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Remember, much like the company that you want to represent, you have many dimensions. These are the areas that make you different from all the other anglers knocking on a company’s door. Your seasonal angling will start to help form the story of you as an angler, and help people connect with your story. The second thing to identify is what content of


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abt.org.au value you can produce. As we all can see, there are hundreds of anglers out there pushing their passion on all forms of social media, but what are your strengths and key differences? Much like your fishing, this is a skill set you need to evaluate and grow as time passes. Break this down like any business problem and look at creating a personal strength, weakness, opportunity and

threat analysis to see where you stand. At this point, it is critical to see where your skills are in relation to what you want to achieve, so I recommend doing this SWOT analysis by scanning the QR code hereby with an end goal in mind. Your content creation should go beyond photos of you holding a fish. It doesn’t hurt to tell the story of what you got the fish

It is critical to see where your skills are in relation to what you want to achieve before you think of approaching any potential sponsors.

on, where you caught it and what it means to you. For you, it may be about reviewing tackle through text and video, or it could even be a weekly podcast you create about your fishing adventures and what you caught your fish on. It’s also key to benchmark your output against others in the industry, as this is a great way for you to see who is represented in

the industry and what they are producing. Look at both the quality of the content and how regularly they are producing content, and this will give you an idea on what you will be expected to produce for a sponsor. While benchmarking gives you a start on what to do, you need to form your own style. This may not be a big change from what others are doing, but try to give


Scan the QR code to do a SWOT analysis. To page 12

Once you know what content you want to create, you’ll be able to understand what you can do to add value to a brand.


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