/267-6767 4718 New Jesup Hwy., Brunswick, GA 31525 Capt. Howard Poe, President Email: ANGLER R | April 2011

April 2011 | ANGLER


2011 Fixed Events April 28-30 Sarasota, FL May 12-14 Jensen Beach, FL June 2-4 Fourchon, LA October 6-8 Little River, SC plus the Pro Championship November 7-9 Biloxi, MS More Details at

2011 Wildcard Events 34

This is a special tour of four Fixed Events, Wildcard Events, plus the Pro Championship, held in prime locations from the Carolinas to Louisiana. It is the toughest test of team skills in any fishing contest in the world. Not only do these highly skilled contestants have to fish in unfamiliar waters but in all types of sea conditions. The SKA tabulates the team’s points based on where they finish in each day of fishing and the team with the most points at the end of the year is crowned “Angler of

the Year,” sport fishing’s most coveted title. The tour is named after its title sponsor, Yamaha. The 2011 season is also sponsored by Contender Boats and Raymarine Electronics. The Top Angler of the Year Captain will receive a ceremonial gold ring and a large gold cup trophy engraved with his/her name, boat name, and year. The quest for the 2011 Angler of the Year title begins in April and culminates in November in Biloxi, Mississippi. To learn more or to join the tour, go to

Division 1 Rotary Club Of Sneads Ferry Sneads Ferry, NC

Division 5 Jacksonville Fishing Rodeo Jacksonville, FL

Division 8 Canaveral Mac Attack Port Canaveral, FL

Division 3 Tailwalker Marine Offshore Challenge Georgetown, SC

Division 6 Gators Fall Kmt Treasure Island, FL

Division 9 Fall Brawl King Classic Ocean Isle, NC

Division 4 Golden Isles Kingfish Classic St. Simons Island, GA

Division 7 Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Dauphin Island, AL

ANGLER R | April 2011

1991 Clayton Ki Kirb rbby,y, Fou ount n ain/Mercury, Overall Cha hamp mpio ionn 1992 Joe Bru rucce, ce, Fo Fouuntain/Mercury, Top Anngl gler er of th thee Ye Y ar Jim m DDav avisis,, Fountain/Mercury, Naatiion onal al Cha hamp mpion 1993 19 93 Wyn ynda dall Vereen, Mako/Mercurry, Topp Angler of the Year To D nnis Sergent, Fountain De in/M /M Mer erccury, National Champion 1994 Dave Workmaan Jr Jr., Fou ount ntain/Mercury,y, Top Angler of th thee Ye Year 1995 Dave Wo Work r ma man Jr., Fountain/ man n/M Me ry, Mercur T p An To Angl gler ooff the Year gler 1996 Ric Rickk Sm Smith, Wellcraaftft/M /Mer /M e cury ry Topp An To A gler of thee Ye Year a 19997 Clayton Kirby by,, Fo by Founta tain in/M / ercury, Top Angl gler er ooff thee Ye Year a Garry Un Ungger, Reg eguulator/Mercury, National Champion 1998 Ste teve ve Sho hook ok, Donzi/Mercury, Top Angler of the Year Forresst Ta Taylor, Donzi/Mercury, National Champion 1999 19 99 Dav avee Workman Jr, Donzi/Mercury, Top Angler of the Year To Dan Abshire, Pro Line/Mercury, National Cha ham mpioon 2000 David Van Lent, Yellowfin/Mercury, Top Angler of the Year Jack Wood, Donzi/Mercury, Nat atio ionnal Ch Cham ampion am 2001 Chris Chase, Donzi/Merccur ury,y, TTop Ang ngle l r of the Yearr le Jerry Dilsaver, Kencraftft// Mercur uryy,y, Class of 23 National al CCha hamp mpio ionn io

