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First Press First Press is the monthly newsletter of First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu 45-550 Kionaole Road, Kane‘ohe, HI 96744

AUGUST 2013 | Volume 18 | Issue 7

4 Wednesdays in August— Classes Galore at First Prez! (Details on page 2)


Info on the next Alpha Course–also on page 2



Announcing the Winner

Summer WAKO 2013

The winner of last month's caption contest photo, based on the number of likes from Facebook users, is Les Kempers! He wins a $10-gift certificate to Ko‘olau Kitchen! Congratulations! The photo was actually taken aboard former President Richard Nixon's Air Force One, which explain's Pastor Dan's pose. Good job, Les, for picking up on that! Here's Les' winning caption: "Nixon gave you Watergate; I can show you Heaven's Gate."

Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28, Wednesdays At Ko‘olau Get ready! Get warmed up because WAKO's hot just like August.

a new friend, how to pray with purpose, and how to forgive.

Golf, cooking, mah jong, and bridge and classes are back, but there are a lot of new classes too, like a challenging seminar on leadership and how to orchestrate a mid-life reboot. There's a hot seminar on "miracles or magic" and one on caregiving using Psalm 23.

Lots to choose from! Register for a class or two on Sundays in the Fellowship Hall, or go online at Go WAKO!

Learn to share your faith, de-stress your body and mind, and take lessons from your pet. Worship with Chevas, be stunned with Paul on the Damascus road, and be awed by our universe. Learn how to write a book, how to (and why) gain


Alpha Returns in September

Day Alpha Course: Sept. 4-Nov. 13 (Wed) 11 am–1:15 pm Evening Alpha Course: Sept. 4-Nov. 13 (Wed) 6:30 pm–8:45 pm Other good ones: "FINALLY, admission into the Holy of Holies!!!!!!!!" - Frank Lim "I'm too legit, too legit to quit! Peace out!" - Corinne Ehara "I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night!" - Kimberly Vasquez "'President Dan Chun returns from another successful diplomatic mission to the cheers of an adoring press corps.' Hmmm, I like the sound of that. Hold on, Pam, I'll be down in a few minutes! Sigh..." - Scott Harada "I was born to do this." Or, "I am not a crook." - Mitchell Kimura

The Alpha Course is a series of ten sessions that provides an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith. It’s relaxed, low-key, friendly, and fun. It’s a course supported by all main Christian denominations. Listen, learn, discuss, and discover. Ask anything! Alpha is a place where no question is too simple or too controversial. A meal opens each session, giving everyone an opportunity to get to know one another. The Alpha course consists of video teachings on topics such as “Who is Jesus?” and “How can we have faith?” After each video, we get into small groups for discussion. Alpha is for everyone, especially: • Those wanting to investigate Christianity • New Christians • Newcomers to the church • Those who want to deepen their understanding & faith



There is a one-time cost of $10 to purchase the ALPHA course manual. Everything else including the dinner is free, although we appreciate any donation to help offset food costs. Childcare is only available for children 6 months to 12 years old at the evening Alpha course. Let us know that you need childcare when you register. For more details, please go to: www.

HEROS OF THE FAITH CONT'D... all people groups will have a version of the Bible translated into their native languages.


Pastor Dan with Joe and Barbara Grimes at Ka Punawai Ola Nursing Home

Heros of the Faith by Pastor Dan Chun When I heard that Joe and Barbara were leaving Hawaii in mid-August, I wanted to see them one last time before they moved to the mainland. Since I am on sabbatical until September, I would miss them before I came back, so I drove out to Ka Punawai Ola in Kapolei, the nursing home where Barbara is staying. When I got there, husband Joe and their son Chuck were visiting too.

in Hawaii in June 2001. By October 2003, it was in its fourth printing having sold more than 85,000 copies (you can even get it at COSTCO). In fact, it has been on the bestseller list in Hawaii 16 times! The goal now is to have the Old Testament in Pidgin too. (Their son Chuck, by the way, is also a Wycliffe translator, who’s currently translating the Bible for a people group in Indonesia.)

