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Fishers Engages Community to Even before Fishers’ transition from a Town to a City this past January, Mayor Fadness and Fishers leadership began working to develop a long-term vision for our community. To accomplish that vision, Fishers’ leadership team is now working to develop a comprehensive plan. The leadership team is considering all the ways the city impacts residents and how together, we can create a smart, vibrant entrepreneurial community. In his State of the City address last month, Mayor Fadness explained what it means to be a smart, vibrant entrepreneurial city. A smart city is one that provides local services efficiently and effectively, is planned with thoughtful purpose and intent and has an educated workforce and culture of excellence in education. In order to be vibrant, we must not only focus on areas of growth, but work to maintain the integrity of all Fishers neighborhoods. And an entrepreneurial city recognizes the impact that entrepreneurs have on economies and ensures that our city is one where entrepreneurs and their business enterprises can thrive. The development of the City’s comprehensive plan begins with analyzing the current state of the city. Each year, the Community Development Department puts together a statistical analysis in review of the amount of residential building permits, commercial development, increase in population and other data in order to gain predictive information on the city’s growth patterns. In 2014, the city commissioned a forecasting and sustainability analysis which gave leaders a few different growth scenarios to consider based on population projections and the estimated



Town Talk March 2015

Fishers Town Talk - March 2015  
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