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TO FIND OUT MORE For more information about Fisher & Paykel products and design inspiration see or call us

New Zealand 0800 372 273

Ireland 1800 625 174

Australia 1300 650 590

Europe +44 (0) 1908 588 370

United States 1 888 936 7872

Singapore +65 6547 0100



1 888 936 7872

+65 6547 0100

United Kingdom 08000 886 605

China 400 640 8777

CUSTOMER CARE Fisher & Paykel has a dedicated

They can also arrange for a service

enquiry service that allows

technician to install selected

customers to speak to a real

appliances and advise consumers

person about any questions they might have about their appliances. Our Customer Care Representatives can offer advice on which appliance will best suit

where their nearest Fisher & Paykel dealer can be found. Nobody is better suited to install, service and repair your Fisher

their needs, and provide extensive

& Paykel household appliance

product knowledge on how to use

than our network of specially

a current Fisher & Paykel appliance.

trained service technicians.

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date of issue. Under our policy of continuous

are detailed in this magazine may not be available

p r o d u c t i m p r ove m e n t , t h e s e d i m e n s i o n s

for sale and purchase in your area or country, if

and specifications may change at any time.

available the product may have different options to

You should therefore check with your dealer or

those depicted in the magazine. Before agreeing to

Fisher & Paykel’s Customer Care Centre to ensure

purchase a particular product by reference to this

this brochure correctly describes the products

magazine please check its availability and accuracy

currently available.

of its description. All claimscontained in this magazine are as at the date of printing.


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