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Finding Material Suppliers. In order to successfully complete your projects you will need to buy, beg, borrow, salvage and scavenge as many different forms of your allocated material as possible – the more you collect the greater the opportunity to explore its full potential. In collecting materials it is important to be observant, critical and open to new possibilities – in doing so you will establish a rich basis for further experimentation and a valuable source of inspiration to help you resolve the design challenge. While you will collect many materials from non obvious locations; the following are commercial sources useful now and in the future

Plaster Warehouse 241 Thorndon Quay: plaster in bulk Wellington Potters Supplies 2 Cashmere Avenue, Khandallah: Clay and ceramics etc City Timber Ltd 210 Thorndon Qy: Large range of wood types Goldings 17 Marion Street: casting plaster, fabrics, asst. moulds, plasticine Briscoes 116 Taranaki Street: plastic bowls & utensils, asst. moulds etc. New World Supermarket 279 Wakefield Street: plastic bowls & utensils, asst. moulds, beakers, gladwrap etc. Pharmacies gauze bandages etc Bunnings hardware 46-56 Tory Street: glue, paste, polyurethane etc Gordon Harris Corner Ghuznee and Victoria St: asst. papers, glue etc Warehouse Stationery 160 Victoria Street: asst, papers, glue etc Model Crafts and Hobbies Corner Victoria and Dixon Sts: wire, metal foil/tube etc Wellington Scrap Metal 25 College Street: scrap metal – all types Mastertrade 24 College Street: copper pipe, wire, etc Coastal Fasteners 38 Abel Smith St: drills, screws, nuts, bolts, Two Dollar Shop 97 Cuba Street: Cheap but often inferior Foam Distributors Ltd. 130 Nelson St: Foam, sponge st

School of Architecture and Design shop 1 floor 139 Vivian St: EVA film, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, PE foam sheet, acrylic sheet, rod etc Second Treasure Shop. Southern Landfill, Landfill Road, off Happy Valley Road between Brooklyn and Owhiro Bay. Lots of recycled products. New Age Materials Ltd. 32A Seaview Rd, Seaview/Petone: Computer Wreckers and Hi tech junk Little Metals 22 Stewart St Christchurch 03-365 7731 (non ferrous metals brass/bronze/aluminium etc) Steel and Tube 17 Hautonga Street, Petone. 0-4-576 8990 (ferrous materials, mild steel tube, round square etc) Mico Wakefield Non ferrous metals. 61 Port Road, Seaview Ph: +64 (4) 568 2309, Fax: +64 (4) 5683358 Mulford Plastics. 113 Hutt Park Road, Gracefield Lower Hutt, WELLINGTON Phone: Freephone: +64 4 589 0221 or 0800 MULFORD Material Supplies

RS Components Jaycar Electronics. 264-272 Taranaki Street (Upper) Ph: 04 801 9005

Atlas Specialty Metals: 2-14 Port Road Seaview, Lower Hutt 5010 Telephone: 568 3109.

Ullrich Aluminium. 1 Cornish St. Petone 04-568-8188 04-569-8759

Important: Many companies have Spec Sheets with material sizes and properties on their Web sites. Become informed and plan – material, size, amounts, and cost NB: do not pour plaster into the sinks – it will block the drains!!

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Finding Materials  

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