20022 RRob oberrt Ra Rans n om, Fountain/Mercury, ASAA To Topp Angler of the Year 2003 Pau Paul Massey, Yellowfin/ Mercury S A Top Angler of the Year SK Robert “Skip” Stritzinger, Trophy/Mercuury ASA Top Angler of the Year 2004 Robert “Skip” Stritzinger, Contennde der/ r/Merc rcuury ury ASA Top Angler of the Year 2005 Terry Johnson, Yellowfin/ n/Me Mercurry SKA Top Angler of thee Ye Year ar Bill Gavitt, Pequott/ Mercury ASA Top Anngl gler of the Year ar 2007 Riccha hardd Stoone ne Foun Fo u taainn/Mercury /M Nation onnal Champion Miitc tchh Mosley, Contender/Me Meerc rcuur ury, National Cha hamp mpionn Class of 23 mpio Chuckk Pe Perm rm men ente terr Donz nzzi/i/Me Merc Me rcur ury Toop An Angl gler of thee Ye th Year a 2 100 Va 20 Vaughn Ford, Onslow Bay/Mercury, National Champioon Class of 23

Congratulations to Mercury’s Latest Winners!

th Mangus, Jack with this 67.66 !P.J. Myers, Kei eers at the Key car ir Triple J set a tournament record the of fish t ght the bigges n the event. wo Conroy, and Stevie Cooper cau and T West Harbour KM

Vaughn Ford’s Reel Thrill/Team Bone Suckin’ Sauce. Ford, his wif e Kim and son Graeson, plus Derek Ennis and Ryan Brazill earned the 2010 Class of 23 National Championship title in Fort Pie rce, FL.


A Southern Kingfish Assoc.

King Mackerel Tournament

'*-6' +'11'11'..'Y+;S  '*-6' +'11'11'. '*-6' *- ' +'11'11'. +'11'11'..' ..' .' ' 'Y +;S  + S      

Isle Casino Hotel Biloxi • Limited to 100 Boats!

FIRST PLACE: $35,000! 2nd .... $20,000 3rd ..... $15,000 4th ..... $10,000

5th ....... $7,000 6th ....... $5,000 7th ....... $4,000

8th ..... $2,000 9th ..... $1,000 10th ..... $1,000

$1,000 Entry Fee • Entry Form at $200 non-refundable deposit holds your team’s spot! Isle Casino Hotel Biloxi is the Host Resort for the 2011 SKA National Championship

Inshore Offshore Fresh Water

June 9th-12th, 2011

This event will be a true rodeo with up to seventeen different species including offshore saltwater species, inshore saltwater species, and freshwater species. Within this venue will be two special Jackpot Divisions, which will include Redfish and King Mackerel.

INSHORE SALTWATER: Redfish Speckled Trout Flounder Sheepshead Whiting

Rodeo Tickets Available at Gate Stations after Mayy 1st


FRESHWATER: ✯ Largemouth Bass



Freshwater Catfish

Blackfin Tuna


Vermilion Snapper


Speckled Perch

Mangrove Snapper

JACKPOT: Redfish


King Mackerel

$20,000 for Kingfish Jackpot! WIN A 21' Yamaha Jerre Brumbelow of St. Marys, Georgia won the Contender boat, Yamaha motor, and Loadmaster trailer package. They got their ticket into the drawing by weighing in a .98 pound whiting last year.

You could be next!

April 2011 | ANGLER

powered Contender boat

in the Random Drawing!


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SKA Members M b O Only l Ad Advertising i i O Opportunity! i !


During these rough economic times, it is apparent that members should be using fellow members for services needed. Therefore the special pages in Angler magazine with emphasis on your employment or trade. Cost for this service is just $300 for the whole year, that’s only $27 per month. Ad size is just a little bigger than a business card (4 1⁄2" wide by 2" deep) and we will do the lay out for free. We just need any logos or artwork and the information about you and your company. Ads will be grouped by region or state. Call SKA at 904-819-0360.