Joe and Barbara have been worshipping the Lord at First Prez for 27 years! You may not know this but they are heroes of the faith who have tremendously contributed to the Kingdom of God.

But more than that, the Grimes are the creators of The Ethnologue (ethnologue. com), a reference website cataloging all of the world’s known living languages. Barbara was Ethnologue’s longest serving editor from 1974 to 2000, and Joe did a lot of the field research. This scholarly journal and site is the definitive global standard for all languages and cultures of all people groups. It is used by governments and universities all over the world, and recognized by the United Nations.

You see, Joe and Barbara are Wycliffe Bible translators. They have devoted their lives to Bible translation since graduating from Wheaton College 50 years ago. They are currently coordinating the process of translating the Scriptures into Hawaii Pidgin English for the estimated 500,000 Pidgin English speakers, and especially for the estimated 100,000 to 200,000 (according to a University of Hawaii study) who use Pidgin English as their primary language. These are the ones who found reading the Bible in English too difficult. The Hawaii Pidgin New Testament, known as Da Jesus Book, was dedicated

So if anyone anywhere in the world wants to know the cultural background of a certain people group, The Ethnologue is the first stop, thanks to the Grimes. This is an incredible contribution to the work of God and to the world.

Bible translation may not sound very appealing, but it is critically important. It’s painstakingly slow and gets little public acclaim. Imagine people not even having a Bible! First Prez wanted to be there for our Wycliffe partners, and so for at least the last 20 years, Wycliffe has been the biggest recipient of mission funds from First Prez. In our own small way, and in the Grimes’ big way, it is becoming possible for all peoples, of all nations, to have a chance to read God’s word in their own languages. This is an amazing accomplishment considering the millions of languages that exist today. The Grimes alone have completed four full Bible translations in their five decades of ministry, which is an incredible number. Aside from translating the Bible to Pidgin, Joe is also simultaneously working on a translation for a Mexican people group—astonishing to say the least. Joe and Barbara are leaving for Oklahoma so they can have a better environment for recovery from medical issues. Barbara had a stroke on May 3rd and needs six months to recover. Joe had heart surgery on June 14th. And with their Medicare coverage running out, they will need to move to a Christian retirement home to where some of their Wheaton friends have also moved. We will miss Joe and Barbara. So what about the translation of the Old Testament to pidgin? Fortunately there will be some folks in Hawaii who will take over for the Grimes in finishing the last part of the Pidgin Bible project, which has the books of Job, Song of Songs, and Ezekiel only remaining. As Joe and Barbara leave Hawaii, let’s give them our fondest aloha. I can just imagine God saying to them, “Well done, My good and faithful servants, Joe and Barbara. You are heroes of the faith."

Wycliffe is predicting that within the next generation and for the first time in history,






Glow Run 5K

Aug. 23, Friday, 5-10 pm, Aloha Stadium The Glow Run is going to be the wildest, brightest night time running event to come to Hawaii! This run is less about speed and more about having a blast and making a memorable experience! Every kilometer will be an exciting glow zone filled with a spectacular glowing surprise. Register online at, select the Hawaii location, team name is “First Prez YA!" This is a great time to get to know some people your age (mid20's to mid-40's) in the church. Join us at this activity celebrating the final days of summer! See pics of July's hike on pg. 7.

Upon This Rock Update Our "Upon This Rock" capital campaign is on the right track. Here's the "temperature reading" so far:

As of June 30, 2013

• Campaign Goal = $7M • Actual Pledges received = $3,473,517 • Actual collection to date = $2,397,296

