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photocopier/scanner this machine found in the design studio (and around the building in various locations) is a copier and a scanner that you can use to record your work the great thing about this machine is that it ‘scans to your email account’ which means that you can access a copy from anywhere there are also multiple scanners connected to computers in the studio – or you may wish to scan at home or use a good quality camera to record your work

the email function is free on this machine select ‘e-mail’ from the main panel or from the touch screen interface

enter in your email address and hit ‘enter’ double-check your email address here to make sure that it is correct

now your email address should be in the ‘recipients’ panel – you can add as many as your like you can also enter your email address into the address book so that you do not have to enter it manually each time you scan

the ‘default’ selections are shown above – these are not the ones that you want to use as they make the entire process very difficult the next slide shows the preferred selections

always scan in ‘colour’ (even if you intend to submit in black & white!) – select ‘photo’ or ‘photo & text’ – and select ‘more’ on the right hand column it is important that you follow this order for entering the information

make sure the you select ‘jpeg’ this is one of the most important steps in this process and will ensure that you will be able to edit the image easily at the next stage of the process

under the ‘layout adjustment’ tab select ‘resolution’

select at least ‘400 dpi’ always scan high and keep an untouched copy on file/usb somewhere – create an ‘originals’ folder so that if anything happens to your adjusted files you are able to go back to the original file/data

if you are scanning multiple images then make sure that you select ‘next original’ before the first scan is completed (otherwise you will have to manually enter all the information again for the next image!) after you have scanned the final image select ‘last original’ which completes the entire process.... you are done! now you have to adjust the image...

Scanning Tutorial  
Scanning Tutorial  

This is a tutorial on how to scan your work for DSDN101