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November 2014

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November issue of Town Talk! Dear Resident, November brings in the start of the holiday season and winter weather. Check out The List on page 5 to help you get all of the items you need for your Thanksgiving celebration. DPW has us covered on winter weather; learn more about their year-long preparations on pages 3-4. As 2015 draws nearer, so does our transition from a Town to a City. Learn more about Fishers’ fiscal health and upcoming projects and investments in 2015 on pages 8-9. As the spirit of giving is stirred this holiday season and gift-giving abounds, consider how you might give back to your community through volunteering your time and resources to a local organization. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, read Dan Domsic’s column on page 7. Don’t forget, we want to hear from you! Send us your story ideas and photos for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue of Town Talk. We thank you for your readership of Town Talk and look forward to seeing you around town!

Produced by the Town of Fishers, Indiana, Public Relations Department, Town Talk is an official newsletter for the Town of Fishers, Indiana. Additional copies are available at the Fishers Town Hall. For more information about the Town of Fishers, visit us at

Fishers Town Council

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Town Manager Scott A. Fadness

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Public Works Director Eric Pethtel

Engineering Director Jeff Hill

Community Development Director Tom Dickey

Parks & Recreation Director Tony Elliot

Police Chief George Kehl

Respectfully, Fishers Town Council John W. Weingardt, President C. Pete Peterson, Vice President Scott A. Faultless Stuart F. Easley David C. George Michael L. Colby Eric Moeller

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Town of Fishers, Indiana

Cover: Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve is alive with vibrant colors of the season in the crisp autumn air.



Town Talk November 2014

Fishers Town Hall One Municipal Drive, Fishers, IN 46038 317.595.3111 •

Fishers Department of Public Works Always Ready for Winter Weather Year-round planning allows DPW to exceed national service averages Last winter central Indiana received more than 50 inches of snow, a record for the three-month period of December-February. And according to the Farmer’s Almanac forecast, we’re in for another extremely cold winter with above average snowfall. Long before we felt the first chill in the air and the leaves turned from green to gold, Fishers Department of Public Works has been preparing for winter’s first snow. In fact, save for a 30-day break in April to regroup, they never stop preparing. Handling winter weather operations in the Midwest for a town of 85,000 requires a meticulous strategy and flawless communications between Town departments. “After the winter is over, we take 30 days off and reconvene with our command staff and we have a series of meetings,” said Eric Pethtel, director of Public Works. “One meeting would be on our successes; what worked? In the next meeting we’d discuss what failed; what can we do better?” In these meetings, DPW invites other departments like Fleet, Engineering, Police and Fire and Emergency Services to the table to discuss both positive and negative experiences. These other departments are crucial to DPW’s success, explained Pethtel.

DPW’s winter weather plan is ever-evolving. This year, the department is considering new trucks to more accurately track the usage of salt and calibration of trucks to further increase the department’s efficiency. They’ll also try a new side plow, which will allow the staff to clear more snow without adding an additional truck. Also, the Town’s new smart traffic signals will allow the department to see surface weather conditions throughout town in real-time. The department has 57 trucks that will run 24 hours a day throughout the season. That’s 114 staff members, not including loader operators and sidewalk crews – that’s another 16 staff members, each working 12-hour shifts daily throughout the winter season. “We track where every individual is, how many hours they’re in the truck, how much material they put down and what area they were in every shift," said Sean O’ Grady, assistant director of Public Works. To tackle the snow and ice, DPW divides the town into seven areas, including four sub-classes, with a colorcoded system of roads to simplify the delineation of daily duties.

A smart way to shovel your drive Reduce the possibility of getting a huge pile of snow in your driveway opening when snowplows clear your street

continued on page 4

Make a snow collection pocket. Clear an area for the snow pushed by the plow

Shovel in same direction as traffic. Pile snow downstream of the plow.


