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Sept/Oct 2009 Volume #9, Issue #4

First Unity Church | 460 46th Ave. N. | St. Petersburg, FL 33703 | (727) 527-2222 |

First Unity's service times are changing! Beginning Sunday, August 30, service times will change to 9:30 & 11:30 am. Why? We offer the same incredible experience twice on Sunday mornings; however, until now seating at the second service has been over-capacity requiring chairs in the lobby while seating at the first service has been under capacity. Our new service times will balance attendance at both services and allow us to open our doors wider to the community.

What’s Happening pg 5 World Day of Prayer Reach In, Reach Out, We Can Change the World

pg 11 Let There Be Light. Art. Sound.

A three-day arts festival with visionary artist Alex Grey

pg 12-13 Spiritual Education Program Upcoming classes this fall



Three Ways to Bring Your Spirituality to Harvest Harvest (n): the result or consequence of any act, process, or events. As in: The journey yielded a harvest of wonderful memories.

Rev. Temple Hayes, Senior Minister

October 25-November 22

On behalf of myself, Rev. Russell, the Board of Trustees and staff, we are pleased to bring you an amazing fall filled with growth, abundant living, prosperity and opportunities which will impact our Tampa Bay community, thus impacting our world. We are excited about how Unity is changing our lives, opening our hearts and building dreams. We are excited about the harvest which is manifesting due to all of our individual and collective efforts. And we are confident that the journey you are choosing to take with us will yield a harvest of wonderful memories. From time to time, people ask me, “How can I help? I am so excited about how the principles of Unity are changing my life, and I would not want to keep this information from anyone. I feel free, my life is better, my family is happier and I want others to have the opportunity to experience the same.” The true question to ponder is, “How do I move from passion to participation?” I attended a Unity church in my youth for quite some time before I decided to move from a place of passion to actually becoming involved. Yet, the moment I stepped out and began participating, my life changed in ways beyond my personal imagination. There are three ways in which you can move from passion to participation:

A Five-Week, LifeChanging Program

First is to continue to participate in your own spiritual growth. In Lessons in Truth, H. Emilie Cady tells us, "The law of life is a law of growth. To educate never means to force into from the outside, but always

means to draw out from within something already existing there." Our seven-week Spirit Expressing series, based on Soul Currency written by Ernie Chu, is filled with mystery, growth and wonder about the possibilities for your life. This particular program is so exciting to us, because it is written by a New Thought minister who clearly understands our language, our principles and how we approach an abundant way of living. We are thrilled to have the author of our Spirit Expressing book with us on August 30 during our Sunday services and on October 18 for our banquet (our best one yet!) When participating in Spirit Expressing, you have the opportunity to deepen friendships with others in your group, as you explore principles and concepts in Unity. I still benefit from friends I made in circle groups 20+ years ago. In home study groups, you are able to explore concepts on such a deep level which not only benefit you but all those around you.

Second is to participate in your spiritual home. Our five-week series entitled “Living the Greater Life” is a community-based program which will allow you to deepen your awareness of First Unity, our goals and values at the very heart of all of us. We will launch “Living the Greater Life” with the power of a shared vision. You will have the opportunity to share what matters to you and what you would like to see in the future of Unity Campus. On October 18, we will hold these ideas in prayer, write them down and then let them go at our Spirit Expressing Banquet, as we celebrate the experience of Spirit Expressing and move towards our future. What [continued on pg 7…]

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Minister's Message


12 Powers, 7 Chakras and 1 You As a graduate student at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, I directed much of my research to topics related to the teachings of the Unity movement. As we studied Eastern religions in the class “The Psychology of Religion,” it occurred to me that the teaching of the seven chakras paralleled Unity’s teachings of the 12 powers of man. My professor’s comment was, “That would make an interesting term paper.” (I later realized that was her answer to most everything…). I had the opportunity that same semester to visit the Unity archives at Unity Village, Missouri, and begin research for this paper. As I began probing, I was surprised to find not a single article that compared the 12 powers and the 7 chakras. I was also surprised to find that Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore did not originate the teaching of the 12 powers as I had been taught – and taught others. Aside from the nuts and bolts of comparing two systems of thought, I came away from the project with a deeper appreciation of the archetypal understanding found in various belief systems that there are energy centers in the body, and that through spiritual practice and mental and physical discipline they can be stimulated to produce healing and enlightenment. Acupuncture is another wellknown modality that could fit into this mold. Although we in our Unity movement are open and receptive to a variety of teachings, not everyone in what we call the “Western” world is as accepting. One who offered a warning to Westerners about adopting Eastern practices was the eminent psychiatrist Carl Jung. In my term paper I reported: "In reading C.G. Jung’s psychological analyses of Eastern religious traditions, one is immediately made aware of his profound respect for the wisdom of the East. One is also immediately made aware that Jung did not advise Westerners to attempt to apply Eastern practices to their lives. He clearly did not think that kundalini yoga and its chakras had a place

in the West, but he did posit that a form of Western yoga would emerge. Writing in 1936 he stated, 'In the course of the centuries the West will produce its own yoga, and it will be on the basis laid down by Christianity.' (CW 11:876)." Charles Fillmore, an avid student of the emerging science of psychology, apparently had scant knowledge of Jung although they were contemporaries. I only found reference to Jung in the archives, a reprint of an article from another non-Unity periodical in a Unity magazine from 1916. And, as noted below, Jung had no apparent knowledge of Charles Fillmore: "Little did Jung know when he published the essay from which the above noted quote was taken, that in Kansas City six years earlier Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity School of Christianity, had published a book entitled The Twelve Powers of Man in which he articulated a teaching that the body had 12 ganglionic nerve centers roughly corresponding to the seven chakras of kundalini energy. Fillmore’s theory was based on his understanding of metaphysical Christianity." Can we consider the Unity teaching of the 12 powers a type of “Christian Kundalini?” Is such a study of value to us today? Where can I get a copy of Rev. Russell’s research? Join me and your Unity community for my spiritual education class 12 Powers and You! on Tuesday evenings beginning September 1 and together we’ll answer these questions.