“Keeping Our Waterways Clean” P.O. Box 4034 Lake Wales, FL 33859 Phone: 863-696-7200 Fax: 863-696-2922 Northeast Florida Commercial & Residential Concrete & Block Construction Free Estimates

mustard seed G





Christine Rodenbaugh



Laurie Crowley • (904) 219-4390 Dan Crowley • (904) 219-2739

CROWLEY’S CONCRETE, INC. NC. 540 20 Mile Rd. Ponte Vedra, FL 32081




Business Cards | Rack Cards Booklets | Letterheads | Envelopes Magnets | Posters | Sell Sheets | More! New! Metallic Inks and Round Corners

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Clayton & Anne Kirbyy • Independent Distributor


ID # 935876

Clayton 904-838-3230 • Anne 910-443-9064 • •



TELEPHONE (904) 732-9701 TELECOPIER (904) 732-9702

ANGLER R | March 2011

April 2011 | ANGLER


BONUS Largest Wahoo 1st $1,200 0 ,000 • 3rd $800 $1 2nd



10,000 0,000

In Memory of Captain Larry “Huffy” Hoffman

FIRST PLACE PRIZE! *Based on 100 boats.

PAYING 1 PLACE FOR EVERY 10 BOATS • 3 PLACES CLASS OF 23 LADY & JUNIOR 1st & 2nd PLACES Registration: Friday, May 6 Opens at 5:00 pm Early Entry: $300 (tax incl.) if received by April 30 Entry Fee: $350 (tax incl.) on May 1 and later


Captain’s Meeting: Friday, May 6 at 7pm Mandatory for all boats at Gator’s Cafe & Saloon.

SKA Division 6 Event

Fishing Schedule: Saturday, May 7 4 Check-outs | John’s Pass, Sarasota, Clearwater Pass & Pass-A-Grille Scales Open: 4pm at Gator’s Cafe & Saloon Must check in by 5:00 pm Awards: Immediately following weigh-in

Ya Gotta Go To Gators! FUN • FOOD • DRINKS!

Information: 727/367-2942 | 12754 Kingfish Drive, Treasure Island, FL 33706


ANGLER R | April 2011

BONUS Largest Cobia 1st $1,500 rd $800 2nd $1,000 • 3


15th Annual

Largest Red Sn apper 1st $1,500 2nd $1,000 • 3 rd $800



Larges tW 1st $1 ahoo ,50 2nd $1 ,000 • 0 3rd $8 00

June 2-4, 2011 PAYOUT First Place Prize to be Announced 2ndd Place $6,000 aggregate

FOURCHON, LOUISIANA DIVISION 7 EVENT THURSDAY, JUNE 2ND 2:00pm 7:30pm FRIDAY, JUNE 3RD 6:30am 3:00pm 6:00pm SATURDAY, JUNE 4TH 6:30am 3:00pm 5:00pm 6:30pm April 2011 | ANGLER

Registration Open~Moran’s Marina Captain’s Meeting & Dinner Check-out~Port Fourchon & Bridgeside Scales Open at Moran’s Marina All Boats Must Be In Line to Weigh Check-out~Port Fourchon & Bridgeside Scales Open at Moran’s Marina All Boats Must Be In Line to Weigh Awards

3. $5,000 4. $4,000 5. $3,000

6. $2,000 9. $1,000 7. $1,500 10. $ 800 8. $1,200

Class of 23': 1. $3,000 • 2. $2,000 • 3. $1,500

Payout based on 125 boats. Class of 23 based on 20 boats.


SKA Diivision 9 Sanction ned Event

Ocean Isle Beach, NC

June 17-19, 2011

A Family Fishing Event! Jr. prizes to 20th, Lady to 10th, Sr. prizes to 3rd 1 day ďŹ shing - Capt. Choice, Saturday or Sunday -PXFTUFOUSZGFFPODJSDVJUt'JSTU1MBDF 

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May 13-14, 2011 Four Fish Marina


Blackfin Tuna Kingfish Dolphin



Registration: May 13th 4-8pm at Four Fish Marina 2225 NE Indian River Drive Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce: 772.334.3444 Entry Fee: $200 TWT for Biggest Fish Weighed $100 Checkout: St. Lucie or Ft. Pierce Inlets ONE-DAY FISH

Join us on Wednesday evening for the Get your ticket now from the Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce 772.334.3444

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Members Helping Members Check out the products and services offered by these SKA members! If you need it, chances are one of your fellow members can provide it.



