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San Marcos, TX UMC

Advent & Christmas 2017

This year’s Advent and Christmas worship and preaching is inspired by both the lectionary scripture readings and the words of James Montgomery’s 1816 hymn “Angels from the Realms of Glory.” The entire 4th verse and refrain read as follows:

Saints before the altar bending, watching long in hope and fear; suddenly the Lord descending, in his temple shall appear. Come and worship, come and worship, worship Christ, the newborn King. Each week, as we read the scriptures, we will also expand upon a word or a few words of this fourth and final stanza as it appears in our hymnal. Each of the four Sundays of advent, Christmas Eve worship, and the 1st Sunday of Christmas we will take a look at the way that Advent and Christmas reveal: 1) both the suddenness and long-expectedness of the Messiah, 2) the peace of God that comes only from God, 3) the task John has (and we have) in pointing to the Lord, 4) God’s descent to be with humanity in the temple/tabernacle of the OT, 5) ‘the temple’ of Emmanuel, 6) the appearance of God in the manger, and the praise given to God when creation meets its Creator/King/ Lord/ Messiah. Finally, on Epiphany, January 6, 2018, a day in which the Church observes the arrival of the magi (or wise men), we will finish the chorus as we come and worship Christ the newborn king! We are so eager to worship with you and to receive once again, the wonderful gift that God gives us- the gift of Emmanuel- God with us! We hope you will join us as we "prepare him room."

Jarrell V. Sharp & Russell Bowlin 2

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points “Behold, I send my messenger to prepare the way before me, and the Lord whom you seek will suddenly come to His temple; the messenger of the covenant in whom you delight, behold, He is coming, says the Lord of Hosts.” Malachi 3: 1 RSV How do we prepare for the coming of our Lord? It seems to me that putting up decorations, stringing some plastic greenery and lights, maxing out the credit cards on presents, and gorging on holiday food and drink is really more about our own selves. It can even become a way of distracting ourselves so that the reality of “God-with-us” doesn’t really break into our lives.

role, our best course of action, is simply to be ready always. So this Advent and Christmas both Russell and I are going to be exploring this theme. If Montgomery and Malachi are right, how do we live in readiness? How do we rightly celebrate Christ’s coming to us in a way that’s not about us but focused on Him? What are some tools, some disciplines, that can focus our hearts and minds and lives on the One who breaks in, disrupts, our same ol’, same ol’ holidays and “makes all things New”?

Russell suggested a focus for our Advent and Christmas worship based on words from the fourth stanza of James Montgomery’s carol, “Angels From the Realms of Glory”: “Suddenly the Lord descending in His temple shall appear.” Montgomery’s words are a paraphrase of God’s promise spoken through His prophet Malachi, a promise of fulfillment, of expectation realized. When I first heard Russell’s ideas, I was hooked! The coming of the Son of Righteousness isn’t about us – it’s not something we can schedule or plan, not an event for which we can book a reservation. The Sovereign Lord of Heaven and Earth will come, appearing at a time and place unexpected, surprising – just as His birth in Bethlehem caught the world off-guard so long ago. Our

I hope you’re ready. I can’t say I’m always ready, but I’m anticipating the Spirit’s help this Advent and Christmas to get more ready than I am. And the first step in that work is listening to the call of the angels in Montgomery’s chorus: “Come and worship! Come and worship! Worship Christ, the new-born King!” Your servant in Christ Jesus, Jarrell


aPastor note from Russell yes, presents. But since this child came into my life, Christmas has also become a time of extreme gratitude. Now, instead of rushing to the Advent calendar or Advent chain, I find myself looking for the pause button and trying my best to take it all in.

What a Child Can Do “For a child has been born for us, a son given to us…” Isaiah 9:6a

But taking it all in is overwhelming. Christmas is overwhelming. The gift of a child is more than I can take. The showing of love by giving oneself is too much. My cup overflows. That’s it! I’m not crying… I’m just too full and the excess is leaking from my eyes!

A few months before Josiah was born, a friend of mine and partner in ministry pulled me aside during one of the many baby showers that our friends and family threw for us. “You are going to become an emotional wreck, you know. That’s what happened to me. I never cried or felt overly emotional, and then I had kids. Now I cry all the time. And I’m okay with it,” he said as I grinned to hide my confusion while nodding like I understood.

Aw, who am I trying to kid. Unto us, a child is born! It’s beautiful and I’m crying. And I’m okay with it. I wish you a blessed advent of waiting and anticipating, and a merry Christmas of peace and goodwill.

A year and a half later, I am daily reminded of his prediction/promise to me when I find myself moved to tears by words, or gestures, by beautiful moments and even nature. It happens frequently: a note from a family member or friend, a kind word, an expression of love and care...and there I go again with the tears.


Not five minutes ago, just before I sat down at the desk to type this, I was moved to tears by a beautiful showing of gratitude from one person to another in the hallway between where I office and the stairs that lead down to Todd Hall. The darndest thing about it is that I wasn’t even involved! I only witnessed the exchange and still the tears flowed like a faucet with a bad valve. As a child and youth December was a time of great excitement and anticipation as I would pluck off paper chain links that counted down to the Christmas day. Christmas day was a day of good food, rest, and 5

From our

Wesley Nurse

November was National Diabetes Month… Have you been tested? Risk factors for type 2 include: Having prediabetes (increased blood sugars, not quite high enough to be considered diabetes) Being overweight (Do you know your BMI?) Being 45 years or older Having a parent, brother, or sister with diabetes Being physically active less than 3 times a week History of gestational diabetes, or having a baby greater than 9 pounds Certain races are at an increased risk, including Hispanics and African Americans

Prevention of diabetes: Lose a small amount of weight if you are overweight – just 5-7% of your body weight Exercise regularly – Get at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week Eat a healthy, well balanced diet

Diagnosed with diabetes: Follow healthy eating plan, exercise regularly, and manage stress Test blood sugar regularly Monitor feet, skin, and eyes regularly Educated yourself – Wesley Nurse at FUMC is always available for free diabetes education Learn your A1c – measures average blood sugar levels over last 3 months (should be less than 7%)

Complications and how to prevent them: Heart disease and stroke – twice as likely to have heart disease or stroke, and also at an earlier age Know your blood pressure and keep it within normal range Keep cholesterol within normal range If you smoke, stop Blindness and eye problems – Diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma can all result in vision loss Get yearly eye exams Kidney disease – High blood sugar levels can damage kidneys over time Amputations – Diabetics heal slower, and also have decreased sensation Continuously monitor any new sores, wounds, skin redness for signs of improper healing and infection

There will be a free class on diabetes offered at FUMC in Todd Hall January 29th and 30th from 6pm-8pm * Free individual education sessions are also available  Free testing supplies available For more information, please contact the Wesley Nurse, Carrie Standlee (512-392-6001 x308 or 6

Heart Disease

#1 Cause of Death in U.S. Do you know your blood pressure???

The single most important controllable risk factor related to heart disease is high blood pressure.

Just this year, the American Heart Association Has lowered its guidelines

Why did he American Heart Association lower the guidelines? The new guideline will push clinicians to treat patients earlier to reduce the number of cardiac related events, specifically stroke and heart attack Doctors will encourage non-medical lifestyle changes earlier to bring blood pressure down – these changes including maintaining a healthy weight, getting an adequate amount of physical activity throughout the day, and eating a healthy diet. The goal is to protect patients rather than let them go along not realizing their increasing risk of vascular damage and serious events.

For a free blood pressure screening, please contact the Wesley Nurse, Carrie Standlee (512-392-6001 x308 or 7

Keeping the Holidays Joyful As a child, November and December were my favorite months. What could be better than a day in November spent with my favorite relatives thanking God for our many blessings and a day in December celebrating the time when God joined us here on earth as the baby Jesus. Jesus showed us not only how to live, to love, and to forgive but died on the cross to save us from our sins. What a glorious gift! Celebrating that gift and that life should be one of the highlights of our year and for many of us it is. Yet I know, from listening to friends and family members, that finding joy and contentment during all the celebrations at this time of year can sometimes be quite a challenge.

