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understanding the different areas WITH DAVID LOULIER

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- Award winning COCOON CARP CRIB - Gulp! Carp website now online - Waterproof EXTREME luggage

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• Share the fishing tips, experiences and videos of your favourite carp anglers - our Gulp! Carp consultants! • Learn more about Gulp! Carp Boilies, Pellets, Seeds and other products. • Check the latest videos and news.




JRC products have moved on a long way in the last year, strengthening its team of consultants even further giving more innovation and new product development with rigorous field testing in order to bring you the very best in Carp tackle. The Berkley brand has brought out a full range of Carp Baits, under the ‘Gulp! Carp‘ name, these products are born with the help of our consultants all over Europe. Without their input it would not have been possible to come up with and test such an impressive range of boilies, pop ups, pellets, ready seeds, etc…. We have built our own custom bait facility in The Netherlands which is run by a team of carp anglers under the leading vision of our bait chemist ‘Frans De Ceulaer‘. All JRC products are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of the most dedicated specialist angler, you can be confident in our products as a result of our tried and tested approach. So what’s new this year? A range of ‘Extreme’ beds and chairs, these are our top end products with the best frames and covers available along with a new cam wheel mechanism unique to JRC. Under the same Extreme name comes a new line of waterproof and robust luggage which is built to last. We’ve added a giant Quad to our range of bivvies, ideal for the Continental carper and we’ve also made improvements to our Stealth Brolly. Winter skins are now available for the popular X-Lite and for our best selling Contact bivvies. Not forgetting our award winning Cocoon Carp Crib which has turned heads wherever it’s been shown or used. A full new range of Cocoon carryalls has been introduced this year, look out for the new Total Carryall concept. Carp Care is very important for us at JRC so we have developed some new and exciting products with this in mind. Take a look at our new Extreme inflatable unhooking mat or our much improved High Care mat. We also added a new weigh sling and a recovery sling to the assortment. The stainless steel banksticks and buzzer bars have got a new look with some extra features. We have also added some novelty items to this range. In our Connection range we have added a lot of new products, far too many to mention but to name a few we have - new leader material, new coated leads, new and innovative lead clips, new high visibility baiting needles and tools. The rods we introduce this year are truly amazing, we have designed rods for every angler and every budget, from our showpiece ‘Razor X’ over the ‘Ultracast’ & ‘Powerplay’ series to a revamped ‘Classic’ along with the ‘Specialist’ Stalker/Floater and ‘Ultracast’ Spod & Marker. A lot of anglers asked why there wasn’t any JRC clothing available: your questions are answered with a new clothing range that we also intend to build upon. I hope you enjoy this magazine style catalogue, have a good look and read and enjoy your fishing. Tight Lines, Jan Mertens Category Manager Carp PAGE 3


The lightweight TX bivvy system is one of the most durable, breathable and fully waterproof systems ever, weighing in at only 6.6 kilo or 9 kilo including groundsheet. The 10.000 PU Hydra-Tex material has been extensively tested in the field. The entire front panel can be removed to leave an even lighter umbrella system for the warmer weather or short trips. Supplied with a soft touch heavy-duty groundsheet, peg set and carry bag.


A three quarter wrap constructed from the same 10.000 PU Hydra-Tex material as the bivvy. Offering an extra thermal layer to keep in warmth during the colder months, without the added encumbrance of a second door.




ct from rain Perfect to prote ssions during short se

92 cm

112 cm

JRC Cocoon Carp Crib can be adapted to 95% of bedchairs. Clip it and fix it in less than one minute!

270 cm




280 cm

This is a bivvy for the bigger angler, an enormous bivvy for long sessions on the Continent where you want the extra headroom. Same stable four rib structure as our best selling Quad, Quad Continental and Quad Continental Dome. Supplied with tension bars, peg set and robust carryall.

185 cm

ITEM 1222307

320 cm

280 cm

ITEM 1216654

185 cm


320 cm

To fit our Quad Continental XL Bivvy. Supplied with peg set and carryall.


This bivvy is as big as our quad continental but has an inner hanging tent with a fixed PE groundsheet making this bivvy insect and bug free, delivered fully complete with carry bag, peg set, tension bars, rubberised extra groundsheet, clear window door, full green door and mozzy door. It also has covered ventilation panels front and back.


QUAD 2 MAN ITEM 1153175


This is our smallest bivvy in the QUAD series made from ultra light 6061 series aerospace grade 20mm aluminum poles. We used a double P.U. coated 10.000 hydrostatic head Oxford nylon, it has a 3 door setting options, clear window, mosquito panel and green door panel, covered ventilation panels fitted on the front, tape sealed seams throughout for 100% protection. Fully supplied with tension bars, heavy duty groundsheet, carry bag and peg set. As an option you can buy a full overwrap with the same high specifications as the bivvy itself.



This QUAD is 10% larger, wider and higher as our normal QUAD 2 and is made from ultra light 6061 series aerospace grade 20mm aluminum poles. We used a double P.U. coated 10.000 hydrostatic head Oxford nylon, it has a 3 door setting options, clear window, mosquito panel and green door panel, covered ventilation panels fitted on the front, tape sealed seams throughout for 100% protection. Fully supplied with tension bars, heavy duty groundsheet, carry bag and peg set. As an option you can buy a full overwrap with the same high specifications as the bivvy itself.




ITEM 1193004

ITEM 1222306

This is the ultimate short session system, extremely lightweight due to the use of a two pole aero grade flexible aluminum pole structure. The cloth is a 10.000 mm HH, 210D Hydra-Tex material. We made it with front and rear covered vents, a full zip out front, a multi position height and width adjustment via the centre tensioning strap, and as all our other high quality bivvies this one is also tape sealed on the seams throughout for 100% protection, bar stitched for maximum strength and fully supplied with a half PVC groundsheet, carry bag and X-Lite aluminum pegs.

This open fronted winter skin fits our X-Lite bivvy, using an extra flexible aluminum pole the winter skin creates a porch area. Using the same high quality breathable Hydratex material as our bivvy makes this a very lightweight and stable combination.


STI RS ITEM 1193005

Open fronted winter skin without the problem of a second door creates an extra thermal layer for the colder nights. Made following the same specifications as our STI RS.

This bivvy is actually the replacement of our well known STI-R, now packed with lots of extra features as an added porch area, back vents, a multi position full front zip door, featuring three door setting options, allowing easy exit, multi position height and width adjustment via the centre tensioning strap. Made following the highest quality standards of JRC and you can notice that looking at these details: tape sealed seams throughout for 100% protection, bar stitched for maximum strength throughout, 10.000 mm hydrostatic head skin. This bivvy is supplied with a heavy duty groundsheet, carry bag and the heavy duty peg set.




This family of bivvies is far out the biggest selling series we ever produced, liked by many anglers all over the UK and Europe; this is probably due to the combination of the unrivalled quality for the money and the ease of use. Packed with all the best of materials available today, like our 10.000 mm hydrostatic head waterproof outer skin, the inner skin with mesh vent system that eliminates the condensation completely, tape sealed seams on outer skin, ultra light 6061 aerospace grade aluminum poles, multi position zip door with PVC window and mosquito mesh sides, reinforced PVC coated easy thread tension pole, bar stitched reinforced pegging points and guy rope points. And fully supplied with a detachable heavy duty groundsheet, carry bag and a heavy duty peg set.


This is a classic style of tent design where you still need to thread the PVC coated “easy thread” fiber poles through the bivvy, maybe old fashioned but still very popular with many anglers. It has a twin skin construction with an extended porch design with PVC central door and mosquito mesh sides, a porch ground sheet, and is purpose built for 2 man use. The outer skin has a waterproof rating of 5000 mm hydrostatic head waterproof, and of course is fully taped on the seams, the inner skin is fully breathable and the groundsheet is zipped in so the inner tent is fully closed off from insects, etc… but by simply unzipping you can use is without a groundsheet if needed. This bivvy also has multi position zipped doors with PVC windows and mosquito mesh. It is finished in our high quality standards with bar stitched reinforced pegging points and guy rope points and supplied with a peg set in its own carry bag.



Understanding the different areas The carp is a fish that adapts to different environments as needed. Their behaviour is dictated by a concern for well being, sustainability and especially survival. They do not swim at random but according to their needs, whether for food or other. To better angle and not leave everything to chance, we must ask the following question: Where are the carp and why are they living in such a place? To answer this, we must above all watch! looking to see the visible evidence carp can give us. One of the best signs are the bubbles that rise to the surface in an area which shows movement often indicative of a fish feeding. When only the head and part of the side of the fish appears rolling at the surface we can deduce that the fish are currently feeding. When fish are jumping and performing noisy rehearsals it normally indicates the travel between two zones. In any water, the fish make the distinction between areas: Holding Area, Feeding Zone and Transition Zone. Based on this analysis, techniques and fishing strategies for each area can be very different. Baiting a zone does not necessarily yield good results and may in some cases scare the fish to other places. A more detailed placement with a single bait may often be more judicious. Conversely, a pop-up bait placed without a feeding area is often ignored by the carp that will seek food in more abundance. Finally, heavy baiting on a transition area will not necessarily be an incentive to fish. Only their curiosity may give you reward.

Holding Area

These are areas that appeal to carp for the comfort and security they provide. For carp to feel comfortable, these areas should have several criteria: - A stable temperature even through radical change of time. - Barriers that provide comfort and safety. - Absence of noise, carp are fish that appreciate quiet places. Trying to fish these areas often results in breakages. We must try to encourage the carp out of their safe area without over baiting, isolated baiting with small or faded baits greatly facilitates our bait fishing. This low availability of food is often a winning strategy. Takes close to these safe areas are often very quick and need us to be constantly alert and close to our rods. I know a similar holding area that I fish. It is located on a steep bank and filled with trees. The storms have dropped one of them and the tree is found immersed in a watery world that only carp and pike have colonized.

Feed zone:

They are generally very distinct areas although sometimes a swim can hold two or more. In general, these areas are dual function and very favourable. We must therefore clearly identify the recharge areas that represent a key location and will condition your fishing where it is appropriate. These areas of food often adjust with the time of the year and food requirements of fish. Early in the year, the shallower areas are most logically suited to the birth of food through the return of aquatic life due to global warming. Later in the season, the food is found in layers of water between 1 and 6 meters of water. Beyond this depth, it is rare that carp can find an abundant food source but still catches at these depths occur. Within these areas are areas that can satisfy the carp for the entire season, feeding each and every day. This applies to areas of several square meters of weed (guaranteeing a big quantity of invertebrates) or large pockets of muds (full of bloodworm). During a session my friends and I found fish at depths between 1.50 and 1.70 meters over a solid lake bed that was covered with weed. A good echo showed us several spots which were either hard lake bed or in a meadow area half the size of a football field. This area has always been very productive through winter and summer due to the snails that fill the area also providing cover and can always create competition for food.

Transition zone:

Transition zones are ‘areas of passage’ which are small distinct routes that for one reason or another hold food. Carp use these pathways that lead from one area to another, avoiding any areas that are not interesting. These are difficult areas to find, usually located near the banks, which should not be forgotten by the fishermen due to the frequent passage of carp. These areas are often “marked” and clues give them away, like a rubble breakage or passages through weed. One day, I found a carp highway which we have called “The Sign”. It is about ten meters from the bank and we discovered it whilst probing the lake with our waders. We discovered a fracture and we followed it as far as possible to find that this highway was almost 150 feet long running parallel to the bank. This feature brought us multiple captures.

By passing the echo, I could see the tree a good 15 meters ahead but it creates an angle to the protection for the carp. The fish have stagnated between 2.80 and 3 meters, just below the natural barriers of multiple branches of the tree. To remove the fish from there is not something easy, common sense compels us to fish on the periphery. All these areas can be found and correctly identified by careful observation and plumbing. So now, before you make hasty decisions without much thought (bait, boilies, etc..). Take time to observe in order to fully enjoy your fishing and ask yourself the right questions. This reflection will lead you towards the success of your practices with immense satisfaction.

David Loulier


ITEM 1153759

250 cm

130 cm

ITEM 1153181


270 cm

The Defender family of bivvies is so popular by many anglers due to it’s compact, highly portable design it has the following features: 3 x 16 mm swaged joint Aluminum 5 section poles, tough 5000 mm H.H. 210D Oxford nylon fabric, tape sealed seams, reinforced PVC coated nylon; “easy thread” tension pole, bar stitched reinforced pegging points, multi position zip door supplied with PVC window and mosquito mesh panel, supplied with detachable lightweight groundsheet, pegs and a carry bag, front panels will roll and clip back to fully expose the front, fully zipped door panel.

WRAP 1 MAN ITEM 1153182

WRAP 2 MAN ITEM 1153760

The wraps that you can buy as an option have the following features: zipped door with clear window, mosquito panel and green door panel, full bivvy wrap with zipped door panel, tough 5000 mm H.H. 210D Oxford nylon fabric, fully tape sealed seams, bar stitched reinforced pegging points and supplied with a peg set and a generous nylon stuff bag.



ITEM 1199530

No longer do you need a wallet the size of a house to afford supreme bank side comfort, with all the extras. Cue the new CONTACT range from JRC; high quality, high-performance one and twoman shelters at an incredibly low price. Their compact, highly portable two-rib design is swathed in a 5000mm hydrostatic head, 210D Oxford nylon; taped sealed, reinforced with all pegging points bar stitched for the ultimate in durability and protection from the elements. You can fish from a CONTACT shelter with the front on or off (brolly style) and the multi-position, fully zipped door is even supplied with a PVC window AND a mozzi panel for complete, year-round versatility. And unlike most other shelters, the tension bars, groundsheet and heavyduty pegs all come as part of the package. Contact 1 Man Bivvy - 2x16mm swaged joint aluminum 5 section poles Contact Two Man Bivvy - 3x16 mm swaged joint aluminum 5 section poles


220 cm

208 cm

145 cm

145 cm

ITEM 1222308

280 cm

305 cm

Following on from the successful contact range of bivvies we have now added a winter skin into the range to provide the angler protection from all the elements. Delivered with heavy duty pegs and a carry bag.




One of the most important parts of my fishing is the rig. No matter what rig I make, they all have two similarities. Those are the hook and the rig braid. The hook I’ve found in the MBT-range of JRC: the Connect 2. This all round carp hook has a razor sharp, straight point. These features guarantee a very good penetration of the hook. Due to the extra little curve in the shank – just above the eye – the hook flips over easily in the mouth of the carp. Despite this, I lengthen the shank of the hook a few millimetres using shrink tube. This little trick prevents hooking the carp too deep in his mouth. Instead of this the hook will prick in the middle of the lower lip.

coating so the reflection of light under water will be minimal. Too much reflection can result in a carp which neglects the hook bait. I always adapt my rig to the situation.

When a carp is hooked in this area, you won’t lose the fish by a hook pull. I always use the Connect 2 hook in combination with Cocoon Braid.

At this moment I fish some canals with no or little angling pressure. In this situation I use a rig with a length of approximately six inches.

This rig material has a coating which is easy to strip and is available in breaking strengths of 15, 25 and 35 lb. The inner core of Cocoon Braid is very supple so it’s perfect for making hinged rigs.

This rig does exactly what he has to do: prick in the middle of the lower lip of the carp.

All Connect hooks possess micro barbs and razor sharp points. The hooks have a matt black Teflon

I always try to research research my target water as best I can in preparation, and I try to get a lot of information about the fish population and the angling pressure. By combining all information I come to conclusions on which I base both my tactics and my rigs. After some fishing sessions I have the experience on which I decide to adapt my rig or not. I always carry a pair of forceps just in case they are required for easily unhooking a carp.

Eddy Norder


A PERFECT It’s Autumn, the sun shines over the water and the birds are singing enthusiastically. Sitting in my carp chair outside my bivvy, I enjoy everything happening around me, and I’m thinking over my tactics. For the last months I’m fishing on a particular water, targeting a certain big carp. It’s a fish which is very hard to catch and very unpredictable. However, as the preparation of both the session and the swim has been well thought-out, I am very confident of being in the right place at the right time. Suddenly my thoughts are disturbed by the sound of an alarm. I pick up my rod and directly I’ve got contact with a fish. After some very thrilling minutes a very beautiful carp shows me his flank. It’s the target fish I’m after for months! My legs start shaking and it’s getting hard to keep my thoughts clear. Then disaster strikes. I feel a shock and... Fish gone! Very disappointed I reel in my rod and I see the rig is cut through. I’m just kidding. The story you’ve just read never really happened. But for a target carp fisher it’s the worst thing which can happen. To prevent that, I use the reliable products of JRC. From rod to boilie stopper, I feel fully confident about my kit. With the Blade X rods I can put the pressure on a hooked carp without any problem. These all-round rods have fantastic casting characteristics but if a carp circles under the rod tip they’re also very forgiving.