DRIVEWAY November 2014 Town Talk



The department’s prioritization for road clearing is primary roads, such as 116th Street, 96th Street and Allisonville Road first, then secondary roads such as Hoosier Road, Hague Road, Lantern Road, 121st Street and Brooks School Road, followed by subdivision streets and cul-de-sacs. In addition to clearing Town roads, DPW also maintains all of HSE’s parking lots throughout the winter, nearly 760 acres.

DPW likes to stay 24-48 hours ahead of the curve as winter storms start rolling in. When storms show up on the radar, they begin splitting shifts, allowing staff members time to get home, see their families and regroup.

According to the American Public Works Association, the national average for high level service is to have just major thoroughfares cleared 48 hours after snow stops, explained Pethtel.

To ensure that efforts aren’t duplicated, DPW asks that residents in an HOA with contractual snow removal plans already in place contact the department to make them aware of the HOA’s action plan.

“We’re done 48 hours after the snow stops — with everything,” added O’Grady.

2013-2014 Season Snow Fight Totals • Plowed 163,635 road miles • Used 7,406 tons of road salt • Applied 7,920 gallons of brine • Plowed 59,400,000 sq. ft. of road every storm which equals 1,363 acres or the equivalent of 5.5 times the inside of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway • 52” of snowfall (4.3 ft.) equals 255.4 mil. cu. ft. of snow plowed (for comparison the Pentagon is 85 mil. cu. ft.)



Town Talk November 2014

“We’ll run 24-hour shifts until we meet our goals,” O’Grady said.



Get all the fixings for your Thanksgiving celebration right here in Fishers! Archer’s Meats & Catering 8655 E. 116th St.

The star of most traditional Thanksgiving meals is the turkey! Order your fresh turkey from Archer’s Meats and Catering, one of Fishers' oldest local businesses.

Mama Bear's Bakery & Café at Geist 10110 Brooks School Rd.

Don’t forget the sweet finish with your favorite pie. Mama Bear's Bakery & Café at Geist offers traditional pies as well as custom order cakes and desserts. Order yours at least 48 hours in advance to be sure it’s ready for the family gathering. Like Mama Bear’s at Geist on Facebook to stay in the know on special bakery items and events.

Chateau Thomas Winery 8235 E 116th St.

Whether you’ll be a host or guest, you’ll want to stop into Chateau Thomas to get a nice bottle of wine to serve or gift. You can also pick up cheese and crackers to serve as an appetizer before dinner.

Flowers by Suze

8775 E 116th St. Don’t stop with a plain white tablecloth, set the stage for your Thanksgiving dinner with a beautiful custom centerpiece from Flowers by Suze. Stop in or place your order by phone at (317) 845-4192 or by email at

November 2014 Town Talk



My As a small family-owned business, we at Tasteful Times are extremely excited to see the Town of Fishers become a city. We have only been a part of the Fishers' community for four years but in those years our surroundings have seen significant growth and transition. I can still remember the day we opened our doors and how anxious and nervous we were about the future. Although it became evident to us early on that what sets the Fishers' community apart from others is how closely integrated the people are and how much they enjoy supporting local products and businesses. Many of the products we carry have come from customer recommendations and we are now happy to say that we have over 50 local products from many of the popular Indiana businesses; Smoking Goose Meats, Capriole Cheese, Frittle Newfangled Confections, Best Chocolate in Town, SALT Sisters herbs and rubs, Local Folks Foods, Dillman Farms, Brown County Winery, 3Floyds Brewery, Fountain Square Brewery, FLAT12, and many more. We believe that transitioning into a city will only bring more local businesses we can partner with and in turn more exciting products for us to enjoy.



Town Talk November 2014


We believe the vision of both the people of Fishers and soon-to-be Mayor Scott Fadness that the transition will be seamless and bring more opportunities for us and fellow small business owners. Since the announcement we have already seen progress with the addition of “The Depot” in the Nickel Plate District and the news of Indiana’s second largest brewery Sun King's expansion project into Fishers. We hope that becoming a city will continue to allow Fishers' economy and population to grow while always maintaining a sense of community. We have the people of Fishers to thank for spreading the word about Tasteful Times. We truly feel like part of the Fishers’ community and have had the pleasure of making great friends through our Wine Club and InHome Wine Tastings. The Future of Our Fishers looks bright and we are extremely excited and honored to be part of The City of Fishers.

