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Tournament Angler Guide

2016 ABT Rankings and Angler of the Year The cream rose to the top in 2016 with a host champions finishing the tournament season on a high. Victoria’s Warren Carter showed that he’d lost none of his bream fishing prowess while fishing on the BASS Pro tour to finish the year with the Power-Pole BREAM AOY trophy on his mantelpiece. Last year’s nonboater AOY champion Stuart Walker made it back-to-back titles, with his three round wins for the year anchoring his AOY win. Man-on-fire

Mark Crompton finished the season as the number ranking breaming boater while Stuart Walker added the number one nonboater ranking to his AOY title. On the bass front Kris Hickson claimed the Bassman Angler of the Year crown, while bass debutant Paul Aldous picked up the nonboater title. Steve Kanowski finished another BASS Pro season as the number one ranked BASS Pro boater while Brett Hyde ascended to the top of the non-boater rankings tree.

Adrian Wilson once again had a stellar year on the BASS Electric tournament trail wrapping up his season with a solid result in the Bluefin/ ePropulsion BASS Electric Convention to retain his number one BASS Electric Ranking. Wilson however relinquished his AOY crown from 2015 with tournament stalwart Les Smith winning the Angler of the Year title courtesy of a career best year on tour. BREAM kayakers had a big year on tour in 2016 with Carl Dubois breaking

Terry Allwood stands proudly with his family and his 2016 Basscat BASS Pro Grand Final shield.

Warren Carter motored to success in 2016 winning both the Mercury Cup and Power-Pole BREAM AOY titles


through for his maiden Angler of the Year win. With Richard Somerton (2nd) and Chris Burbidge (3rd) just behind him in the points race, it’s year that Dubious is sure to savor, and I’m sure driven to try and repeat. Chris Burbidge continued his year as the king of the rankings, finishing the year at the number one ranked bream kayaker in the country.

BOATER 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Mark Crompton Kris Hickson Steve Gill Warren Carter Cameron Whittam Brad Hodges Ross Cannizzaro Steve Morgan Tom Slater Russell Babekuhl

Barra was once again on the menu in 2016 with the formidable pairing of Craig Griffiths and Karim De Ridder retaining their Team of the Year title. It was a hotly contested race though and while Griffiths and De Ridder were quick out of the gate claiming victory in the first two events of the 2016 Zerek BARRA Tour, they only won the TOY title by one

point of a strong finishing Matthew and Dylan Mott who claimed victory in the final two rounds at Peter Faust Dam. Griffiths and De Ridder finished the tour on a double high with both anglers finishing the year as the number one ranked BARRA angler. For full rankings, records, and earnings of each species and series visit

NON-BOATER 257 250 242 220 210 191 183 180 156 155

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Stuart Walker Clint Voss Grayson Fong Simon Johnson Alex Franchuk Jonathon Thompson Shaun Egan Mike Hodges Rodney O’Sullivan Jesse Rotin

267 217 211 206 203 194 193 186 181 160

BREAM PRO ANGLER OF THE YEAR (AOY) BOATER 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 30

TAG 2017 abt

Warren Carter Cameron Whittam Mark Crompton Steve Morgan Steve Gill Kristoffer Hickson Russell Babekuhl Graham Franklin Jason Harlock Chris Seeto

NON-BOATER 386 382 381 380 380 375 368 360 356 346

t 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Stuart Walker Grayson Fong Clint Northcott Rodney O’Sullivan Jonathan Thompson Bernard Kong Blake O’Grady James Morgan Mick Thompson Tanya Konsul

390 384 379 377 372 366 364 352 350 329

Tournament Angler Guide 2017  
Tournament Angler Guide 2017