Most of the time I use the MBT Connect 2 carp hook. This hook is exceptionally strong and hooks and holds as the best. My rigs are made from Cocoon Braid, one of the best hook links on the market. The coating is very easy to strip and the core is extra supple. Besides that it’s abrasion resistance properties really help reduce the chance of a line cut. For bait I use the brand new products from the Berkley Gulp! Carp bait range. I work in the factory where this bait range is being developed and produced, so I know the products like no one else. The Gulp! Carp products offer me the right bait in every fishing situation. Because of my extraordinary results on this bait, and the other JRC consultants, there’s no doubt that carp like these boilies. The re-catches of carp on this bait are confirming my thoughts. The particles, pop-ups, liquid attractants and pellets are also of very good quality. Give the Gulp! Carp bait range a chance. I am sure you will not be disappointed!

Kevin Borgmans



This full wrap changes the STI BROLLY into a full bivvy with a full green door, delivered with a heavy duty pegs set and its own carry bag. Also made out of 10.000 HH nylon and fully taped seams.

This Brolly has been designed to provides maximum usable space and has the following features making this a year in year out best seller: 10.000 mm hydrostatic head waterproof outer skin, 3 pole, 3 section aluminum frame poles, tape sealed seams, supplied with detachable ground sheet, tension poles, pegs and carry bag, ultra light 6061 aerospace grade aluminum poles, bar stitched reinforced pegging points.


This is the lower cost and smaller version of our STI Brolly, made of 5000HH 210D Nylon, 3 x 16 mm jointed aluminum 5 section frame poles, 95 mm PE coated front to back brace pole, storm sides with 2 optional pegging points, complete with a 他, light weight PE groundsheet, carry bag and peg set. PAGE 16


This wrap transforms the defender brolly into a bivvy, tough 5000 mm PU 210 D Oxford Nylon with a fully zipped solid green door, supplied with a generous stuff bag.


260 cm

130 cm

ITEM 1222310

265 cm

This is the new version of our Stealth Brolly, using the best material available, the use of Hydratex material makes this brolly lot’s more stable than the previous version. Supplied with four storm poles (2x24” and 2x48”). With this system you have a choice between a full mozzi zip out infill panel with door, or a full closed zip out front with two side vents and three door option (clear window, green and mozzi mesh), a full size thick PVC groundsheet, two back vents in mozzi mesh, tension bar for the two front poles, rain gutter, stainless steel pegs and it’s own carry bag.


You’ll find hundreds of reasons to buy the new 60” Brolly from JRC. It could be the fact that four ribs reach the floor to make it incredibly stable. It could be because even though it’s incredibly light, it’s got a heavyduty frame and build quality that lasts and lasts, belying the fact it’ll cost you far less than other, comparable umbrellas. It could be the guaranteed 10,000mm hydro-head fabric and tape sealing; or the PVC groundsheet, pegs and 2 x 24” storm poles that all come as standard.

320 cm


185 cm

ITEM 1193034

280 cm


185 cm


280 cm

ITEM 1193033

320 cm

This overwrap fits all 60” brollies, is waterproof up to 10.000mm HH, has sealed seams, bar stitched at stress points, and a 3 door option (clear, green and mozzi front) delivered in its own carry bag and steel pegs.


JRC Mozzi Cover that’s tailor-made for 60” brollies, STI shelters or any pramhood in-fact. With a central zip and dirt guard, it just clips on to make any shelter the carpiest, mozzi-free home imaginable. PAGE 18


This Bivvy Bag will fit all longer systems like our 60” Oval Brolly, TX bivvy, X-Lite, STI-RS. Heavy duty zip and carry handles


This light weight aluminum bivvy table has telescopic and foldable legs, a JRC embossed logo on the table and comes supplied in its own carry bag. Dimensions are 35x25cm


This large extra rugged bag can hold all 5 section frame pole bivvies, like Sti Twin Skin 1Man, Sti Twin Skin 1 Man, Defender Bivvy 1 Man, Defender Bivvy 2 Man, Continental Z 2Man, it is even large enough to take optional wraps, groundsheets, pegs, etc…. It has padded carry handles, a padded removable shoulder strap, and is fully waterproof. Dimensions: 96x35x35cm.


This peg set is made of high tensile steel, has hardened points with ergonomically moulded hand grips, supplied in a top quality roll up pouch


These ultra light aluminum pegs weigh half the weight of our stainless steel ones but are still very strong, supplied in a top quality roll up pouch. PAGE 19


ITEM 1222284

These bedchairs are the top of the range, very lightweight and matt olive powder coated aluminium construction with swivel and fold flat extra big mud feet.

48 cm

217 cm

Our unique Cam locking system is an industry first, no longer do you have to unlock and tighten locking wheels to get the correct height to your bedchair. With our NEW Cam locking system, all you do is release the clasp, get your desired heights and then push back into place and job done! The times when you lose the hand wheels are finally gone. Removable fully high density foam filled mattress with peach skin outer. Two side pockets for your wallet, mobile phone, receiver, etc. A really wide and large bedchair for extreme comfort. Available in either a three or four legged model.

48 cm

217 cm


92 cm

92 cm


For the Bigger Angler

• • • • • • •

New and unique to JRC cam lock system Removable peachskin padded matress 100cm wide and 215 cm long Swivel and fold flat extra large mud feet 2 side pockers 3leg or 4leg system New matt olive coloured industrial powder coated 6061 aluminium frame • Fully adjustable legs innovative locking design.




The Cocoon Excel bedchair is a higher version of the stealth model, it has an extra thick padded mattress, matt olive coloured industrial powder coated 6061 aluminum frame, swivel and fold flat mud feet, fully adjustable locking legs and zip out tackle organizers.


The lower bedchair in the Excel family, for the use under lower bivvies or umbrella systems. Same high end specification as the Cocoon Excel this bedchair has a lot of value for money.


Our bedchair for the heavier angler, rated up to 255kg with its unique 4 part folding frame. Ultra light frame of 6061 aluminum, reclining back rest, folding and swivel mud feet, high density foam filled mattress, fully adjustable legs, integrated wellie wipe and supplied complete with in its own zipped carry bag.

X-LITE 3 LEG ITEM 1153761

This lightest bedchair in our range is suitable for the roving angler, made from special aluminum making it so light weight. It is still packed with all the features of heavier bedchairs, reclining back, swivel and fold flat mud feet, padded mattress, telescopic locking legs. PAGE 22


Super strong high tensile steel frame, multi point reclining system, swivel and fold flat mud feet, high density foam filled cover, fully adjustable legs, built in pillow, and integrated wellie wipe section.


Same features as above bedchair only to eliminate some weight supplied with only 2 legs.


This bedchair is our longest selling bedchair in the range, that’s why we can offer this one for such an incredible price, the frame is made of 100% high quality aluminum, cover is made of strong polyester with a PVC coating, filled with high density foam, removable pillow part, integrated wellie wipe and strong 8mm elastic shock cord.


Our best low cost but full size bedchair. Super strong high tensile steel frame, multi point recliner system, swivel and fold flat mud feet, fully adjustable legs. PAGE 23


Carpfishing in the hot summer period? Many carp anglers are thinking that the fishing in the summertime in lakes is really poor. Much of them stopping there activities in this extreme period, mostly in august, when the Air temperatures are very high, sometimes more then 33°C, also the water is extremely warm. But once we’re honest. Especially in summer there is a much higher natural food volume and conditioned by the high water temperature, the carp eat less.

This is what makes fishing for me more interesting, still down a carp on the mat. A proper feeding strategy is especially important in summer! I feed preferably with a mix of Gulp! Carp pellets and a few small Boilies, in sizes 16mm or better still 12mm. The spot for the carp must be very attractive for long times remain. In recent years, I always put more aware that the fish be present only at night on the spot. We caught the carps almost exclusively at night and early morning. During the day they stood almost motionless at the surface and sip occasionally some insects from the top. I start to prepare my spot during the day with some new Gulp! Carp Pineapple Pellets. These Pellets are yellow and absolutely perfect visible under Water. Due to the attractiveness of the Gulp! Carp pellets were suddenly some fish in the midday heat to attract the food source. They visited briefly the feeding area, take a few bits and got right back to the surface. It is this behavior of the carp has shown me that the spot in summer must always remain attractive. How do I know all this details? I filmed my spot at about 5.2 meters in depth over a period of 2 weeks with an underwater camera. That allowed me to learn some very interesting things about the eating habits of the carp in the summer. Perhaps the most important point was - “LESS IS MORE!” Do you want to know more? Then please visit my Gulp! Carp Team Blog “MARKUS BLOG” under www.gulpcarp.de there, you see, among other things like a carp over 20 times visited the spot briefly, sucks a few pellets, and immediately disappears! “Carpfishing around the year!”

Markus Lotz

F E AT U R E S WITH Frits Brouwer


The new Extreme lead clip is revolutionary. The swivel of the rig can be fixed in the Extreme lead clip. When you get a take the swivel will not release from the lead clip due of the metal clip. This will prevent the clip - lead and tubing included - sliding over the leader. In a case of a line cut, tubing can roll up against the leader knot. This will make it impossible for the lead clip to open, so the lead stays fixed in the clip. A lost carp will swim around with a piece of lead and this can result in damaging the carp seriously. Using the JRC Extreme lead clip will prevent this of happening.When a lead snags up, the Extreme lead clip will open so the lead will be released from the clip. This is a big advantage when fishing in weed beds. It this kind of situations it’s better that the lead releases from the clip, so you can play the carp easier and safer. The further the tail rubber will be pushed over the clip, the more difficult the tail rubber will release from the clip. If the tail rubber is pushed over the clip slightly, the clip will open earlier. When fishing in weed beds, it’s very important that the tail rubber comes free fast, so the lead

will release. The clip is constructed from metal and that improves the lifespan of the clip. Most other clips on the market are constructed from plastic and that isn’t as durable as metal. Plastic clips can decline easily and even break off. Another advantage of a metal clip, is that it will not open accidentally when casting with a heavy lead or a heavy pva bag. The Extreme clip will always work at his best.Because the Extreme lead clip is constructed from metal, he’s thinner and smoother. This will result in more space for a carp lead to move. The result is a big advantage for carp anglers who remove the swivel from the lead. This advantage is even bigger with the new JRC carp leads. The eye of the lead is turned 90 degrees compared to a normal carp lead. Due to this adaption the Extreme lead clip and the lead are lying perfect and flat on the lake bed. Especially in situations with wary carp this is a big advantage. The Extreme lead clip is available in the camo colours green, brown and sand.

Frits Brouwer


Same nice finish as the Extreme bedchair range to complete the range, fitted with the same extra large mud feet and the new and exclusive to JRC cam lock system. A thick padded matress that gives good support, higher back rest to give extra support to your head. New matt olive coloured industrial powder coated 6061 aluminium frame.


47 cm

• Extra large mud feet • New matt olive coloured industrial powder coated 6061 aluminium frame. • Padded matress in peachskin finish • Exclusive JRC cam lock system • Lightweight and comfortable.

ITEM 1153205

• Ultra light 6061 aluminium frame

• Fully adjustable legs

• Fully sprung mattress with 10 mm “comfort control” shock cord

• Swivel and fold flat mud feet

• Built in head pillow

• New specification material

• Multi point recliner system

• High density foam filled cover

Redesigned Cocoon chair with ultra thick padded cover. Designed with comfort in mind for the larger angler and rated to xxxxxkgs

RELAXER RECLINER ITEM 1153764 • Super strong hi-tensile steel and aluminium frame

• Swivel and fold flat mud feet

• Aluminium arm rests

• Foam padded cover

• Multi point recliner system

• New specification material

• Extra long adjustable legs

Designed for the anger who demands the comfort of a lightweight, high-backed chair with arm rests. Ideal for fishing from in relaxed comfort during the day, or simply lounging in on those balmy summer nights.

SPECIALIST X-LITE RECLINER ITEM 1153767 • New ultra light 6061 series aluminium frame • Fully adjustable legs

• High density foam filled cover and elasticated seat

• Multi point recliner system

• New specification material

• Swivel and fold flat mud feet

Superb light weight design for extreme portability and comfort.


Super strong hi-tensile steel frame Aluminum arm rest Swivel and fold flat mud feet Fully adjustable legs

• • • • •

Leg locking systen Padded cover Back height 60cm; seat 41cm long and 47cm wide. 60cm width between the arms Leg height 33cm to 46cm fully extended

To complete our last years succesfull Contact Range of beds and chairs we made this reclining chair with arms. This gives lots of comfort at a budget price. Made to the same specification as the rest of the range this is a fantastic chair at an incredible price. PAGE 26

65 cm

59 cm

SPECIALIST X-LITE CHAIR ITEM 1153766 • Swivel and fold flat mud feet • Rated to 114 kg • New ultra light 6061 series aluminium frame construction • High density foam filled cover and elasticated seat

X-LO STALKING CHAIR ITEM 1153765 • Light and low design • New ultra light 6061 series aluminium frame construction • Rated to 102 kg • Unique shortened fully padded arms • Swivel and fold flat mud feet at front • High density foam filled cover and elasticated seat

• New specification material

Superb light weight design for extreme portability and comfort for the roving angler.

A brilliant light weight design for the roving angler, or for use as a guest chair. Strong portable frame with padded stub arms, making it ideal for fishing from or just relaxing in comfort.

DEFENDER CHAIR ITEM 1153206 • Light high tensile steel frame • Four fully adjustable legs • Swivel and fold flat mud feet • High density foam filled cover

A timeless classic for JRC, consisting of a rugged steel frame with a standard cover

CONTACT CHAIR WITH ARMS ITEM 1192900 • Super strong hi-tensile steel frame • Aluminium arm rests • Starter Range

CONTACT CHAIR ITEM 1192901 • High tensile steel frame • Four fully adjustable legs • Swivel and fold flat mud feet • High density foam filled cover

• Adjustable legs • Swivel and fold flat mud feet • Foam padded cover

A very popular design for those anglers looking for a comfortable chair with arms, but without breaking the bank.

A very popular design for those anglers looking for a comfortable chair with arms, but without breaking the bank. PAGE 27

SLEEPING BAGS X-LITE SUMMER SLEEPING BAG ITEM 1193083 • Summer season use • 100% hollow fibre filling • 300 D brushed water resistant polyester outer • Box section side wall design • Anti twist bedchair attachment system • Baffled heavy duty twin crash zips • Supplied in a compression sack

This sleeping bag is an extra addition to the 3D Box bag family, usable in warmer months or with our padded bedchair cover. You can also use this sleeping bag in the colder months.

STORM 5 FLEECE LINED SLEEPING BAG ITEM 1153561 • 5 season rating • 100% hollow fibre filling • 300 D brushed water resistant polyester outer • Fully micro fibre fleece lined • Anti twist bedchair attachment system • Baffled heavy duty twin crash zips • Removable fleece pillow • Supplied in a compression sack

The Storm 5 has been one of JRC’s best selling sleeping bags through the years by offering generous size and being packed full of features you would associate with a sleeping bag at twice the cost.