$7M $6M $5M $4M $3M $2M $1M 0



Our group before a wet walk to the falls last month

Is there Such a Place as Shangri La? Aug 28, Wed, 10:15 am, Honolulu Museum of Art Join us on our quest to find SHANGRI LA, the mythical place of Utopia and paradise where no one grows old. But this Shangri la is here in Hawaii at Black Point. It was built from 1936 to 1938 by Doris Duke as a seasonal home overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Diamond Head. Doris Duke was the only child of James Buchanan Duke, baron of the American Tobacco Co. She inherited his fortune at the age of 12 upon his death in 1925. In her lifetime, she increased her inheritance fourfold. In spite of her astute sense of business, her real passion was for the arts. She traveled widely, immersed herself in other cultures, and pursued a wide range of interests including the performing arts, historic preservation, environmental conservation, and the preservation of wildlife. Her eclectic taste ranged from collecting priceless Oriental treasures in Shangri la to housing a complete Thai village in her New Jersey home. Shangri La houses more than 2,500 pieces of Islamic art collected for nearly 60 years and is exhibited throughout her home. This five-acre complex integrates a 14,000 square-foot house, a playhouse, and a pool, comprising a series of interlocking spaces, both indoors and out, rooms, courtyards, lanais, terraces, gardens, and numerous water features. Throughout the property traditional Islamic art blend with a modernist


sensibility. Today, Shangri La is nationally recognized for its high artistic value and as one of Hawaii’s most architecturally significant homes. When does our journey begin? On Wednesday, Aug. 28. We will meet PROMPTLY at the Honolulu Museum of Art’s Ward Gate entrance at 10:15 am. As there is NO parking at the estate, the admission fee of $22 includes shuttle service. It also allows for entrance to the Honolulu Museum of Art. The admission fee is payable in cash or check. No children under the age of eight are permitted. For those who would like to dine at the Museum Café upon our return, we have reservations for lunch for 25 at 1 pm (on your own). PLEASE NOTE: SHANGRI LA HAS STAIRS WITHOUT RAILINGS AND WE WILL BE WALKING FOR 90 MINUTES. THERE IS A 25-PERSON LIMIT. Parking is available at the Honolulu Museum of Art School (corner of Beretania and Victoria Streets), $3 for up to four hours with Museum validation or at the Neal Blasidell Center, $6 flat rate if you mention the Museum. Sign up on a first come-first served basis on Sundays, August 11, 18, and 25, after the 8 and 9:30 am services.

WOMEN'S EVENT CALENDAR Woman-To-Woman Mentoring Session “Walk With Me” Aug. 18-Dec. 1 After being prayerfully matched, mentors and mentees meet regularly for the purpose of growing together in faith. Orientation Coffee: Aug. 18 Kick-off: Aug. 25 Women’s Small Group Study Sundays Sep.13-Nov. 24 “Broken Treasures” with Julie Daubenspeck WOMEN'S MINISTRY NEWS

Woman-to-Woman Mentoring by Judy Ensing On June 24, the participants of the spring women’s mentoring session gathered for a celebration potluck and a time of sharing about their fourmonth mentoring experience.  The mentoring team leaders and prayer warriors, who had prayerfully matched the mentors and mentees (M&M) and prayed for them regularly throughout the session, were encouraged and blessed to hear how God had used the program to meet women’s needs at just the right time.

What is mentoring all about? It’s about two women walking side by side, shoulder to shoulder, toward Jesus, with the mutual intention of growing together in faith.  The fall session will begin with an Orientation Coffee on Aug. 18.  M&Ms will be matched and will meet their partners the following week, and then will continue meeting regularly through Dec. 1. Sign up to participate at the Women’s Ministry table on Sundays!

“We were parallel, on the same road....We both gave each other tools on the path of friendship.” “It was an incredible experience....She became one of my best friends....It helped my marriage.” “Some of our struggles overlapped, and some of our gifts overlapped....’Iron sharpens iron’ became our mantra.” “All I wanted to do was share Jesus....I learned a lot about myself.” “I was surprised at how deep we could go....I had some struggles....She shared her wisdom.” “I have friends, but it’s not the same.”


Mixed Plate Sep. 21, Saturday Mini-classes on crafts, exercise, cooking, special topics, including a delicious Ko’olau lunch. Invite your friends! Want to share your passion by offering a session? Contact All-Church Bazaar Nov. 2, Saturday Baked Goods & Cafe, Crafts, Silent Auction, Ko’olau Market, Food, etc. Serve on bazaar team, help at the bazaar, and (of course) shop! Contact Patt Emminger if you would like to help on the team.   Women’s Correctional Center Christmas Project Month of November Christmas Cards for incarcerated women to send to loved ones— Bring last year’s unused cards or purchase a box or two! Postage stamps are also needed.   Christmas Brunch Dec. 14, Saturday Make this a special Christmas season event. Invite your friends and family members to enjoy a special brunch prepared by Ko‘olau Ballrooms!  





