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years ago after he showed me his notes from a few trips chasing threadfin salmon in the Brisbane River. He had detailed the times he fished and even had a few diagrams showing how he fished certain areas. It may seem a little overboard, but when I thought about it, a lot of really valuable information that we learn from fishing is just forgotten. We tell ourselves “I better remember that for next time”, but chances are, we will forget! Jotting down some information from a trip, whether it be good or bad will help you in the future. As time goes on and you increase your ‘database’ of information, you will be able to pick up consistent patterns that occur. For example, you might notice that in certain times of the year, the run-in tide fishes better. Maybe the barometric pressure reaching a certain point triggers a bite period. This is especially important for tournaments. After spending two or more days on the water you are bound to have learnt something new or picked up on a detail that helped you catch fish, or maybe even caused you to lose fish. This information is

Tournament Angler Guide gold; a successful angler is one that is always willing to learn. Whenever I can remember, I try to record as much information as I can from a fishing trip, noting down the moon phase, tides, lures used and any specific events

that occurred that day. It only takes a couple of minutes, but is well worth the time spent! Eventually, you will have a great bit of info up your sleeve that is going to help you on the water. If you are tech savvy, you could always collate this

When everything comes together, you should find yourself catching more fish.

information on a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet too, which would make it easy to search for key words! START FINE-TUNING I have found that by breaking down the processes involved and dialling in on each trip, you can find ways to really home in. Anything you can change to better your

Using online mapping resources can give you an idea of what you’re in for, particularly if you’ve never fished a certain body of water before. 6

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angling is going to benefit your results in the long run. It only takes one cast, one bite, to turn it all around. We have all been there, and it’s a great feeling.

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