CONTACT SLEEPING BAG ITEM 1199388 • 3-4 season rating • Hollow fibre filling • Polyester outer • Twin crash zips • Supplied in a compression sack

A very popular sleeping bag for beginners due to the fantastic value you get for such a high quality product. PAGE 28

SLEEPING B AGS 3D Design Revolutionary


Nieuw revolutionair ontwerp, deze slaapzakken hebben 2 opstaande zijkanten waardoor je een ruimere slaapzak krijgt zonder deze enorm breed te maken. Dit concept wordt al jaren in de bergsport gebruikt, de belangrijkste eigenschappen zijn het lichte gewicht, door de microfibers wordt de warmte langer bewaard, compact te vervoeren, comfortabele gevoel door de zogenaamde “peachskin” voering, waterafstotende buitenlaag. Hoofd- en voeteinde en middenstuk worden gefixeerd aan de bedchair. Zacht katoenen hoofdkussen is standaard. KENMERKEN • Opstaande randen voor meer bewegingsvrijheid • Dik gevuld met thermische microfibers • Waterafstotende buitenlaag • Zachte peachskin voering • Anti- twist bedchair systeem • Dubbele “paniek” ritssluiting • Verkrijgbaar in 3, 4 en 5 seizoenen versie



SLEEPING BAGS PADDED BEDCHAIR COVER ITEM 1153562 • Micro fibre fleece lining • Water resistant 300 D brushed nylon • Filled with hollow fill fibre • Bedchair clips • Water proof material

FLEECE PILLOW ITEM 1153566 • Super soft micro fleece • Removable inner for easy cleaning • Heavy duty velcro • Machine washable

CLAM SHELL SLEEPING BAG CARRYALL ITEM 1153567 • Waterproof Ball Leather Base • One Size fits All Sleeping Bags • 600d watersplash coated material • Padded, reinforced carrying handles • SBS Snap lock fittings and full length zips • Dimensions : 500mm x 380mm

DEFENDER BEDCHAIR BAG ITEM 1153211 • Non Slip padded shoulder cushion • Adjustable strap • Made from 600 D water resistant polyester • Fully zipped lid opening


EXTREME CARRYALL Waterproof, Built to Last These carryalls are made from hardwearing laminated PVC material, this material is fully waterproof and extremely strong, we have added a ball leather base for increased strength. Strong zips and metal zip pullers, padded carry straps and shoulder straps.

LL EX TREME MEDIUM CARRYA cm .5 *31 *25 45


EX TREME XL CARRYALL 60*33.5*42 cm





ITEM 1222264

ITEM 1222265

ITEM 1222266

• Dimensions Medium: 45*25*31.5cm • Dimensions Large: 50*28*35cm • Dimensions XL: 60*33.5*42cm • Dimensions Rig & Bait Carryall: 35*27*31cm

The Extreme carryalls have been made from hardwearing laminated PVC material which is fully waterproof and extremely strong. We have also added a ball leather base for increased strength and durability. As standard on all carryalls are strong zips, metal zip pullers along with padded carry and shoulder straps.

EXTREME CAMERA & LAPTOP BACKPACK ITEM 1222268 • Fully waterproof material made from laminated PVC material • Strong and solid zips and metal extreme zip pullers • Solar panel to charge cell phone or Ipod • Fully padded • Dimensions: 39*19*43cm

EXTREME COOLER BAG • Strong laminated PVC material

• Padded carrystrap

• Strong zips and metal zip pullers

• Padded handles

• Insulated inner

• Waterproof

Ever wanted a safe storage backpack that will keep your essential equipment safe from all the elements? Then this Extreme camera and laptop bag is for you! Made from waterproof material, it is extremely strong and solid with comfortable shoulder straps. With JRC knowing how expensive your laptop and cameras can be, we have also put in extra padding to protect your equipment. Another thing that also happens regularly to the carp angler is running out of battery on their phone or iPod. Well with this bag, that will no longer be the case. JRC has placed a nifty little solar panel so you can charge up your electrical appliances. Included are some phone adaptors. (Ipod and some phone adaptors not included but can be purchased to fit). ITEM 1222267

The Extreme Cooler Bag is perfect for your baits or even your drinks! It also have an insulated inner, strong laminated PVC material, metal zip pullers and strong zips.



• Laminated PVC material • Strong zip and metal zip puller • 2 inner dividers • Dimensions:21.5*15.5*8cm high • Waterproof

The Extreme Lead & Bits bag has been designed to store all kinds of terminal tackle which makes this bag your best friend! It has two changeable inner dividers and has been constructed by the same hardwearing laminated PVC material as the rest of the Extreme range. PAGE 32

• Laminated PVC material • Strong zips and metal zip pullers • Waterproof • Supplied with 6 plastic jars

This bag has six plastic jars to keep your hookbaits or pop-ups in perfect shape

EXTREME RIG WALLET ITEM 1222273 • 10 double clear zipped sleeves

• Waterproof

• 2 mesh internal sleeves

• Strong zips and metal zip pulller

• External zipped pocket

•Dimensions: 46*26*6.5cm

• Laminated PVC material


• Clips to close

• Dimensions: 80*80cm

• Waterproof

• 3 elastic straps to hold all sizes banksticks

This handy piece of kit is perfect for storing all you banksticks, easy and compact storage system. Simply roll up and clip. The NEW Cocoon carryall range have all been made from a 600D polyester material with an EVA base to give it extra strength and rigidity. The base can be zipped open to give it a bigger inner volume, perfect for those extra items you need for the longer sessions! It also has two side pockets and two front pockets with a top buzzer bar pocket. Also included is an inner elasticated side bag. Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large, this range also includes a Total Carryall System. With all the specifications of the XL carryall, it also includes a bait bag, accessory bag, food bag and a camera bag making this an essential bit of kit for the carp angler.


ITEM 1222275

ITEM 1222276

ITEM 1222277

• 600D Polyester material

• L: 67x35x(46-53) cm high

• EVA base • Strong and thick zips with metal zip pullers • Dimensions M: 60x32x(40-55)cm high

• XL: 75x40x(47-54) cm high • Total: 75x40x(47-54) cm high

Cocoon Medium Carryall

Cocoon Large Carryall



Cocoon XL Cocoon XL Carryall

Total Carryall System





p r a C ! p l Gu s e l c i t r pa


uts, seeds and grains are excellent baits for carp fishing and are well known by the name particles. The best known particles are maize, tiger nuts and hemp.

The big misunderstanding about particles is that they are responsible for catching small carp only. That is absolutely not true.

During a session of four nights at the river Seine in France, me and my mate caught 48 carp. I caught 42 fish on tiger nuts and my friend had to be satisfied with only 6 carp on boilies. His smallest fish had a weight of 23.5 lbs, as my biggest carp was 20 lbs. My friend caught absolutely the biggest fish. I caught a lot of carp, but I didn’t catch a big one. Six months later we went to France again, but this time we visited one of the biggest lakes in this beautiful country.

My friend told me I was crazy, because again I would use tiger nuts as bait. During this session I caught some big carp, up to 41.5 lbs. My friend also caught some big fish. This time my tiger nuts were as good as the boilies my friend used. This conclusion corresponds with my presumption that you catch a lot of small carp on heavily stocked carp waters. On low stocked waters it isn’t a problem to hold the carp in your swim with particles. Last year I fished some sessions on a difficult water. There’s only few carp, but the carp are big. Some years ago I allready caught some big carp here, using maize as bait. This time I used a tiger nut as hook bait. I baited up with crushed tiger nuts and a party blend of small seeds. The first carp I caught was the biggest fish of the water. In the next session I also netted a biggun.

The party blend of seeds was responsible for keeping the carp in my swim for a long time. Because of all the small seeds, it takes a long time before the carp have eaten all the seeds. If a second carp arrives in the swim, the fish will feed less cautious, so they are easier to catch. I always use cooked particles of Gulp! Carp. These readymade particles are extra attractive due the addition of the exclusive water soluble Gulp! Liquid. When I use particles as a hook bait, I use the Connect 3 MBT carp hook. This hook has a semi long shank and will catch hold in the mouth very fast. The Connect 3 pattern is the perfect hook for using particles.

Mark Zelle

LUGGAGE 40 LITRE RUCKSACK ITEM 1153575 • New specification material

• P.V.C. backed main compartment rain flap

• 40 litre capacity • 6 external pockets • Double zips on all pockets with heavy duty zip pullers • Centre carry handle

• Heavily padded back panel and adjustable straps for supreme comfort • Dimensions : 480mm x 360mm x 450mm high

This rucksack offers the user ultimate comfort without compromising on the quality. With a lightweight design and a 40 litre capacity, its ideal for the mobile angler who likes to carry the essentials in a well organised manner.

DEFENDER 3 ROD 12FT ITEM 1154439 • Accommodates three 12’ rods with reel PLUS three rods without reels • Umbrella pocket


• Bankstick/pod pocket • Padded carry handle


• Non-slip, adjustable shoulder strap

• Supplied with 2 x 12Ft or 2 x 13Ft • Generous sized main compartment will take most shelters and umbrella systems.


ITEM 1153571

•Two outer zip pockets are ideal for storing banksticks/pods etc. • Rod retaining system ensures that rods are held securely. • Padded carry handle. • Can hold upto 4 rod sleeves

• New model to fit our new quiver combo • Both the 12FT and 13FT models will accept

• Adjustable shoulder strap. • Size 150cm, Colour Green

• Big Pit and smaller baitrunner style reels • Fully lined with a wipe clean P.V.C. inner and foam padded carry handle • Zips are on the back of the sleeve removing any chance of the zip catching the line

X-LITE ROD SLEEVE 12FT ITEM 1153572 • Padded high protection reel pouch • Lightweight but durable, fully zipped nylon folding sleeve. • Neoprene tip and butt protectors.

The complete Rod Sleeve folds into the reel pouch to dramatically reduce the amount of luggage in the swim. PAGE 36

A classic design for the mobile angler with a large main compartment to take most shelters and brolly’s. Two clip down outer pockets allow you to carry your landing net and weigh sling as well as your banksticks. Our rod retaining system will hold 4 rod sleeves (2 rod sleeves included) seated into external pockets at the base and secured by a tension strap in the middle to allow safe transportation. Complete with 2 12FT or 2 13Ft padded rod sleeves, a padded shoulder strap and padded central carry handle for your added comfort.

COCOON 50 3 ROD 12FT ITEM 1153769 4 ROD 12FT & 13FT ITEM 1153770

ITEM 1154438

• Will accept all butt ring sizes including 50mm New specification material • Heavy duty PVC build • Generous sized reel pouches will accommodate big pit reels with ease • Wipe clean, snag-free inner • Padded centre leaf • Large exterior pocket accepts umbrella or bivvy system • Bankstick/pod pocket • Padded carry handle • Non-slip, adjustable shoulder strap • Removable rigid aluminium ‘back bone’

CONTACT HOLDALL 3 ROD 12FT ITEM 1192904 4 ROD 13FT ITEM 1195622 • Accommodates three 12’ rods with reel PLUS three rods without reels • Umbrella pocket • Bankstick/pod pocket • Padded carry handle • Removable rigid aluminium ‘back bone’ • Non-slip, adjustable shoulder strap


ITEM 1222279

• 600D material • Dimensions 3rod: 55X21X8CM • Dimensions 4rod: 65X21X8CM

• Inner divider for separating front and back buzzer bar • On the 4 rod buzzer bar 2 top pockets for accessories




ITEM 1153602

ITEM 1153603

• Removable liner

• Mesh internal accessory pocket

• 5 plastic jars

• Padded twin zip front pocket

• Waist strap

• Removable carry strap

• New specification material

• Twin carry handles

• Dimensions: 400 mm x 250 mm

• Totally aluminised interior • Capacity 20 litres


• New specification material • Dimensions: 430 mm x 210 mm x 210 mm high


ITEM 1153604

ITEM 1153607

• Generous highly insulated main compartment for all your frozen bait

• Heavy Duty mesh bag • Clip fit handle for easy hanging • Dimensions: 420 mm x 510 mm

• Toughened ball leather base to fully protect contents from the wet • Dimensions: 210mm x 210mm x 200mm high



• Aluminised interior

• Approximately 10 kg capacity (PopUp Bait Bucket)

• Twin carry handles • Removable inner lining (PopUp Bait Bucket) • Thermal padding

• Approximately 6 kg capacity (Standard Bait Bucket)



•Fully padded with 6 screw-top dip pots •New specification material •Dimensions : 290 mm x 170 mm

• Neat split board on one side to vastly increase capacity. • Supplied with pegs. • New specification material • Dimensions : 380 mm x 140 mm


ITEM 1153610

• Medium 250 mm x 160 mm • Small 200 mm x 140 mm




• Storage box, and zipped inner mesh pocket

• 10 double clear zipped sleeves

• Zipped compartment with 5 sleeve hook wallet

• 2 mesh internal sleeves

• Stiff rig board and pegs

• New specification material

• New specification material • Dimensions : 300 mm x 200 mm

SOFT TACKLE BOX ITEM 1153614 • Handy size • 8 adjustable compartments • Carry handle • New specification material • Dimensions : 280 mm x 200 mm

SIX PACK BOX WALLET ITEM 1153619 • Neat, zipped wallet • 6 tackle boxes with waterproof silicon seals • New specification material • Dimensions : 230mm x 120mm x 70mm high

FOOD BAG CARRYALL SET ITEM 1153576 • • • • • • • •

Solid moulded insulated plastic inner Insulated lid with internal zip pocket Padded non slip shoulder strap Heavy duty rubber & P.V.C. Base Velcro secured carry handles 2 external side pockets New specification material Dimensions: 510mm x 340mm x 280mm high

NEOPRENE TIP SLEEVES ITEM 1153617 • Strong Velcro Fastenings • Neoprene and heavy duty nylon construction for maximum protection

• External zipped pocket • Dimensions: 280 mm x 210 mm

LEAD ACCESSORY BAG ITEM 1153615 • Mesh underpockets • 4 adjustable compartments • Carry handle • New specification material • Dimensions: 210 mm x 140 mm

LARGE REEL POUCH ITEM 1153618 • High protection padded design • New specification material • Dimensions: 280mm x 110mm x 170mm high

STAINLESS STEEL KETTLE SET ITEM 1153578 • High quality stainless steel construction • Stows down into dedicated stash bag • Complete with carry handle • Holds: 0,5 litre water

ROD BANDS 2 PAIRS ITEM 1153616 • Elasticated neoprene for a sure grip • Velcro fixing • Dimensions: 380 mm x 265 mm x 300 mm



FISHING ON LIMITED TIME I always seem to be complaining about lack of fishing time, be it observing or actually casting a line ultimately it is the time we spend on the bank that reaps reward. I have struggled with a new job also having more involvement with Pure Fishing this year has reduced my available time somewhat. Even so I managed to get on the bank in the second week of September fishing a small Cambridgeshire Stillwater and what a trip it was. I managed to get a ticket by chance and over the summer I looked round the venue on two occasions. There happened to be somebody else looking round on one of my visits and after the usual secret squirrel and working each other out we exchanged numbers and agreed to share information should either of us choose to fish the venue. Andy did inform me of the carp stock which consisted of four bigger fish to 30lb and four small carp. I turned up with a game plan around 10 am and by 11am both rods were out and I was sitting thinking how wrong I had got everything and that it wasn’t going to happen for me. I began to tackle

up my third rod with a zig, as I was tying on the pop up the right hand rod was away. I was on it in a flash and lifted in to a powerful fish which flat rodded me and I begrudgingly gave line, albeit a yard or two if that. The venue is quite snaggy with a number of areas the fish can retreat to. Unfortunately the second time it flat rodded me it managed to find sanctuary in the reeds and whist trying to get a better angle the hooklink parted. I couldn’t believe it, my first trip, four fish to go at and I’ve just lost one within 20 minutes of casting out. From what I had learnt the fish were not regular visitors to the bank and with the low stock my chances of a fish were now even slimmer. I was

physically shaking and buzzing from what had just happened, I really thought I had everything wrong but in actual fact had everything right. My confidence was back but due to the low stock I contemplated calling it a day, returning when the lost fish had forgotten about its experience..... As I hadn’t been fishing long I opted to stay, my first job was to make a new rig from the connection coated braid hoping for better abrasive resistance if I was lucky enough to get another take but unlucky enough for it to make any snag. I didn’t wait too long for my second run which fell to the same rod. I was soon netting a common which weighed in at 7lb 12oz. I was really pleased to have had two bites but saddened to land the smaller of the two, apparently there are only four small fish in the lake which are all singles – therefore eight fish in total. Everything was placed before dark with a small amount of freebies and I retreated to my brolly adamant I was going to catch, I even txt Andy telling him so. The weather was gale force winds and rain. I setup under a tree to get out of the wind but suffered constant branches falling and

bouncing off the brolly, willow trees carry a lot of dead wood so it probably wasn’t the best place to be. Whilst I lay wondering if I was about to be flattened by a branch the right hand rod was off, a few bleeps followed by a few more, I knew I was in. I lifted into a decent fish which kited round from the near margin where I got a glimpse and wrongly identified it as a mirror. It battled for what seemed like an age in the wind and rain and when I did finally manage to pull it over the net cord I saw it was actually a common and the biggest in the lake to boot. I weighed the fish which was down in weight from last years capture but at 30lb 08oz I wasn’t complaining especially with the low stock. Hardly surprising that nothing more came to the rods on that session but what a welcome back to the joys of angling. Just goes to show getting it right doesn’t always mean hours on the bank but more time is scheduled to try and catch the other three sometime soon.....