Ko‘olau Kids Snap-Shot Sunday

People All the Good Things

As Ko‘olau Kids draws the summer to a close, we would like to invite you to our annual “Snap Shot Sunday” coming up on August 18th, in the Makai Room during the 9:30 am service. Here, parents can gain a deeper understanding of the vision of children’s and youth ministries at FPC.

What's the buzz with First Prez people

This will be an opportunity to hear from Director Karen Makishima, Early Childhood Coordinator Lauren McCartha, High School Youth Director Drew Hulse, and Middle School Coordinator Nick Love as they share the desire to partner with parents in the journey of parenting and passing on your legacy of faith to the next generation. The fact is, there are 936 weeks in a child’s life from birth to their 18th birthday. What we (your church and family combined) do week after week is crucial. What we do over time matters. Each moment is an opportunity for influence, discipleship, faith building, and character development. Parents, we have a plan, and we want you in on it!

The monthly book club that meets in Manoa is a happening place. A few months ago it was a special treat to have Elaine Masters, a writer and traveling missionary, join us for a review of her book; “What the Witch Doctor Told Me”. Elaine brought items for show and tell and even shared a puppet show, just like she does in Thailand around the fire. “Eternity in their Hearts” and “Chasing the Dragon” were other books reviewed.

After this “Snap-Shot” Sunday where you can peak into what our ministries have in store for your family, we will start the new school year with “Kick-Off” Sunday on August 25th where all grades will be promoted to their new grade level small groups. There, leaders and small groups will begin getting to know each other for the new school year. Just as a consistent small group has been found beneficial to our spiritual growth as adults, we believe the same method works for our kids. We strongly encourage families to commit to a service time so that each week their child can have the same small group leader and peers praying for them and lending support. May this school year be one of excitement as we commit ourselves to discipleship and following Jesus, no matter how old we are.



by Marcia Wright What? August already? School is in session and summer is almost over. Now we look forward to the fall fun! Football and games, family and Thanksgiving. Get ready for good things!

In July it was a "Share What You’ve Been Reading month." We’d love to have you come and join us. You’re sure to have a great time. More information is in the church bulletin. Honolulu Magazine's Jamie Noguchi had a wonderful write-up about Mama’Nita scones. Anita Rhee, Tom Stirling’s wife, is the baker, proprietor, and all-around creative idea person for these little morsels of delight. Anita is a trained pharmacist, and as we know baking is all about chemistry, so no wonder she is the bomb at baking. I’ve had some of these ono offerings at the youth auction at church. And speaking of church, I hear that Anita took a scone baking class at WAKO from Trisha Burlison. Hmmm, what other things might one learn at church? Former staff member Libby Boatwright is headed to Stanford University to be a resident chaplain! This in from Caroline Kim, silent auction chairwoman, “Have those boxes in the garage been on your mind lately? Now is the month to tackle going through them and saving the best for the upcoming First Prez Bazaar. Although we cannot use


The oldest Presbyterian Church in America where Lynne's family is buried

electronics or construction materials, we would love to have that set of golf clubs, or your grandmother’s vases that you’ve inherited. Or if you have a set of dishware you would be willing to set aside for the bazaar, it would be most appreciated. Any questions on what or what not to keep call Caroline at 988-3349.” Donations will be accepted in October. Thank you! Steve, Lynne, and Maddy Wiggins went to a family reunion on the east coast that included a stop at the First Presbyterian Church. And I mean the first one in America! Rehoboth Presbyterian Church, Maryland was built in 1683. The trip included visiting relatives both above and below ground. Her great great great great grandparents are buried in the cemetery of this church. Her G4x’s, Ferdinand and Mary Stiegers, came from Germany and were farmers in the region. Wow! How cool is it to know from whence we come. Zenia Moura has a new job as a Kindergarten Assistant Teacher at Trinity Christian School, where daughter Bella will also be starting her first year in school. Congratulations! Robert “Bub” Wo was featured in an article in the Star Advertiser by Bob Sigall. Bub speaks of how the family company C.S. Wo has weathered the passing of time through three generations. An interesting aside is that the family surname is really Ching. "My grandfather’s full name was Ching Sing Wo. Ching was his surname. We changed the family name to Wo in the 1950s." Bub is also a Common Grace mentor to a student at Royal Elementary School. Okay, gang. No joke. I NEED your input of good news for my article to be fun and filled with good things. So no shame–just send me da kine so we can all be encouraged about what God is doing in our lives. This means YOU! Mahalo. Send your good news to


