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The client suggested both the use of stainless steel on the cabinetry and the concrete island to create a tough, industrial aesthetic. While not intended, the bubbled pattern in the concrete gives the island the look of marble veining, offering welcome texture against the slick tiles and stainless steel. “You don’t design kitchens to look good. You design them to work, and then you make them look good,” Malcolm Walker explains. “I think you can get caught up in fashion. People read about the magic triangle, and the special distances, but you really have to read the building, read the people, read how the room relates, there’s a lot more to it. That’s one thing with the client’s choice of the stainless steel and concrete, it’s good because the house is massive and solid, and so it does ride well with the house.” There is little cluttering the space: no overhead cabinets, and even the fridge has been tucked into the pantry to maintain the unbroken horizontal lines of the benches. This is a very clever delineation of zones. The fridge sits within the pantry, clearly within the storage zone, which can be closed off (though not completely as the door panes are clear glass), but the


Welcome Home

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9/08/16 2:21 pm

Fisher & Paykel Lifestyle magazine  

Welcome Home

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