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April 2012

CRANIAL ELECTROTHERAPY STIMULATION For the Non-Drug Treatment of Insomnia, Anxiety & Depression.

"I have   had   great   success   using   the   device   to   treat   severe,   chronic   insomnia   in   pa1ents   who   are   resistant   to   pharmacotherapy.   Also,   pa1ents  who  seek  a  drug-­‐free  alterna1ve  to  treat  insomnia  have  used   the   Cranial   S1mulator   to   reduce   or   eliminate   their   dependence   on   prescrip1on  drugs.”   -­‐  Andres  San  Mar1n,  MD      Professor  of  Psychiatry      Columbia  University,  College  of  Physicians  and  Surgeons   Cranial   Electrotherapy   S1mula1on   delivers   a   gentle   electrical   current   via   sponge   electrodes   to   s1mulate   the   produc1on   of   serotonin,   GABA,   endorphins  and  other  neurochemicals  responsible   for   improving   mood   and   sleep.   The   FDA   has   cleared   the   Fisher   Wallace   S1mulator   for   the   treatment  of  depression,  anxiety  and  insomnia.     The   device   causes   no   serious   side   effects   and   there   are   no   contraindica1ons   when   using   the   device   in   conjunc1on   with   any   medica1on.   Pa1ents   typically   use   the   device   at   home   for   twenty  minutes,  once  or  twice  a  day.       Over  600  board  cer1fied  psychiatrists  prescribe  the  Fisher  Wallace  S1mulator.    The  device  must   be  purchased  on  the  order  of  a  licensed  healthcare  prac11oner,  such  as  a  Psychologist,  General   Prac11oner,  Psychiatrist,  Nurse  Prac11oner,  Osteopath  or  other  licensed  medical  professional.   To   find   a   prac11oner   who   is   familiar   with   our   device   and   has   an   office   near   your   zip   code,   follow  this  link:   Pa1ents   may   return   the   device   for   a   refund   within   60   days   of   receipt   if   the   device   does   not   successfully   treat   their   symptoms.     Please   call   to   speak   with   one   of   our   highly   trained   professionals:  (212)  688  –  8100.  

Our Medical  Advisory  Board  (par1al  list)   Robert  Cancro,  MD   Since   1976,   Dr.   Cancro   has   been   Professor   and   Chairman   of   the   Department   of   Psychiatry   at   New   York   University   School   of   Medicine,   Director   of   Psychiatry   at   New   York   University   Hospital   and  director  of  the  Nathan  S.  Kline  Ins1tute  for  Psychiatric  Research.     Stephen  N.  Xenakis,  MD   Dr.  Xenakis  served  28  years  in  the  United  States  Army  as  a  medical  corps  officer.  He  held  a  wide   of  variety  of  assignments  as  a  clinical  psychiatrist,  staff  officer,  and  senior  commander  including   Commanding  General  of  the  Southeast  Army  Regional  Medical  Command.  Dr.  Xenakis  has  been   wri`en  widely  on  medical  ethics,  military  medicine,  and  the  treatment  of  detainees.     Ronald  Podell,  MD   Dr.  Podell  is  a  board  cer1fied  psychiatrist.  He  graduated  with  honors  from  Amherst  College  and   received   his   medical   degree   from   Columbia   University.   He   completed   his   post-­‐graduate   psychiatry  training  at  UCLA  and  was  named  to  the  Clinical  Faculty  in  1979.  He  served  over  20   years   as   Assistant   Clinical   Professor   of   Psychiatry.   He   regularly   teaches   post-­‐graduate   courses   for  both  mental  health  professionals  and  laymen  and  has  been  course  director  for  two  na1onal   symposia.  

Non-Drug Treatment for Insomnia, Anxiety & Depression  

A brief overview of Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation.