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“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit , teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and behold, I am with you always, to the close of the age.� -Matthew 28:19-20

Easter 2018

Journey through at First UMC San Marcos


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Next Newsletter deadline is May 14th and will include ministry events from June– August. If you have some information to share with your church family, please email 3

points "Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer these things and then enter into His glory?" Jesus' question on the Emmaus road, Luke 24:26 NRSV Thou mastering me God! giver of breath and bread; World's strand, sway of the sea; Lord of living and dead; Thou hast bound bones and veins in me, fastened me flesh, And after it almost unmade, what with dread, Thy doing: and dost thou touch me afresh? Over again I feel thy finger and find thee. - Gerard Manley Hopkins

The whole bright world rejoices now: Hilariter! Hilariter! The birds do sing on every bough: Alleluia! Alleluia! Then shout beneath the racing skies: Hilariter! Hilariter! To Him who rose that we might rise: Alleluia! Alleluia! God - Father, Son, and Holy Ghost: Hilariter! Hilariter! Our God most high, our joy, our boast! Alleluia! Alleluia! - Easter carol, 17th Century, ("hilariter" is a Latin adverb meaning "joyfully") Alleluia! Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed! Happy Easter! Your servant in Christ Jesus, Jarrell


a Pastor note from Russell “As [the women] entered the tomb, they saw a young man, dressed in a white robe sitting on the right side; and they were alarmed. But he said to them, “Do not be alarmed; you are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He has been raised; he is not here… So they went out and fled from the tomb, for terror and amazement had seized them; and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.” Mark 16: 5-6a, 8

Verse 8 is a strange place to end, if you ask me. But that is because my experience with Easter has always been one of celebration and fun: new clothes, egg hunts, beautiful lilies, a great meal after church! What is not to love about that? Yet Mark 16:1-8 is a different kind of Easter experience. To begin to understand why Mark might end this way, it might help to try to imagine ourselves as those that went to the tomb early that morning:

Of the four gospel accounts, Mark may have the most awkward dismount. Most scholars agree that the above is the original ending of Mark. The problem with Mark’s account ending in this way is that it leaves us wondering, if the women “said nothing to anyone, because they were afraid,” how did Mark (and anyone else, for that matter) ever find out about the Resurrection? So there is another ending for Mark. Actually, there are two more endings to Mark. Go check your Bible. Most versions place the two additional endings to Mark’s gospel in brackets. Seriously, go check.

That is precisely what I believe Mark was trying to communicate in this ending- that God did something so unbelievable in the Resurrection that you and I and other Christians are still searching for the words to say in response to such news! I hope that you will join us in worshipping God and coming alongside others that have come to believe that which seems impossible were it not for God’s activity and involvement!

Have you ever witnessed something that was so surprising or unexpected that it left you speechless? Maybe it was wonderful or awful, but it was so incredible that you had nothing really to say to anyone about anything, and so you said nothing. That’s what the Resurrection must have been like for the women that first witnessed it at the tomb- unbelievable. In fact, they were so awestruck that they were afraid. Their brains could not comprehend something so impossible happening.


IT WORKS! Easter 2018! Again we celebrate and give thanks for God’s love and the grace He has extended to us. How blessed we are! In Philippians 4, Paul tells us to, “Rejoice in the Lord always!” Paul was sitting in a jail cell at the time that he wrote his letter to the Christians in Philippi, his work was under attack by competitors and he was tired. Yet, his love for Christ “spills out”. He is content and joyful in the worst of circumstances and his happiness is infectious, enabling many of the other prisoners and guards to believe in Jesus Christ.

Jane Scarborough, Stephen Minister

ing and you have thrown up all night, you have no idea where your child is, you lost your job and have very little saved money, or your best friend was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. Paul showed us how to live through exasperating circumstances. He didn’t feel sorry for himself or worry. He praised God that he had the opportunity to write letters and to preach to the people around him.

Once we realize that this life is not about us and we take our eyes off of ourselves, we are able to think Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch author and Christian, who about things that are “true, noble, right , pure, lovely, helped many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust and was admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. And the God of peace will be with you.” Philippians 4:9. imprisoned for her actions, writes the following devotional: Once I asked a parachutist, “How did you feel Will our problems disappear? Probably not, at least when you jumped from the airplane with a not right away. But through prayer, helpful steps that parachute on your back for the first time?” He you might take to alleviate a problem become clearer. answered, “There was only one thought: Then you are able to place in God’s hands the things ‘It works! It works!’.” What does it mean to go that you can’t change. through life with Jesus? I can answer from experience, “It works! It works!” Lord, what joy Stephen ministers are trained lay people, loving and that we may tell other people that it works. compassionate. They want to help others walk through Hallelujah! difficult circumstances by listening, encouraging and praying. If you are unable to find comfort, perhaps just Sometimes we may look at our circumstances and ask, talking about your struggles to someone who truly is Paul serious? Praise God when your head is pound- listens can enable you to cope with or to resolve your issues.

If you have questions or would like to find out more, contact one of our pastors or one of our Stephen Leaders, Carolyn Benitez at 512-396-0595 or Cheryl Puddy at 512-644-8031. 6

Please be in prayer for 2018 Quest confirmands and their guides as they complete a 13 week class that helps them get to know God for themselves; to make a choice about what they believe, and how they will live.

Bella & Patty

Mikaela & Caroline

Abby & Erin

Chase & Brett

Carrie & Beth

Earl & Waylon

Darlyne & Caitlin 7

Ashlie & Cadence

Daniel & Randy

Matti & Shannon



courtyard Easter morning during the usual Sunday school hour (9:30-10:30) to fellowship and enjoy the day that we worship God and celebrate the resurrection of the King of kings and Lord of lords!

Special Events HOLY WEEK MARCH 25TH: Palm Sunday Worship at 8:15am, 10:45am, 11:00am

Egg hunt for toddlers through 5th grade & FREE breakfast tacos for all! Bring the kids, find baskets, and come enjoy the celebration at First United Methodist Church! Following breakfast and the egg hunt, you are invited to join in praising God and hearing the Easter message at either 10:45am (contemporary) or 11:00am (traditional) worship service. In case of rain that morning we will gather in the Fellowship Hall with directions for the hunt to be held indoors.

MARCH 29TH: Maundy Thursday Worship at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall MARCH 30TH: Good Friday Worship at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary APRIL 1ST: Easter Sunday Worship at 8:15am, 10:45am, 11:00am Easter Egg Hunt 9:30am in the courtyard


EASTER EGG HUNT Sunday, April 1st 9:30-10:30am in the Courtyard This year, the FUMC Easter Hunt, Story and Celebration has been moved from Saturday to Easter Sunday for breakfast, story, and egg hunt. The entire community is invited- this is a great opportunity for each member of FUMC to invite coworkers, neighbors, friends, and family to join in celebrating the Resurrection! We are encouraging the whole church body to come together in the church

 

Brookdale North: 2nd Thursday at 4:00pm Brookdale South & Regents: 4th Thursday at 4:00pm

Join the Care Core team and Pastors for worship with Holy Communion followed by fellowship with residents. These events are open to all, especially those who would like to explore helping with the Care Core visitation team. 8

Adult Studies

United Methodist Women



Are you looking for ways to connect with young adults at FUMC?

3rd Tuesday of the month 9:30am in Todd Hall 

Thursday Night Small Group: 6:00-8:00PM, Simon Bldg. Suite 1 Contact Erin at

April 17th May 15th

RACHEL CIRCLE 4th Thursday of the month 7:00pm in Todd Hall

Young Adult Sunday School Class 9:30-10:30AM, Room 2 down the hall from Fellowship Hall. Contact Carrie at

April 26th


Young Adult Social Meet-Ups Times and locations vary. Contact Russell at

Monday, April 9th 9:30am in Todd Hall


Young(er) Adult Facebook page. Contact Russell at

Monday, May 14th 10:00am in the Fellowship Hall All ladies are invited to bring a salad and join us.

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MATTHEW Wednesdays at 6:15pm Todd Hall

United Methodist Men



Mondays at 5:30pm Suite 2 of the Simon Building Current Study: Make a Difference – Following your Passion and Finding Your Place to Serve by James A. Harnish. For more information or Questions, contact Maureen at 361-652-1429 (text or call). We welcome all women who want to learn more about God in a supportive, fun group!

1st Wednesday 6:30am Fellowship Hall All are invited to breakfast for FAITH, FOOD & FELLOWSHIP.  April 4th  May 2nd




Collection of items will begin in May for mailing in June so the troops will get the goodies by the 4th of July, 2018.

For all UNITE Youth announcements & information join our Remind group by texting @uniteyg to 81010


Fireside Bible Study

In May we will start collecting used school supplies to be sent to children in Mexico

3:00-4:30pm at 1221 Sunset Ridge Join us, every Sunday at the Brown’s House. This is a chance to take a closer look at the books of the Bible, study the Word and talk about what it means for us. We also enjoy s’mores by the fire and fellowship with our friends!


UNITE Night Small Group Wednesdays from 5:30- 7:30pm Fellowship Hall & Youth Lounge The entire UNITE Youth group gets together for an evening of food, fun and fellowship. This mid-week meet up is a great opportunity for the youth to just chill-out, relax and check-in with one another.

Come help pack 671 sacks of food at 6:30 p.m. every Thursday during school year at 211 Lee St. (Centro Cultural Hispano—the old Bonham school). It takes 45 minutes of your time. Go to website or call Vicki Janek for more information.


This is a United Way initiative, which helps families and caregivers to turn everyday moments into learning for children before starting kindergarten. During the six week program, Our Mission team will prepare and serve evening meals for participants on dates yet to be determined. Contact Our Church mission committee has Bill Nicholas for further information 512planned a year of commitment to our fel754-4935.

Opportunities to Serve

low human beings. Each day we have an opportunity to help someone. Pray first and then come and be a part of what God has in store for our community. Mission team: Chris Rodriguez, Bill Nicholas, Darlyne Lowman, Betty Nash, Sue Ann Harrison, Bobbie Gilbert, Kathi Ritch, Cindy Brooks and Vicki Janek.

MISSION SERVICE PROJECT High school students along with other adults will be heading to the valley on June 10, 2018. Our first group of youth attended MSP in June 2000.




(Ladies Empowered by God’s Spirit) is scheduled for July 14, 2018. Stay tuned for further information on this event.

In December look for the Angel Tree in Todd Hall full of angels. Each angel is a child in the Head Start program. Thanks to every one that supported the Angel Tree in 2017. A total of 79 children were given gifts.

SCHOOL BACKPACK FAIR In August, 2018 we are undertaking a new project “School Backpack Fair”. Still in the planning stages, we are hoping to sponsor 50 students with a backpack and school supplies. Stay tuned for further details.

BOBCAT MUSCLE A local project with college students to provide some “muscle” in the community wherever needed from building a ramp to clearing a garden.



Special thanks to Carrie Standlee, Wesley Nurse for her continued help and support for this ministry. Check it out on Facebook…….free diapers for families who sign up. Contact Chris Rodriguez to help.

A regional project, which we hope to repeat the good work that Pastor Russell and Erin and Chris Rodriguez did when responding to help in Rockport when Hurricane Harvey hit in August 2017.


There is always an opportunity to help… remember our mission “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” Hebrews 10:23-24

Support our sister church the remaining Fridays during Lent from 11:00am to 2:00pm by lunching at their church, 209 E. Grove street. If you are interested in helping with the fish fry, contact Vicki Janek at

PUMPKIN PATCH In October 2018 our Mission team voted to split the earnings between Project Transformation (a Rio Texas sponsored mission to engage young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry, support children in holistic development and connect churches with community) and School Fuel. 11

