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FishLife is a magazine and a website — and eventually an e-magazine as well — that has been developed by Australian fishos for Australian fishos. From first page to last, FishLife aims to capture the essence of recreational fishing. This is delivered through evocative images supported by concise and easy-to-understand writing. Our goal is to produce the best fishing magazine by a significant margin and to deliver interesting and highly informative articles that are structured in a way that appeal to anglers of varying skill levels - from the novice, to those who would fish 24 hours a day if they could. Whether you own a boat or are shore-bound, we’ll have articles to suit. Our writers are the cream of Australia’s recreational fishing communicators, including a number of female and upcoming youngsters that will compliment the ‘old salts’ and bring a freshness and new-age energy to the mix. When you flick through the pages of FishLife, you will be immediately transported to the wonderful world of fishing in a variety of locations. FishLife will also be quite unique in that its focus will be more on the fish and its environment, and less about the angler. Please come with us on this exciting ride, but you’d better hang on because we are about to drop the reins and spur this beast on!

Advertising is not simply about a financial transaction. At FishLife we know that your business and ours are inextricably linked. It is a partnership of mutual benefit. As your business grows and prospers, so does ours, so we take your business very seriously. At FishLife we are always open to new ideas and innovations that will help you achieve your

business goals. We work hard at giving you the maximum exposure for your advertising budget and sharing in our future successes together. You won’t find the corporate mentality residing here. Sure, we all need to make a buck, but no longer does your marketing dollar disappear into a corporate vacuum in the name of shareholder profits.

“be immediately transported to the wonderful world of fishing”

Mission Statement • • • • • • • •

To develop a brand that ‘is’ fishing media. To embrace the passion, excitement, wellbeing and experiences that ‘are’ fishing. To strive to identify new technologies and publishing platforms to enhance the customer’s experience. A strong focus on digital technologies. To provide an unmatched level of excellence in journalism through exceptionally high quality content. To build partnerships with advertisers for long-term mutual benefit. Explore marketing and design services. To promote the highest of ethical standards.

People Glen Booth - Editor Our editor, Glen Booth, is a Coffs coast resident. He has been involved in the recreational fishing media for almost his entire working life, as an editor, writer and photographer, interspersed with deckhand work on game boats up and down the east coast. Glen was editor of Modern Fishing from 1987 to 2001, maintaining the magazine’s top-selling status in that time, before taking up a less restrictive freelance career that basically gave him less money but a lot more time to fish! A stint in Darwin saw him editing the National Australian Fishing Annual, and Barra, Bass and Bream Digest for 12 issues. Glen has fished all over Australia, pursuing everything from barramundi to billfish, bass to blackfish. He runs his own boat these days and has refined his fishing targets to snapper, pearl perch, teraglin and tusk fish in the winter months, and marlin, tuna, mahi mahi and wahoo over summer. His 30 plus years of game fishing experience led to him co-authoring The Complete Guide To Game Fishing in late 2011, and he is also the New South Wales north coast representative for the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA).

Scott Amon - Publisher, Contributor and Advertising Manager As a young boy growing up on the northern beaches of Sydney, Scott Amon reveled in exploring the local bush and waterways. From a young age he took a strong interest in fishing, surfing, and the way in which aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems ticked. Encouraged by his father to fish, his only tackle was a cheap cork handline, but it produced plenty of bream, flathead, blackfish and whiting. In 1985, he embarked on a year-long trip around Australia with his wife Trish. They travelled to the most remote parts of the country, exploring, fishing, diving, surfing, and recording a photographic essay of their journey as they went. This trip had a huge impact on the future direction of Scott’s life. He developed a deep-seated passion for showing others what this great country had to offer and to share his many adventures and experiences. With wanderlust in the blood, Scott and Trish hit the road again in 1990. On their return he submitted his first article to Australia’s most popular fishing magazine at the time, Modern Fishing. Through the 1990s, his photography and writing skills developed to a stage where he was

contributing to a dozen or more fishing and outdoor publications. Scott has since written two editions of Gregory’s Australian Fishing Guide, worked as a presenter on numerous TV fishing programs and fishing DVDs, given hundreds of talks at fishing clubs and outdoors, fishing and boating shows, appeared on radio, and continues in these roles today. In 2000 he finally said farewell to a 21 year career in the graphic arts industry, to concentrate on full-time freelance writing and pursue a few personal goals with cattle and working kelpies on a farm south of Coffs Harbour. Through the print, TV, radio and DVD media, Scott has established himself as one of Australia’s leading authorities on fishing and marine electronics. His passion for the natural world, and in particular aquatic life, only gains momentum as middle age races by! His latest venture is FishLife magazine, in which he aims to deliver an evocative and educational recreational fishing magazine that appeals to anglers of all ages and skill levels.