Rev. Russell Heiland, Associate Minister

"Can we consider the Unity teaching of the 12 powers a type of “Christian Kundalini?” Join me and your Unity community for my spiritual education class 12 Powers and You! "

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Minister's Message

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What's Your Soul Currency? About the Book

Soul Currency by Ernest Chu is the book we have chosen for our seven-week Spirit Expressing program beginning August 30. We will follow this book in the Sunday services and in home study groups. Purchase your copy at Wings Bookstore and receive a 10% discount. Workbooks are free and will be available at your first group meeting. For those of you not participating in the home study groups, some workbooks will be available in the Lobby beginning Sunday, September 6. Combining profitable strategies from the financial world with powerful insights from ancient and contemporary spiritual teachings, Soul Currency: Investing Your Inner Wealth for Fulfillment & Abundance will lead you to greater spiritual and financial prosperity and true fulfillment.

Spirit Expressing Calendar

Aug 30

Week One. Color: Red

9:30 & 11:30 am

Sept 6

Week Two. Color: Orange

9:30 & 11:30 am

Sept 9

Spaghetti Dinner World Day of Prayer service

5 to 6:30 pm 7 pm

Sept 13 Week Three. Color: Yellow

9:30 & 11:30 am

Sept 20 Week Four. Color: Green

9:30 & 11:30 am

Sept 27 Week Five. Color: Blue

9:30 & 11:30 am

Oct 4

Week Six. Color: Purple

9:30 & 11:30 am

Oct 11

Week Seven. Color: White

9:30 & 11:30 am

Oct 18

Spirit Expressing Banquet

1 pm; lunch served at 1:30 pm

Out Of Town?

You can experience Spirit Expressing along with your St. Petersburg church family. Follow these simple steps: 1. Visit or call Wings Bookstore to order Soul Currency at (727) 522-6657. 2. Call us at (727) 527-2222 x100 to order your workbook, or print online at 3. Listen to the weekly podcasts August 30 through October 11, at

Spirit Expressing Banquet A grand celebration of our completion of Spirit Expressing! Join us Sunday, October 18 at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort - Palm Court Ballroom, located at 501 5th Avenue NE (entrance on 7th Ave.), for musical entertainment, a delicious catered lunch, and a cash bar. Tickets are $27 and will go on sale September 20. Doors open at 1 pm, lunch served at 1:30 pm.

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Spirit Expressing

YOUR AD HERE Email newsletter@ or call 527-2222 x103 to place an ad in The Heart Connection and reach more than 3,000 people in your Unity community!


World Day of Prayer Joining more than one million people around the world, First Unity Church will honor the 16th annual World Day of Prayer with a prayer and meditation service on Wednesday, September 9 at 7 pm. The service will include music by violinist Jennifer Diedrich, flutist Jan Magray, and Creative Arts Director Laura Watts; crystal bowl meditation by Ron Hays and Daybree Thoms;, inspiration by Rev. Temple Hayes and Rev. Russell Heiland; and global peace prayers spoken by our Unity Chaplains. Child care will be provided. In the tradition of the ancient “Novena” (a prayer that is spoken for nine consecutive days), and in honor of the power of the number nine on this date of 9/9/09, each attendee will be given a printed prayer to take home and speak together with your Unity family at 9 am for nine days following our service. World Day of Prayer, which is

officially celebrated on Thursday, September 10, is an interfaith event, open to people of all faiths and all walks of life. Its purpose is to unite as many people as possible in prayer on the same day, a step toward transforming the world through prayer. This year’s theme, "Reach In, Reach Out, We Can Change the World," reflects the importance of going within for guidance and then reaching out to help others. As a way of uniting globally in prayer, you may submit the names of those

YOU Spaghetti Dinner A spaghetti dinner will be served prior to the World Day of Prayer Service from 5 to 6:30 pm in Friendship Hall. Cost is $7 per person. All proceeds benefit Youth & Family Ministry.

you would like remembered in prayer during World Day of Prayer by visiting You will have the option of having the names you submit appear during the interactive online prayer vigil. Prayer partners throughout the world will watch this interactive video and will pray over the submitted names.

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Contact Willi, certified ISSA Fitness trainer to learn more. 727-412-0431 (cell) | 727-546-4547 I also stock THE best trampolines in the market with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

Special Service

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What's Happening in Youth & Family Angel Nurturers If you would like to be with the kids in the classrooms once or twice a month and do not want to be the lead teacher but will assist or help in the Nursery, this position may be for you. Please call Steven Krugler at 527-2222 x109 for more details.

Steven Krugler Youth & Family Ministry Director

t Ex Sp i r i

p re s

YFM and Spirit Expressing: We are creating a children and youth curriculum to go along with the Spirit Expressing topic of Soul Currency. We will kick off this seven-week curriculum on Sunday, August 30. Our themes for those seven weeks will correspond with the theme being presented in the Sanctuary and the theme being discussed in the various discussion groups throughout the week. Take time to discuss the materials you and your child will both be studying together for a great bonding experience together!

rk o f g n si

id s !

Fall Harvest Celebration: Children and youth of all ages are invited to our 1st annual Fall Harvest Celebration happening October 31. We will have games and activities, face painting, crafts and on campus "trick or treating." More details will be provided in the YFM area.

1st Annual YFM Lock-In: On September 18 & 19 we will have our 1st annual Youth & Family Ministry lock-in for all of the children in YFM except the Nursery. The minimum age for overnight stay requires that the child be toilet trained and comfortable sleeping away from home. More details will be provided in YFM.

