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Chief Designer Lauren Palmer with Global Product Manager Geoff Mitchell (left) and Chief Engineer Matt Reid

these together to create the best

Global Product Manager, Geoff

possible oven.

Mitchell adds, “Design isn’t really va lid u ntil it ’s lin ke d u p with

Chief Engineer Matt Reid explains,


“ The oven is the hear t of the


kitchen. We know an oven is more

The Fisher & Paykel team needed

than just an appliance to help you

to d eve l o p th e te c h n o l o g i c a l

put dinner on the table. When we

innovations to make those

cook or bake for our families and

possibilities happen. To do this they

friends, it’s not just about food.

didn’t just try to tweak the oven we

While technology has advanced,

already had. We modified our entire

the hearth is as much the centre

product development process and

of the home as it ever was. The

went back to basics. While the end

difference is that now you can feel

process of cooking is creative, at

confident that your pastry will crisp,

the early stage understanding how

souffles will rise and biscuits will

hot air moves in an enclosed space

evenly brown.”

or the insulation properties of

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