Jeff Carmichael Tasteful Times Co-Owner


#EngageFishers with @FishersDan By Dan Domsic

Here at Fishers Parks & Recreation, events revolving around everything from carving pumpkins into grinning jack-o-lanterns to concerts boasting glow in the dark paint are all in a day’s work. While there are countless interactions and spectacles that make these events interesting or special, I observe a different side of it all – what it takes to produce those events and make a space or place come alive.

students in extracurricular activities. They could be alumni from the Fishers Town Government Academy program. The point is many of them likely do not have a surplus of free time and energy to volunteer, and yet, they spend time doing it anyways.

And a lot of times, we turn to the community for volunteers to run these events that bring places like the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater or Cyntheanne Park or Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve to boisterous life.

No matter who they are or what they do while at work, at the end of the day I’m equally thankful and appreciative of the volunteers that help Fishers Parks & Recreation continue crafting unique experiences for everyone in town to enjoy.

Through recruiting volunteers and working with them at these events, I’ve had the chance to get to know a lot of phenomenal Fishers' residents and organizations.

If you’re interested in volunteering for any of our programs, or for other community organizations, and would like more information, please contact me at or 595-3151 and visit

It’s humbling to team up with volunteers that spend so much time out in the community doing other things to help it. Those volunteers come from a diverse background. They could be realtors. They could be entrepreneurs. They could be high school

Check it out:

Did you know that both Fall Creek and Delaware Townships operate food pantries? Consider donating some goods to those in need in the community. For more information, please visit and the Assistance tab at, respectively.

Dan Domsic is the Community Engagement & Volunteer Coordinator for Fishers Parks & Recreation. November 2014 Town Talk



Fishers Starts First Year as a City in Strong Fiscal Position 2015 budget projects $5.9 million general fund surplus

5 1 201420

As we round the corner from 2014 into 2015, we do so in a strong fiscal position with exciting plans for continued community development and growth. In 2015, Fishers will make investments aimed at maintaining and furthering the efficient and effective delivery of services, diverse economic development strategies, a strong sense of identity and bestin-class infrastructure. Fishers’ expenditures, outstanding debt and number of Town employees per person are all less than other Hamilton County communities, while we maintain a high quality of life for our residents and nationally recognized services and programs. Fishers 2015 budget, comprised of an operating and capital fund, totals $72.7 million. From 2009 through 2014, Fishers' general fund revenues have been greater than expenditures. In 2015, Fishers will have a projected general fund surplus of $5.9 million. A component of Fishers’ fiscal policy, much like that of a financiallyresponsible individual, is to save general fund cash reserves and then use the surplus to fund one-time expenditures. In 2015, $985,000 of the general fund surplus will be used to fund capital projects including Flat Fork Annex improvements, the replacement of the Salt Barn at Eller Road and various facility repairs within fire stations and Town Hall. Following the completion of the capital improvements at the end of 2015, $4.9 million will remain in the general fund surplus. There are several road projects currently underway and even more planned for 2015 that will allow Fishers to increase road capacity and maintain our existing infrastructure as our community continues to grow. Additionally, $300,000 is dedicated to trail development, which will increase connectivity and mobility throughout our community.



