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you get – not the linear footage of counter top that we end up with,” Nick says. “We eliminate any countertop section less than 30 inches [760mm] wide so that every open space is a work area.” Laid out in two parallel rows with the pantry at the far end makes the most of the workspace. Nick explains, “We like to lay our kitchens out in a way where we are able


to maximise the storage of the


kitchen and minimise the tricky


configurations when you have a


more complicated geometry. Our


kitchens tend not to have corner


cabinets. There is such an industry built around how to access hard to reach spaces. Well, we like to avoid making those hard to reach places in the first place.”

degrees and lie flush against the

the line of the appliance and nice

wall so the owners have total

square edges which allow us to

Having so much storage in

access to the pantry space. Once

integrate them into the straight

drawers under the benches means

they are finished, they fold them

edged geometries,” Nick explains.

that there is less need for upper

back and the pantry effectively

Against the reddish warmth of the

cabinets. With little storage at eye


wood, Nick has used a minimal

height, the space feels more open and less cluttered.

palette of strong materials like This intention to create clarity

raw and stainless steel. “We like

of form and simplicity of line led

the materials to be obvious, and

Nick focused on clean storage

the architect to Fisher & Paykel.

highlight them in their best light,”

solutions by concealing all the less

“Fisher & Paykel appliances have a

he says. “We’ve tried to reduce

attractive, but necessary, storage

similar design philosophy, there is

the number of materials we’ve

space in the pantry behind hidden

a design discipline obvious in their

used down to the wood and the

doors. The doors fold back 180

designs. There is real attention to

stainless steel.”

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