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Smart casual women’s blazers made sustainably

hat possessed a grown woman to withdraw her savings and refinance her home to launch a women’s brand of blazers? The founder of Connecticut Country Clothing, Janice Trayes, is that woman. Was it her life-long love of blazers – from wearing a tuxedo jacket to NYC’s CBGBs in the 1980s, to a power suit with shoulder pads by day in a corporate office? (cringe) Was it that lightweight blue & white searsucker she could throw over most anything for a summer day in the Hamptons? Yes, this is where the obsession began, but years of working in corporate offices in cities from NYC to DC to LA, taught her that conservative dressing made being taken seriously more likely, a challenge faced by any woman no matter her education or experience. While it’s true the modern woman doesn’t need to prove her authority by wearing a suit, the truth is – it’s still a statement piece which exudes confidence. But wearing a suit daily in today’s “business casual” corporate environments can be overkill. Which is why this brand focuses on smart casual blazers. There’s a balance between being business casual while not too casual.

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A modern women’s blazer can be mixed and matched with most anything (just Google blazer icon, Brigitte Macron.) Blazers are some of the best core wardrobe pieces you can, and should, invest in. If your life is full and you’re on the go, a blazer can save your day. It elevates and completes your style, making it easy to go straight from the office to a social event. A garment so versatile it’s suitable for a variety of occasions provides convenience. Yet not all blazers are created equally. Janice’s quest to find the perfect transitional desk to dining blazer was unsuccessful, and culminated in her designing her own. Her design motto is Professional Plus Chic: “Professional” for the office, “Chic” for social engagements and “Plus” for plus size inclusive. She set out to complement a woman’s silhouette and to provide multiple styling options within a single blazer, from a pop-up collar to a removable cloth belt. The unique thing is the bespoke lining options of colorful Italian fabrics to water color art prints. The blazers are sewn only once ordered, allowing for personalization. They are tailored, made with fine, natural fabrics, which are organic, sustainable and fair trade. The future of luxury is sustainability. The company’s primary sustainability goal is for their blazers to be as close to 100% biodegradable as possible. With few high end sustainable clothing options available in corporate wear, this brand provides the opportunity to wear your values while being dressed comfortably and sharply. To learn more, visit:

“A garment so versatile it’s suitable for a variety of occasions provides convenience”