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Youth & Family News

Sept & Oct Calendar

Sept. 4 Rays baseball game (meet at church at 5:30 pm and we will carpool to the stadium lot and have a tailgate party before the game begins at 7:38 pm) Sept. 6 & Oct. 4 Assembly with Mindy Simmons during both services upstairs (assembly rms #200-204). This musical worship service is for all of our children and youth from 3 years of age through high school and is held the first Sunday of every month beginning at 9:35 and 11:35 am. Any parent or adult may join us if you so choose.

Sept. 9 Y.O.U. spaghetti dinner in Friendship Hall from 5 to 6:30 pm (YOU Fund Raiser)

Sept. 12 YFM regional training in Orlando (8:30 to 4:30 pm)

Sept 18 & 19 YFM lock-in (5 pm on Friday till 2 pm on Saturday)

Oct. 2 - 4 Uniteen fall retreat at Camp Weed in Live Oak, FL

Oct 31 Fall Harvest Celebration, time to be announced

SUPPORT THE The Art Gallery Ministry brings First Unity beautiful photography, fabulous art and poetry every month! Many of the artists are members of our church. New exhibits are presented the first Sunday of every month, when you have the opportunity to meet the artist in Friendship Hall after both services. Please take a few minutes to greet and meet them at the artist table. A portion of the sale from the art work is tithed back to our church. Featured for the month of September are the poems and art work of Eileen Appleton. In the month of October, our own Mary Thorne will be back exhibiting her beautiful stained glass.

First Unity Revenue and Expense Summary “Thank you, God, for unlimited abundance which flows through Unity and creates new paths of growth for our service to the world.” First Unity Church tithes to the Association of Unity Churches, Silent Unity and others. Revenues Church Wings

Jan-June 2009

$409,327.95 $83,979.40

Total Revenues $493,307.35 Expenses Church Wings *

$353,916.43 $79,976.84


$425,394.67 $ 90,178.76

$361,933.97 $114,722.65

Total Expenses $515,573.43 Net Income (Deficit)

Jan-June 2008


$476,656.62 ($42,763.35)

*$24,871.20 of total is mortgage trust principal/interest payment ($4145.20 x 6 months). This does not reflect the liability reduction of principal payments to mortgage trust.

[continued from pg 2…]

banquet, as we celebrate the experience of Spirit Expressing and move towards our future. What is held in mind will produce its own kind. Our last visioning process was in 2005, and most ideas have come into fruition. It is time to create again and have some of your dreams and energy in this process. "Living the Greater Life” will allow you to see a new paradigm of spirituality, community and how fortunate we are to have a campus consciousness.

Third is to take these values to the community Every great leader who discovers their own individual awakening wants to pay it forward by participation. We have an amazing opportunity in Tampa Bay to participate and get the name of Unity out in our community. Every week, we still hear people say, “I have lived here all my life and didn’t know such a place existed.” Here’s a simple way, a beneficial way and a healthy way in which you can help us change this. Sign up for “Finish Strong in Unity” in which you or someone else will walk in the Gasparilla walk with at least 100,000 others with Unity T-shirts and a Unity presence. We believe in nature, health and taking care of our physical bodies.

In Jesus Christ Heals, Charles Fillmore states: "I am unlimited in my power, and I have increasing health, strength, life, love, wisdom, boldness, freedom, charity, and meekness, now and forever." This is a magnificent time to fully express Truth. What an opportunity to make a statement about who we are. This year we would love to see at least 200 of you walking in the presence of love; please consider being one of us. Mark your calendars now for the walk on February 27, and plan to participate in the largest Unity community based event ever! Look for sign-ups and more information soon. What a blessing it is to be part of this magnificent community with you. Please know in Unity how much you are loved and appreciated. United, we are changing our world and the paradigms of others by being the light in our everyday lives. Deeply consider participating in all the programs this fall with us. Move from passion to participation and get ready for the harvest which will come to you unlimited and filled with infinite blessings. Loving life,

Temple Minister Message

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CommUniteam-Community in Action CommUniteam is reaching into the community to impact people’s lives. We believe that active volunteering, tithing time and talent, is an essential step on the journey of spiritual awakening and growth. Events and projects of CommUniteam are wide ranging. We extend the reach of our message and the impact of our beliefs by helping others in need, standing up for our environment, and through many projects and activities that make a difference within, and beyond, First Unity. Check out what we've been up to!

Earth Angels Promote Greening of Our Campus and Community By Patricia Neemeh

Earth Angels' mission statement is: "To honor our divine heritage, we will respect and preserve the earth's treasures by minimizing First Unity Church's environmental footprint. In leading by example, we aim to disseminate this message throughout our community." As spiritual beings blessed with a miraculous physical home that is graced with sparkling waters and verdant landscapes teeming with life, we have an obligation to honor mother earth. This is our home. The respect we accord earth’s intricate web of life is indicative of our gratitude for gifts of abundance. Through Unity principles, we understand humanity to be co-creators with God. The sacred nature of this creation is uplifting, seeking the greatest and highest good in all that we do. Biblical themes of stewardship and reverence for life thus demonstrate a harmonious relationship between theology and environmentalism. The new Earth Angels group at First Unity seeks to further the goal of “walking the talk” by not only adopting ecological practices on the campus but also in working throughout the community to further these ideals. As such, the group is collaborating with CommUniteam as an affiliated branch of the organization. Wherever CommUniteam reaches out, Earth Angels will be available to offer insight and service. We will launch environmental programs, perspectives, and projects and keep you updated on progress as we take one step at a time. For further information or to participate, contact Rev. Russell Heiland, the Earth Angels sponsor, or team leader Mary Gerken. Both may be reached by contacting the church. A guiding principle of the Iroquois nation is one that

8 |

Communit y in Ac tion

modern society would do well to emulate: In every deliberation, particularly those affecting nature, one must consider the impact of a decision on the next seven generations.

