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Into Africa

Zambia aims to be self-sufficient with farmed fish and also export to neighbouring countries such as Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania and Congo. Aquaculture is expected to play a significant role in African food security and lakes such as Kariba, Victoria and Volta offer great potential. The African market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. The number of inhabitants is rising quickly and the population will need healthy food which is high in protein. Fish farming and locally produced fish is part of the solution for this, and fish farming can further help people get a livelihood and get out of poverty. Based on their success in Egypt, Aller Aqua Zambia will demonstrate the cost efficiency of its extruded feed to potential clients. ‘Our feed is better but it’s more expensive and you have to utilise it in the best possible way,’ said Halken. ‘We meet the clients and explain how things work. We have to do the calculations for them and show that maybe instead of growing x amount per hectare of ponds

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The “ government has a huge focus on growing more fish

they can grow x times two if they have the right feed. ‘In Egypt we have set up a trial farm testing our feeds against the less environmentally friendly feeds and showing that it’s worthwhile investing more money in the feed because they can grow fish faster.’ Aller Aqua will also set up a trial farm in Zambia and people are welcome to see the Yalelo farm in action, said Halken. ‘In Egypt we are growing capacity with a third feed line. We have been training people and supporting the clients, we have been able to produce more fish with less feed. It’s more cost efficient. The way we are working in Egypt, and the way we are working in Africa in general, is exactly the same as what


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