Town Talk November 2014

Investments in Fishers Parks & Recreation include the replacement of the playground at Harrison Thompson Park, new amenities for Holland Park shelters, furnishings at Saxony Hall, new tennis and pickleball courts at Cyntheanne and Holland Parks and the development of a Geist Park master plan. Investments in public safety include a new 100’ ladder truck and two thermal imaging cameras for Fishers Fire and Emergency Services, 20 new police cars, and the replacement of selfcontained breathing apparatuses. In 2015, Fishers will continue working to establish a strong sense of community in the Nickel Plate District, part of the Town’s economic development strategy to create a place for residents to live, work and play. Next year pavers and lighting will be installed at the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater to create a dance area where residents can enjoy concerts and special events throughout the year. Over $15,000 will be dedicated to public art and cultural programming. Civilian personnel will receive a three percent salary increase, while public safety officers will receive a $100 increase in longevity pay and frontline policemen and firemen will see a $2,000 salary increase. For the fifth consecutive year, neither the Town nor Town employees will see an increase in health insurance premiums, thanks in large part to the highly-utilized, on-site employee clinic. All of these planned improvements come with no increase in the municipal tax rate. We head into our first year as a city with great optimism, fiscal health and investments that will allow Fishers to remain a great place to live, work and play.

Fishers will receive $17 million in grant funding over the next five years for the completion of the following road projects: - 106th and Eller road turn lane - 96th Street and Lantern Road roundabout - 106th Street and Cumberland Road roundabout - Cheeney Creek Trail/Enhancement - Extension of Nickel Plate Trail - Added travel lanes on 96th Street between Lantern and Cumberland - 113th Street Road Rehabilitation from Olio to Florida - 113th Street and Florida Road roundabout improvements - 131st Street and Cumberland Road roundabout improvements - 136th Street and Cyntheanne Road roundabout improvements

November 2014 Town Talk



Transition from Town to City Brings New Positions Fishers will add both elected officials and hired staff to its 2015 team On Jan. 1, 2015 the Town of Fishers will officially become the City of Fishers. With this transition from a town to a second-class city comes a few new positions, both elected officials and hired city staff.

New Elected Officials Mayor

Our current Town Manager, Scott Fadness, will continue to lead Fishers as Mayor come Jan. 1. As mayor, Fadness will enforce the ordinances of the city and statues of the state to insure efficient government of the city and supervise subordinate officers.

City Clerk

Jennifer Kehl was elected in the primary election to serve as City Clerk in 2015. Her responsibilities as clerk include serving as clerk of the city court, record keeping, completing agendas and minutes for official city meetings and maintaining the city seal.

Council Members

Our current Town Council members represent seven districts and each member was previously elected at large. Our transition to a second-class city requires a 9-member city council, of which 6 members must represent established districts and 3 will serve at-large.

New Staff Positions City Controller

The City Controller position, required by state law, will replace the Clerk Treasurer. The City Controller is in charge of the financial affairs of the City of Fishers. The Controller will provide the Mayor and other department heads with decisions-making support to insure the safeguarding of City assets and taxpayers’ dollars.

Chief Inspector

A brand new position to Fishers is the Chief Inspector, who will supervise all of our road and construction projects. With the bold infrastructure plan we have in place, the Chief Inspector will help to oversee project quality and ensure that construction is in compliance with local codes.

City Attorney

In January, Fishers will add a city attorney to its staff, as required by state law.

Police Officers

The addition of four police officers to our award-winning police force will allow us to stay ahead of the curve on our crime prevention efforts as our city continues to grow.

Code Enforcement

We currently have one Code Enforcement staff member in place. In 2015 we will add an additional Planner I and Code Enforcement Inspector who will receive and evaluate complaints such as high grass or weeds, abandoned vehicles, vacant properties and trash or debris in yards in order to maintain property values and the high quality of life of our residents.



Town Talk November 2014

Fishers Happenings Saturday, Nov. 1 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Fall 2014 Recycling Day Heritage Park, 10595 Eller Rd. Fishers residents can drop off their old electronics and household waste at this safe disposal event. Sunday, Nov. 2 7 p.m. Fishers Wind Symphony presents “Music of the Theater” Promise United Methodist Church 12648 E 116th St The performance is a historical tour of theater music, including favorites from Showboat, South Pacific, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, Wicked and more. Tickets available day of the show $10/adults, $5/children, $20/family. Order tickets in advance at Tuesday, Nov. 4 General Election Day See back page. Nov. 10 – Dec. 19 Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Art in Town Hall Town Hall, One Municipal Dr. in Nickel Plate District The newest art exhibit features the work of Jean Smith, a Fishers watercolor artist. She has recently completed a series of 100 portraits of people laughing, dubbed The Laughter Project. Free. Presented by Fishers Parks & Recreation Dept. and Fishers Arts Council.