Successful School Supply Drive By Debbie Taylor

CommUniteam held a School Supply Drive for four weeks leading up to the start of the 2009/2010 school year. The drive benefited Girls, Inc. and provided each girl with a fully loaded backpack just in time for the first day of school. Renee McInnis, director of Girls, Inc., awarded the backpacks during their August 14 end of summer cookout. First Unity’s participation in this drive was unprecedented! Thank you to everyone who donated to the supply drive; your contributions are deeply appreciated.

SPCA Pet Walk By Liz Wood

First Unity will have a team for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Pet Walk on Saturday, October 24. Pet Walk is a fun fundraiser for SPCA. There is a one-mile walk where, if you wish, you can bring a leashed pet with or without a costume. Dress comfortably, wear any First Unity shirt that you have and comfortable shoes. Registration is $10. You can raise additional money by asking friends for donations that help the SPCA shelter and the spay and neuter program. Registration is online at under the First Unity Church team. The walk is at North Shore Park, and we will meet at 8:30 am at the corner of 10th Ave NE and N. Shore Drive NE. Further information will be available at the CommUniteam table in Friendship Hall September - October.

CommUniteam joins forces with Celebrate Outreach!

serve, feed, and clean for our brothers and sisters in need of a good meal. You can help with either a donation of your time or your treasure. The second is the locker program. This has been put in By Anne Kerrigan place to provide space for those in need to store their possessions as well as a safe place to care for their personal hygiene. Homeward Bound has a mission to help everyone become aware To donate to either project you can go online to the Pinellas of the power of God within themselves to live an abundant and County Coalition for the Homeless: Celebrate prosperous life. First Unity has chosen to replace the word “homeless” with “homeward bound” because of Donations for all projects Outreach! web page at Simply choose which project you would like to our desire to affirm what it is we do want – homes for can be made at the support and fill out the short form noting that all, rather than what we do not want – the condition you are from First Unity Church. of being homeless. We encourage the entire First Information Station in We will also be collecting non-perishable Unity community to adopt this practice as well. Friendship Hall after food items to stock the weekly breakfast that Celebrate Outreach! is a partnership of St. can include dry pancake mix, flour, grits, syrup, Petersburg faith-based congregations which is services. Learn more canned fruit, paper napkins, plates, cups, and dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness in about these and our other utensils. Other items for the locker project can our area through social justice, advocacy, community education and direct service. upcoming service projects. include combination locks, feminine sanitary products, bath soap, disposable razors, deodorant, We have recently joined forces with Celebrate toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, Outreach! on two different projects to help those who hair brushes, wash cloths and towels, and laundry detergent. are homeward bound. First is the Saturday morning breakfast: every Saturday from 6 to 9 am we gather downtown to cook,

 Now enrolling for the fall semester! Girls Enrichment Program Before/After School Program with transportation to/from many Pinellas schools

• Unity Principles in practice • Nonviolent Communication™ • HeartMath • PeaceGirls Program • Holistic Empowerment Program • Literacy & Computer Programs • Creative Arts Program • Character Development • Volunteer & Support-a-Girl Opportunities

Girls Incorporated of Pinellas

7700 61st St., Pinellas Park | (727) 544-6230

A nonprofit agency serving our community since 1961 | info@girlsinc-pinellas org Communit y in Ac tion

| 9


Spreading Our Wings A bookstore is no longer just a bookstore, have you noticed? Gone are the days of the rows upon rows of paper spines and colorful jackets spouting titles and authors. Those stores are fading into the past, and if you find one, it’s a nostalgic experience.

Wings Bookstore at First Unity has been “more than a bookstore” for the 12 years that I have been associated with it. In addition to the typical music CDs, the greeting cards, and the coffee (yes, isn’t it fun that coffee bars are part Sharon Jebens, of bookstores these days?), Wings is becoming Bookstore Manager known for another avenue. Wings spreads the word with experiences. Lectures, workshops, movies, classes…each one an offering to nurture the body, mind, and spirit. Speaking of the coffee bar, our own Andi Schenbeck is now wearing another hat…she is scheduling our activities and events at Wings. Keep your eyes open for inspirational Friday nights and Saturdays, especially. Andi has been busy arranging all sorts of opportunities for us! First is a concert with r ews fo our eN r fo ! p Deva Premal and Miten re u ...sign and mo events -to-date to be held on September Stay up ls, upcoming specia 19, followed by an intimate workshop experience September 20. Their concert brings us into a new paradigm in the events world; we will be hosting it at Mahaffey Theater in Downtown St. Pete. Wow – talk about expansion!

Spiritual master Panache Desai joins us October 2 & 3 to share the gift of the Christ energy. The light he transmits through him opens you to experience profound peace, joy and love. Join us with Panache for an experience unlike any other to accelerate your journey to Christ Consciousness. Dr. Masaru Emoto, the famous water crystal scientist from Japan, will be visiting us for an event on the evening of October 21 to share more insights with regard to his ongoing research. And in November, you'll want to check out our upcoming three-day arts festival with Alex Grey; more information is on the next page. A limited number of tickets to all of these events are on sale now. Want to learn more and stay current with the other events at Wings? There’s an easy way to have it right at your fingertips! Wings Bookstore has its own website, and we are blessed with a communications staff here at First Unity who keeps it up-to-date with everything that’s going on. Because Spirit often presents us with a guest presentation or DVD opportunity at the last minute, we sometimes miss the printed calendars. It’s easy to visit and click “events.” And don’t forget to sign up for our free e-newsletter on the homepage. You’ll get the latest information on events, special sales, and news on alternate Tuesdays.

