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SERVES 4 - 6


S T U F F I N G , S A U C E A N D A S S E M B LY

1  Shell your chestnuts (see note) and roughly

4  -  6 chicken breast fillets (depending on size)

chop. 2  Heat oil in a pan, add the mushrooms

½ cup flaky salt (or ¼ cup table salt)

5 minutes). 3  Add chopped chestnuts, herbs and

¼ cup caster sugar Herbs, chopped onions, garlic, whole spices as desired

and shallots then fry gently until soft (about half the cream or crème fraiche then season with salt and pepper. Continue to cook for another minute or two. 4  Cut a slit in each chicken breast to create a cavity. Divide the mixture between the fillets and carefully stuff the mixture into


the cavity. 5  Place in a roasting dish in the oven

24 fresh sweet chestnuts, peeled and skinned

for 30 - 45 minutes (the timing will depend on

2 tbsp olive oil

the size of the breasts). Use the Roast function

300g (10½ oz) mixed mushrooms, finely chopped

if available or Fan Bake. 6  Remove chicken

1 shallot, finely chopped

rest. Pour cooking juices into a pan, add the

Salt and freshly ground black pepper ¼ cup crème fraiche or cream 2  -  3 tbsp chopped fresh herbs (we used parsley and thyme)

just below the centre and roast at 190°C (375°F)

breasts, place on a plate and cover with foil to remaining crème fraiche or cream and simmer gently for a few minutes to thicken sauce. 7  Slice the chicken and serve with the sauce and sides of your choice.


1  Combine 1L (1qt) of water with salt and sugar

Note: To shell chestnuts take a small sharp knife

in a pot, place on the heat and stir until the salt

and make an incision right across each chestnut.

and sugar have dissolved. 2  Add remaining

Then pop 6 - 8 nuts at a time in the microwave

water plus any seasonings and chill. 3  Once the

for 1 minute. Allow to cool just enough to handle

brine is cold submerge the chicken breasts and

then peel. Once they cool they become difficult

leave to brine in the fridge for about 2 hours

to peel, so only heat 6 - 8 at a time.

(the longer you leave it the saltier the chicken will be). 4  Remove chicken from brine and pat dry with a paper towel.


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