Nov. 17 – Dec. 15 Santa’s Mailbox Santa’s elves have placed two special mailboxes in Fishers to ensure that children, 4th grade and younger, get a chance to write him a letter. One mailbox will be located inside of Town Hall at One Municipal Dr and the other will be located inside the Fishers Park and Recreation office at 11565 Brooks School Rd. Be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so that Santa can write you back! Thursday, Nov. 27 Registration starts at 6:30 a.m. Run begins at 8 a.m. Gobbler’s Jog 5K Witten Park at Saxony, 126th St. and Olio A family Thanksgiving morning run to kick-off the holiday’s festivities, benefitting the Fishers United Methodist Food Pantry. Register online by Nov. 24 to be guaranteed to receive a long-sleeve t-shirt. $30/person, $100/family.

Nov. 29-30, Dec. 6-14, 19-23 Polar Bear Express Departing from Municipal Drive in Nickel Plate District, just south of library Snowflake, the polar bear, greets guests boarding the train for a holiday interactive experience – a train ride with Santa and Mrs. Claus! Passengers will receive hot chocolate, a cookie, and a candy cane and children will receive a small gift from Santa. Train tickets are $30/person.

Meetings Open to the Public

Wednesday, Nov. 5 7 p.m. Town Council Meeting Town Hall Auditorium Monday, Nov. 10 6 p.m. Parks Advisory Committee Town Hall Auditorium Wednesday, Nov. 12 5:30 p.m. Planned Unit Development (PUD) Committee Town Hall Auditorium Wednesday, Nov. 12 6:30 p.m. Plan Commission Town Hall Auditorium Monday, Nov. 17 7 p.m. Town Council Meeting Town Hall Auditorium Wednesday, Nov. 19 5:30 p.m. Nickel Plate Review Committee Town Hall Wednesday, Nov. 19 6:30 p.m. Town of Fishers Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) Town Hall Auditorium Thursday, Nov. 20 9 a.m. Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Town Hall Auditorium Thursday, Nov. 20 6:30 p.m. Fall Creek Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) Town Hall Auditorium Monday, Dec. 1 7 p.m. Town Council Meeting Town Hall Auditorium

November 2014 Town Talk




Town of Fishers, Indiana Fishers Town Hall One Municipal Drive Fishers, IN 46038

Town Hall Brief Bub’s brings ‘The Big Ugly’ to Fishers

FEMA Floodplain Maps

Residents will soon have a new local restaurant option in the Nickel Plate District as Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream brings its famous Big Ugly Burger to Fishers in mid-2015. The restaurant will be located at the new intersection of Fishers Corner Boulevard and Maple Street. Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream is making a $1.25 million investment in Fishers, which includes a new 5,000 square foot building and equipment as well as 125 employees.

New FEMA floodplain maps will become effective on Nov. 19. Residents who live in or near a floodplain should be aware of this potential change to properties and/or flood insurance premiums. Visit to view the maps that will become effective on Nov. 19 and/or to view information regarding flood insurance premiums.

AI Innovations AI Innovations, a local wholesale sign manufacturer, has plans for significant growth at its facility on Exit 5 Parkway. AI Innovations currently employs 105 employees and plans to more than double its workforce by adding 133 new full-time jobs in the next five years and invest more than $6 million in new equipment. The new jobs will have an average hourly wage of $28.84 and includes designers, high-skilled production/ manufacturing, sales and administrative staff.

General Election Are you ready to exercise your civic duty in the upcoming general election on Nov. 4? Visit the Current Election Information page at to learn about 2014 general election candidates and polling locations.