James Vincent PAGE 41


Dimensions: 114 x 60 x 25cm high 420D waterproof material Full heavy duty velcro retaining system High density foam filled walls with PE board to keep it upright • Perforated rubber mesh lid and base for maximum drainage and safe fish retention

• Long carry handle with velcro wrap over hand grip • Suited for fish up to 65lbs/30kg • Removable matress of 5cm thickness • Zips on eather side to release the fish more easily

Improving on classics isn’t easy but when you have fish care in mind needs must. Introducing the new Hi-Care, the complete carp anglers mat for fish of any size! The first thing that you will notice about this mat is the thickness size of the detachable mat base, it is without doubt one of the thickest on the market meaning total protection for your quarry. Marry that up with extra thick high sided protection and a retainer cover that velcro’s all the way round once the fish is in the mat it cannot escape, meaning its well protected from any bank-side terrain.  At either end of the mat it has zips so that when the mat is floated out to water; these can be zipped down to make releasing fish easy!  We’ve also thought about the zips and added protection around them so that fish cannot catch on them. Another great touch with this mat is that underneath the base it has a large mesh panel so that water can drain with ease and also fill with water when you are releasing your prize.  The Hi-Care also has heavy duty handles for easy transportation to and from the lake!


MEGA MAT ITEM 1153591 • Perimeter area filled with Polyballs

• Small when packed away in its own carrybag • Strong PVC material with hardwearing nylon cover • Supplied with small pump • Measuring stripes on the mat • Huge when inflated inner diameter 100cm*60cm

• 30 mm foam filled centre

This unhooking mat is huge when inflated but small and pratical to store when deflated, comes supplied with a pump. Huge flap to prevent the fish from jumping out.

• Dimensions: 92 cm x 130 cm

EURO ZIP MAT ITEM 1153591 • High quality zips • Extra strong webbing

• Kneeling/fish cover flap • Carry straps and secure pegging points • Clip and velcro fastenings when folded

CONTACT ROLL UP UNHOOKING MAT ITEM 1222315 • PVC material • Small and easy to roll up • Perfect for floater fishing

• Generous foam padding • Complete with velcro carry bag • Dimensions: 115 cm x 130 cm

MAXI MAT ITEM 1153593 • Elasticated retaining straps


• Peg/hanging loops

• Elasticated retaining straps

• Dimensions: 71 cm x 131 cm

• Peg/hanging loops


• Dimensions: 51 cm x 92 cm

HIGH CARE XL MAT Better The Best got even

ultimate protection The XL Hi Care mat gives the fish maximum protection. Due to the very nature of fish wanting to flap on the bank the mats sides make it ideal for keeping the fish on the padded area. They hold water well to keep fish wet but at the same time drainage is excellent by lifting the padded base velcro points. They also have a lid which velcros into place and is excellent for retaining the fish. The extra long handles allow you to use your shoulder to carry larger fish. There is a pocket which is ideal for all unhooking utensils - forceps, cutters and antiseptic lotions etc. Even when not being used for their unhooking purpose they are very versatile and on top of a barrow offer great carrying properties due to the velcro lid.




The Extreme Recovery Sling floats making it ideal for securing fish so that they can fully recuperate before the all important trophy shots can be done.


New safety Weigh Sling in soft pvc material, length 130, depth 80cm, jointed poles for compact storage in own carry pouch, strong lightweight and safe.

NYLON WEIGH SLING ITEM 1153597 • Extra strong heavy duty nylon construction

compact and portable in own carry pouch

• Mesh drainage panel in base

• Dimensions: 104 cm x 65 cm

• Easy clean surfaces and lightweight,

EURO SLING RETAINER ITEM 1153596 • Heavy duty construction

• ‘Zip and clip’ system

• Heavy duty cord

• Dimensions: Length: 80 cm Depth: 60 cm

• Suitable for all size of carp

XL EURO CARP SACK ITEM 1193089 • Heavy duty construction

• ‘Zip and clip’ system

• Heavy duty cord (4 mtr long)

• Dimensions: Length: 121 cm Depth: 80 cm

• Suitable for the biggest carp



• Heavy duty cord

• ‘Zip and clip’ system

• Suitable for all size of carp

• Dimensions: 120 cm x 85 cm



• Carpy green bigfish scale in pounds and kg (accurate 0.01%) • Including padded carrycase • Suitable to weigh the biggest carp • Nightlight, memory function to keep weights.

A new addition to the JRC 2011 range. This foldable bucket can be used for many different purposes including keeping the fish wet and cool.


• Long battery life (batteries not included)


ITEM 1153600

ITEM 1153601

•Reliable heavy duty scales

• Heavy duty construction

•Single rotation 60lb x 2oz increments

• Fully zipped top opening



Fish care

New XL High Care Mat

This has to be one of the biggest areas within carp fishing that everyone can influence and have a hand in improving. Fish care not only covers how we care for fish on the bank but also the angling situations we deem responsible to fish in, we wouldn’t purposely fish behind a set of reeds or in the middle of a snag where losing or damaging a fish is a high probability. In the same way we all try to do our best to prolong the life of our quarry caring for and returning them with any sores treated with anti-septic giving the fish improved chance of growing older. The High Care mat is a cradle designed to give the fish as much protection as possible when out of its natural environment. I use mine on both long and short sessions, it doubles up nicely to carry everything on short sessions, only problem is when I pack away everything ends up wet - This isn’t always such a bad thing as a wet mat means the session was productive and I haven’t blanked. The lid with its 4 velcro points still fastens after numerous sessions and holds everything in when carrying my tackle to the bank. It also works well for its intended use of keeping the carp from leaping out especially when carrying a fish back to the lake. Many of the fisheries that I fish, especially the

syndicates now stipulate cradles only. I see this was only a matter of time and a small price to pay for the ongoing care and survival of our quarry. The new XL High Care Mat has been improved on our earlier version. Feedback from various sources were that the sides collapse after prolonged use, whilst I have encountered this the norm for many fisheries was to stack them on top of each other which only contributed to the problem. I would normally carry the cradle to the water, float it in the margins and lift the fish back into the lake, this could prove difficult as lifting from the cradle wasn’t always easy as it often comes down to the accessibility at the waters edge. We have listened and these issues are a thing of the past, the new cradle has reinforced sides which I am sure will stand the test of time. The cradle still features the velcro lid along with a pocket for storing items such as forceps, anti septic etc. It also has a thicker padded base than its predecessor and the foam inner has a plastic cover to prevent it from becoming waterlogged. Each end now has a zip so when releasing fish rather than having to lift them from the cradle in awkward situations it’s just a matter of floating the mat, unzipping and sliding the fish back. Care has been taken and a material overlap covers the zip from the inside so damage cannot be inflicted from the zip as the fish is slid back in to the lake.

Roamer Nets Gone are the days of trying to wrestle the net arms from the sockets. Simply inserting your arm between the two carbon arms and releasing the tension easily allows the folding block to drop and swing out of the way. The net can then be easily removed from the pole to allow you to transport your catch to the unhooking mat. The spreader block is also recessed to accommodate an isotope for easy location at night also aiding in knowing where the spreader block is when bringing a carp to the net at night. I am a fan of the weed green mesh, whilst it’s only a colour it looks better than the harshness of a black mesh. Whilst seen perhaps a tackle tart factor you wouldn’t believe the amount of anglers at the carp shows spending the extra time looking at the net because they liked the colour. The product is available in both 42” and 50” and both come with an “Anti Stink Sleeve”. Specialist Plus 42” I use one of these for the majority of my fishing due to the versatility afforded with the two part handle. It is excellent for boat work offering manoeuvrability in tight spaces. Much of my short session fishing is done accompanied by this net as it folds away and is compact for transportation. This net incorporates a new carbon composite heavy duty spreader block replacing the earlier ‘easily broken’ spreader block. Defender 42” This net doesn’t offer the quick release folding block mechanism of the Roamer or the split handle offered by the Specialist Plus but it does offer great value for money. The net does come with a nylon stuff bag and boasts the new carbon composite heavy duty spreader block employed in the Specialist Plus.

Zip Mat & Euro Zip Mat I tend to use the Euro Zip mat for the majority of my stalking and short sessions, along with the Specialist Plus split handle net as it folds down and fits inside for easy carrying when walking and looking for fish. The zip mat also fits nicely into the euro zip mat, when stalking one is ideal for sitting on in amongst the undergrowth leaving the second free for its intended purpose. Mega Mat

Offers a large padded area for protection with a polyball filled surround., ideal to help keep the fish on the mat. There is also a kneeling flap, ideal for some of the boggier waters you come across.

Standard & Maxi Unhooking Mat The maxi and standard unhooking mats are lightweight and like the zip mat are ideal for stalking and short session fishing. Not as versatile as the zip mat but they offer protection for unhooking fish.

James Vincent


ITEM 1193088

ITEM 1222448

• 2X two piece aluminium oars • Marine grade plywood bench seat • Foot pump • Repair kit • Carrying bag • Air mat floor (not on 180) • Heavy duty detachable engine mount (not on 180) • Inflatable hull (only on 290) • Heavy duty detachable engine mount (not on 180) • Boat 180: 200kg - 1person


ELECTRIC ENGINE 44LB ITEM 1193165 1193088

• 5 steps forwards and 2 backwards • Extendable throttle with turngrip • Motor mount • Powerfull propeller • 12V semi traction accu • Carp green look • 44 lb





ITEM 1222286

• Extra wide design

• High Quality Stainless Steel

• Superstrong and durable welded frame

• Embossed JRC logo

• Adjustable legs with big mudfeet

• Small stainless steel rod pod

• Folding fully flat for easy storage

• Supplied with 3rod buzzer bar set

• Long carrying handles with soft grip

• Supplied with 4rod buzzer bar set

• Extendable front support for the rod holdall

• Delivered in its own carrybag

• Removable extra wide wheel (14cm) positionned centrally for the best balance • Loading area: 87cm wide x 90 (extended 110) long

EURO POD 3-4 ROD ITEM 1193031 • Adjustable legs • Adjustable length • Adjustable angle • Adjustable height


• Complete with quality carry bag with zipped dividers for buzzer bars • Weight 4.5 kg

• Set of 3 rod buzzer bars and set of 4 rod buzzer bars supplied


•Adjustable legs •Adjustable length •Adjustable angle •Adjustable height 3 rod buzz bars

pegging down or to add centre weight •Complete with quality carry bag with zipped dividers •Weight 4.5 kg

•Central hanging hook for


• Tough powder coated anti-flash olive finish

• Tough powder coated antiflash olive finish / Weighs only 3.5 kg

• Standard adjustable height 3 rod buzz bars

• Wide centre bar for increased stabilty

• Adjustable legs, length and height

• Standard adjustable height 3 rod buzz bars and adjustable legs, length and angle

• Cam locking system for easy adjustment

• Cam locking system for easy adjustment

• Complete with padded carry bag with pouch sleeves

• Additional adjustable long leg attachment for higher set-ups

• Weight only 3.8 kg

• Complete with padded carry bag with pouch sleeves



ITEM 1222297

ITEM 1222304

ITEM 1222305

ITEM 1222303

• High Quality Stainless Steel • Embossed JRC logo • Non-twist flattened side on inner tube • Screwless design (not on 60cm amd 75cm they have knurled locking screws) • 13mm diameter tubes


ITEM 1193085

ITEM 1193086 • High Quality Stainless Steel • Embossed JRC logo • Non-twist flattened side on inner tube • Screwless design (not on 60cm amd 75cm they have knurled locking screws) • 13mm diameter tubes

HEAVY DUTY STORM POLE ITEM 1153651 ITEM 1153652 • Available in 26 and 48 inch with screw point



ITEM 1222291

ITEM 1222293

ITEM 1222294

ITEM 1222292

• High Quality Stainless Steel • Embossed JRC logo • 16mm diameter tubes • 6inch (15cm) back and 8inch (20cm) front = 2 rod buzzer bar set • 12inch (30cm) back and 15inch (38cm) back = 3 rod buzzer bar set • Knurled locking screws • Banstinks available in 9, 12 and 16 inch


ITEM 1222300

ITEM 1222301

ITEM 1222302

• High Quality Stainless Steel • Embossed JRC logo • 13mm diameter tubes • Screwless design • 4rod =16inch back - 18inch front (18inch - 23inch ext) 40cm back-50cm front (50cm-65cm extended) • 2 rod fixed = 6inch (15cm) back and 8inch (20cm) front • 3 rod fixed = 12inch (30cm) back and 15inch (38cm) back • 3 rod goalpost = 8inch (20cm) ext. 12inch back and 10inch (25cm) ext. 15inch front


ITEM 1222299

• High Quality Stainless Steel • Embossed JRC logo • Slim and sexy looking


ITEM 1195624

• High quality carbon fibre material • Pinned, no twist threaded sockets • Extremely lightweight • Available as a set for 2 rod or a set 3 rod goalpost


Frans de Ceulaer


Interview with Frans de Ceulaer, the man behind the successful Gulp! Carp bait range.

How did you arrive with Pure Fishing? When I got my career started, it soon became clear that my interest lay with nutrition and all that it encompassed. After a short passage in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry I began to work for one of the most renowned animal feed additive manufacturers. I was very lucky to be in a position to convert theory into practice, piloting many new projects. This gave me more and more insight into the formulation of many flavours, enhancers, attractants, sweeteners, etc. What could be better than to combine research, development and production then knowing the results from the delivered work? I came in contact with the owner of the largest groundbait manufacturer in Europe, he made me a proposal

and I ended up in this business. For the next 15 years I did research and product development, launched a boilie production line and built a substantive business for the company which was engaged in the production of additives for animal feed. This family business was sold in 2001 so it was time for me to look to horizons new for the next challenge. After a few years I came into contact with an old friend who was planning his own flavour plant, we came to an agreement and together we brought this challenge to a success story. I had ended up back in the tackle industry, having never sat still with research and testing resulted in some innovative products that proved their worth by the catch returns. This resulted in a meeting with with Jan Mertens and Pascal Grillot which brought a new challenge.

Can you tell us more about the new Product Innovation Centre? The centre which is located in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands, opened in January and

collaborates directly with Spirit Lake Iowa, US, working side-by-side on a wide range of new product initiatives for European style carp fishing. The Product Innovation Centre is staffed by a team of specialists with combined experience focused on new product research and development. This continues the Berkley ethos of being internationally recognized for development of innovative baits. Currently, the product innovation centre has two functions, one is product development and research the other is production. There are a range of activities that take place in the lab which include analysis along with product development and quality control. We are also testing the fishes reaction in a specifically designed area comprising of tanks setup to create a multitude of feeding circumstances. To develop all these activities we count on support from the European community to recognise projects in conjunction with respecting nature.


We immediately started making prototypes of products because catch rates were crucial to get the green light for investment. After a period of incognito tests the results were so positive that no obstacles blocked the further development: Today I can say that I have 30 years experience and I am surrounded by exceptionally fine people who allow me to deliver good work. Our team spirit along with the knowledge and experience we have I’m sure we can release many fishermans dreams into reality.

Frans de Ceulaer

research into why some products are more attractive than others we have developed certain molecule structures which currently provide that little bit more attractiveness than usual. It’s not only the use of these compositions that make these so attractive, the other chosen ingredients play an important role. History has proven that perfectly balanced baits still have room for improvement. Science does not stand still and we will continuously search for that little bit more and try to stay one step ahead our competitors. The evidence is there‌. Good catch returns and positive feedback are our best proof of the efficiency of the baits. In the production areas, the entire range is manufactured and packaged by passionate people. The boilie production capacity depends on the baits diameter, the line is designed so that we have a capacity between 4 and 5 tons a day. The packaging machine can do between 8 and 12 tons a day dependant on the packaging being used - 200-500-1000gr. All specific products are produced in our organisation, this also means that we have complete control and have no fear of that know-how being lost.

What makes the difference between Gulp! carp boilies and the competitors product? The real research into attractive products for carp fishing started in the late eighties. Most products used at that time - flavours, enhancers, sweeteners generally came from the food industry. Through years of experimentation and

How do you integrate with the Berkley team and how do you include the Gulp! technology into your products? Before our collaboration was made, we had often discussed and exchanged views on personal experiences. This showed us that a big part of our experiences were the same. My US colleagues, Dr Keith Jones and John Prochnow undertook scientific work in the field of single molecules, with good results. In Europe we are one step further as we search for molecular combinations which significantly increase the attractiveness. Our intention is to make our products more efficiently and more attractive than what is currently available on the market. The GULP Carp attractant plays an important role and became part of all references. It is an efficient cocktail of nearly 100 years of combined experience assembled so that it can be easily integrated in all kinds of baits.