FIRST UNITY MISSION TO CUBA Peace-Workers of First Unity of St. Petersburg, Florida announce their next Mission to Cuba for spring 2010. Plans include supporting our 2nd Intensive Courses Seminar for our Cuban Unity students led by Rev. Enrique Amorós Báez of Tampa Unity. Sign-up for our short 45-minute flight Miami-Havana in Friendship Hall or contact Hulda Lorente, a native of Cuba, at 576-8615 or email A valid U.S. passport and two passport size photographs, along with a non-refundable deposit of $220.00 required to guarantee funding for our program in Cuba.

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Wings Bookstore

Ignite your heart and mind at this

extraordinary multi-media event highlighting the creative use of light, sound and art. This three-day experience will magnify your current vibration, and help you see—no matter where you are today—your consciousness and capacity to heal and create the world you desire is right here at your creative fingertips. In fact, it is who you have been created to be.

What will you experience? • Meet world-renowned visionary artist, Alex Grey • 6 hours of live painting with Alex & Allyson Grey • Stunning visuals by Johnathan Singer • Live music by Mz. Imani and Soulfire • Lecture and Art Psalms poetry by Alex Grey • Interactive light installation by Jason Jensen • A meditative journey by Jeff Belyea • Visual sound healing with Scott Kennedy • The "Sound Atrium" experience • Healing mandala and illusion art • Performance art • Community vision painting • Movies and multimedia short films • "Paint Your Plate" creative dinner • Art auction

Wonder: Zena gazing at the moon, Alex Grey, 1996, acrylic on paper.

Become an official Eleven'er Be among the first 200 to purchase the official 3-day pass ($111) to get guaranteed reserved seating in the best seats to view all of the performances and live painting all three days, plus receive a special piece of jewelry created by Alex Grey.

Tickets on sale now at Wings Bookstore and

Featured Event

| 11

Dances of Universal Peace Facilitator: Tamara Short Saturday, October 24, 7:30 to 9:30 pm Location: Friendship Hall

12 Powers and You! Facilitator: Rev. Russell Heiland Tuesdays, September 1 – October 6, 7 to 9 pm (6 weeks, no class September 22) Location: Friendship Hall In this course we will review the book, The Twelve Powers, by Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore. In doing so, we will also review many of our foundational Unity principles. Our working knowledge of truth principles will then be put into practical application in our own lives. Through the use of these truth principles you will create a new you and a new destiny as you choose and stay the course to your new destiny. Additionally, we’ll explore the relationship between the seven chakras and 12 powers (see Rev. Russell’s article on pg. 3) to experience a greater understanding of the concept of oneness. Required text: The Twelve Powers by Charles Fillmore available at Wings Bookstore. Suggested love offering $15 per class. To receive credit in Unity Institute’s Spiritual Education and Enrichment program there is an additional $36 registration fee.

Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams Facilitator: Faustine Judd Saturdays, September 5 – October 10, 10 am-1:30 pm (6 weeks) Location: Rm #300 Based on Louise Hay’s work, designed to increase self awareness by giving a focused opportunity to identify limiting beliefs, negative behavior patterns, and deep rooted fears causing a repeat of experiences of old unhealthy patterns, the group process of the class supports change leading to actualizing wholeness. $30/each class or $150 for entire 6-week series. Faustine Judd has a BA in social science. During the past 20 years, she has participated in and facilitated workshops, classes and groups to change and improve an individual’s life. Her goal is to facilitate lasting changes in lives. “Doing” creates new neural paths and leads to true life changes!

The Dances of Universal Peace founded in the latter 1960s are simple multicultural circle dances from many of the world’s traditions. The inspiration of the dances is to promote understanding and unity of religious ideals. Join the circle of dancers! $10 suggested love offering. Tamara Short began her journey with the Dances of Universal Peace in 1986. She began as a dancer and musician. She is mentored and received her Dance Leader certification in 2005 through the International Dances of Universal Peace Organization.

Crystal Bowl Meditative Experience Facilitator: Ron Hays Saturdays, September 12 and October 10, 7 to 8:30 pm Location: Friendship Hall Journey beneath the chatter of the mind with the magic of the “Bowls.” Once there, explore the ideas of the power of your mind and thoughts, conscious vs. unconscious creation and how to take the experience of the Bowls into your daily life for practical application and positive impact. Cost is $15 per session. Please bring mats, blankets, pillows, etc. to make yourself comfortable. Ronald Hays is a motivational speaker, author and has been creating transformative and transportive music with the Crystal Bowls for a number of years. He assures that "the bowls are amazing tools that enable the listener to get beneath the mind chatter and glimpse their true nature."

Fall Equinox Facilitator: Barbara Bertucci Tuesday, September 22, 7 pm Location: Courtyard (weather permitting, Friendship Hall) Celebrate and thank Mother Earth for the bountiful harvest and the fruit that is not yet harvested. In the cycle of life fall, the third quadrant, is a time of ending that symbolizes releasing and letting go. Bring your drums, your rattlers and sit out under the stars and make music and sing. This is a family event. Casual attire.

Many classes require pre-registration, so we have made it easy for you! Sign up online at, in Friendship Hall or call 527-2222 x 107.

Dates and locations of classes may occasionally change. Please call Wings Bookstore at 522-6657 or visit for up-to-date information.

