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A WORLD OF FLAVOR Chef Ludo Lefebvre introduced the US to a new way of eating. Backed by a state-of-the-art Fisher & Paykel kitchen, he’s still at the cutting edge of LA’s thriving restaurant scene. Ludo is a true prodigy in the kitchen. After training under some of France’s top chefs, he developed a unique culinary style that he describes as “French with an international flavor”. It’s a style that has translated brilliantly to the US. Ludo’s popular Los Angeles eatery, Petit Trois, offers a relaxed “bar-a-la-carte” experience where diners drop by for a drink and a plate in chic, relaxed surroundings. Well before Petit Trois opened its doors in 2014, Ludo’s reputation was sealed. After making the move to the US in 1996, he worked as an executive chef at two of LA’s most famous restaurants, L’Orangerie and Bastide. Ludo soon developed a reputation for whipping up innovative dishes such as Poularde Marinated in Pepsi-Cola with Popcorn.


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9/08/16 2:20 pm

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