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The story starts back in 1986 in sleepy Mosgiel,

The world’s first dishwasher in a drawer,

NZ. At the headquarters of local appliance

it was easier to use and more flexible – catering

manufacturer Fisher & Paykel, a team of industrial

for large households to the most compact

designers took a closer look at the office filing

apartments – than any other product on the

cabinet and had a breakthrough moment. Drawers,

market. It also suited kosher households, where

they reasoned, were practical and easy to use.

double DishDrawer™ dishwashers allowed for

So why not put a dishwasher in a drawer?

wash loads to be kept separate. Fisher & Paykel’s stunned international competitors were left

The answer would have stopped many in their

scrabbling to catch up.

tracks. Every element of a traditional dishwasher – from the motor to the electronics board to the plumbing system – would have to be redesigned. Undaunted, Fisher & Paykel’s team got to work. In an era where all other dishwashers were folddown, cumbersome and white, this was a truly gripping plot twist.

THE DISHDRAWER™ DISHWASHER DIFFERENCE It’s hard to overstate the impact the DishDrawer™ dishwasher had when it was launched, featuring on The Oprah Winfrey Show and earning itself a spread in Time Magazine.


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