12 |

spiritual Education Program

Prosperity-Today, Tomorrow and Beyond! Facilitator: Rev. Russell Heiland Thursdays, October 1 – October 29, 1:30 pm & 7pm Location: Rm #300 Are you ready for an exciting challenge? This version of the classic Unity course, Prosperity, will invite you to engage the thoughts and ideas of two of Unity’s greatest teachers and metaphysicians, Charles Fillmore and Eric Butterworth. Although Fillmore’s and Butterworth’s perspectives sometimes differ, you’ll discern how their ideas complement each other and lead you into a greater understanding and demonstration of prosperity in the fullest sense of the word. If you are willing to let go of thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back from demonstrating true prosperity, and if you are willing not only to study but to put into practice the ideas you learn in this course, you will be blessed with a consciousness of abundance that will grace every area of your life. This class is offered with day and evening sections. The content of both sections will be the same. Required texts: Prosperity by Charles Fillmore and Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth both available at Wings Bookstore. Suggested love offering $15 per class. To receive credit in Unity Institute’s Spiritual Education and Enrichment program there is an additional $36 registration fee.

Christian Scriptures. In this five-week study, we will explore the Scriptures and the steps to discover the secret of success as a way of life that has brought hope and spiritual rebirth to people in need when all else had failed. Suggested love offering $10 per class. Fred Baldwin, a native of Syracuse, NY, graduated Georgetown University 1968 and served in the US Navy 1968-71. He graduated from Episcopal Divinity School with a Masters of Divinity degree in 1972 and was ordained in the Episcopal Church in 1976. He served in parishes in New York City and New Jersey 1976-2006. He retired to the Bay area in 2006.

Each class has a suggested love offering given as a guideline; please give as you are guided. Each teacher, the church, and this program is supported through your generous love offerings. Payment for classes can be made in advance at the church or at the door. Cash, check and credit cards accepted. A Note About Childcare...First Unity recognizes the value in providing childcare during classes, events and programs at the church. To do so in a way that supports our commitment to wise stewardship of our shared resources, it is important that everyone understand our childcare practices. Reservations for childcare ($5/child, $10/per family) must be made seven working days prior to the class/event by contacting Dianna Collins at 527-2222 x107. To provide childcare, there must be reservations for a minimum of four children.

Discover Unity Facilitator: Rev. Temple Hayes and First Unity Staff Wednesdays, Sept 30 - Nov 4, 7:15 pm (no class October 21) Location: Friendship Hall Learn more about Unity principles and First Unity Church at Discover Unity. Make friends that can last a lifetime in this 5-week membership class. These classes will cover: 1) Getting to Know You and Unity, 2) Recognizing God Within You, 3) Expressing Health, 4) The Art of Prayer and Meditation and 5) Transformation. This class is required for those who want to join the church. Everyone is welcome, member or non-member, to come to review and renew what our teaching is all about. There is no cost for this class. The teaching team: Rev. Temple Hayes, Daybree Thoms, Ami Bowen, and Sharon Jebens.

12 Steps and the Bible Facilitator: Rev. Frederick S. Baldwin Tuesdays, October 20 – November 17, 7 to 9 pm (5 weeks) Location: Friendship Hall Since its inception more than 80 years ago, the Twelve Steps of AA, stemming out of an Episcopal Bible Study Group in New York City, has been a powerful spiritual path towards wholeness and joy for many people beyond the world of recovery. In fact, the Twelve Steps are grounded in the wisdom of the Hebrew and spiritual Education Program

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Living@WOW! Special Event Coming in October

The Enlightened Healer Symposium Florida 2009 • Everything you ever wanted to know about health and wellness in one wisdom-packed weekend • Enjoy healthy gourmet organic food • Renew your enthusiasm for Living at WOW!™ with wisdom, optimism and wellness

Presentations by 15 world-class healers from traditional & complementary modalities

Introductory Social Oct 15 6-9pm Symposium Presentations Oct 16, 17 at First Unity Campus in St. Petersburg TM

Early Registration Special $199

Register on-line at 727-542-7117 • email:

www. I n te g r a lEFT. c o m

Specializing in

Transformation Get to the REAL reasons behind your frustration and pain

Lynette K. Conat

BA, LMT (MA 47593), NMT, EFT-ADV

Life & Wellness Consultant

Call 727.424.1410 for a $25 Initial Consult 3133 49th St North • St. Petersburg •

Ongoing Classes

Ongoing Groups

Belly Dance with Susan Rodriguez meets every Monday at 5:45 pm in Friendship Hall. Through isolated movements of the hips, arms, and torso, you will express the mesmerizing rhythms and melodies of authentic Middle Eastern music, both classical and pop. In each beginning belly dance class, students will the learn an assortment of basic belly dance moves and put them together in short choreographies for a fun and invigorating workout. Dropins are possible and encouraged, but coming to class regularly will enhance the experience. Recommended attire is leggings, a midriff or form-fitting top, bare feet or dance shoes, and a hip scarf, just for fun! $10 per class.

A Course in Miracles meets at 7 pm every Thursday in Rm #301. This study group reads and discusses the book that is a modern-day expression of the demonstrations and teachings of our beloved brother Jesus. Open to a richer, deeper experience of your spiritual nature. Suggested love offering is $5 per class.

Qigong with Lisa Rathgeb meets every Monday from 6 to 7 pm in Rm #200. QiGong (pronounced chee-gong) is a form of martial arts for ultimate healing. It includes advanced breathing techniques and slow movements to expand your magnetic “Qi-Energy.” This energy has a profound effect on blood circulation, longevity, strength and deep levels of awareness. It is an ancient scientific system of healing that awakens, aligns and directs the body’s own electromagnetic healing force. It is important to wear comfortable clothing while doing this practice. QiGong shoes are nice and can be purchased from any martial arts store. A yoga mat or blanket may be required at times. Suggested love offering is $10 per class. Yoga with Aria Brunson meets every Tuesday & Thursday at 6:45 pm in Rm # 401. If you looking for a workout program that’s easy to learn, requires little or no equipment, and soothes your soul while toning your body, join us! If strengthening your cardiovascular system, toning and stretching your muscles, and improving your mental fitness are on your to-do list, then this ongoing yoga class is for you! Bring a mat and enjoy the benefits yoga brings to mind, body and spirit. Suggested love offering $10 per class.

