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Fish Colorado Waters Year-round Anglers know they can head to Colorado for winter fly fishing the same way avid golfers know Southern California is the place to be in winter. In fact, according to Colorado fly fishing guides, their state is one of the few places in the U.S. where you can fly fish year-round. Those lucky enough to live there can take winter fly fishing lessons when there aren’t as many tourists competing for the time and attention of Colorado fly fishing guides. They can learn the subtle, but important differences between winter fly fishing and fly fishing the rest of the year. One of the differences for winter fly fishing that anglers need to perfect is floating drag-free flies in the water. During summer when fish are more active, this skill can be a little less than perfect, but in winter there’s no room for error. Anglers need a good technique for winter fly fishing; there can’t be any movement that interferes with the perfect drift, or the fish won’t even bother. Colorado fly fishing guides advise using your smallest flies and sticking with nymphs and stoneflies for winter fly fishing. Since the fish are more lethargic during the winter months, they move more slowly. Matching their slow pace with a slower pace of your own will greatly improve your winter fly fishing chances. Because the winter water is so clear and the sun is so low, it’s particularly important to watch your shadows. Moving to the top of a bank and fish spotting rather than blind casting is also a good strategy for winter fly fishing. An interesting difference for winter fly fishing that most novice fly fish anglers may not be aware of is blending in with the winter environment. Colorado fishing guides teach in fly fishing lessons and in fishing guide school to use the small black flies, or occasionally browns and tans are okay too. Just as important is your own dress while winter fly fishing. Stick with a white or blue shirt to match the snow and sky, or earth tones like blacks and browns. The water is so clear, Colorado fishing guides explain, that fish will be easily spooked by bright colors. Winter fly fishing in Colorado means fishing tailwaters. Find those spots in deeper, slow water where fish will tend to gather, then be careful not to disturb the water. Use a weighted fly to keep most of your fly line off the water. Dead drift nymphing and casting downstream from an upstream position increase your chances of a catch also. Make sure to keep your tippet as long as you can, but more importantly as light as possible. Making these changes will help you have a successful catch while winter fly fishing.

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Fish Colorado Waters Year-round