Jane Scarborough, Stephen Minister

mind, welcome the opportunity to reach out to people in need. When we are absorbed in an activity that requires we forget about ourselves, happiness unexpectedly floods into our being. If you are missing loved ones, don’t push away those memories, enjoy them. Remember and thank God for the good times you had. Cherish the good relationships you have now and nurture them with your time and interest. Most importantly, find a spiritual refuge - a place and time where you shut out the world and seek God. He is our light, our sustenance and the only one who can bring us true peace, joy and contentment.

My prayer for all of us is that we remember what we are celebrating and stand firm against the pressure to spend too much time and money on activities and things that bring only temporary pleasure. Warm hugs, being grateful for a person’s presence and meaningful conversations are what create beautiful memories.

If you are dreading the holidays and feel that it might be helpful to express your concerns to a confidential listener, please consider talking to a Stephen Minister. Stephen Ministers are congregational members trained to offer high-quality, one to one Christian care to people going through tough times, such as divorce, death, loss of job, If you are dreading celebrations with unpleasant people, financial problems, illness, or some other life crisis. The be grateful that it is for only a short time once or twice a Stephen Minister meets once a week with the care receivyear. Pray that love and peace enter their hearts and hover er for about an hour to listen, care, encourage and provide over your gathering. emotional and spiritual support. The relationship is confidential. If loneliness or unhappy memories fill your heart and

If you feel that God might be offering you a way to receive help in managing a difficult time in your life, the first step is call one of our pastors or one of our Stephen Leaders, Carolyn Benitez (512-395-5411) or Cheryl Puddy (512-644-8031) 8

Heart of Texas Chorus

Heart Of Texas Chorus Moves Rehearsals To First UMC- Fellowship Hall

The award-winning Heart Of Texas Chorus (HOT) is now holding their weekly Thursday evening rehearsals from 7:00 to 9:30 in our Fellowship Hall. Visitors are always welcome at their rehearsals and especially now as the chorus prepares to perform Christmas songs at six December “gigs.” If you enjoy singing the songs of the holiday season, attend rehearsals and you could be performing with the Heart Of Texas Chorus. If attending a HOT Chorus rehearsal doesn’t fit into your schedule now, you’re still invited to attend when you can – and bring a friend. To better acquaint you with the Heart Of Texas Chorus, among the things they’re most known for in the San Marcos area is the annual “United We Sing” admission free concert. It is a free concert provided as a community service. They have proudly produced the inspiring patriotic tribute for 15 years on the campus of Texas State University. They have been recognized three times by the City of San Marcos by proclamations of Heart Of Texas Chorus Day. The concert has always featured excellent local area talent, including youngsters too young to get a driver’s license. They are also known for their rousing renditions of the Star Spangled Banner at Texas State basketball and volleyball games. One loyal booster said, “when the chorus enters the arena looking sharp in those red, white and blue Texas flag shirts and sings a high-spirited National Anthem, they generate a different feel; one of great pride and patriotism!” Since 1998, the Chorus has been a regular performer at “Sights and Sounds of Christmas” – this year on Saturday, December 2. They have also taken their Holiday Season music and good cheer to local area retirement homes, as they will do again this year. A director at one of the homes said, “the residents look forward to the joys of Christmas and truly enjoy the beautiful harmonies and memories the Heart Of Texas Chorus brings them each year!”

Sam Tweedy at San Marcos Arts Advocacy Award

Holiday Hours

church office

The church office will be closed on the following days: Monday, December 25th – Friday, December 29th Monday, January 1st – Tuesday, January 2nd We will resume normal business hours on Wednesday, January 3rd. 9

Special Events COME TO OUR 1ST ANNUAL FEAST OF THE KINGS CELEBRATION! Saturday, January 6th, 2018 5:00-7:00pm Fellowship Hall Celebrate Epiphany (the 12th Day of Christmas) with your church family on Saturday, January 6, 2018! There will be a covered-dish supper (please bring your favorite meat or side dish – we will provide the dessert!) starting at 5 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. We will have a fun time re-enacting the story of Jesus’ birth and visit by the three Kings, hearing about how other cultures celebrate Christmas and Epiphany, as well as enjoying good food and fellowship! This is a multi-generational event, so come be part of the fun as we celebrate the 12th Day of Christmas together! Questions? Call Maureen Sharp at 512-3960307.

fellowship with residents. These events are open to all, especially those who would like to explore helping with the Care Core visitation team.

