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To be or not to be sponsored, that is the question

Elliot Fooks

Fishing is an industry the takes on many forms. For some, it’s a weekend passion, for others it’s their work, and for a lucky few, it’s both.

As anglers we are all heavily invested stakeholders in this industry, and we all have pride in fishing and what it has given us, but what can we give back? If you turn up to any ABT tournament, you will see a wide range of boats wrapped

with a plethora of sponsor logos, as well as anglers wearing jerseys from every brand under the sun. What do anglers and brands actually get out of these deals? And, more importantly, what do anglers and sponsors want from these deals? During my years

Sponsoring anglers is just one component of a company’s marketing strategy. The decision to sponsor an angler uses up money that could be spent elsewhere. Carl Jocumsen knows this well, and looks after his sponsors. 10

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working for ABT, I heard many anglers talk about sponsorship as both a privilege and a right. However, there’s a debate as to whether it should be viewed as a transaction or a job. WHO AM I? Sponsored anglers are just one part of a company’s complicated marketing mix, and the decision to sponsor an angler takes away from other areas the business can spend its marketing dollars on. While some sponsors will expect very little and give very little, if you want to be worth the investment the business needs to see a return. While it may not be popular to say being a sponsored angler is a job, that’s what it is. However, it should still be a positive experience for you, adding to your enjoyment and, in turn, helping the industry grow. While it may all sound like more work than it’s worth, the key is to think about what you can bring to our industry and sport. Let’s take a step back and think about assessing the skills you have and what you can bring to the table. Before you think about targeting sponsors you need to identify a few things. Identifying what drives

Tournaments often see many sponsored anglers getting together, all vying for that top spot. you to get out on the water should be easy. Your fishing passion may be solely competitive tournament fishing, or it may be broader. Look at identifying your

‘fishing brand’, which is the kind of fishing that people can associate with you. This brand will change and grow thoughout the cycle of the seasons.

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Tournament Angler Guide 2017  

Tournament Angler Guide 2017