Reviving Habits of Prayer by Patti Marshall

After last month’s confession about my bout with prayerlessness, I’m slowly praying more and hopefully will move in the direction of prayer becoming once again a solidified and unending practice. The four habits of prayer that I’m cultivating are: 1) a time and place, 2) a spirit of prayer, 3) fanning the flame, and 4) a blessed hope.


Pastor Sim, Nan Fancher, Stella Matsuda and Bob Schleicher

Beta: the Next Best Thing!

A new class designed to follow The Alpha Course coming soon On Saturday, June 6, a team of four met for the whole morning at Zippy’s in Kahala to begin putting together  a Life  Training Class that may become the most unique  creation since the Alpha Course.   In fact, it’s called Beta—the next letter in the Greek alphabet after Alpha— and this class is being billed as the next best thing at First Prez since Alpha. 

welcome mat to anyone wanting to renew their faith. Watch for more information in the Life Training brochure coming out the first week of September. YOUNG ADULTS Last month's trek to Pali Puka drew a diverse and adventurous bunch! It was an arduous climb, but we did it!

The Beta Bunch—Bob Schleicher (Life Ministries Elder) Stella Matsuda (Life Ministries team member), Nan Fancher (Life Ministries curriculum advisor), and Sim Fulcher (Life Ministries pastoral staff) all pictured here—are excited about this class, which  will begin on September 15 with all the Life  Training Classes  in the fall.   Like most  of them,  Beta will run  12 weeks.   But unlike the other Life Training classes, Beta  will be offered again at the Winter Session 2014, and yet again at the 2014 Spring Session of Life Training Classes. It will be offered from now on whenever a new Life Training Season begins.

Having a spirit of prayer means that my soul needs to spring and leap toward the prayer hour with delight. Even though this eager desire isn’t felt, I’m launching forth on this journey. My words are, “Lord, help me to keep this appointment with You each day. Thank you for your promises. I praise You for your faithfulness, for your grace, for Your patience, etc. I am helpless without You.” The Holy Spirit is the only one who can re-kindle that spark of devotion I once had and fan it into a flame. He can help me with this infirmity. My words are, “Lord, at times I cannot pray, my desire is weak, my lips that once had fire are frost-bitten. Quicken my yearning soul.” As I repeat these words, He faithfully comes, stands beside me, and gently woos me to Himself. The blessed hope, the face and heart of Christ, never left me. I left Him. So whether I am confessing about backsliding or inconsistency in prayer, thanking Him as I count my blessings, or interceding for a beloved family member, friend, or a prayer request from someone I don’t know, my words are, “Thank you Jesus for always coming when I call your name and for your blessed hope and helpfulness.”

The course is for any person, new believer or not, who is seriously seeking more answers about God, the Bible, the Church and Christian community, God’s guidance, spiritual gifts, sharing what you believe, and many other aspects of day to day Christian living.   It will be crafted to accommodate new Alpha “graduates” but with a ready

As the Holy Spirit nudges me, I’ve returned to my time and place. Before the world rushes in and invades my mind, my words are, “Lord, I want to give You my first thoughts.” This habit was easy. The next three habits are more challenging because I’m out of practice.

Lord, forgive my/our prayerlessness. Forgive Your Church for trying to do Your work in our own strength, rather than dependence upon You. Please pour out a spirit of prayer upon us. Give us a deep desire to bring prayer into every area of our lives everyday. Teach us to pray. Amen


Adapted from F.B Meyer. Reviviing Habits of Prayer.





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