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Morphologic box/matrix (Zwicky box) For systematic idea generation

1. Think about how many different parameters you might have 2. Draw a box in the expected size

Basic morphological box

3. Label each row with a certain characteristic or parameter

Basic morphological box

4. Label each column with a certain characteristic or parameter

Basic morphological box

5. Generate ideas by filling in the blanks 6. You can repeat this several times and generate different ideas

Basic morphological box

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Circle Triangle Square Contour Contrast Rotation Modulation

Jナォrgen Spト》h, Zeichenmodule, University of the Arts, Zナォrich

Vasarely grids

Make this your morphological box, generate new shapes, new motion & new interaction concepts

“soundshape” compositions


It’s a logical audio-visual connection See what you hear and hear what you see



Interaction and/or control close the loop

Interaction vs Control

Interaction The magical art of making fun things that people WANT to play with

Control The precise science of making things do exactly what they are supposed to

Control is a one way process; What you feed into the computer is directly mapped to the results you get. There is no ambiguity.

Pros and cons?

Interaction is a two way process; You give the computer information and it responds with information for you. It is a feedback loop. You don’t have complete control, it’s a process of negotiation with the computer. Pros and cons?

The art of interactive abstraction. Finding the sweet spot.

Can you make your applications fun JUST through the interaction mechanism? If you can…. you win…. big money.

Worldwide sales figures Wii – 84.64 million (31 December 2010) Xbox 360 – 50 million (6 January 2011) PlayStation 3 – 47.9 million (31 December 2010)

Its not about big buttons and clicking stuff Don’t think in binary conditions Make the interaction the reward

Start to think gestures, movement, speed, placement, angle, and anything else that might break our control paradigms.

Interactive site: yugop

Balldroppings – draw lines

Sonic wiresculptor

AV brush

Words & language: soundtoys

Have fun!

lecture 06 dsdn142  

lecture 06 dsdn142 creative coding

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