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“From now on your customers will demand to be treated personally – because they know you can” Morten Hjelmsoe Founder, CEO

A fresh approach

The Agnitio software suite transforms how you can relate to your customers. For decades, companies have been forced to squeeze customers into large segments – GPs, Specialists, males / females, ABCs – simply because traditional approaches didn’t allow for better targeting. Because it wasn’t possible to be precise, only volume mattered – a single message endlessly repeated that caused frustration for your customers and reps. Now, with Agnitio, this can change. Agnitio provides a software platform that creates understanding through dialogue. By discovering what really matters to customers, you’ll provide the information and services that they were actually looking for. Over time, this creates a mutually beneficial relationship that helps everyone – you, the doctor, and the patient. New opportunities: • Free yourself from one-size-fits-all push communication • Connect with customers on a one-to-one basis • Provide highly relevant knowledge and services • Become a valued partner

The Agnitio software suite

Manager Agnitio Manager is your command and control center for Agnitio’s software suite. With Manager it’s easy to add users, assign different levels of access and privileges, and upload and distribute materials to your colleagues. And, uniquely, Manager allows you to make changes directly in the system. That means you can issue updates in a matter of minutes.

Analyzer Agnitio Analyzer receives and stores the data from iPlanner – providing a vast repository of information to sort, filter and review. The data is easily exported to whichever business intelligence tool you normally use. You can also choose to use the tools available within Analyzer itself – including elegant graphical representations. Or we can add reporting tools from partners like Spotfire.

Use Manager to: • Create and edit creative content • Translate and localize presentations • Assign and publish to users and user groups • Control workflow and approval

Use Analyzer to: • Receive and store data from iPlanner • Review data with built-in analysis tools • Export data to your business intelligence system • Continually measure and evaluate your sales strategy

iPlanner Agnitio iPlanner is an advanced iPad-based tool to manage customer meetings, give compelling presentations, and continually improve the quality of your communication. Anything that happens during a presentation can be recorded. And, once uploaded to Agnitio Analyzer for review, this data can help you provide the information and services that your customer really needs.

iDocs Agnitio iDocs is your portable library of reference materials that supports dialogue with key opinion leaders and specialists. Scientific papers and presentations in any format are easily searchable and organized. iPad based, the documents can be viewed within iDocs itself or on your preferred viewing application. iDocs is a stand alone application or supplement to Agnitio iPlanner.

Use iPlanner to: • Manage meetings with customers • Receive and manage sales materials • Give compelling interactive presentations • Identify individual needs and interests • Collect and submit all data

Use iDocs to: • Store and manage scientific papers, presentations, and reference materials • Centrally manage and access materials • Easily organize and search for materials using collections, tags, and favourites • Fast and flexible access to all support materials

Agnitio integrates with your business

Simple integration Agnitio is easy to install and integrates with your systems. Our cloud-based ‘software as service’ model means that you only need an internet connection. Once you have access, uploading content and making updates is simple and fast. User-friendly Agnitio’s software suite is easy to learn. Because our platform is built on familiar industry-standard technologies, you and your agency can begin working right away. And then the possibilities are limitless.




Field-tested Agnitio’s platform has been developed over many years and extensively tested in the field. Our soft- ware suite is built on more than 10 years experience and we continually innovate to provide you with the best possible system. Global solution Our platform has been implemented in more than 45 countries and 25 languages, and we have long-standing relationships with major pharmaceutical and medical device companies including: GSK, MSD, Novartis, Roche, and Bayer.


Safe and secure Your data is safe and secure. We provide stateof-the-art security measures; both digital (encryption) and physical (access to servers). And we even offer our customers consultancy on how to improve their own security measures.

Agnitio HQ Dampfaergevej 10, 5th DK-2100 Copenhagen phone +45 70 23 23 12 email

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