People Michael Clark - Advertising Growing up in the regional New South Wales town of Armidale, Michael Clark has always loved the bush and spending time out in it. He cut his teeth fishing the surrounding impoundments for redfin and trout, as well as chasing catfish, bass and trout again in rivers and streams. While his love for fishing means he is happy to catch anything with fins, he maintains an affinity with the freshwater native scene. After leaving school, Michael’s connection with the bush soon became his career, working on the land both locally and in western Queensland. This ultimately led to a job in the sales and marketing field, expanding into selling real estate in 2002, beginning with residential homes then progressing to broad acre property. Listing, marketing and selling real estate has given him wonderful experience in how to successfully market a product and target clientele in a broad range of climates. Michael finds tailoring a marketing package a challenging but rewarding process. He enjoys working with clients to help achieve their goals of maximising profits by introducing them to the right customers. Michael says to be able to combine his experience in marketing and his passion for fishing and the outdoors is an exciting prospect. Throw in working with some of the best people in the recreational fishing industry, and he’s sure it’s going to be an enjoyable journey!

David Granville - Advertising Having a keen angler for a father, David Granville had a fishing rod in his hand pretty much as soon as he could walk. He cut his teeth on bread-and-butter species such as bream and whiting in the estuaries, and dart and tailor in the surf. Once he was able to obtain his boat licence at 15 years of age, David was off on a quest for bluer waters and bigger fish. It wasn’t long before he caught his first marlin, and from then on offshore fishing became his passion. A career in boating and fishing journalism eventually followed and David became editor of Trailer Boat magazine, and then BlueWater Boats and Sportsfishing. David is also a respected photographer and his works have graced the pages of magazines world-wide. Although we might be able to convince him to contribute the odd story to FishLife, his main role with us is to sell advertising to our Queensland and Northern Territory clients. David has been selling advertising for the past four years and his company Marlin Media, specialises in media solutions for the fishing industry. He looks forward to discussing the opportunities in FishLife with our valued customers.

People John Featherstone - Art Director It all began three decades ago when an eight-year-old John Featherstone and his family returned to his father’s birthplace of Coffs Harbour on the mid north coast of New South Wales. Following in dad’s footsteps, John quickly took to the water surfing, fishing and spearfishing — a truly ‘immersive’ upbringing as it were. As tertiary studies took him further afield, his determination to return to the pristine waters of his home town never wavered, and he now resides on acreage at Sandy Beach, with his wife Pam and their three children. John completed a university degree in Information Technology, with a major in Graphic Design and Multimedia with Honours in 2003. Fervour for the ocean and all things aquatic was a continuing theme in his life, and determined to make this dovetail with his design career, in 2006 John acquired Spearfishing Downunder magazine. In five short years he developed it into an evocative, cutting edge magazine/DVD combination that is the number-one seller in its field. John brings to FishLife an unwavering enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of the marine environment and the underwater world. A member of the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust Expenditure Committee and a vocal advocate for the rights of recreational anglers, John continues to fight hard to preserve access to various fishing locations right across the country.

Contributors Ian Miller

Gary Howard

Shane Mensforth

Cliff Mann

Steve Starling

Emma George

Julian Pepperell

Dave Seaman

Lee Rayner

Warren Steptoe

Phil Bennett

Andrew Mayo

Natalie Grima

Scott Amon

Coen Amon

David Granville

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1 Issue $3,348 $1,860 $1,400 $1,120 $840 $620

2 Issues $3,010 $1,670 $1,260 $1,010 $760 $560

4 Issues $2,680 $1,490 $1,120 $900 $670 $500

6 Issues $2,510 $1,400 $1,050 $840 $630 $470

Premium Positions Inside Front Cover Inside Back Cover Back Cover

1 Issue $2,230 $2,230 $2,420

2 Issues $2,010 $2,010 $2,180

4 Issues $1,780 $1,780 $1,940

6 Issues $1,670 $1,670 $1,820

Classifieds Section 1/3 Page (120mm x 120mm) 1/6 Page (120mm x 57mm)

1 Issue $440 $280

2 Issues $400 $250

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6 Issues $330 $210

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Timelines FishLife Dates for 2012 Issue Autumn 2012 Winter 2012 Spring 2012 Summer 2012

Booking Deadline 31 December 2011 31 March 2012 30 June 2012 30 September 2012

Material Deadline 7 January 2012 7 April 2012 7 July 2012 7 October 2012

On Sale March 2012 June 2012 September 2012 December 2012

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Contributors & Advertising Manager Scott Amon Phone: (0417) 442 487 Email:

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