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Use these instructions to help you sign up for tutorials if your course is using S-Cubed for tutorial registration

Use your internet browser to go to

Use your normal student login to sign into S-Cubed (you will need to have changed the temporary initial password first).

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The courses you are enrolled for that are using SCubed will appear as a list. Choose one by clicking on it. You can use either view of the list.

You will see information about your course and about the different tutorial sessions. Sign up to your preferred session by clicking on the “sign up� button. Note that there may be more than one group to sign up for (such as workshops and seminars).

Once you have signed up for a session, or if a session is full, you will see different buttons. The key at the bottom of the page explains their functions.

Some courses may offer a waitlist option: • if your preferred session is full, sign up for another one, then waitlist yourself for your preferred session • if a space comes up, you will be transferred automatically, and you will be alerted by email to your student email account • you can only add yourself to one waitlist • you must sign up for another session before you can waitlist yourself

To see a list of what you have and haven’t signed up for, click the “my signups” link. You can link though to any of your courses from this page too.

If you have any problems using S-Cubed please contact the tutorial co-ordinator, or as advised for your course.

s-cubed student instructions  
s-cubed student instructions  

instructions for signing up for tutorial streams online