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Letter From the Director

Dear Friends, The one thing that I love about First Step is that the agency is always growing and changing. Part of my responsibility as director is to ensure that we are growing in a way that ultimately is in keeping with our mission and core principles. We have had some exciting changes recently. First, I am so happy to have a great friend to the agency join our staff, LuAnn Berry. LuAnn has been involved with First Step in one way or another for the past 4 years. We have always benefited from her insight and compassion and we look forward to her contribution. Also, we have restructured our services for shelter and outreach clients so they more effectively address our client’s needs. We hope to continue to grow and do our part to increasing the quality of life in our community.

Henry Gray made a name for himself in the smoky bars of Chicago when rock and roll was just a gleam in Jimi Hendrix’s eye. He is a legitimate legend in his own right having carved his own place in blues history for the past sixty years. It is our distinct honor to have Henry playing this year at the Thirteenth Annual Soul Shine Blues Festival. Henry's addition to Soul Shine is fitting because headlining this year’s festival will be Hubert Sumlin. Hubert and Henry both played with Howlin’ Wolf until 1968. Henry has spent the last few years enjoying the fruits of a lifetime spent devoted to



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F IRST STE P WE L CO MES NEW ADVO CATE LuAnn has a long history of involvement with First Step and has served as the agency’s Board Chair. LuAnn joins First Step’s staff to provide support and legal advocacy for our clients. Her LuAnn Berry responsibilities include First Step is pleased to assisting with filling out announce the addition civil protection orders, of LuAnn Berry to the accompaniment to court, agency’s staff as our risk and needs assessnewest Victim Advocate. ments, safety planning,

and home visits. In addition, LuAnn is also taking the lead in restructuring First Step’s methods of service delivery to our clients. For the past 20 years, First Step has been developing programs and services that extend beyond the emergency crisis phase so our clients are better equipped to make it on their own. (Cont page 2)

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(cont from p. 1) Luann’s involvement with First Step came about through her experience as the Human Resource Director at Fremont Memorial Hospital. Seeing the devastating and farreaching effects of violence led her to become more involved in community task forces that address domestic violence. “Even having served on the board, I really did not have an appreciation for how much work is done at First Step on a daily basis”, LuAnn says. Because the common per-

ception of the agency is of being “just” a shelter that provides “sheets and eats”, LuAnn states that she thinks the general public underestimates the shear breadth of First Step’s services. “It has been a real eye opener for me”, she says. Part of it, she thinks, is because of how much work goes on “behind the scenes”, and she hopes that by restructuring our services implementation, and offering more outreach, the agency can begin to re-brand itself as more than “just” a shelter. LuAnn’s expertise in


human resource development is particularly helpful because of the amount of help our client’s need in securing long-term economic stability. Among other things, LuAnn will be using the curriculum from the renowned “Getting Ahead in a Getting By World”, which teaches clients how to manage their finances, secure employment, and develop their skill sets. We are proud and happy to be able to draw upon her substantial knowledge to develop programs that better our clients and our community.

FIRST STEP DEVELOPS NEW PROGRAM SERVICES First Step has always recognized the far reaching effects that violence can have on our community. And to minimize those effects our focus has been on identifying and eradicating the underlying causes of family violence. Because of this philosophy, we have had to branch out and diversify our services to provide everything from job training to parenting classes. Almost two years ago First Step completed a strategic planning process that resulted in three year business plan. To ensure that our services

remain relevant for our clients we constantly scrutinize and refine them. Our most recent services plan includes new programs to address the high amount of clients we serve who are uneducated or undereducated and unemployed or underemployed. Because of the nature of our client’s issues we have found it necessary to focus more and more on comprehensive services that help our clients achieve self sufficiency. These new services are the natural product of our tireless pursuit of effective services that improve our clients’ overall

quality of life. It is our belief that this general improvement in a client’s circumstances enables them to more easily make healthy choices without the distraction of adverse conditions. Experience has taught us that family violence is the symptom of a deeper pathology in human interaction. Our approach to the remedy is to cast as wide a net as possible to increase the likelihood of our client’s success. Ultimately, this will help ensure that children raised in these homes become positively contributing members of society.

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LETTERS F R O M T H E H E A R T This is our column allowing you to share the triumphs of our clients over their circumstances through their letters to us; and to help you remember that we serve real people with real problems, and we help them find real solutions.

Passages I was struggling with a lot of things in my life. I was especially having a hard time with forgiveness with my Dad. After Passages I have learned how to forgive and what it means to forDear First Step, give. I was always anAfter going through Passages I feel gry and when we talked like I can be a better per- about needs I found out that I need to love son. Before I came to myself before I can love

others right. Honestly, I thought coming to Passages was going to suck, but it wasn’t that bad. Even my wife says that I am more caring now to others’ feelings. Thank you. “Jack”



“After Passages, I have learned how to forgive... ”


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First Step Services • Crisis Intervention • Safe Residency • Advocacy • Case Management • PASSAGES Educational classes • Operation Starshine • Marital Enrichment • Community Presentations • Internship/Volunteer Opportunities Are you happy? Do you want to make your marriage stronger? Do you want to become a better parent? First Step can help you! Call today and find out how First Step services can help you and your family.

First Step


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he has not put out a studio album in 7 years, his last record was nominated for a Grammy Award. Mark your calendars for Sep- tember 27 and g...

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