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_XggXef _XggXef This is our column allowing you to share the triumphs of our clients over their circumstances through their letters to us, and to help you remember that we serve real people with real problems, and we help them find real solutions. Dear Staff of First Step, Let me begin by saying that if I knew about First Step three years ago I would have come here a long time ago. I remember contacting here months ago but didn’t go through with it. My abuser made it impossible then. Even though my family was ripped apart in the worst way, I know


that it was meant to be and I could finally get my life in order. When my life was ripped from my heart and soul and my children, who I love and miss so dearly, and the internal pain was so horrible I came to realize that things, even bad things, happen for a reason. Your whole staff was so helpful in so many ways. It was [First Step] I depended on when family and friends turned their backs. I had to depend on kind-hearted strangers. I am so thankful to you all. It’s so good to know that there are such kind and compassionate people in the world. I write this letter to thank you for your help and

guidance and to thank all the people and agencies who donate to the shelter. Sincerely Yours, “Sue”

“It’s so good to know that there are such kind and compassionate people in the world.”

First Step Services 

Reality Therapy/ Choice Theory based program, PASSAGES group education about relationship violence, human behavior, personal growth, healthy relationships, problem solving, and parenting.

Positive Parenting

Father Mentoring

W.I.N.G.S. a women’s support group

M.O.V.E. a men’s support group

Individual counseling

OPERATION STARSHINE group education for children affected by relationship violence.




Volunteer Opportunities We can always use more volunteers. If you are interested in helping in this capacity please specify which volunteer opportunity interests you by filling out the slip below and sending it back to us. Remember to give your current contact information so we can get in touch with you. ____ Yes! I am interested in volunteer opportunities with First Step.

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DONATE TO FIRST STEP Your charitable gifts go a long way in helping us deliver valuable services to our clients. Consider making a donation today. Also consider making a donation to First Step in honor or recognition of a family member or friend. ..

____ Yes! I am interested in making a one time donation to First Step. ____ $25 ____ $50 ____ $75 ____ $ 100 ___ $150 ____ Other _____ ____ Yes! I am interested in making a monthly donation to First Step. ____ $25 ____ $50 ____ $75 ____ $ 100 ___ $150 ____ Other _____ In Honor/Recognition of: of ___________________

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First Step August 2005 Newsletter  
First Step August 2005 Newsletter  

First Step August 2005 Newsletter