LADIES SUNDAY CLASS CIRCLE OF FRIENDS BIBLE CLASS Sundays 9:30am in Todd Hall Room 107 email so we can be sure to have enough participant workbooks for everyone. December 3rd –The Wonder of Christmas This four-week study centers on looking to the Christmas story and the stories of real people today to find inspiration and ideas for reflecting the light of Jesus at Christmas time and throughout the entire year. The Christmas season is always filled with wonder, but this year rediscover the true wonder of Christmas by sharing the love of Christ with others. The devotional, a beautiful companion volume that functions beautifully on its own, offers four weeks of daily devotions on four elements of the Christmas story. Each devotion includes Scripture and a reflection and prayer.

United Methodist Men


Brookdale North: 2nd Thursday at 4:00pm Brookdale South & Regents: 4th Thursday at 4:00pm

MEN’S BREAKFAST 1st Wednesday of the Month at 6:30am in the Fellowship Hall All are invited to breakfast for FAITH, FOOD & FELLOWSHIP.

Join the Care Core team and Pastors for worship with Holy Communion followed by

  10

December 6th January 3rd

United Methodist Women CHRISTMAS COFFEE Monday, December 11th 10:00-12:00pm at the Price Center Come join us for refreshments and musical. (car pool if you can from church lot)

MARTHA CIRCLE 3rd Tuesday of the month 9:30am in Todd Hall  

January 16th February 20th

RACHEL CIRCLE 4th Thursday of the month 7:00pm in Todd Hall  

January 25th February 22nd

Youth For all UNITE Youth announcements & information join our Remind group by texting @uniteyg to 81010

High School Hangout Every Monday from 5:30-7:00pm in the Youth Study join us for fellowship! This is a time for all high school youth, 9th-12th grade, to hangout and fellowship with one another. We will have different devotionals and bible studies throughout the school year as well as other fun activities. We will end December 11th and resume January 8th, 2018.

Fireside Bible Study Starting November 12th, all youth are invited to join us at The Brown’s Home, every Sunday from 5:00 pm-6:30 pm. We will be enjoying s’mores, fireside chats as we explore our faith and learn more about the word of God! Please feel free to bring a friend!

Volunteering in Old Town Bethlehem Wednesday, November 29th 5:00pm-7:45pm On the first night of Sights and Sounds in San Marcos, the youth will be volunteering in Old Town Bethlehem. Come join us help the visitors of Bethlehem learn past traditions, work with arts & crafts, touch real camels, and make historical desserts.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Sunday, December 10th 4:30pm-7:45pm Put on your ugliest Christmas sweater and come celebrate this joyful season with us! There will be games, prizes, great food and fun had by all. We will also be doing a “white elephant” gift exchange, so bring whatever gift you like homemade or store bought (price limit is $10). Please RSVP to Emmy Laffere at

Youth Mid-Winter Retreat January 12th-15th cost: $80

The Winter Retreat is for students grades 6-12 and will be hosted at Camp Zephyr near Mathis, TX. We’ll have times of worship and teaching, as well as breakout sessions, fun games, talent UNITE Small Groups shows, karaoke, meals together, and so much Every Wednesday from 5:30-7:30pm in the Youth more. The whole weekend will be about enLounge come learn & fellowship with us. This couraging students to follow Jesus with the enschool year we will be going through THE TEEN tirety of their lives so they might go back to their COMPASS. This study’s goal is to help teens homes and schools to help others follow Jesus. cope more effectively with the stresses of grow- You can register NOW by visiting ing up in the 21st century & helps them think of youth and clicking on the Mid-Winter registration the church as a rest stop in their busy lives, a re- button or you can register with Emmy Laffere. source when they are in need of help. We will end December 13th & resume January 10th, 2018. 11