What are the biggest difficulties you encountered whilst conceiving the products? Essentially, most difficulties are created by the final consumer. We must not forget that fishing today is more and more a part, as indeed most sports, subject to fashions. Every season there are those whims, be it colour, smell or even texture. With our experience we are in a position and have the ability to respond rapidly to make specific products for a varying market. From conception level we are taking into consideration the different countries and cultures. We will certainly not put products on the market that do not meet the expectations of the end user. In general, we succeed pretty well. Again, our combined years of experience helps us move forward, our aim is to make a high quality product that satisfies the end user.

We see a lot of new products in the range, can you summarize those new products? Our intention is to make products more efficiently and attractive than what is currently available on the market. The GULP Carp attractant plays an important role and become part of all references. - In the first instance, we have our boilies, available in 8 different flavours and 4 sizes, 12, 16, 20 and 24 mm. Fresh Fruit One, Pineapple Fever, Irish Cream and Particle Bomb.

- Then we have 4 references based on different high quality fish meals, krill powder, fish solubles, etc. for Squid & Liver, Halibut & Crab, Tuna Spice and Seafood One. These references are also available in Pop Up, 12,16 and 20 mm. - Fluoro Pop Up boilies, four types available: orange = Tuna Spice, white = Irish Cream, pink = Seafood One, yellow = Pineapple Fever - Seeds, treated with GULP! Carp attractant, most are PVA friendly from the jar: Tigernuts, Corn, Peanuts, Wheat, Hemp, Chili Hemp, Micro Blend, Spod Blend, Giant Blend in 1,8 kg and 0,8 kg - Attractants, are all PVA friendly, supplied in 250 ml bottles: Green Lipped Mussel Extract, Corn Steep Liquor, Betaine Liquid, Fruit Attractor, Particle Shot, Amino Liquid, Creamy Milk Attractor, Liver Fish, - Dip’s, again all PVA friendly, we find the same names that correspond to the boilies, supplied in 150 ml bottles - Pellets, our pellets are extruded and contain GULP ! Carp attractant. All available in different sizes including micro pellets: Green Betaine Pellets, Halibut Pellets, Pineapple Fever Pellets, Fresh Fruit One Pellets, Bloodworm Pellets, Hemp Pellets, Robin Red Pellets and Tigernuts Pellets. - Oils: Hemp oil, Salmon oil, Fish oil, Sardine oil and liver oil


What we have is ‘today’s knowledge’ with the ‘latest developments’ and a ‘team’ which gives us the power to expand our range with revolutionary quality products.

Frans De Ceulaer


ITEM 1153586

ITEM 1222318 • Available in 42inch and 50inch and 42inch with 3m 2 piece pole • Carbon composite construction • Folding block machined from 7075 aerospace aluminium • Deep, soft, weed green mesh • Supplied in anti stink sleeve


ITEM 1222316

ITEM 1222317 • Unique carbon composite 2 piece pole construction • New carbon composite heavy duty spreader block • Deep, soft, weed green mesh • Supplied in a stink bag • Available in 30inch, 36inch and 42inch

DEFENDER NET ITEM 1153589 • Super strong lightweight carbon composite construction • New carbon composite heavy duty spreader block • Deep, soft black mesh • Supplied in a stink bag

CONTACT LANDING NET ITEM 1199529 • Super strong lightweight carbon composite construction handle (1.80m) • Heavy duty spreader block and arms • Soft black mesh • Available in 42inch

• Available in 42inch



ITEM 1193001

ITEM 1153588

ITEM 1193002

• Rigid high density foam construction

• Available in 42inch and 50inch

• Waterproof Nylon outer

• Fits all nets in our range

• Secure Velcro tab fastener

• Deep, soft, weed green mesh • Great quality for a great price




CONNECTIONS CARP HOOKS If you want to improve your catch rates, you need a sharper hook. And we defy anyone to find a sharper hook than a JRC Connection Carp hook. The range is purpose designed to make the most of modern rigs, from the ‘go-anywhere’ MBT CONNECT 1 through to the MBT CONNECT 360, that’s been purpose built to offer the perfect mechanics for the 360 rig, or any ‘aggressive’ hooking arrangement.

If you want to improve your catch rates, you need JRC Connection.





• Sinking smooth polymer coated • Strong 30lb inner mono core • Abrasion resistant, shock absorbing • Camouflage colours to suit our hooklinks • Available in 3ft swivel looped both ends • 3ft helicopter system looped both ends • 6ft swivel looped one end and nylon tag other end • 24 inch swivel looped both ends


ITEM 1190494

• Extra Tough clear mono

• • • • •

Tapered Low Visibility brown color High Knot Strength from a 0.30mm to a 0.45mm 5 pieces of 15m

Provides the strength needed to cast the distance and connect perfectly to thinner mainline mono or Superlines.


ITEM 1190492

• Very soft and fast sinking leadcore • Innovative coated material added • Strong and reliable

• 20 and 30lb breaking strain

• Blends perfectly with the lakebed

• Extremely abrasion resistant

• Available on spools of 25mtr

• 45lb breaking strain. • Easy to splice

• Available on spools of 90mtr (100yds)

This JRC Shockleader is very tough and perfect to use with braided mainlines or as a leader for spodding. Also to be used for stiff rigs.


Made from 45lb JRC Camouflage lead core this ready made leader has an accurately spliced loop for attaching to your mainline and is fitted with a Heli-Gripter bead and rig swivel as well as a quick change lead clip. Simple, quick and totally safe these leaders take the guess work and the hard work out of fishing a reliable helicopter rig.


This JRC leadcore leader material is very special because of the outer coating. It has a light green look that blends easily into the lake bed. Its super dense and flexible design will hug the contours of the lake bed, without the chance of damaging the carp in any way trough the soft outer skin. It is perfect for splicing or needle knots and will add anti-tangle properties to any rig.


For all other lead core rigs apart from the helicopter there is the simple spliced swivel leader. Incorporates an easy glide ring swing in one end and a perfectly formed loop spliced into the other for easy attachment to the mainline.

’360 RIG‛ STEP BY STEP The 360 degree carp fishing rig is designed to give greater freedom of movement. It can easily rotate 360 degrees, hence its name, and this gives it much more flexibility. Any rig with a large amount of freedom from all angles seems to improve the hooking ability. The 360 degree rig helps increase the chances of a good hook hold no matter which side a carp approaches the bait, or at what angle it is sucked into the mouth. The flexibility of the whole rig allows the hook point to turn and drop very quickly to grab a hold of the flesh. This means that more carp can be hooked, even those that feed very cautiously. The rig must be used with a pop-up bait, as this will cause it to sit correctly as shown in the pictures below. You can get the most out of the 360 degree rig by making sure it sinks slowly, so it rests lightly on the bottom. The stiff mono line boom section allows the hook to fall away from the lead so it presents the bait well. I find this fishing rig works well when it lays nicely onto a soft silt bed, or lake onto a bed which has bits of debris and leaves. On these beds it wont look too much out of place. It could be used in weed, but I feel that the stiff boom may get tangled amongst, or in between, any weed stalks. I would suggest using the 360 degree rig when the carp in your water are hard to catch.

First attach a ring swivel to the Connect 360 by putting the hook trough the small ring of the swivel, the swivel slides all the way down to the hook eye.

Then use the small transparent bead and slide it over the hook point with the thin end first, it has to sit on the shank opposite of the hook point at the same height.

Next slide over a small rig ring from the same pack and last the second transparent bead goes over the hook point now with the thicker part first.

Take a piece of stiff fluorocarbon and tie it to the big ring from the size 11 swivel. Tie on the other end a figure of eight knot loop. Now the rig is ready.

To be used with pop-up normally, but as a tip, I know some guys who use this rig very successfully with bottom baits.



Soft silicone tubing for a neat finish on rigs and hooks.

ANTI TANGLE SLEEVES ITEM 1222243 - 1222245

Anti tangle sleeves to prevent tangle of the hooklink when casting.


An exceptionally heavy anti-tangle tube specifically coloured to blend into the lake bed or weedy environments. In keeping with the rest of the Connection range it has a matt, non-glare finish so as not to spook wary carp.


Non reflective matt finished tubing. Dense and flexible to blend in easily with the lake bed.

SHRINK TUBE ITEM 1153710 - 1153713

Extremely high quality shrink tube that is easy to shrink in either steam or hot water and will form perfect line aligners, flip rigs etc, as well as keeping loops and knots covered and protected. PAGE 60

’CHOD RIG‛ STEP BY STEP The chod rig is consistently effective at catching carp, generally regarded to have two main advantages; the way in which it allows a bait to be displayed over soft mud, weed or debris is the first key benefit and secondly is the distinct shape of the rig itself and the way the chosen bait (pop up) is attached. The latter benefit is also generally utilized in the chod rig’s immediate ancestor, the well known and used, stiff-hinged rig. In so it revolves around a rig consisting of a rigid or stiff link, an aggressively angled hook point and the ability to spring 360 degrees around the axis of the hook. The chod rig is widely used and the two key features of the chod combine to make it very difficult for a carp to avoid or physically dislodge the hook once being snared. Also, the hook holds that the chod delivers are generally very strong and secure, causing less damage to the carps mouth Not only do very few fish fall off with this set-up, but they suffer minimal damage. Used materials: 1-Minimaal 1 a 1.5m. camouflage leadcore. 2-Complete heli-gripter beads. 3-One connect 4 MBT hook. 4-Stif fluorocarbon 20lb. 5-Rig-ring 4 mm. 6-Twin bore bead. STEP 1: At one end we assemble a swivellead through a grinnerknot. Then we move the bufferbead or a rubber tail to the swivel of the lead. STEP 2: Then the heli-gripter beads and ringswivel are pushed on the leadcore to about a 35cm. distance of the lead. STEP 3: A STIF-D-rig, by means of a threechamber knot, is fastened to the ringswivel. (Finished rig is about 6cm. Maybe slightly shorter or longer) STEP 4: To attach the lead core to the main line 4 cm of the core should be removed. Burn the tips to avoid tearing. Put a needle, a few inches below the end, through the core and pull the main line through it. A bledknot of at least 6 windings creates a strong and secure link above. STEP 5: If a more free-sliding chod- rig is required, a few cm of shrink tube is added at a certain distance above the heli-gripter. The loose bead of gripter is removed and replaced by a twin bore bead that is attached on the shrink tube.


CONNECTIONS LEADS CONNECTION LEADS ITEM 1222391 - 1222447 • Strong and solid coating that blend into underwater surroundings • From 1.1oz (30gr) upto 5oz (142gr) (gripper leads upto 10oz-280gr) • Marker leads in 2.5oz (70gr) and 3.0oz(85gr) • Liner backleads can be used as a normal style backlead or as a captive one in sizes 0.5 (15gr), 1.1 (30gr) and 2oz (56gr)

A full range of leads with a plastic powder coating baked onto the leads in a weed green or a gravel brown finish. The range holds teh follwoing series: Flat pear swivel leads, square swivel leads, distance casting leads, gripper leads, flat pear inline leads, square inline leads, marker leads and liner backleads.





• strong and solid coating that blend into underwater surroundings

• strong and solid coating that blend into underwater surroundings

• strong and solid coating that blend into underwater surroundings

• strong and solid coating that blend into underwater surroundings





• strong and solid coating that blend into underwater surroundings

• strong and solid coating that blend into underwater surroundings

• strong and solid coating that blend into underwater surroundings

• strong and solid coating that blend into underwater surroundings


’STIFF D RIG‛ STEP BY STEP The Stiff Rig is primarily used to make it very difficult for the carp to eject the hook after it has taken the bait into its mouth. There are many variations of the Stiff Rig, but the basic principle is the same. Using a stiff hooklength material has other advantages, for example, it has great anti tangle qualities when casting and when the weight/lead hits the lake bed the stiffness of the hook length material will throw the hook away from the weight/lead as it will not fold up on itself. Used materials: 1 Fluorocarbon Stiff 20 lb 2 Connect 1 Size 6 3 Quick Fit Link 4 Anti tangle sleeve When and why using the rig The Stiff Rig I use on waters that stand under a lot of pressure of carp anglers. This rig is 12 to 15 cm long and an essential part of the rig is the stiff hair. Thanks to the stiff hair it is very difficult for the boilie and the hook to leave the mouth of the carp without hooking when the carp tries to blow it out. The carp does not know what to do and flees with a bite as result. Because I always fish with a Quick Fit Link, I use an 8-knot to make a loop at the end of the line, I can quickly and easily change my rigs. An anti tangle sleeve provides a clean and smooth finish. Step 1: Cut approximately 25 cm Fluorocarbon Stiff. Step 2: Make a flat knot at the end of the line (this will become the hair). Pass the other end through the back of the eye of a Connect 1 hook. Pay attention that you pull extra hard or twice to tighten the loop, the knot is usually not directly as solid as with a braided line. Step 3: Determine the length of the hair ad connect the hook with a knotless knot. Allow approximately 2.5 cm space between bait and the bending of the hook so it can properly respond. Step 4: Measure the rig (12-15 cm) and make a loop at the end using the 8-knot Step 5: With a boilie needle you can lace an anti tangle sleeve on the line. Step 6: The rig is ready for use and can be connected to the quick fit link.


CONNECTIONS CLIPS & HOOK LINKS LEADCLIPS ITEM 1205104 - 1222067 • Strong and solid coating that blend into underwater surroundings • From 1.1oz (30gr) upto 5oz (142gr) (gripper leads upto 10oz-280gr) • Marker leads in 2.5oz (70gr) and 3.0oz(85gr) • Liner backleads can be used as a normal style backlead or as a captive one in sizes 0.5 (15gr), 1.1 (30gr) and 2oz (56gr)

Finally some leadclips in the range, first a normal style leadclip in our 3 well known camouflage colors (green, brown and beige). The other leadclip is something mmore special, this one is exclusive to JRC, this leadclip makes sure the lead get’s released before the swivel because of the metal clip that holds the swivel in place. Usuable for leads upto 12oz.

TAIL RUBBERS ITEM 1205107 - 1153740

Soft tail rubbers for various rig uses including protecting swivels and finishing off in-line lead systems. Moulded from non-shine rubber in weed green, silt brown and sand beige.

COCOON COATED BRAID ITEM 1153688 - 1153696 • Very soft and fast sinking inner braid • A non-reflective matt coating

camouflaged colours (sand beige, weed green and mud brown)

• Easy to strip with your finger nails

• Ideal for all combi rigs.

• Blends perfectly with the lakebed, 3

• Available on spools of 20mtrs in 15, 25 and 35lb

A fast sinking high tensile braid, coated in a new non-reflective matt coating, easily stripped to create hinged rigs of all descriptions. These hooklink materials will keep a low profile in the water and not reflect sunlight from the outer surface; the supple inner will remain camouflaged to the lake bed and retain full strength when playing a fish.


These Hooklinks have all been developed in conjunction with the Match fishing sector and, as such, are of very high quality and extremely low visibility. The stiff Fluorocarbons behave very much like monofilaments but are virtually invisible under water. The stiffer Fluorocarbons have fantastic anti-eject properties and make ideal stiff links as well as sharing the low visibility aspect of the softer version.


