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First Step: A Family Violence Intervention Center

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Letter From the Director

Dear Friends of First Step, I can hardly believe that the summer is almost gone. Now we look forward to the promise of Autumn. And what a promise! As we have done every year for the last ten years, First Step will once again host the Soul Shine Blues Festival on September 24th. We anticipate yet another resounding success and a time of great music, food, and fun for the entire family. In addition to Soul Shine, the Fall also finds us reassessing our mission and vision as an agency. As you know, we at First Step always strive to remain pro-active in our efforts to provide the most relevant and effective services for our clients. And so we have assembled a talented group of individuals from the community to help us assess where we stand in regard to these matters, and to help us form new and better ways of providing for those who call on us. We covet your thoughts and prayers as we navigate this important process. And we thank you for your continued support. Have a blessed Fall and see you at Soul Shine,

Terri L. Mercer

Jimmy Burns returns to headline Soul Shine 2005



On July 25th a group of community leaders, friends, First Step board members and staff met to put together a strategic business plan for First Step’s future. The first item of business was to reassess First Step’s role in the community and determine

ways in which we could better serve its needs. Facilitated by Al Gorman, CEO of Fremont Memorial Hospital, the meeting found us revisiting or mission and vision to ensure that we were building a continuum of services that best met the needs of our clients and the

community in general. Also on the agenda was an assessment of our programming and its financial viability. It is no big secret that funding available for domestic violence has been steadily diminishing. As a result we have had to (continued on page 2)

First Step August 2005 Newsletter  

First Step August 2005 Newsletter

First Step August 2005 Newsletter  

First Step August 2005 Newsletter