Don’t forget Children’s Sunday School

"TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY HE SHOULD GO, Each Sunday morning 9:30 – 10:30 AND WHEN HE IS OLD HE WILL NOT DEPART Check out the signs on the doors to find the FROM IT." PROVERBS 22:6 appropriate classroom. Just to give you an idea of what the children have and are learning this Christmas Musical: fall/winter: The central focus of the study is The Church on Mission. Several topics they cover That Starry Night are The God Who Empowers and The God Who Wednesday, December 13th Sends Each story/scripture supports the main focus and topics for that session of time. In the 7:00 pm in Fellowship Hall Spring the children will learn about: Letters to This year our children, preteens and youth will share the Christmas story through a new musical God’s People and The God Who Leads entitled, That Starry Night. This is a great For more information check out opportunity to worship on a Wednesday night! It is so exciting seeing the Wednesday Preteen or contact Katrina Allison (512 392-6001or Nights and Kids Club children practice for the musical. We have talked about giving our best to God. Through sharing this story on December NURSERY MINISTRIES FOR 13th, the kids will be giving the best of themINFANTS & TODDLERS selves to God and blessings all in attendance Our nursery is staffed with loving and caring through this sweet story. As an added treat Childcare Ministry Staff. The nursery is available several of our youth will share their gifts by for infants and toddlers through age 3 years durproviding music through various musical ing worship services, on Wednesday nights, and instruments. for special meetings or programs that require Please plan on attending and inviting others you care for infants and young children. Our nursery feel need to hear that all are welcome at staff is eager to make your child's experience a church, everyone is important to the Christmas secure and happy one. These little ones experistory and Jesus IS the reason for the season. ence the “Wonder” of God as we start introducing Bible stories, and activities that demonstrate That Starry Night Christmas musical the concepts that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever. practice: Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:30pm It is our goal that every child will see the love of Sunday, December 3rd from 3:00 – 4:15pm Jesus in each person who cares for them. Sunday December 10th from 12:00 – 1:30pm All of our Childcare Ministry Staff are CPR and pizza and practice First Aid certified and have passed a backKatrina Allison or 512 392-6001 ground screening   



& graders) Sunday, December 3rd 4:00 – 6:00 pm Many fun and exciting things are planned for the party! RSVP is required by November 30th. RSVP to Katrina Allison or 512-392-6001



Presentation of 3RD GRADE BIBLES Preteens lead worship!



Volunteers needed to man the kettle at Hobby Lobby in San Marcos for the Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive. The drive runs daily November 24th through Dec 22nd except Sundays. Two hour shifts are available beginning at 10am and ending at 8 pm. To volunteer visit or contact Gary or Nancy Strunk 812-583-3287.

The traditional music at FUMCSM, under the direction of Jody Bagley, is offered for the glory of God and is meant to be spiritual enhancement for more meaningful worship experience. There are many opportunities for musicians at our church.


Chancel Choir

What is the Angel Tree you ask? It is the Christmas tree in Todd Hall that is decorated with paper angels. Each of these angels represents a child in our community that will not have much under their tree this Christmas without our help. On the back of the angel is the child’s age, gender, and a few things that the child needs and wants. All you have to do is take an angel home with you, buy a few of things on the list, put them in a bag (unwrapped) and bring them back to Todd Hall by SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10th with the paper angel attached to the bag. (gift bags are appreciated) If you have any questions please contact Shelley in the church office at 512-392-6001 or

Rehearse Wednesdays at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary The Adult Chancel Choir is always looking for new members willing to rehearse on Wednesday evenings and sing on Sunday mornings at the 11:00 service. Regular attendance is encouraged but not mandatory!

“Hallelujah Chorus!” Children’s Choir Rehearse Wednesdays from 4:45-5:30pm in the Sanctuary We welcome children, grades 1st-5th to come sing with us! We begin our fall rehearsals on September 13th and sing several times throughout the semester. We will end December 13th and resume January 10th, 2018.

