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Evidence-Based Vertical Jump Program and Its Components The vertical jump training program is extremely important specifically for athletes. There are many scams in this field, so be mindful. There are a few qualifications and knowledge that should be obtained before a person could give such program that is why you should be wary on individuals who provide this, yet could not show their credentials. The internet is also being utilized by unqualified trainers to market their services, which only made the issue worse. Researches on jump training have been conducted by the Sports Science Industry. That is why it is very important to make sure that the vertical jump training program you are enrolled in is evidence-based. There are many false and wrong details about vertical jump training that are published in the net. Don’t waste your time on incorrect details as this will not assist you in any way to get positive results. Factors like Strength, Power, Plyometrics, Prehabilitation, Recovery, and Sports Specificity are found to have a significant impact on the end result of the vertical jump training based on the research made by the Sports Science Industry that is precisely why including them in the program is very important. Continue reading this post and learn more about these things. Strength - The ability to create force, is what precisely is being meant by the term strength. One of the most essential aspect to consider when going through vertical jump training is strength. Force production is just feasible with strength that is exactly why it is considered an indispensable factor. Strength training is especially needed by all those who have little or no experience in power training. As you see on the diagram above, you can substantially improve your vertical jump performance if you continue to enhance your force production through strength training, ultimately leading to improvements in your muscular power. Power - It is shown in studies that the most important factor in vertical jump is power. A very essential factor that would let athletes to outdo their opponents is power, as revealed by the results of studies. Remember though that the movement of the sport of the trainee ought to be incorporated in the power training exercises. Plyometrics - Plyometrics help increase your vertical jump performance relatively where you apply utmost force at the least time, otherwise identified as Stretch Shortening Cycle. The Stretch Shortening Cycles consists of active muscle stretching (muscle under tension) and after that followed by prompt shortening of the same muscle, or else also known as the concentric contraction of the same muscle. Think about the muscle as an elastic band. The more you stretch it, the better the potential energy.

Prehabilitation - Thought as a mode of workout that assists in lessening the potential of injury, prehabilitation is an element that must be involved in any power training regime, not only vertical jump training. This is done in vertical jump training, and for very good reasons. Well, this is because in vertical jump training a lot of force is required, meaning that your soft tissues as well as hard tissues will take much of the pressure. Cramps and also other accidental injuries could occur if prehabilitation is not done. You can make a note of these activities before you begin training: Single Leg Figure 8’s, Dead Bug, Single Leg Quarter Squat. Recovery - Recovery is important for those who are having vertical jump training program. Your body must adjust to all of the physical activities done in the entire program. If your body is able of adapting to the routine, then it indicates that you are starting to improve. Sports Specificity - The training should be intended to fit the sport of the athlete. The athletes may use everything that they learned in the training if it is patterned from their sports. A perfect example would be vertical jump training for basketball should have routines that are similar to the exercises done in the game. The training must also be applied in a place that is similar to the court or field of the game. Be sure that when you go for a power training program or vertical jump training program, these 6 critical elements are included. As long as the 6 factors are enhanced, then expect that you can enhance your skills and expertise in the sports you love. Be sure to choose a holistic jump training system to assist you in achieving your vertical jump goals.

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Evidence-Based Vertical Jump Program and Its Components  
Evidence-Based Vertical Jump Program and Its Components  

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