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THE COMPLETE WORKPLACE OPTIMIZATION AND MEETING MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Meeting Room Booking Desk Booking & Desk Booking Panels Meeting Management and Catering Requests Meeting Room Panels Digital Reception Display Mobile Booking Indoor/Outdoor Navigation Visitor Management Reporting and Analytics

WORKPLACE OPTIMIZATION & MEETING MANAGEMENT CONCIERGE BOOKING is a suite of booking tools that optimize the use of your workplace, and it enables you to take out accurate booking statistics and information about meetings, resource usage and utilization of your workplace. In this brochure, we present key areas where you can optimize and improve your workplace with CONCIERGE BOOKING. CONCIERGE BOOKING is a booking software for meetings, conference rooms, desks, and visitors. We define these areas as Workplace Optimization and Meeting Management. Workplace Optimization and Meeting Management are an essential part of any organization. There are lots of time and effort to be saved by having a complete meeting management system that facilitates all key processes around booking meetings. A one-hour meeting is never just a one-hour meeting, with the time spent on finding an appropriate meeting room (size, setup, equipment), making sure its available at the intended time, ordering catering for the meeting, and managing everything around visitors (notifying reception, printing visitors cards, guiding visitors to the right meeting room). CONCIERGE BOOKING eases these processes in one unified system.

ROOM BOOKING SYSTEM Notify the reception staff with easy pre-booking of visitors.

A complete overview of meeting rooms and resources with interactive floor plans.

Easy booking of catering and services for meetings. Centrally managed menu card with prices and categories.

MEETING ROOM BOOKING AND CATERING REQUESTS Booking of meetings, meeting rooms, catering, and visitors are easy with the user-friendly interface in Microsoft Outlook. All bookings are done directly within the meeting request request, and the affected service suppliers are automatically notified of the order. Cost files for internal and external invoicing can be exported to your ERP-system.


Our desk booking software with indoor navigation and reporting will bring down your need for office space.

CONCIERGE BOOKING offers desk booking from Microsoft Outlook, desk booking panels, touch screens with floor plan layout and from your smartphone. You can easily search for - and book available desks. An interactive floor plans and our indoor navigation system will even guide you all the to your desk. From a desk booking screen, you can find your colleagues, book desks, and check-in to your existing booking, either by using your RFID ID card or your personal pin code.



SMART AND HASSLEFREE DESK BOOKING The Fischer & Kerrn Desk Panel provides you with clear information about which desks that are booked and which desks that are free. Free desks can easily be booked for a couple of hours or for the entire day. The Fischer & Kerrn Desk Panel is nothing like you have ever seen before. Designed from the groundup, this elegant technology matches perfectly with any desk and in any environment.

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3.5” Desk Booking Panel Tri-color LED lights. Book, extend and end bookings. Check-in to your desk booking. RFID card reader Track no-shows. User authentication via RFID ID card or pin code. • Synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange. • Easy mounting on any type of desk.

MOBILE BOOKING APP CONCIERGE GO APP Increase the flexibility and productivity by allowing users to book rooms, desks, and resources from their smartphones. The booking app allows you to easily book meeting rooms and desks and the navigation system can even guide you all the way to your desk or meeting room. The booking app has Microsoft Outlook calendar integration and you can check-in to your booking remote or release, prolong and end your bookings. If you use sensors our booking app can even semi-automate a number of booking processes, such as check-in when you enter the meeting room and release the booking when you leave the room.




WITH INDOOR/OUTDOOR NAVIGATION Our indoor and outdoor navigation system enables you to easily find and get directions to indoor points of interest, such as meeting rooms, desks, printer rooms, etc. The navigation system is part of our mobile booking app where rooms and desks can be booked directly from the navigation map.


FISCHER & KERRN ROOM PANEL Optimize the room booking process and provide your users with information about room availability with the beautiful 10.1� meeting room panel from Fischer & Kerrn. The Fischer & Kerrn Room Panel is nothing like you have ever seen before. The bright LED lights provide information about availability and the RFID card reader enables you to check-in to meetings and book rooms using your RFID employee card.



LED Lights

Central Management

Customizable Layout

Powered over Ethernet

NFC/RFID Card reader

Book, Extend and End

Opening Hours

Manage No Shows

Error Reporting

Room Capacity

REPORTING AND ANALYTICS Get rid of the guesswork by utilizing the reporting and analytics tool in the CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE.

REPORTS TO ALL EMPLOYEE GROUPS The CONCIERGE BOOKING system offers a unique reporting and analytics tool which provide facilities managers, kitchen personnel, reception staff, super users and administrators with accurate booking data and analytics that make their working day easier and enables them to make decisions based on accurate information. CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE comes with a set of standard reports, but individual reports can be designed for each individual client.


VIP Meetings Today

Meetings This Week

My Bookings

No Shows

Meeting Duration

External Meetings

Visitor List

Invocing Reports

Delivery Reports

RECEPTION DISPLAY Greet visitors with a reception display screen that informs about the meetings of the day and guide your visitors in the right direction. Employees and visitors will no longer be in doubt about which way to go and what is going on in the meeting rooms today. The display monitors can show meeting information from all meeting rooms or only a selected group of meeting rooms. The reception display software extracts booking information from Microsoft Exchange. The layout on the reception display monitors can be customized to match corporate identity and contain the necessary branding.

RECEPTION WAYFINDING Finding your meeting room has never been easier. Visitors and employees can receive clear information about how to get to their meeting room with CONCIERGE BOOKING. A touch screen display can show booking information on a floor plan layout. To find your meeting room simply type in your meeting room name or select the correct floor and press on the desired meeting room. CONCIERGE BOOKING will then give you clear guidance on how to get to your meeting room.

VISITOR REGISTRATION CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE will provide you with a complete overview of expected and present visitors. Vistior can sign in on a terminal or the reception staff can sign in on behalf of the visitor. Pre-booked visitors can even sign in by scanning a QR code in the lobby.

VISITOR CARDS Visitor cards are easily printed and can include visitor name, picture of guest, company, host, wifi code, bar code, QR code, etc. Access control integration is possible, allowing the visitor cards to open selected doors. Visitor cards are prepared and designed for the individual customer.

NOTIFY HOST The host can automatically be notified by email and/or text message when the visitor has signed in.


Time is money. We are in a consultancy business and the majority of the employees are consultants. I would say that 95% of our staff are consultants. By using CONCIERGE BOOKING we now have a more effective usage of all resources. We save a lot of time thus saving a lot of money. Michael Vinter, IT Project Manager, WSP

FACTS ABOUT WSP 36,500 employees worldwide 3,700 employees in Sweden 285 bookable meeting rooms 100 meeting room screens in 6 offices in Sweden 40 offices in Sweden Large headquarter in the center of Stockholm

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Concierge Booking Product Catalogue  

Complete workplace optimization and room booking software from Fischer & Kerrn.

Concierge Booking Product Catalogue  

Complete workplace optimization and room booking software from Fischer & Kerrn.