CommUniteam. Want to help others in our church family, community and the world? Join the CommUniteam! Find a way to get involved in outreach at First Unity; we meet every second Monday from 6 to 7 pm in the Conference room. Darshan/Meditation/Science of Spirituality. Meets at 1:30pm in Rm #300 on the 1st through 4th Sundays. Debtors Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from compulsive debting. They meet every Friday at noon in Rm #301. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop incurring unsecured debt. For more information, call (727) 954-6762. No smoking or fragrances, please. Deeksha is a sacred experience of Oneness. Helen Dahlhauser, a certified Oneness Blessing-giver will begin a silent meditation, followed by an individual blessing for each person. Additional Blessing-givers attend some sessions, so ending times are flexible, as multiple Blessings may occur. A love offering will be taken. Meets every Wednesday at 7 pm in Rm #300. Call Wings at 5226657 for more information. First Unity Choir. Join our choir and make a joyful noise at Thursday evening rehearsals and monthly Sunday performances. Contact Choir Director Garry Miller at 527-2222 x108 or choir@ for more information.

Ladies Auxiliary. Share lunch, fellowship and ideas at 11 am every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month in Rm #300. Everyone is welcome. Various guest speakers present monthly. The Men of Unity group at First Unity, led by Rev. Russell Heiland, is at 7:15pm every Monday in Friendship Hall. This group is an intentional gathering of men in which we will explore our spirituality and humanity in a safe and sacred setting. The Next Generation of First Unity (NGU). Our purpose is to empower ourselves through service, prayer and personal education to embrace our spiritual potential. Service to our church and community enriches the lives of all involved. Prayer and meditation help us throw off those pesky adult stresses and reconnect with our inner mystic child. And every so often we do stuff just to have fun and be with friends. We invite everyone from the ages of 18 to 35 to join us on Wednesdays at 7 pm in Rm #205. The Suncoast Community Institute of Noetic Sciences (SCIONS). Meetings are scheduled for September 27 and December 27. (Always the last Sunday of months that include the equinoxes and solstices.) Each meeting starts at 5 pm with a potluck and is held in Friendship Hall. Learn about cutting-edge research such as the science of love. We have experienced the heart field as a quantum hologram in this community. Join conversations about new and innovative happenings and tools we can practice ourselves as well as within our families and communities. Suggested donation $5. Learn more about IONS at Sober Spirits. This Alcoholics Anonymous group meets at 7:30 pm every Wednesday in Rm #200. This is a 12-step discussion group. No smoking, please. 164 Pages Study Group. This AA big book study meets at 10 am every Thursday in Rm #300.

Ongoing Groups & Classes

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Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus Each week our video and podcasts are uploaded to our website for the world to see. If you missed the message, or loved it so much you want to share it with friends, just visit our website and click on the video podcast button. There's an easy way to share any message with friends on FaceBook, on your website or send them an email.

Spiritual weddings and commitment ceremonies at an affordable price.

We've also made it easy for you to give directly to the podcast ministry, so that we may continue to make this service free for everyone to hear the Unity messages we are so blessed with each Sunday.

A Sacred Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

with Rev. Temple Hayes and Mary Manin Morrissey

January 9 - 22, 2010 Visit for more information and conference call numbers.

Your church — everywhere YOU want it to be!

Questions? Call Rev. Temple at (727) 527-2222 x 106.

Explore the Beauty of Unity Campus for Your Special Day! With many diverse settings to fit your specific needs, our facility provides a sacred space for a large wedding or a more intimate group, use of the entire campus or just ourpiritual sanctuary. We even have private dressing rooms, a nursery weddings and commitment for child care during your event, and First Unity’s talented musicians have a beautiful selection of music for your ceremonies at an affordable price. ceremony. Our reception hall comes equipped with a kitchen, a bar and seating for up to 150 people. Please contact our wedding coordinator, Wendy Armstrong Armstorng for a free consultation and tour at 235-3770.


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Nonviolent Communication Qigong MarkRathgeb Thielmann Facilitator: Lisa 2nd & 4th6Tuesdays, Mondays, to 7 pm 7 to 9 pm Location: Rm #200

Payment for classes can be made in advance at the church or at the door. Cash, check and credit cards accepted.

Payment for classes can be made in advance at the church or at the door. Cash, check and credit cards accepted.

