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3,269 Fisherman Now Trained in 22 Churches Sometimes opportunities come unexpectedly and when we are least prepared. That is exactly what happened in Nyambaria, Kenya. What started out to be an evangelistic seminar also turned into a training seminar for “fisherman.� Before the Devil had a chance to counter our efforts, a new chapter of the Fisherman Ministry was born with over 60 charter members. Before the training had even concluded many of those enrolled in the first class had begun to share their faith and a Bible story with neighbors, friends and family. This group has now grown to 3,269 fisherman in 22 churches. Each year they make record breaking commitments for soul winning.

God is truly blessing the work in Kenya. At the end of 2011 there are 3,269 trained Fisherman in 22 Church Districts. With over 2600 active Fishermen in 182 churches a total of 2,420 people have been baptized. But, there is still work to be done, 37 church districts still need to be organized and trained. This group is working hard for the saving of souls and every year they have set ambitious goals for soul winning.

Pastor William is shown here holding one of the Bibles that was purchased with a donation of $ 400. Bibles are not readily available in Nyambaria and many are too poor to afford one. This contribution has made it possible to spread God’s word in their native language, Swahili.

“When divine power is combined with human effort, the work will spread like fire in the stubble. God will employ agencies whose origin man will be unable to discern. Angels will do a work which men might have had the blessing of accomplishing had they not neglected to answer the claims of God.” 1SM 118

3,269 Fisherman = 2,420 Baptisms

Dorca Ongaga joins the Fisherman Ministry Raised in a simple family of 12 children. With the early death of her father and a low income, Dorca had to work hard to assist her brothers and sisters with their education. She started working as a primary teacher, but to make enough income to support her family and siblings she went to work for a bank. Dorca would spend the next 15 years working for the bank until God called her to the ministry. Convicted about God’s call, she left the bank to be a literature evangelist. After working for some time going door to door, selling books and spreading the “good news”, Dorca joined the pastoral ministry. She was the first woman to become a pastor in the East African union. She learned first hand the joy of sharing the word of God one on one leading many to accept Christ. In her pastoral work she was soon called to work in a departmental capacity for the East African Union where she was the Director for Personal Ministry. Dorca retired from the East African Union in 2010, but not from God’s work. Joining the Fisherman Ministry she is able to keep the call alive and continue her quest of sharing the Word of God. She will assist in training church members how to become “fishers of men” and lead other to Christ. Dorca says that nothing givers her more joy than to see one being baptized as a result of one on one studies.


is Ann Ndubi, a member in the Tombe district. She felt the call of the Holy Spirit on her heart and attended the Fisherman training lead by Jones Momanyi. However, after her training, she was overcome by a fear of sharing her faith and obstacles that discouraged her to the point of giving up. But, she could not give up and spent much time on her knees in prayer. She asked God for a new heart, a heart in which fear would be replaced by the courage to reach out, to be a part of His work.

With a new courage in her heart, Ann began to visit with those around her. She gave them words of hope and encouragement and invited them to study the Bible with her. She soon had 9 Bible studies started and 6 of those have been baptized. Two more are ready for baptism and Ann currently has 6 more students she is studying with. The fear of meeting people and sharing her faith is gone and she has found new joy in working for Jesus.


Ann Ndubi

From 60 Charter Members to Over 3,000 Trained Fishermen! “The greatest work to which human beings can aspire is the work of winning men and women from sin to holiness.” (The Ministry of Healing, Pg. 398)

There is no greater thrill than to see someone you have studied with get baptized. Your heart will pound in your chest, and it will be hard to control the tears. Just think, you had a part in the awesome event of leading someone to Jesus! …..Joe Goodrich

Ann Ogero is a member in the Nyambaria district and was a member of the first Fisherman training class in Kenya. Ann also had a fear of meeting people and found it difficult to get started. Not giving up, and after spending much time in prayer, Ann decided to just meet people where they were; in the market place. Ann, being a teacher, used a different approach in her Bible studies. Instead of doing individual studies, Ann is more comfortable in a group and invited her contacts to a group study.

During our last visit to Kenya, in November 2010, a Fisherman Rally was held at the Tombe church. The rally took place a little over a year after the first Fisherman were trained in Nyambaria. This was a wonderful weekend and enabled the area


Ann Ogero She started with 12 people in her first group and 10 have accepted Jesus and were baptized. Her next group numbered 25 and 18 have been baptized. There is joy in the work of Lord and nothing can hold her back.