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ANGLER R | March 2011

C Boats 24' & Over 2007, Contender, 31 Open F250's w/ warnty til 2013, Garmin 3210 & 492, Radar, Stereo, 2 VHF's, Elec. Head, 18' Outriggers, 12' center rigger, Elec. Downriggers, Tuna Tubes, Frsh/SW Wash, 300 gal fuel, 5 piece enclosure, 3 axle loadmaster, Stored inside, $95,000 Brunswick, Ga 803-422-7911 2006-7 34FT C/C with Trip Yamaha Ok guys, moving up to a 36 ft Y/F need to sell first. This boat has it all full ray package with 2E 120 Multi Function. To much to list now e-mail me at fencer1849@aol. com for pic. Trip 250 Yamaha with less than 400 hours. Cannon electric come with it. 352-589-1849 $85,000 2010 Yellowfin 32, twin Yamaha F350s (240 hrs) and warranty thru 2016, Ameritrail dual axle trailer. Northstar 6100i chartplotter/sounder with Sirius weather. Boat is in immaculate condition. $163,500. Contact Brant McMullan at 31' Century CC with twin 275 Verado 2000 yr. model, Will trade for smaller CC plus cash. Partial owner financing. Will send pics. The boat has complete fishing package. Tri axle trailer. I am down sizing to 23' and under. $49,500 25' Contender restored 1987 hull Fully restored 1987 Hull model with two 2005 Johnson four stroke 140's low hours! Complete with all electronics! Bean bags, down riggers, and many extras. Ready to fish! Please call for details George @ 912977-1694. Asking 27,500 OBO 2005 angler 2600 twin f150 yamahas 550 hours loadmaster trailer with four new tires. boat has new washdown, mascerator, saltwater pumps twin livewell pumps raymarine c80 two vhfs amfm cd player with ipod plug new control cables large fishbox 912-294-3272





2001 Privateer 2800 custom built & rigged for off shore, twin-250 yamahas,north star, raymarine depth finder,electic down riggers, custom leaning post,3 axle trailer, lots of storage, double live well pumps, 55mph, for more pictures e-mail 912-764-7604

Boats Under 24' '03 22.5' Key West 2220C Yam 200 4 stroke 285 hrs MUST SELL by 3/31-New Boat Ordered. Garmin GPS & FishFinderPwr Trim. Ex. Condition - Well Maintained. Most Hrs King Fishing. Great Fishing & Family Boat. FIRST $17,500 Takes Boat 2006 Sailfish 2360, like new, one owner, twin Yamaha 150s (Warranty till 2012) with trailer. 2 live wells, most all options $41,500 call 904-472-9145 leave a message. 2007 sundance bay sv201 Yamaha f150 340 hours two livewells Garmin 545 color screen sony amfm CD player cooler seat two fish boxes in front garage kept serviced every year venture trailer with folding tongue. 16000.00 obo 912-2943272 Hydra-Sports 2390 Vector, twin 150-4stroke with 223 hours tilt and trim garmin fish finder and GPS, Radio, fresh and salt water washdown, 2 cannon down riggers, portable toliet, T-top w/ 7 rod holders curtains, fish boxes and live well, dual wheel load master trailer. $31,995 firm. Jim Herring (912) 445-0663.







2003 Pathfinder 2200V Yamaha 200 HPDI VMAX. XL Power Pole, Furuno GP-1650F, Clarion CMD4, MG 82#, bat chgr, igloo coolers, Engle 80 qt, alum trlr, covers for eng, console and troll motor, bimini. Very clean, 289 hrs w zero motor issues. Call. 954-609-3641

set of three 2005 275 verados One new power head ( 4 hours), other two have all service records and 1500 hours.Everything goes with them except steering. Still on the boat so demo is avalible. Warranty runs out in October. $12,000 OBO 336-413-0662

2007 23 ft tournament edition with only 140 hours twin 175 merc. verados with warrenty good till 8/1/2012. Raymarine e-120, color, with radar, extra garmin color, kenwood stereo, vhf, second livewell. This boat is fast, and fishes very large. True measurement:25'6", aluminum trailor with sport rims. MINT CONDITION. Call John at 919-920-4703