Ministry Coordinating Board

Meetings February 12 at 5:30pm in Todd Hall

Foundation Board



March 27 at 6:00pm in Room 129

UMW Board April 9 at 9:30am in Todd Hall

Ministry Coordinating Board April 9 at 5:30pm in Todd Hall

Parking Lot Subcommittee April 9 at 6:30pm in Room 123

SPRC April 12 at 7:00pm in Room 129

Church Council April 16 at 6:00pm in Room 129

Mission April 17 at 5:30pm in Room 127

Finance Committee April 17 at 6:00pm in Room 129

DSA Board April 19 at 6:30pm in Room 127

Board of Stewards

May 7 at 6:00pm in Room 128

May 7 at 6:00pm in Todd Hall

Nurture Committee

May 9 at 10:00pm in Todd Hall

SPRC May 10 at 7:00pm in Room 129

Mission May 15 at 5:30pm in Room 127

Finance Committee May 15 at 6:00pm in Room 129

DSA Board May 17 at 6:30pm in Room 127

Trustees May 22 at 6:00pm in Room 129

Annual Conference June 6-9

Ministry Coordinating Board June 11 at 5:30pm in Todd Hall

SPRC June 14 at 7:00pm in Room 129

April 23 at 5:30pm in Room 204

Trustees April 24 at 6:00pm in Room 129

For a complete list of calendar events, visit our website at

Evangelism May 1 at 6:00pm in Room 204


& Easter Morning-Sunday, April 1st 9:30-10:30am Free breakfast tacos, the Resurrection Story & Egg hunt for toddlers through 5th grade. Then join in praising God and hearing the Easter message at either 10:45am or 11:00am worship service.

Donations 1) DONATE CANDY to stuff in eggs, please no peanuts! Donation boxes are located in Todd Hall & Fellowship Hall.

2) STUFF EMPTY EGGS you find on Sunday mornings in the Sanctuary and Todd Hall and return them to one of the donation boxes. *Please no plastic eggs donations, we have plenty! 13

EASTER LILIES If you would like to purchase a lily in Honor or Memory of a loved one, please contact the church office. Deadline: March 25th Cost: $12 You may take the lily home after the Easter services.


Spring Salad Lunch Monday, May 14th 10:00am-12:00pm Fellowship Hall All ladies are invited to bring a salad and join us.


1 SERVICE May 20th 11:00am

SAVE THE DATE: May 23rd FUMC Parking Lot 15

ministries Thursday Night Small Group

6-8PM, Suite 1 of the Simon Bldg Contact Erin at

Young Adult Sunday School 9:30-10:30AM, Room 2 Contact Carrie at

Young Adult Social Meet-ups

To join the Young(er) Adult Facebook page, contact Russell at


BUS MINISTRY NEED A RIDE TO CHURCH? We would love to pick you up and bring you to church on Sundays. Call the church office to arrange for pick up.

LOOKING FOR WAYS TO VOLUNTEER? Bus drivers & monitors are needed to help make our Bus Ministry successful. Volunteers would ride once every 4-5 weeks on Sundays.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Contact the church office at 512-392-6001

The Identity Service is looking for GREETERS! If you are interested in welcoming people into worship, please email 17

our NEW members John & Bonnie Ferguson Ben & Carrie Hutchins Friends that walk together… grow strong together!


Thursdays 9:00am at CTMC

Questions? Contact Carrie Standlee, Wesley Nurse 512-392-6001 X308 18

FUMC San Marcos is now partnered with Amazon Smile.

Go to the link below to designate FUMC San Marcos as the charity you support when making purchases with Amazon.

Safe Gatherings


Our conference requires all persons working with children/ youth to have a background check, reference checks, and training.


OR Sundays: 9:30-10am in the Adult Fellowship Area 19

Sunday Worship Traditional 8:15am (Weekly Communion) Contemporary 10:45am in Fellowship Hall Traditional 11:00am

Sunday School Adult, Children & Youth 9:30am

Church Office Hours Monday -Thursday 9:00am-12:00pm; 1:00pm-3:00pm 129 W. Hutchison St. San Marcos, TX 78666 (512) 392-6001 WWW.FUMCSM.ORG

Connect With Our Staff PASTORS Rev. Jarrell V. Sharp, Senior Pastor x303 Rev. Russell Bowlin, Associate Pastor x304

PROGRAM MINISTRIES Katrina Allison, Children x311 WORSHIP Jody Bagley, Director of Music Justin Stephens, Contemporary Worship Leader Ricky Almazan, A/V Coordinator ADMINISTRATION Shelley, Office Manager x306 WESLEY NURSE Carrie Standlee x308 DAY SCHOOL & AFTERSCHOOL (512) 396-3236 Gwen Burton, Director TWICE BLESSED 124 W. Hopkins (512) 396-1752 Tues-Fri: 10-4:00pm Saturday 10-1:00pm


Easter 2018  
Easter 2018