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THE SOCIAL KITCHEN The kitchen is the humble engine room in which we choose to live — where we create, socialize and enjoy the best that life has to offer. Cooking is a social activity. We generally place the key appliances in what we consider to be logical places: the work triangle of cooktop, sink and refrigerator. But we no longer cook in straight lines. We don’t cook on conveyor belts. Sometimes we assemble, sometimes we bake, sometimes we stir-fry and sometimes we boil. We don’t cook the same way every day: we can be a weekday cook and a weekend gourmet. The work triangle limits our creativity. It’s not just about efficiency; sometimes it’s about fun. Too many cooks may spoil the broth or they may create a wonderful, social and enjoyable meal. Let’s reclaim the kitchen. Let’s live outside the triangle.


Fisher & Paykel USA/CA Product Catalog 2015  
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