A fast sinking braid. These hooklink materials will keep a low profile in the water and not reflect sunlight from the outer surface; the supple braid will remain camouflaged to the lake bed and retain full strength when playing a fish. Non fading color. Easy to knot. PAGE 64

• Very soft and fast sinking braid • Innovative color “lock” technology • Strong and reliable • Blends perfectly with the lakebed, 3 camouflaged colours ( sand beige, weed green and mud brown) • Ideal for all supple rigs. • Available on spools

’Hair RIG‛ STEP BY STEP The modern day Hair-rig was devised by Kevin Maddocks and Len Middleton in the late 70’s. It was while conducting tank tests that they concluded that Carp were actually frightened by the effect of the hook and hooklength passing over their lips. The way round this was to mount the bait on a very light, supple, two-inch Hair which was attached to the lower bend of the hook. The long supple Hair allowed the Carp to confidently pick up the bait and pass it back to the Pharyngeal teeth without feeling the effect of the hook or hooklength over it’s lips. The Hair-rig has changed a lot since then in that there is less emphasis being placed on the Carp’s fear of the effect of the hook and hooklength over its lips. Nowadays the emphasis is on the hook being able to turn and find a good hook-hold as the hookbait is being ejected by the Carp. The easiest and most effective method of producing a Hair-rig is to use the Knotless-knot. The Knotless Knot The Knotless-knot is very simple and easy to tie. The knot simply utilizes the hooklength material to firmly tie on the hook and produce the hair of a desired length. Tieing The Knotless Knot 1. Tie a small loop using an Over-hand knot at one end of your selected hooklength material, This loop is for your boilie stop to secure the boilie in place. 2. Using a Boilie Needle thread the boilie (or whatever you’re using as a Hookbait) on to what will be the Hair. 3. Once the Boilie has been threaded on to the Hair a Boilie Stop is pushed through the loop to secure the Boilie in place. Thread a small piece of Silicone tubing on to the hooklength and then on to hook, before threading the hooklength through the eye of the hook. 4. Adjust the length of the Hair to your desired length, about 10mm from the end of the hook to the hookbait is my desired length of hair. Whip up the shank of the hook using a minimum of 7 turns. 5. Thread the hooklength once more back through the eye of the hook and pull tight 6. Tie a loop on to the end of the hooklength and you’re ready to go! I always put a small dap of Super Glue / Rig Glue on the knots just for peace of mind, but it isn’t necessary. Using the Hair-Rig Once the Hair-rig has been tied, a Boilie or bait of the same size can be used on the same Hair time and time again as the Hair length has been set for that particular size of bait. The piece of Silicone tubing that I use is to determine the position of where the Hair leaves the Shank of the hook, which is level with the hookpoint. This also allows the hook to turn and the rig to work, in a sense, as an anti-eject ‘Blow-Back’ rig. In other words, once the hook has penetrated the lip of the fish, the fish won’t be able to blow out the bait and hook, just the bait. Hair Length In my experience, and whilst discussing Hair length with other anglers, I’ve found that there is no ultimate Hair length, though a gap of between 5mm to 15mm from the bend of the hook to the hookbait is favoured by most. It’s a case of trial and error in finding a Hair length that works for the size and pattern of hook being used, the size of bait being used, the hooklength material and the way in which the carp are feeding. If you are missing runs or you feel the fish are picking up and successfully ejecting your hook and hookbait then a adjust the length of the Hair, which could make all the difference.


F E AT U R E S WITH Roelof Schut


better And safer


100% fish safe lead system, is a lead system which releases the leader and lead in a case of a line break. Because the lead and the leader will sink to the bottom, the carp cannot snag himself and ends up with only a rig in his mouth. A 100% fish safe lead system must be a part of the tackle box content of every carp angler. Respect for the carp goes hand in hand with fish safe systems. Because of the increasing demand for fish safe inline lead system, JRC is introducing the ASIS system. The advantage of this inline system is that the full weight of the lead will be used for hooking the carp when a feeding carp will stretch the rig. This increases the chance of a successful penetration of the hook. ASIS stands for Anti Shake Inline Safety. The ASIS lead is a ‘Flat Pear’ lead with a slit on top and a hole in the bottom. The ASIS lead is attached to a Snide leader using a quick link. To make a neat attachment a sleeve is pushed over the connection. On to the rig, the insert is mounted which comes with the ASIS lead. The next step is tying

the rig on a big eye swivel. It’s very important to use a big eye swivel, so the leader knot can pass through the swivel easily. Now the insert is pushed in the bottom hole of the lead. The rig lies neatly in the slit and disappears in the hole, returning out of the lead in the middle of the insert. The ASIS system is ready to use.

When the hook penetrates the mouth of the carp, the fish will shake his head heavily. The carp uses the lead to release the hook out of his mouth. When using the ASIS system, this is impossible. If a hooked carp shakes his head, the insert comes out of the lead. Now the lead is ‘free’ and slides down the leader to the bottom. Now it’s impossible for the carp to use the lead as a counter balance. But there will be enough tension on the line to keep the hook in the carp’s mouth. The next reaction is a bolting carp. At the moment the insert comes out of the lead, another advantage comes into play. The down sliding lead will create a ‘shocker effect’; the lead will pull the hook better into the carp’s mouth.

The ASIS system unites the best of 4 worlds 1. In case of a line break, the lead and the leader will sink to the bottom. The carp ends up with only the rig. Safer is impossible! 2. An inline lead system has the best hooking potential. With the ASIS system the hook penetrates faster and deeper. This prevents missed bites and hook pulls! 3. A hooked carp shakes his head wildly and uses the lead as a counter balance to swing the hook out of his mouth. With the ASIS system that’s impossible because the lead comes free from the rig. The percentage caught carp rises dramatically! 4. If the lead comes free from the rig, a ‘shocker’ effect is created. The hook will penetrate even better. The carp is simply hooked!

Roelof Schut


ITEM 1153734

These helicopter system beads have been designed with carp safety in mind. The top bead has a massive bore of 2.8mm to ensure easy passage over leader knots. This safety system will grip onto lead core leaders in any position. Ideal for all lead core helicopter and “chod” rigs.


ITEM 1153736

ITEM 1153737

Constructed with a 2.5mm hole on one side that fits snugly over the eye of a size 8 swivel. The other side has a 1.5 mm hole that will offer full protection to the swivel knot. Moulded from anti-glare rubber in weed green or silt brown.


ITEM 1153735

Shock resistant tapered beads. Designed to create the perfect knot protection for all plumbing and running lead requirements. Finished in weed green.


ITEM 1153738

These low profile teardrop beads are designed to grip tightly to the shank of the hook, staying in position even when distance casting. Supplied with easy glide oval ring for attaching bait. Perfect for creating all blow back and 360 rigs.


ITEM 1222239 • 60 pieces of bait bands

Strong elastics in three sizes for attaching all kinds and sizes of pellets, floaters, etc... 20 pieces each size.

• Strong elastics


ITEM 1153710 - 1153713

Extremely high quality shrink tube that is easy to shrink in either steam or hot water and will form perfect line aligners, flip rigs etc, as well as keeping loops and knots covered and protected.


ITEM 1222238

This Tugsten putty is very dense and easy to knead, just a small piece will do to make your hooklink fold flat on the bottom of the lakebed, also usefull for balancing hookbaits. 3 colors in a pack


• High density tungsten material • 3 colors in a pack • Easy to apply

ITEM 1153730 - 1153732

These smooth profiled hair stops are easy to fit and will withstand long casting. Coloured to match the choice of bait and supplied on an easy dispenser card. PAGE 68

SWIVELS ITEM 1222232 - 1222237

These swivels are an addition to the rest of our swivel range. The connection quick change swivel is a very handy swivel to easily switch your hooklinkor attach a pva bag, the clip on the swivel can be secured with the help of an anti tang le sleeve. The big eye swivel is perfect when using arunning rig set-up, helicopter system or even for marker float set-ups. The size 11 swivel is a usefull swivel for d-rigs or when a smaller swivel is required for attaching 2 kinds of hooklink material. Our ball bearing swivels are much smoother when turning as our nowrmal size 8 swivels.


Long barrelled rolling swivels. Size 8 Rust resistant, strong and reliable suitable for all types of hooklinks and lead clips.


Manufactured with an integral ring in one eye for adding extra flexibility to rigs. The oval ring swivel is particularly effective at laying out stiff links in a parallel line.



The JRC Speed Link has multiple uses, from easy changing the lead, marker float, hooklink, etc... Also this item in our Matt Black finish.

Strong and reliable rig rings. Perfect for joining different hooklink materials to create combi links.


ITEM 1222231

Strong and reliable matt black rig rings. Perfect for joining different hooklinks or as a d-rig ring. Available in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm.


Extra strong links for quick changing of rigs, plumbing floats, leads etc. Also ideal for use with a 4mm rig ring when using PVA stick rigs. PAGE 69



WITH Manuel Schneider

In a clear, strong fished lake I made the observation that the carp are drawn to a feeding ground in transparent water. I also noticed the same for bream and roach. The carp swam into this swim but always became ‘spooked’ and fled into the distance. Over the next few days, they showed up regularly in the same spot. I needed an answer to entice them to feed near to where I was set-up and the answer was for this particular case, PVA bags. The abbreviation stands for polyvinyl alcohol PVA. This chemical composition is designed so that the material dissolves completely in water. The available range of PVA material offers endless possibilities. Especially in the cold or in the very hot season, when fish are more sluggish. If the food requirement is small, this type of feeding often the difference between successful and unsuccessful fish. Since I am a big fan of the precise feeding, I almost always use PVA materials in different variations. Rapid deployment: PVA Tape The tape is similar to an adhesive strip, tear easily with powerful throws and dissolves relatively quickly. PVA Tape is designed for short distances up to about 20 feet and low. Water depths up to about 3 meters suitable.

Cold water delayed the dissolution of PVA. Special winterTape dissolves reliably even at low water temperatures.

PVA-I also use tape to fix the hair in the correct position. It may not involve the ejection or fall.

The tape is made twice and drawn as whole and half boilies with a long Stringer needle. Keep intermediate distance, so that the tape can resolve reliably.

More Throws: PVA STRING PVA string is tear resistant and dissolves less quickly. It is therefore suitable for medium throw distances up to about 50 meters and greater water depths.

For the distance of the bait remains on the cast, I think the bait loop in the appropriate position.

The Versatile: PVA mesh PVA-Mesh is available in different diameters, usually delivered with a small pestle, which facilitates the loading and compression of the PVA-stocking. JRC offers a practical PVA mesh combination, the two are mentioned in diameter.

The mesh material is knotted at both ends. The prepared PVAstick is then pulled with a baiting needle to the leader or simply hung in the hook.

In addition to boilies or pellets can be in the PVA mesh also basic food particles or small pieces boilies present in the immediate vicinity hook.

There are two types of PVA bags: The rectangular Square End Bags (suitable for storing a boat) and the rounded variant (Long Cast bags) for long casts.

PVA is not achieved by oil-based attractants. PVA Bags therefore allow the use of liquid attractants, such as the perfect dip for hook bait.

In addition to the hook bait dip a few drops in the bag. With thumb and index finger I distribute evenly the attractant. The bag is then knotted with PVA tape. Dissolves the PVA in water, creates an enticing scent trail.

Manuel Schneider

It can feed relatively large amounts of food. Prerequisite: The package is tied compact. The lead is with this in the bag. The remaining air can suck through a straw out or pierce the bag with the bait needle.

The hook: PVA foam The PVA material is used, if the hook point with a dwindling not remain hanging on a cabbage stalk or otherwise collect dirty to. The sausages are folded in half and impaled on the hook tip. I usually use at least two foam cylinders.

After throwing the foam along with the hook leader lifts briefly above the water surface. Dissolves the foam falls off the hook, our bait slowly. The rest of the foam rises to the sausage surface and thus serves as a small short-term markers. As needed can you feed again.


CONNECTS 2 ITEM 1189288 - 1189291

The Connect 1 is an ultra-sharp beaked point hook that is ideal for using over weed, hard gravel or clay bottoms as the point, being in-turned, will stay protected from knocks and bumps more easily than a conventional pattern. The straight point increases the ‘gape’ when using stiffer hooklinks or coated braids. With the addition of non-reflective MBT coating there will be no ‘hook glare’ even when outlined against yellow sand and gravel backgrounds.

Connect 2 is a micro-barbed pattern that will equally suit all bottom bait and pop-up presentations. Due to the sweeping angle of the shank this hook will always ‘flip’ and find the perfect hook hold. The 10 degree inturned eye is ideal for the knotless knot presentation. The hook is light but incredibly strong and really comes into it’s own in tricky situations where ‘hook and hold’ tactics may be called for. MBT coating reduces the visibility and adds a super slick finish to aid hook penetration.



ITEM 1189293 - 1189294

The Connect 3 is the perfect long shanked hook, with a precise eye angle designed to compliment the knotless knot this light but strong model is ideal for any situation. MBT coating and a needle point ensure ease of hook penetration while the extended shank provides secure, non slip hook holds. This hook performs particularly well when used on a blow back rig incorporating the JRC sliding ring and hook beads.

ITEM 1153672 - 1153675

This is another step forward in hook pattern design. While the inturned point ensures an excellent hook hold, the slight outwards angle to the shank increases the gape and flips the hook into position more easily on the pick up. An ideal hook for snag fishing and all heavy duty work. MBT coated for a smooth, low profile finish.

D-RIG HOOKS ITEM 1222247 - 1222252 • Pre-made D-rig system •Made from MBT connect 2 and connect 4


•Available in sizes 4, 6 and 8 •Incredibly sharp and strong hooks

ITEM 1153676 - 1153678

A sliding ring and hook beads. The extended ‘belly’ of the hook transfers the load pressure whilst playing fish and reduces hook travel. It can also be used with the line coming through the front of the eye as a ‘flip hook’ rig or by using a stiff link through the back of the eye it creates a perfect ‘Stiff Rig’ hook for anti-eject and ‘Chod rigs’. This hook represents a radical step in hook design and is set to become a firm favourite whatever task it is used for.


These D-rig hooks are an addition to our fantastic hook range specially made for anglers who don’t want to tie a D-rig themselves. Thanks to the long “D” loop the hooks turns more easily and the anti-eject properties are enlarged. Made from our Connect hooks designed in the UK and made by the best hook producer in Japan, our teflon coating has a unique black color which eliminates all reflection under water making the hook almost invisible to carp. The D-rig hook range is made of connect 2 and connect 4 hooks available in sizes 4, 6 and 8.

’POP UP SPINNER RIG‛ STEP BY STEP Pop-up rig allows the angler to position a bait up off the lake bed. There are a number of scenarios where you may find it beneficial to do this, but in the main it is to do with positioning the bait above any weed that may be present or general detritus that could mask a bottom bait like leaves or silt. That said, it has become common practice for many anglers to use a pop-up approach where there is no actual need for it to be popped up, i.e. a clean hard bottomed lake. The feeling in such situations is that it just offers something a little different to the norm which may get a result. Personally I only fish pop-ups where absolutely necessary, much preferring a critically balanced approach wherever possible as I believe it offers a more natural presentation. However, I have many angling companions who fish pop-ups as part of their standard approach and often take good numbers of fish. A top Tip would be to try using pop-ups in Winter, where there is often a lot of leaf litter on the lake bed which allows the bait to sit just above all the decaying vegetation and hopefully, right under the nose of any passing carp!



In front of my Feet! In the last Years I was looking for the best fishing tactics on my preferred lakes. Most of them are gravel pits with over 100 Hectares and some gravel bars in 100 to 250 meter distance from the bank. Normally all Anglers use Boats on these big lakes, but in my eyes is the effort to feed and take the rigs out is often exaggerated. It takes a lot of time to find a suitable place to explore and to feed before. In worst case 2 anglers fish from different fishing places on the same spot in the middle of the lake! I found the right tactic for me on this Waters - Short Range Fishing! What I mean with this? To say it easy, I fish mostly in areas from 5 till 40 meters, an easy casting distance, and in some situations less than 1 meter

in front of my feet’s. From my point of view this method has a lot of significant advantages. The important points for me are: All my spots are ready to fish in some minutes! It’s easy to place the rigs and Baits on the spots. To pull the rigs in, change the Baits and cast out – needs only some minutes! I can react immediately of new situations like jumping carps. In the past I catch some fish in the first 5 minutes of my session. I can reduce my tackle to a minimum! Rods, Bank Sticks, Landing Net, Unhooking Mat, Chair and a Carryall with my Terminal tackle and Baits is all what I need for my short sessions. For longer sessions I add a Brolly, Sleeping Bag and a Bed chair. That’s it! It is very quiet! The noise from a lead or some single Bait’s is very low!