This group(pronounced is a forum tochee-gong) practice reframing how of we martial express QiGong is a form Many classes require pre-registration, ourselves and how we hear others, participating in an arts for ultimate healing. It includes advanced breathing honest dialogue wheremovements everybody’stofeelings needs can be techniques and slow expandand your magnetic so we have made it easy for you! identified andThis met.Qi-Energy As a practice for individuals who “Qi-Energy.” has agroup profound effect on blood have read orlongevity, are readingstrength the bookand Nonviolent Communication circulation, deep levels of awareness. Sign UP online at, hee-gong) is a form of martial by Marshall Rosenberg, our goalyour is toevolutionary resolve conflicts by On a spiritual level, it awakens process in Friendship Hall or call 527-2222 x 101 It includes breathing focusing our consciousness on what we feeling, and deepens ouradvanced God connection. It isare anobserving, ancient scientific needingofto and requesting. system healing that awakens, aligns and directs the body’s ements expand your magnetic Payment for classes can be made in advance at the church own electromagnetic healing force. or at the door. Cash, check and credit cards accepted. rgy Only has aanprofound effect onisblood open mind and heart required to experience Qigong "When it comes andweselling "When it comes to buyingto andbuying selling a home would onlya use ngth and deep levels ofexercise. awareness. the immense benefits of this It is important to wear Facilitator: Lisa Rathgeb Nelahhome Parker. we She listed and sold our familyShe quickly Looking forwhile Estate orthis Downsizing Services? would onlya condominium use NelahforParker. comfortable clothing doing practice in order to wakens your evolutionary process Mondays, 6 to 7 pm and listed efficiently. We sold told her exactly what we wanted next home allow for maximum Qi-Energy flow. QiGong shoes are nice Free Consultation | Household Clean-Outs and a condominium for for ourourfamily Location: Rm #200 nection. It is an ancient scientific and that is what she found for us. We closed on our home faster then any and can beTag purchased from any martial arts store. A yoga Sales | Private Sales | Appraisals quickly and efficiently. We told her exactly mat or blanketand maydirects be required times. Suggested Love kens, aligns theatbody’s home we’ve ever purchased...less than 2 weeks from start to finish!” QiGong is(pronounced is a form of martial whatiswe for our next that $10 perSutorius class.chee-gong) John | (727) 385-9721 Nelah morewanted than a professional when home it comesand to real estate. ngOffering force. arts for ultimate healing. It includes advanced breathing is what shespecial foundabout for us. on our home There’s something her.We Sheclosed almost immediately develops and slow movements to expand your magnetic d techniques heartAn is required to experience active member and volunteer at First Unity Church Yoga "Whena wonderful, itfaster comesthen to buying and we’ve selling aShe’s home we would personal with you. organized, caring, only use This Qi-Energy has a profound effect on blood anyconnection home ever purchased... is“Qi-Energy.” exercise. It is important to wear circulation,Aria longevity, strength and deep levels of awareness. Facilitator: Brunson loving, prompt...a looking outto forfinish!” you.” for our family quickly less than weeks from start Nelah Parker. She listed2person and who’s sold a condominium le Tuesdays doing this practice in order to On a spiritual level, it awakens your evolutionary process & Thursdays, 6:45 pm We used to think of Nelah Parker as our realtor. Now we think of her and efficiently. Wefriend.” told her exactly what weFirstwanted our next home and deepens our God connection. It is an ancient scientific Location: Rm #401 nergy flow. QiGong shoes are nice as a Nelah special —Bob and Terri Unity for is more than aPhillips, professional when system of healing that awakens, aligns and directs the body’s and that is what she found for us. We closed on our home faster then any mAre anyelectromagnetic martial arts store. A yoga ownyou force. looking for ahealing workout program that’s easy to learn, it comes to real estate. There’s something equired at times. Suggested Love Only an open mind and heart is required to experience requires little or no equipment, and soothes your soul while home we’ve ever purchased...less than 2 weeks from start to finish!” special about her. and Sheselling almost immediately "When it comes to buying a home we would only use the immense this exercise. It your is important to wear toning your benefits body? Ifof strengthening cardiovascular Parker.than She listed and sold a condominium our family to quickly Nelah Nelah is develops more professional when foritconnection comes real estate. a awonderful, personal comfortable clothing while doing practice order to system, toning and stretching your this muscles, andin improving and with efficiently. We told her exactly what we wanted our next home Helping Unity families buy &for sell allowmental for maximum Qi-Energy are nice There’s something your fitness are on your flow. to-do QiGong list, thenshoes this ongoing you. She’s organized, caring, loving, special about her. She almost immediately develops thanon30 and that is whathomes she foundfor for more us. We closed ouryears home faster then any and can purchased from anyand martial A yoga yoga classbeis for you! Bring a mat enjoyarts the store. benefits prompt...a connection person who’s looking for you.” with you.fromout She’s caring, mat or toblanket required times. Suggested Love a wonderful, brings mind, may bodybeand spirit. at Suggested Love Offering home personal we’ve ever purchased...less than 2 weeks start toorganized, finish!” Offering is $10 per class. $10 per class. Nelah isperson more than a professional it comes loving, prompt...a who’s looking when out for you.”to real estate. We used to think of Nelah Parker as our realtor. There’s something special about her. She almost immediately develops 45 pm We used to think SPIrItUAL ofthink Nelah Parker as our realtor. Now we think Yoga PrOGrAm Now wepersonal of heredUCAtION aswith a special friend. ” caring, | 13 of her a wonderful, connection you. She’s organized, as a specialloving, friend.” —Bob and Terri Phillips, FirstFirst Unity Facilitator: Aria Brunson prompt...a person who’s looking out for you.” —Bob and Terri Phillips, Unity Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:45 pm We used to think of Nelah Parker as our realtor. Now we think of her Location: Rm #401 kout program that’s easy to learn, as a special friend.” —Bob and Terri Phillips, First Unity

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ment, and soothes your soul while Are you looking for a workout program that’s easy to learn, rengthening cardiovascular requires little oryour no equipment, and soothes your soul while toning your body? If strengthening your cardiovascular hing your muscles, and improving system, toning and stretching your muscles, and improving your list, then ongoing your to-do mental fitness are on this your to-do list, then this ongoing a yoga matclass andis for enjoy the benefits yogathe benefits yoga you! Bring a mat and enjoy brings to mind, body and spirit. Suggested d spirit. Suggested Love Offering Love Offering

Helping Unity families buy sell Helping Unity buy &&sell Helping Unityfamilies families buy & sell homes forfor more than homes for more than 32years years homes more than 3030 years

$10 per class.

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We Love Our Advertisers! Email Newslet ter@firstunit toedUCAtION advertise here. SPIrItUAL PrOGrAm

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Our mission: To encourage awareness of Spirit within and inspire a way of life that brings love, freedom, peace and joy.

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Wings Bookstore Presents...

Connecting Water, Consciousness & Peace Dr. Masaru Emoto, Messages from Water Wednesday, October 21 in First Unity Sanctuary

Saturday, September 19


at Mahaffey Theater

A Voice of Celebration

Intimate Devotional singing and dancing with Deva Premal & Miten

Sunday, September 20 Visit Wings Bookstore or for details

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