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‘But the strength of the Aller Aqua Group is if we see opportunities we take them. We are quick in making decisions. ‘There will be some bumps on the road but we will overcome these. Bear in mind that when we started in Egypt we had a revolution a few years later!’ Africa is going to be a core market for the Aller Aqua Group in the future, he said. ‘We are quite certain, as in Egypt, if you produce the right quality, support your clients and teach them how to use the feed, then we will be successful. I’m quite convinced this is going to take place in Zambia as well.’ FF

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NUTRECO, owner of Skretting, is also building a feed plant in Zambia in conjunction with London based investor Africa Century Foods (ACF). Skretting Zambia, which will produce tilapia feed, is believed to have started construction on the new facility. The lack of high quality feed has been a bottleneck in the further development of the Zambian industry, which is primarily tilapia. The Skretting plant will also be located in Siavonga, which is where the major fish farms in Zambia are based, and with an initial capacity of 25,000 tonnes, will be on a smaller scale than Aller Aqua’s factory. A substantial part of the capacity will be used to supply the Zambian and Zimbabwean tilapia farms of joint venture partner ACF, Africa’s largest fish producer with tilapia farms in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda. Plant capacity will be expanded in a second phase, with the aim of supplying the wider south-east African region. Harm de Wildt, managing director for Nutreco´s operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said when announcing the new venture last year: ‘This joint venture is a new step in our commitment to the African market, adding to recent fish feed investments in Egypt and Nigeria. ‘The production of high quality, extruded fish feed will further support the development of aquaculture in this region. ‘It will help our customers to increase efficiency and profitability, and as a result will also mitigate the environmental footprint of the sector. ‘In ACF we have found the right partner to establish a strong foothold in the south-east African market.’ Henry Pitman, CEO of ACF, said: ‘Having consistent supplies of high quality feed is critical to the success of our aquaculture operations in Zambia and Zimbabwe. ‘This new feed mill will allow us to expand our operations from the current production levels of 10,000 tonnes and help to reduce our cost of production in line with our strategy to become the lowest cost producer of tilapia in the region. ‘Furthermore, we will be able to increase our support to the development of aquaculture across the region. In Skretting, ACF is partnering with a worldwide leader in aquaculture feed.’ Skretting has also been expanding in Egypt, and is producing around 150,000 tonnes of tilapia feed a year. ‘Tilapia farmers are professionalising at a rapid pace, which is increasing demand for extruded fish feed,’ a spokesman said. ‘Through the investment in extruded fish feed capacity and regional R&D, we can support more customers in increasing their efficiency and profitability.’ Egypt is the second largest producer of tilapia in the world, and the government has a target to increase total aquaculture production by around 35 per cent by 2018 to 1.8 million tonnes.


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