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Fisheye Graphic Standards Manual

Table of Contents Our Background: Page 3 Our Vision: Page 4 Sizing and Appropriate Logo Use: Page 5-6 Branded Merchandise Example: Page 7 Sample Advertisement: Page 8


Our Background Our company made its first website in 1991. We always keep evolving our business, since the world of marketing is ever changing. So many different platforms have risen since then. No longer do we rely just on street signs, posters, or billboards along the interstate. We can post full length videos on Youtube, post pictures on Instagram, or respond to customers on Twitter. We can now reach more people than ever before. We came from a simpler time, but we have never stopped since then. Fisheye Marketing is a business that focuses on assisting the smaller, more risky businesses. We focus very heavily on a client based approach that doesn’t work as well with large corporations. Troy Klongerbo, our founder, believes that direct communication is the most effective strategy, so our business continues this practice. Fisheye was officially founded since 2015, and have since then gained five experts in their company.


Company Vision Good, honest communication is what we believe in. It’s more than a code of ethics. It’s good buisness. At Fisheye, we believe in being open and transparent with our clients. We work with risk-takers, small-towners, and down-to-earthers who don’t have the time to keep up with the ever-changing world of marketing. That is why we have compiled this standards manual, so that our business has a straightforward, sensible way of presenting itself to the world.


Sizing & Appropriate Logo Use Logo should only be used for branding purposes by Fisheye Marketing. Logo should NEVER be used to negatively portray Fisheye Marketing. Logo should always be placed on any digital or print media in a large format, not to be overtaken by any other titles or headers. Use the equation .1*x where x is the total height of the space. Logo MUST always follow outlined color standards, but we do allow additional fishes to be added.



Do’s and Don’ts Always represented with: Matisse Blue (# 3f5e7b) Peru Brown (# da8a43) Our logo should always placed on a solid neutral background. Neutral colors include: Black White Peru Brown

Background is colored

Matisse Blue

Color is obviously changed


Branded Merchandise Examples

Advertisement Examples

Struggling to make a good website? Having a hard time working with online tools? Fisheye has you covered.




graphic standards manual for fisheye marketing in sioux falls south dakota


graphic standards manual for fisheye marketing in sioux falls south dakota