Most of the carp angler’s using a boat to feed or place the rigs on the spots. So there is a lot of noise or turbulences from the Motor or paddles, shadows from the boat, etc… To many points for me that can scare the Carps! My Spots are easy to feed! I can bring out my Baits with a Catapult, Throwing stick, Bait spoon, PVA or simply with my hands very fast. A big advantage when it’s frozen, stormy, rainy or after a run by night. No trouble with other anglers! Many Predator anglers catch with there Spoons and Wobblers the Lines from the carp anglers far in the lake. There is often a bad mood and it come almost daily problems between the anglers. My lines go always straight from the Rod Tip down to the Water. On my Club Lake near my home I guess I’m the only carp angler without use a boat! So I have no other choice to catch carp as to cast. But this is no problem for me; maybe it is a kind of luck? Other anglers catch every year less fish on there spots. But I catch even more carps in the short distances as before. So I think that the carps move more and more from the gravel pits to shore. On my last 2 Sessions this year, only one night each, I was able to catch 11 Carps. The Water temperature was down to only 6°C in this period so I was really impressed from this result. In the last 3 years I could catch many fish in the shore areas and it seams that this is the right way on “long range” Waters! My Personal Best is also one from this shore carps. I was looking for a spot with no weeds on it. In the morning time, on sunset, I got a run. After a good fight I was able to pick up my new PB in very shallow water. Of course this special style of fishing needs a special tackle setup! The rods have to be softer than a “normal” Rod so I prefer the new Classic- and Specialist Series from JRC. This Rods have enough Power to handle big carps but also very sensitive. Try the shore - unlike the other….

Martin Gruber PAGE 75


This Rig has been designed to give the most positive hooking response to a fish picking up the bait. The angle of the shrink tube will ensure that the hook flips over as soon as it comes into contact with the carps mouth, finding a secure hook hold more easily. Constructed from 25lb sinking green braid, a Connect 2 hook and JRC shrink tube set at a 30 degree angle. A very strong and capable rig.

FLUOROCARBON RIG ITEM 1153702 - 1153706

Constructed from 0.33mm JRC soft fluorocarbon, a Connect 1 hook and JRC clear shrink tube set to a 20 degree angle. This rig combines the effectiveness of the flip rig with the invisibility of our fluorocarbon to create a perfect rig for fooling wary carp in clear water.

COMBI RIG ITEM 1153707 - 1153709

Used by many as a first choice rig it has already accounted for thousands of carp from some of the very hardest of venues all across Europe. The rig uses Cocoon braid coated link stripped to leave a supple hinge. This is combined with a Connection 2 hook and an easy glide swivel to form a simple but incredibly effective rig.

PVA PRODUCTS ITEM 1153715 - 1153729

The strength of the bags is phenomenal considering their quick and total dispersion qualities. Long cast bags are designed to add aero dynamics to long range bag work. The PVA mesh is the very best we’ve ever tried and comes supplied with an ergonomic JRC moulded bait compression tool. Incredible quality for the price. PAGE 76

’CHOD STYLE BLOWBACK RIG‛ STEP BY STEP The Blowback Rig is a great rig to use if you find you are getting plenty of bites but not actually hooking any carp. The idea behind the rig is that as the carp blows the bait back to check that its ok, it slides down the hook on the rig ring leaving the hook point completely exposed and the greatest opportunity to get a good hold. The easiest way to tie this rig is to start with a standard knotless knot using your hooklink of choice. Supple braids tend to work best for this rig. Once you’ve completed your knotless knot, thread a small rig ring onto the hair and then over the point of the hook. The next step is to tie a small single knot to secure the hair to the rig ring. Make sure the ring is at the right height on the shank of the hook before proceeding, ideally this should be level with the point of the hook. And there you have it, your completed blowback rig.



Our new series of baiting needles provides a needle for every use, from small baits like corn oevr hard baits like tigernuts to big boilies our baiting needles got it covered. They all have different type of fluoro colored ergonomic handles that are easy to find when dropped on the ground. The needles itself are made from a high quality surgical steel. The range exist o fthe folllowing needles: Fine Lip Hook Baiting Needle (yellow), Heavy Lip Hook Baiting Needle (green), Splicing Baiting Needle (blue), Stringer Needle (pink), Fine Braid Baiting Needle (orange), Heavy Braid Baiting Needle (purple), Fine Pellet Drill 1mm (magenta), Knot Puller (JRC red) and a set of 3 needles (lip close, stringer and a braid needle) in JRC red color.


1 mm pellet drill to drill pellets for hookbait use.


Perfect tool to pull on knots.


The perfect scissors to cut braids, strippable hooklink materials, fluorocarbon and mono. Incredibly sharp in a carpy gree finish.


ITEM 1222321

A portable, versatile hand tool that combines several individual tool functions in a single grip. Based on a pair of strong folding pliers with wire cutters, it has a folding knife blade as well as assorted other folding tools. Available in small and Large. 10 tools in one.


These rod rests are made from a soft and flexible rubberised inner and a stronger and more rigid plastic outer to securely grip your rod without damaging it. Usable with full duplon or abbreviate handle style rods. • Soft rubber insert

• JRC green color

• Rigid plastic outer

• Metal screw


F E AT U R E S WITH Manuel Schneider

PRECISION TEST As any designer, you are assessed on how well your product performs and the first test of my latest design was in a precision lab.

After the successful lab test, I was sure that the weight is correct to the exact 0.01 and the scales are suitable for the angler to use on the bank or in the water. The scales have two displays, one at the front and the other at the back which makes it easier to read. It also means the catcher and partner can see the weight of the catch immediately. Another feature of these scales is you can programme in the weight into the memory of the scales.

The digital scales have a cradle area of from 0.01 to 45.3 kg or from 0.1 to 100lbs. The conversion of kg on Lbs or vice versa occurs through the easy keystroke of the kg / LB-Taste. Fish can be weighed easily also by the enough big cradle area more than 40 kg exactly. In the lab three measurements with the following results were carried out: Measurement 1: 5 kg => announcement value of the scales 4,991 kg Measurement 2: 20 kg => announcement value of the scales 19,998 kg Measurement 3: 45 kg => announcement value of the scales 45,002 kg The results from the test showed that the scales functioned exactly as they were designed to do, therefore I was very happy!

Another feature is the illumination of the scales which means you can view the weight in the dark but also if you forget to switch the light off, the auto light off function activates cutting all light after 4 minutes. These scales come supplied in a upholstered leather pocket.

Manuel Schneider PAGE 79

CONNECTIONS LINES CONNECTION SINKING BRAID ITEM 1192776 - 1192793 • True fast sinking braid

• Ideal for long range fishing

• Incredible low on diameter

• Available in 300, 600 and 1200yds ( 274, 540 and 1100 mtrs.)

• Good abrasion resistance

• 2 camouflage colors, weed green and sand beige

• Blends perfectly with the lakebed

A true sinking braided line with an extremely thin diameter and more abrasion resistant than normal braided lines. Designed exclusively to blend in perfectly with the colours and contours found on Lake and River beds. Connection sinking braid is made from dyneema and kevlar fibres, which are the 2 most strong and durable fibers available. This braid is therefore extremely abrasion resistant, low diameter and extremely fast sinking. This makes the line perfect for fishing longer distances on continetal big waters.

CONNECTION MONO ITEM 1190495 - 1190504

JRC’s all NEW Mono, the innovative MATT mono, extremely abrasion resistance with virtually no stretch. Higher knot strenght per diameter than any other mono on the market. Available in 2 colors (weed green and silt black) which blend in perfectly into the waters environment due to the colours used and the innovative matt finish. Ideal for all fishing scenarios.

• True knot strenght per diameter

• Blends perfectly with the lakebed

• Innovative matt mono

• Ideal for all fishing styles

• Extremely good abrasion resistance

• Available in 1200mtrs (to spool 3 to 4 reels)

• 2 camouflage colors, weed green and silt black

100% FLUOROCARBON 2000YDS ITEM 1216221 - 1216224 • Invisible under water • Green tinted • Sinking • High abrasion resistance

The best ever Carp Style Fluorocarbon, perfect for mainline use, this one will disappear 100% even in very shallow waters and with much sunlight, light piping is reduced to zero due to pigmentation.


’ZIG-RIG‛ STEP BY STEP The Zig-Rig allows a buoyant bait to be fished from the lakebed (legered) at any set depth from a couple of inches above the lakebed right up to the water’s surface. This allows the angler to be able to present the hookbait at the depth at which the carp are either cruising, or more importantly, feeding. The Zig-Rig can be used in many situations where hookbait presentation at certain depths is critical, like on the surface during hot weather, or as another example, just above light weed where a normal hookbait may become hidden within the weed. Other uses my be sub-surface where carp maybe cruising, say a couple of feet below the surface, or even sub-surface where wildfowl may cause a nuisance. My preferred Zig-Rig setup is a 10lb-12lb fluorocarbon hooklength tied to a in-line lead, which is then fished on the lakebed (legered) and setup with a bite-alarm and indicator, as you would normally. Fish a bottom bait the Zig-Rig is therefore a semi-fixed bolt-rig. The Zig-Rig is a tremendous setup , however, it’s not without it’s complications. Casting out a Zig-Rig with a hooklength of a couple of feet isn’t a problem, but casting out a hooklength of 12ft is. There are various different ways in which to cast out such a long hooklength, personally I opt for placing my hookbait into my (Stainless!) mug, which I carefully place on the bank-side, behind me, before casting out. The hooklength unravels during the cast leaving my (Stainless!) mug cleanly on the bankside. Alternatively, the hooklength can be coiled, or folded, up and held in place using PVA string before being cast out to the chosen spot. Another method, if the hooklength isn’t too long, would be to cast off the ground by laying the hooklink out straight before casting. Be careful though not to snag on anything as you cast. My preferred method of using my (Stainless!) mug allows the hooklength to be at full length before hitting the water, but is prone to tangles during the cast at distance, so it’s ‘horses for courses’ as to which method you choose. Landing fish with such a long hooklength can also cause problems, especially with a 12ft hooklength and 3ft length of leadcore (or tubing), on a 12ft rod!! This is where a fishing buddy is needed to net the fish whilst you walk backwards up the bankside. Any buoyant hookbait can be used, from bread to pop-up boilies, or if your hookbait isn’t buoyant, use foam of cork for the buoyancy in addition to the chosen hookbait.



River Rhein


Carp anglers Eldorado ! The fishing on the longest river in Germany, the Rhein is a challenge for any angler. Especially carp fishing has become extremely popular over the last 5 years. With its “partial� unknown backwaters we have tremendous opportunities to catch the carps around every season. I fish either from the shore but mostly from the boat, because the good spots are often difficult to reach from the shore. There are a lot of predator anglers who fish from the Boat. So you should be considerate to all other anglers and aware of your lines in the backwaters.

The Rhine is a very productive river. The food supply is overwhelming, especially crabs and clams are available in large quantities. As a result the fish grow very well and make the carps to extremely strong fighters. 70% of the carps in the river Rhine are common carps. These carps usually have the wild form and are torpedo-shaped. The strong carps offer an unforgettable experience to the anglers.

In the river Rhine are also a very big population of Grass carps. So much that some anglers are specialize on grass carp, like our JRC TEAM ANGLER Dario Landsiedel. He fishes for over 30 years on the Rhine. His specialty is fishing in the main stream between the Stonefields. In the last 5 years, he catched numerous Grass carps over 30 kg. Dario is one of the most successful grass carp specialists in Germany. The dark side of the Rhine. The water level is very important and can make a good preparation for naught. So watch out where you place and set up your Tackle on these river. You collect a lot of experiences like sudden floods and must always be flexible. Stamina is as appropriate.

Localize the fish. Who knows the feeding lines, will catch! Carp anglers have been watching a lot of time the water. You can find the carps when they jump, or you see the bubbles fields in the water. I use every free minute to walk around the water and watch the surface. This time you should use as it goes, this is what brings you the fish. The use of a boat with an electric motor makes the carp fishing much easier in the backwaters. I prefer either the plastic boat RIGIFLEX or one of the JRC Inflatable’s. These inflatable boats have a very thick outer skin and the workmanship is very good. In combination with the new JRC electric motor in size 44 lbs – a brilliant combo! I use it to bring out the lines, to combat and catch the fish simple and easy.

As already mentioned, there are some backwaters, where you can go only with a boat on the good Spots. The preparing and feeding before is often very time intensive. Fishing from a boat, however, brings many advantages and usually the decisive advantage. It is always flexible and can therefore respond very quickly to changing situations. Often can be happens that the carps change there feeding routes. With my boat, you can follow within minutes the fish. One of my first Mirror carp from an Rhine backwater in 1992. The size of the fish is not the most important thing for us, but the memories of a nice fishing day with or without fish is it. The best will be with some friends... Carp Fishing from a boat in the backwaters. More in the video diary on www.gulpcarp.com Carp fishing arouse emotions!

Markus Lotz


ITEM 1196602

ITEM 1196603

• A new high performance, low resin carbon fibre

• Japanese carbon blank

• Green carbon fibre gloss finish

• Incredible carbon strength

• 7 SIC Guides

• Full duplon handle

• Green whippings

Up until a few years ago many carp anglers would own two sets of rods to cover all distances, nowadays most carper’s want a single set of rods to do everything. The answer is the JRC Blade X. The Blade X rods offer a blank action which will not only cast a lead long distances but provides an unbeatable playing action. Many rods claim this, but how many deliver Well the Blade X certainly does, it’s unique advanced parabolic action has a soft tip, gradually tapering towards the middles and butt which hold the power both for long casting and the incredible control over hooked fish.

RAZOR X ITEM 1222334

ITEM 1222335

ITEM 1222336

ITEM 1222337

ITEM 1222338 • Minimalistic design • Very thin and glossy black blank • 40T japanese carbon

• Incredibly lightweight but very responsive blank

• 20mm carbon look reel seat • Carbon line clip and engraved JRC logo on end cap

• SIC guides

SABRE X ITEM 1196604

ITEM 1196605

ITEM 1196606 •A new high performance, low resin carbon fibre

•Japanese carbon blank

•Abbreviated duplon handle

•7 SIC Guides

•Bordeaux whippings

•Incredible carbon strength

•DPS reel seat

•Bordeaux gloss finish



• A new high performance, low resin carbon fibre

• A new high performance, low resin carbon fibre

• Incredible carbon strength

• Japanese carbon blank

• Japanese carbon blank • SIC guides • DPS reel seat • Abbreviated duplon handle • Bordeaux whippings • Bordeaux gloss finish


• Incredible carbon strength • 6 SSGS - SS304 Guides • DPS reel seat • Abbreviated duplon handle • Bordeaux whippings • Bordeaux gloss finish • Measuring stripes on blank

RA ZOR X R ODS Absolutely stunning



Our new Razor X rod has taken some time to arize, our designers worked very closely with our consultants for over 2 years to get this rod absolutely right. This is definitely the most sexy looking rod I’ve ever seen. It’s minimalistic design complimented by the thinnest blank i have ever seen is a truly magnificent combination. Built from the finest 40T carbon fibre available it is incredibly lightweight, but casts like a dream. The fast recovery is truly impressive togeter with it’s soft tip makes this rod a wolf in sheepsclothing. Stunning.




ITEM 1222342

ITEM 1222343 • Parabolic action • Wooden 20mmm reel seat • Matt brown blank finish • Thin A grade cork handle • SIC guides

A new Classic is born, 12ft rod in a classy brown finish with the thinnest cork handle you have ever seen, wooden effect reelseat and sic guides. Available in 12ft with 3 different test curves. 2.50lb, 2.75lb and 3.00lb. Classic parabolic action.

CLASSIC FLOAT ITEM 1196609 • Parabolic action

• Full high quallity cork handle

• Japanese very slim carbon blank

• Brown matt finish

• 11 Fuji SIC Guides

• Brown whippings

• Fuji DPS reel seat

SPECIALIST RODS ITEM 1222339 - 1222340 • Soft parabolic action

• 1.50lb

• Thin A grade cork handle

• Wooden 18mm reel seat and SIC guides

• 11ft and 12ft

Shorter version of our fantastic Classic Float rod. These are available in11ft and 12ft both with a 1.50lb test curve. A soft parabolic action to stop the most powerfull of runs, but stiff enough to cast the lightest of floats. Complimented by a very thin cork handle that feels just right. PAGE 86


ITEM 1222328

ITEM 1222329

ITEM 1222330

ITEM 1222331

ITEM 1222332

ITEM 1222333

• High modulus carbon

• SIC guides

• Thin blank

• 20mm reel seat

The Ultracast carp rod series are made of an extremely thin high modulus carbon blank, with fast recovery for longer precision casting and a responsive tip for better hook holds. This range is fitted with SIC guides and a 20mm reel seat. The Ultracast make easy work of long range PVA bags, stringers or that long distance chuck that is sometimes needed to but the bait on the money. The New Ultracast Spod and Marker rods from JRC are finished in a matt black finish, high grade sic rings and a stainless butt cap. The Spod Rod has a 4.5lb test curve to build up enough power to cast the biggest spods. The Marker rod has a very stiff blank that feels the lake bed perfectly.

