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Scott's Zoo Adventure Book Love, Mom & Dad

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One day, Scott and Jonathan went to the zoo. It was a sunny, beautiful day and a great day to see the animals.

Jonathan got some ice cream, and Scott enjoyed some cotton candy. They saw tons of cool animals at the zoo, like...

the gorillas, and...

the zebras...

and some great big bears.

It was a long fun day for Scott and Jonathan at the zoo, and it was getting late. They decided to see the dolphins one last time before the zoo closed.

Scott and Jonathan watched the amazing dolphins swim and play. They watched and watched and before they knew it, the zoo was closed and they were trapped inside.

"We need to get out of the zoo," Scott and Jonathan said to the dolphins. One playful dolphin swam to the kids and said he could help them get out of the zoo. There was an opening in the roof above the dolphin pool!

Scott and Jonathan rode the dolphins as they jumped up into the air!

From the roof, Scott and Jonathan climbed down into the monkey pit! The monkeys were happy to see them and gave them each a banana to eat.

"Can you help us get out of the zoo?" A monkey named Monty said he could help. Monty, Scott, and Jonathan climbed up a tree and swung to the top of the monkey pit.

On the other side of the monkey pit was a rock climbing wall. Scott and Jonathan climbed carefully down the wall, but right into the lions' den!

Two huge lions came chasing after Scott and Jonathan. "I don't think these lions are going to help us out of the zoo," Scott said to Jonathan.

The lions were getting closer to Scott and Jonathan. Luckily, a group of monkeys from above began to throw banana peels at the charging lions.

The lions slipped on the banana peels and crashed into each other. Scott and Jonathan safely reached the other side of the lions' den.

Scott and Jonathan landed in a swamp area. The two started to hop from rock to rock to get to the other side. But the rocks were not rocks at all. They were alligators!

"I deďŹ nitely don't think these alligators will help us get out of the zoo," Jonathan said to Scott as they bounced to the other side of the swamp.

Luckily, a long-necked giraffe was looking over the wall. He dropped his head down and Scott and Jonathan jumped on his neck, safe at last from the hungry alligators.

"We need help getting out of the zoo!" Scott and Jonathan told the giraffe. The giraffe said that the elephants could help them get out of the zoo.

The two gigantic elephants made a swing out of their trunks and swung Scott and Jonathan over the wall!

Scott and Jonathan landed safely on a bed of hay. Next to the pile of hay was the exit gate!

Scott and Jonathan were out of the zoo, free at last. They could not have done it without their animal friends!

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first time books


Personalized Zoo Adventure Book - Scott