2008 yamaha vmax 225 200hrs great shape still under warr. 10,000 904-8131207

Marine Engines 300 Mercury Verados - Triple Set XL & CXL (25" Shafts), XXL (30" Shaft), perfect shape, motor oil and lower unit oil changed often, freshwater flushed after each use, less than 200 hours, warranty through 10/2013, new in 10/2008, $42,000 for the set, call Chris @ 1(910)443-1189 or . For Sale. Three 2005 225 Optimax Outboards 2-25", 1-30" 700 hrs. Great Condition $14,900.00 phone 904-838-3230 I have(2)2010 Yamaha f350's. Warranty until 2/2016.These are f350 TRR,and LF350 TXR. 25" shafts.250 hours with no problems.I also have available complete rigging,and Bobs Machine 350HP jack plates(basically new)at at significant discount if needed. 727-667-3835

2005 21 Contender, 200 HPDI T-top, FULL curtains, Cannon donwrigger, Furuno 582L w/600 watt trans, Garmin 192, Icom VHF, NEW digital 8', JVC CD w/ Sirius & 400W amp & 4-6.5" Pioneer, Perko, etc. 400hr on new powerhead, warranty til 07/10, serviced by Tailwalker Marine. 843-240-0992 $29,500 FIRM

2008 shearwater z2200 08 garmin 3210,motorguide 36v,3 optima batt, batt. 904-813-1207 100 hrs, warranty good thru nov. 2011. 2 25 " shafts R & L. 1 30 " shafts L. $12,500 each, also have gauges,cables and throttles for triple motor set up. samuraiinc@ / 904 591 2991 FRED I'm looking for a 225+ HP outboard. It will be a replacement for a blown Yamaha 225hp OX66. Prefer a Yamaha but willing to look at anything. Let me know what you have available. Located in Maryland. 240-446-4069 I have a pursuit 2470 and want to re-power with four stroke. I currently have twin 150 2 strokes and would like to find A 250 OR 300 FOURSTROKE Or twin 150 four stroke. Please let me know of any good deal. 828-699-2872 2009 Suzuki 300 Full extended warranty until 2015. 350 hours on the motor mostly at 600RPM. I may have the prop you need as well. $11,000. Call Jim Naset 727-244-9872 Verado or Optimax Engines. Brand New. All HP sizes available. Call Jamie at 954650-5982.

To Place a Classified fi Ad, Go To and Click the Classifieds fi tab 1. You must be a current SKA member in good standing. 2. No phone calls regarding Classified fi Ads. Use the tools on the Web site. 3. We can only post classifieds fi that are received from our submission form or via fax. (FAX#:904-819-0331) 4. Email Photos for your ad to: classifieds@fi fi 5. ATTACH ONE PICTURE ONLY to the email. Name your picture fi file the PHONE NUMBER you listed in your ad and put the same number in the subject of the email. This will help us place the photo correctly. The phone number in the ad is used to 'find' fi your ad to place the photo, make changes to your ad, or to delete the ad when your item sells. 6. When your item sells please use the removal form to notify us. Or, you can FAX us with "Cancel Classifi fied" as the subject. Be sure to reference your phone number in the fax. 7. If you need to modify your ad please use the removal/modification fi form. 8. Ads submitted in ALL CAPITAL letters will be converted to sentence case. 9. Members in good standing may place an ad up to 250 characters plus one photo. Additional characters are 25¢ each. 10. SKA Classified fi advertising is for individuals only. Current SKA members may advertise their boat, motor, or vehicle for no charge. Dealers who want to list items for sale in SKA classifieds fi may contact Deona at 904.819.0360 or sokingfish@fi fi for rates. April 2011 | ANGLER

Call Jack at 386-801-3200 49



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A 5 Division Rodeo-Style Fishing Tournament Brought to you by NBOA Marine Insurance SKA’s #1 Insurance Provider

April 28-30, 2011 Sarasota, FL

Ca tch more details a t

Angler Magazine – April 2011  
Angler Magazine – April 2011  

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