POWERPLAY RODS ITEM 1222322 - 1222345

• High modulus carbon • Slanke blank • 5 SiC geleideogen en SiC topoog • 20 mm reelhouder • JRC logo op afdekplaatje

Engineering at its finest, at a price point that is hard to believe! Slim high modulus carbon blanks, dressed with a 20mm reel seat and quality SIC guides that enable casting far and accurately achievable everytime!  Rod development has moved on over the years and we believe that for the money these rods are without doubt some of the best on the market, whether your PVA bagging with the heavier test curve (3lb) or medium to long range fishing with the 2.75lb these rods cope with everything admirably. PAGE 87


ITEM 1153792

ITEM 1153793

ITEM 1160897

• A new high performance, low cost rod range • Upgraded carbon strength, with stiffer action • Japanese carbon composite blank • Titanium Oxide guides • Fluted NPS type reel fitting • Line friendly JRC nylon line clip • Abbreviated duplon butt • Carbon grey gloss finish • Black whippings

CONTACT 3 SECTIONS ITEM 1199900 • A new High Performance with reduced transport length • Incredible carbon strength • Japanese carbon composite blank • Original SIC Guides Quality • DPS reel seat • Rubber Handle for maximum comfort


ITEM 1199903

• A new High Performance with reduced transport length • Incredible carbon strength • Japanese carbon composite blank • Original SIC Guides Quality • DPS reel seat • Rubber Handle for maximum comfort


A reduced series of Carp rods having very short transport length for Globe Trotter anglers! 2 lengths available in 3 sections or telescopic.

TEMPEST JACKET Pratical, comfortable and fashionable

The JRC TEMPEST JACKET is a technical and supercomfortable soft shell, with all the advantages of the soft shell concept: active stretch mobility, highly breathable and water resistant. The inner membrane also makes it 100% windproof, inner fleece material. Waterproof zips, cuffs with velcro straps, small JRC logo on chest, upper arm and back. Available from size M to XXXL.



ITEM 1222347

ITEM 1222348

ITEM 1222349

POLO SHIRTS ITEM 1222377 - 1222386 • 65% cotton - 35% polyester (250 gr)

ITEM 1222350

These new JRC polo shirts are very comfortable, they have small JRC logo embroided on the chest, upper arm and collar. Available in green and black and in sizes from M to XXXL.

• Jacquard Taslon/Pu breathable coating • Waterproof 5000mm HH rating • Windproof 3000mm • Fully taped seams • Removable inner fleece jacket • Bib&brace


• 3/4 jacket

ITEM 1222356

ITEM 1222357

ITEM 1222358

ITEM 1222359

ITEM 1222360 • Soft shell outer material • Highly breathable due to breathable membrane • 100% windproof • Water resistant • Waterproof zips on main zip, 2 side pockets and chest pocket • Fleece inner • 300G/MM (Twill Nylon/Poly with innerr Fleece)


ITEM 1222352

ITEM 1222353

ITEM 1222354

ITEM 1222355

This Extreme Suit is totally waterproof and breathable with fully taped seams. It is a 3 suit in 1 because it has a removable inner fleece jacket that can be worn separately, a bib & brace that can be transformed into normal trousers by zipping of the shoulder straps and finally the main jacket. This suit can be very warm when the fleece is attached which is perfect for the colder months. However without the inner fleece it is very lightweight which makes this suit perfect for all year round use. Small JRC logo on chest and upper arm, two tone green colour design with hardwearing material used on critical points (shoulders, knees, etc...) Available from size M to XXXL. PAGE 90

• Soft and comfortable wear • Hooded sweater • Track pants

This soft 2 piece (hooded sweater and track pants) track suit is very comfortable to wear in a sleeping bag or under a rainsuit during colder times of the year. small JRC logo on sweater and pants. Available from size M to XXXL.

it’s official: Carp love Gulp! by Tested and approv ed s er Team Gu lp! Field test s nt and consulta

l 100% premium natural ingredients l Superior scent dispersion l Exclusive water soluble attractants l High digestibility l Optimum nutrition for carp

New range 

more than

1 9 0 products pellets



O u r co mplete rang e inclu d es particles, food dips, oils/g lugs and pop- ups!


seeds FlavourS

Pineapple Fever - Halibut & Crab Seafood One - Tuna & Spice - Particle Bomb Fresh Fruit One - Irish Cream Squid & Liver



F E AT U R E S WITH Mickael Regny

Session at St.Cassien This lake haunts the minds of all carp anglers, doing a session on the famous St. Cassien Lake is like meeting all the pioneering spirits of the carp world. I always experience heart palpitations when I visit which makes every trip an exciting adventure. My friend Tony and I decided to do a week on the lake during the month of June, for me it was a homecoming. Even more so as it was an opportunity to test all the products supplied from my new sponsor - ‘JRC and Berkley’. I don’t need to tell anyone that I was armed from the head down but I was somewhat limited as Tony decided this session would be of a mobile approach. I had the necessities but I had to make sure I was “light” to be more agile. Our session began in a swim known as “Aviron” where we spent 3 days angling. On the first morning one of my rods placed on a shoal started to scream, I jumped into my boat whilst grabbing my rod and the battle commenced. Unfortunately as I went to net the fish the hook pulled, to miss a fish is always annoying but I can tell you a missed chance is far worse when it’s on St. Cassien - as you can imagine my morale was at rock bottom.

On the second morning the same rod screamed again and I ended up doing the same ritual of taking to the boat. This time my treasure was locked up in the net and what a treasure! It was a beautiful common carp, barely 11 kg but size doesn’t matter when angling on such a lake. After the third day with only four runs, one catfish and two small carp landed we felt a move would be more productive. Travelling light meant we could move very quickly, with the JRC Zodiac loaded we were off to a bay near the bridge where Tony had seen fish showing. Just as we arrived in the swim we saw a carp on the surface, what more could we want for? We were quick to setup with only the minimum needed but unfortunately after 8 hours of fishing, nothing had happened, not even a beep and the fish had stopped showing. When at St. Cassien you must always be reactive so we decided to move again. We went directly to the west branch as quickly as possible due to the night fast approaching. We agreed to make a visit to the swim of our friend Rudy as he was kind enough to invite us, finally moving on around 22:30. Fishing is prohibited during the night so it was with great pleasure that I slept on my new X-Lite Bed chair in my new JRC home. After the double move this refreshing rest was well deserved and a good thing because the last three days of that trip were downright memorable. At daybreak the rods were carefully arranged and very expectant of fish. Almost immediately we caught a fish of around 13kg from the spot and action continued at a hectic pace with runs every 30 minutes until the late morning. This then resumed in the evening, we had certainly discovered where the fish were held. The spot was about 120 yards from the bank in 6ft of water in the midst of enormous herbarium. Given the situation, Tony and I decided to fish on the spot for a fish at a time, even the catfish were in the game. The catch return of those three days was amazing, we caught 28 carp which averaged 13.5 kg which included a magnificent mirror of 19.7 kg. Our approach ‘reactive and mobile’ enabled us to enjoy a great week, having the equipment supplied by Pure enabled this to happen.

Mickael Regny

CLOTHING HIP WADERS ITEM 1222361 - 1222368

FIELD BOOTS ITEM 1222369 - 1222376

• Rubber outer material

• Tough waterproof moulded sole

• Neoprene inner

• Hardwearing leather upper

• Rubber sole for maximum grip

• 3M thinsulate thermal lining

• Available from size 6 (40) to 13 (47)

• Deep non slip profile • UK sizes 6 to 13 • EURO sizes 40 to 47 • Available from size 6 (40) to 13 (47)

A rubber hip wader with 4mm neoprene inner. The upgraded rubber boot has an improved rubber sole for maximum grip. The material is 100% waterproof.


ITEM 1222390

The JRC Boots feature a tough waterproof moulded sole with hardwearing leather upper. A 3M Thinsulate thermal lining provides comfort and warmth. The sole has been reinforced for durability and the deep non slip profile can be used in all terrains. Available in UK sizes 6 to 13 and Euro Sizes 40 to 47.


ITEM 1222388

Hard wearing baseball caps with golden JRC logos in 3DD effect. One size fits all. Available in 2 colours: Green and Black. • OSFA

These woolen hats will keep your head warm during the coldest winter weathers due to the 3M thinsulated innner. Available in 2 colours: Green and Black. PAGE 94

the complete solution for carp by Tested and approv ed s er Team Gu lp! Field test s nt and consulta l 100% premium natural ingredients l Superior scent dispersion l Exclusive water soluble attractants l High digestibility l Optimum nutrition for carp

New range 

more than

1 9 0 products pellets



O u r co mplete rang e inclu d es particles, food dips, oils/g lugs and pop- ups!


seeds FlavourS

Pineapple Fever - Halibut & Crab Seafood One - Tuna & Spice - Particle Bomb Fresh Fruit One - Irish Cream Squid & Liver



boiliEs pop UPS ups & POP We believe that our boilie range consists of the best baits available, and over the past two years our Consultants and Field Testers have rigorously tested all baits throughout the UK and Europe to the point where we have created one of the best ready made bait ranges available; with no compromise given on ingredient quality or soluble attractors used. All our bait formulas have been developed to provide not only high attraction levels, but also essential food sources, to ensure that your results only get better as the fish stay on the bait for longer.

All our production is in-house, utilising the skills of our own Bait Chemist, who is in charge of all operations. We even make our own flavours unlike many other bait manufacturers. We have invested heavily in Research and Development to ensure that our baits are among the finest any Carp angler can buy. As with every item in our product range, our food grade boilies are fully researched and contain only the best ingredients to ensure that we provide highly digestible baits with optimal nutritional profiles. The secret behind the Berkley Gulp! Carp bait’s unrivalled success in testing lies in using only the highest quality ingredients, researched and developed internally, and produced in our own production facility.


We can proudly say that Gulp! Carp boilies have the following benefits: • 100% premium natural ingredients • Superior scent dispersion • Exclusive water soluble attractants • High digestibility • Optimal nutritional value If you want a fishing edge, to out-fish all those around you; and maybe catch a record Carp yourself, you need to try the Berkley Gulp! Carp baits, as we believe it is the best bait to help you catch more fish. Gulp! Carp boilies are available in four sizes: 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 24mm. Boilie dips and soaks can be an effective way of enhancing your hookbaits, and help you put loads more Carp on the bank. Our Gulp! Boilie dips combine highly effective Carp attracting oils, with a range of flavours at the optimum ratios to attract Carp, without making the bait so strongly tainted that it discourages them. All the liquids are ideal for increasing the attraction properties of your free offerings for short session use, or just to further boost your hook bait, to ensure that is the one that is picked up by the fish! Available in 150ml bottles in the same 8 flavours as our Gulp! Carp boilies.

peLlets pellets

Our complete pellet range is made using the highest production standards in Europe for Carp nutrition. We do not produce any pressed pellets in our range, but only the very best extruded pellets. In our extrusion process, raw materials are first ground to the correct particle size, normally the consistency of a coarse flour. The dry mix is then passed through a pre-conditioner, where other ingredients are added, and steam is injected to begin the essential precooking process. This pre-conditioned mix is then passed through an extruder, and then forced through a die where it is cut to the desired length. The cooking process takes place within the extruder where the product produces its own friction and heat due to the pressure generated (10–20 bar) to complete the cooking process.

Berkley Gulp! pellets are a range of feed pellets that have all been designed to attract and hold fish in your swim. The ingredients used are selected to create highly attractive and palatable pellets. The flavours used will create a powerful flavour trail that leads the fish to the fishing area and triggers a very strong feeding response. All our products are nutritious and palatable to fish, containing all the necessary vitamins; whilst no harmful preservatives are used. All the ingredients used are natural and biologically degradable.

This extrusion cooking process gives the following enhanced food benefits: • Starch gelatinization • Protein denaturation • Inactivation of raw food enzymes • Destruction of naturally occurring toxins • The reduction of micro-organisms in the final product


sEeds All of the Berkley Gulp! Ready Seeds Range are cooked using a new and advanced preparation technique in a pre-mixed special Gulp! technology liquid, that gives all our seeds and nuts an extra boost in the water, enhancing all the natural attractants and oils. This process ensures that all products in our Ready Seeds range possess awesome pulling power. Our Gulp! Ready Seed mixes are also PVA friendly, ensuring that you can deliver small quantities with deadly accuracy close to your hook baits when required, and through the convenience of a PVA delivery system. All seeds are available in either 800ml or 1800ml sealed plastic jars (except Wheat and Giant Blend – see pack sizes on pages 24 & 25)



All our Gulp! Liquids are PVA friendly, ensuring that you can deliver small quantities of treated baits with deadly accuracy, close to your hook baits when required. Simply soak or glug your bag or meshed baits, for maximum effectiveness and the best results. SEAWEED & KELP (All Seasons) Our Gulp! Seaweed & Kelp liquid attractant is made using only the best Kelp sourced from Norway. Being rich in both Vitamins and Minerals, this Kelp attractor exhibits incredible pulling power towards Carp; and by adding Seaweed we have given an extra edge to this liquid attractant. This liquid has been reported as “One of the best liquid attractants by far”, according to many of our experienced Consultants and Field Testers. AMINO MIX (All Seasons) This Gulp! Amino Mix is actually nutritional medicine intended for human use, and has been formulated to assist digestion and nutrition in those patients suffering from eating disorders and poor food digestion. It is a strong smelling red liquid which contains extracts of fresh Liver, Spleen, complex Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals. Being pre-digested, it is also very easily assimilated by the Carp and, as such, can form a vital part of any long term food bait. Use between 15 and 25ml per 16oz/500g of base mix, or use it on your hook baits, free offerings or pellets for that extra edge. LIVER & FISH (All Seasons) It has a very strong slightly sweet taste and a totally individual smell that just screams ‘food’ at the Carp. Like Gulp! Amino Mix, it too, is Amino Acid based, but with added Liver extracts. It also contains a unique fish extract, and combines to produce a very powerful liquid attractor. Use between 15 and 25ml per 16oz/500g of base mix, or use it on your hook baits, free offerings or pellets for maximum pulling power. LIQUID BETAINE (Summer / Autumn) Betaine is a naturally occurring substance that is present in minute quantities in many plants, yeasts, fungi and in the flesh of fish and crustaceans. It’s potential as a powerful natural attractant has long been recognised in the world of fish nutrition. Our unique Gulp! Liquid Betaine can be used in a base mix (use between 15 and 25ml per 16oz/500g), or simply add to dips; glug, or use as a soak for your boilies, hook baits or pellets. GLM EXTRACT (All Seasons) A real Carp magnet, and arguably, one of the best available. The famous Green Lipped Mussel Extract is very rich in naturally occurring Betaine, and boasts a superb shellfish smell, with one of the most distinctive tastes imaginable. Our Gulp! Liquid GLM Extract can be used as an additive to a base mix but try it as a hook bait boost, and you will be truly amazed. CORN STEEP LIQUOR (All Seasons) Our Gulp! Corn Steep Liquor is of the highest quality and consistency available; made from top quality Maize Grain to produce a liquid food with a well defined Amino Acid composition, plus a high level of Reducing Sugars. This results in a strong smelling liquid that is one of the top Carp attractors. Use between 15 and 25ml per 16oz/500g of base mix, or soak your hook baits or pop-ups in the pure Corn Steep Liquor. CREAM & MILK (Autumn / Winter) Our totally unique Gulp! Cream and Milk Liquid attractant is an excellent appetite stimulator, and this one is very sweet, very smooth and creamy in both taste and smell. Extremely effective when poured over particles, used in a spod mix, or as a bait soak, as it also produces a highly visual trigger for the fish. FRUIT ATTRACTOR (Autumn / Winter) This Gulp! Fruit attractor is an excellent appetite stimulator, and this one is very sweet, and very fruity; in both taste and smell. This attractor has proved to be very effective when poured over particles, in a spod mix, or again as a bait soak.



Pure Fishing Europe SAS BP18 - 396 Rue de la PrĂŠcision 74970 Marignier - France Tel.: +33 (0) 4 50 96 77 00 - Fax: +33 (0) 4 50 34 05 21 a subsidiary of Jarden Corporation (NYSE:JAH) PAGE 100

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JRC product range for carp fishing.

JRC magazine 2011  

JRC product range for carp fishing.

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