Fisherman to encourage one another and to share their testimonies. We heard amazing stories of conversion and the excitement of Fisherman as they told how the Holy Spirit worked through them. We learned of former Adventist coming back into the faith because a Fisherman took an interest in him. Because of the actions of one of the Fisherman peace was made between two tribes that had been fighting with each other since the 2007 political elections. Deaths were caused on both sides, even among church members. Because of the courage of one Fisherman to cross village and tribal lines to share a Bible study, there is now peace between these two groups and a church is being built on the spot where the greatest violence had taken place. There is power and healing when God’s word is shared with others.

It was a beautiful weekend for the campout. The group was divided up into seven teams with two instructors in each team. Seven stations were then set up in an open field with a flag marking each station. Each station had a different colored flag that corresponded to the color of the scarf the instructors wore.

The first Fisherman Ministry Youth for Christ campout was held during our November trip. Much preparation was needed for the youth to present this program. Our intent was, from the beginning to train the youth to speak and to organize the weekend training camp. About 180 young people showed up for the first seminar. We were prepared to accommodate 140 campers. This was far beyond our expectations and inspired the group to immediately start planning for a follow up camp. Pictured above were the first youth instructors that were trained. This was the first time for many of them to speak in front of their peers. They were both scared and excited, but once the camp started all fear was gone and by the end of the day they were teaching and preaching their hearts out.

Each group spent about 40 minutes at each station and would then move to the next station. At each station the instructor would teach a lesson that would give sound Biblical principles for both spiritual and personal success. On Saturday evening a vespers service was held. We concluded the service with a campfire and candle lighting ceremony as we sang “Go Light Your World.� Then a movie was shown on an outdoor screen about facing your giants and it was time to turn in for the night. Sunday morning a light breakfast was served and certificates were handed out for completing the weekend training. Everyone was very excited about the results and several young people were lead to Jesus that weekend. Plans are already being made to hold another camp in the near future.

Joe Goodrich can be seen here teaching the youth leaders how to speak effectively before a large group. Each leader was given one lesson to teach and given the opportunity to present that lesson before the group. The Fisherman Ministry would like to thank the Boots-N-Jeans Cowboy Ministry and the First Baptist Church of Beaver for their generous contribution of Bibles. Over 800 Bibles were donated for the Fisherman Ministry Youth for Christ program in Kenya. Many young people received their first Bible during the youth rally.

Fisherman Ministry Office Opens in Nyambaria Jones Momanyi is the Fisherman Ministry Coordinator in Nyambaria. Here Jones is busy at work in the new Fisherman Ministry office, located at the Nyambaria Church. This new office was dedicated during our last trip to Kenya in November, 2010.

Joe Goodrich Fisherman Ministry Recognized By Nyamira Conference

President and Founder of the Fisherman Ministry Fisherman Ministry is about soul

Pastor Shem Ongoko, President of the Namira Conference, announced that the Fisherman Ministry is now a recognized support ministry for the Nyamira Conference. The announcement was made during the Fisherman Rally held in Nov, 2010. Pastor Shem has become one of our biggest supporters in Kenya and promised to help us to become a recognized support ministry for the East African Union.

winning one on one, the oldest and most effective means of bringing someone to Jesus. The first five disciples were fishermen and to them Jesus said, “come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matt 4:19) It is our mission to train and support laymen and women in becoming “fishers of men”.

Pastor Shem stated that through, “the efforts of the Fisherman Ministry they more than doubled there baptism goals for 2010. He went on to say, “The Fisherman Ministry is more effective than any ministry we have tried.”

The experience of bringing someone to Jesus is beyond compare and has eternal value! All around you are souls who have not made a connection with their Creator. Often, they are unhappy, confused and discouraged with a world that doesn't seem to make any sense. They are waiting for someone to come with words of hope and encouragement. They are looking for a new way or a second chance at life. Will you be the one to bring that hope? Will you become a fisher of men?

Here Pastor Shem receives a certificate of appreciation from Joe Goodrich in recognition of his support of the Fisherman Ministry.

Be a Part of the Fisherman Ministry You can be a part of the Fisherman Ministry in two ways. First, you can start a chapter of the Fisherman Ministry in your church and be a part of this dynamic and exciting work. Contact Joe Goodrich at the Fisherman Ministry to set up a training session in your church.: 150 Knob Hill Lane, Double Oak, TX 75077. Second, you can become a financial supporter of the Fisherman Ministry. See the enclosed envelope on how you can be a supporter and get your free copy of the African Safari DVD, “Safari on the Maasai Mara.”

You may be uncertain about many decisions you make in life, but you can be certain about this, “He that wins souls is wise” Proverbs 11:30

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