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R.E. News By Meka Tate, DRE Top of the morning to ya! In March the kids banded together in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day to host coffee hour. It was a Sunday filled with fun as they enjoyed making green treats of all kinds. There were Irish crafts and our own Kate Wiig presented a tall tale in her lovely Irish accent. What is the difference between “heaven” and “hell”? If you were lucky enough to be in Donna’s 3rd -through-5th grade class the answer would be very clear. They learned that by embodying the spirit of cooperation “heaven” is easily attainable. They also learned that “hell” could be described as being an arm’s

length away from Oreos and getting them close enough to touch your lips before they fall out of your grasp. This is just one of the many activities the children are enjoying with the new curriculum titled Toolbox of Faith. In this informative activity the children used wooden spoons to feed the person next to them. They were hungry little buggers before they started working together. The K-through-2nd grade Sunday school class are working on "Creating Home--A Tapestry of Faith.” They will be using clay to make super cool hearths and

finger puppets. This fun activity will help them to explore how the act of gathering together unites the members of a family home. They will also learn how good relationships within our homes help us work and learn together. Hmmm…maybe sibling fights will be a thing of the past… Our teens, tweens, and preteens will not be left out of all the fun. This month they will be doing hands-on activities that challenge the brain to explore and think outside the box. They are working on several activities that focus on the ways in which stereotypes are formed and reinforced.

Upcoming Religious Education Events Upcoming Event Highlights

Easter Egg Hunt — April 8 Transition Night — May 2 A chance to visit 2nd UU and enjoy activities with the youth group Spring Intergenerational Program along with the Coming of Age Program — May 13 Summer Gardening — TBA

The summer program will be out of sight so stick around because you won’t want to miss out on the fun! Soul Full Thursdays continue through April 26. See our website for all the details or check out the bulletin board in the Common Room.

Questions? Contact Meka at or leave a message for her at 402-345-3039 ext. 103.


Photo taken at the Rev. Sarah Voss class in March.

The April 2012 eFlame  

The monthly newsletter of the First Unitarian Church of Omaha, Nebraska

The April 2012 eFlame  

The monthly newsletter of the First Unitarian Church of Omaha, Nebraska