SOUP KITCHEN Every Tuesday from 11:00am – 1:00pm at Jackson Chapel (524 Centre St.) Eat and support our sister church.

If you would like to participate in any of these groups or would like your musical talents to be featured, please contact Jody Bagley at


Opportunities to Serve LITTLE LAMBS MINISTRY Volunteers are needed to present information to and help in other ways young parents who are registered in our program to receive free diapers. Contact person: Chris Rodriguez

Volunteers are needed to help pack the sacks that will go home with students on Fridays. We meet at 6:30pm on Thursdays at 211 Lee St., San Marcos (enter from McKie St.). If you have a group of 5-10 that want to come together, email Shelby Hebert at Packing takes about 1 to 1½ hours. Check for the schedule.



Attendance: Sunday School Discipleship Team


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Adults Youth Children

79 6 22

72 12 20

77 17 27

86 10 17

98 12 23

80 8 15

92 12 19

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74 9 21

Wednesday Connect Estimates 9/13 Discipleship Team















Volunteer Hours








September 2017 Nurture Team: Care Corp Visiting Bus Ministry-Sundays Wed./Youth 5 Drivers

Mission Team: Ice-Cream Social Little Lambs LEGS Planning Twice Blessed

October 2017 Nurture Team:

98 Hours ~6 riders/Sun

Care Corp Visiting Bus Ministry-Sundays Wed./Youth 5 Drivers

~20 riders/Wed ~ 40 hrs.

200 90 40 100

Mission Team: Little Lambs Box Tops/Labels Pumpkin Patch LEGS Conference

325 +

Twice Blessed

98 Hours ~6 riders/Sun ~20 riders/Wed ~ 40 hrs.

40 300 1040 200 325 +

What insights about your congregation (it’s capacity for making disciples, its connectedness to the mission field/community, and others) does this data give you? 14


Our last Wednesday Connect for 2017 will be December 13th. We will start back on January 10th 4:45pm Children’s Choir– Sanctuary

5:30pm Free Meal– Fellowship Hall

5:45pm Handbells– Sanctuary

6:00pm Childcare (infants– preschool)- Room 120 Kid’s Club (K-3rd Grade)- Room 122 Preteen Nights (4th-5th grade)- Fellowship Hall Classroom 2 Unite Youth Group (6th-12th grade)- Simon Bldg. Suite 2 Book of Acts– Room 129 Revelation– Room 130

7:00pm Adult Chancel Choir– Sanctuary 15

In order for contributions to be posted to your 2017 giving record, they must meet one of the following requirements:



1 2 3

The gift is hand delivered to the business office on or before December 21st The contribution is dropped into the offering plate on Sunday, Dec. 31st The envelope in which the gift is mailed is postmarked on or before December 31st.

Gifts of stocks and securities should be transferred before the markets close on December 29th.

Questions or need more information, please contact the church office by December 21st at 512-392-6001 ext. 301 or


Sharing Our Blessings Presented by

We have so much to be thankful and grateful for! Help us share our blessings with all of Hays County this holiday season. Please drop off your donations in our food drive drop boxes located all over the church campus until December 8th. All proceeds go to the Hays County Food Bank.

HELP RING THE BELLS! November 24th – December 22nd (Excluding Sundays)

Sign up for a shift today by going to 17

Chancel Choir Sunday, December 10th 8:15am & 11:00am




YOUTH (grades 6th -12th) Come join us for worship and teaching, breakout sessions, fun games, talent shows, karaoke, and so much more.

REGISTER NOW or contact Emmy (512-392-6001 or


Thank you,

to our 2017coordinator, Lou Marie Heath & the many volunteers that helped make the pumpkin patch a success this year!

We raised $8,978.49 to be split between School Fuel & For His Glory Orphanage 22


You may purchase them in honor/ memory of a friend or loved one. Poinsettias are $12 each. Contact the church office or place a check in the offering plate, marked with any honorarium or memorial information and “poinsettias�.

The deadline to purchase is

December 17th You may pick up your poinsettia after the Christmas Eve Service.

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