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JULY 2013 | Volume 18 | Issue 6


Don't Miss the 2013 Slip 'n Slide Event! July 13—see page 2 for details

Get to know Pastor Tim Shaw–page 3


Announcing the Winner The winner of last month's caption contest photo, based on the number of likes from Facebook users, is Gloria May! She wins a $10-gift certificate to Ko‘olau Kitchen! Congratulations! Here's Gloria's winning caption: "Should I tell Dad he can't multitask? No he will soon find out." - Gloria May Scenes from last year's VBS


High School Slip n' Slide Returns July 13, Sat, 12-4 pm, Ko‘olau Driving Range

Other good ones: “Whoa dad...two hands or a bib for that white shirt." - Vicki Leavy “This is gonna hurt me WAY more than it's gonna hurt you." - Leon Williams “Easter Sunday and my Daniel Fast is OVERRRRRRRRR!!!!” - Barbara Harberts

Last year it was the biggest event of the year and this year it’s getting bigger. Picture yourself tearing down the driving range on an 800 foot slip and slide covered with water and soap. That’s right, it’s gonna be awesome. And this year, unlimited water, so hold on. It all happens Saturday, July 13th from noon4 pm here at First Prez and the Ko‘olau

“Did Dad just SERIOUSLY take my dessert while I was on my iPhone???" - Robin Winterlin “Try Wait!!! Is that REALLY on the Daniel Fast?" - Linda Iverson “Channeling George Lopez: Oh no he didn't!!!" - Pam Chun “Dad! What are you doing? Don't eat it. Instagram it!" - Michael Shishido “The Chuns set a new record - 4 out of 4 on their iPhones AT THE SAME TIME! 'Dad, put down that spoon--Dad... Aw, man, now it's 3 out of 4. So close....'" - Shayna Kusumoto " ..whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. This is some serious glory!" - Mark Obatake


JULY 2013


driving range. The event is open to all high school students who are ready for the time of their lives. The cost is $10 per person to help cover the expenses. Bring your lunch, your sunscreen and your courage. This is a great opportunity to invite friends and give them a glimpse of what FPC is all about.


Tim, what do you think you’ll like most about your job at First Prez?


Tim Shaw and his Hawaiian-style welcoming entourage at the airport

Meet Pastor Tim Shaw A little bit about First Prez's new Associate Pastor Tim Shaw joined the staff of our church in June 2013, after serving the First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley for 28 years in a wide variety of capacities. Tim is originally from Southern California, a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara where he received a BA in Biological Sciences. After graduating from UCSB, he began working on his masters degree at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA where he received his Masters of Divinity with an emphasis in Christian Formation and Discipleship. He then joined the staff of the First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley. Under the leadership of two outstanding senior pastors (Earl Palmer and Mark Labberton) he had an incredible ministry experience here in Berkeley that included a wide variety of responsibilities, including youth ministries, young adult ministries, adult discipleship, the launching of a new worship service, mentoring and leadership development, creating new approaches to short-term mission through a partnership with a dynamic Congolese hospital in Goma in Eastern Congo, to name just a few of his ministry experiences. While on the staff of First Pres. Berkeley, he also served as the Acting Head of Staff (between Earl and Mark) and finally as the interim senior pastor after Mark Labberton received a call to serve on the faculty of

Fuller Theological Seminary in 2009. Tim served as the interim senior pastor for three years. Tim loves being outside. He enjoys backpacking, hiking, swimming, cycling (road and mountain), alpine skiing, and backcountry skiing. He has some experience rock-climbing, has traveled extensively around the world, enjoys reading nonfiction, loves a good movie and great conversation with family and friends. He’s a sailor, with a bareboat charter certification and is an instrument rated private pilot.

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My ministry at First Prez will focus on both international mission and local missional engagement and will include lots of teaching, preaching, personal discipling and leader development. That is the perfect job description for me. I love to do all of those things so I could not be more excited to be here and to work alongside the staff and people of this amazing church. If I had to pick the one thing that I love most about my job it is the opportunity to invest my life in the lives of others so that they might gain a clearer understanding of who God is making them to be and what He is calling them to do. Sharing God’s excitement for what He is doing in and through another person’s life has been some of the greatest experiences of my life.

Tell us about your family.

I am the great-grandson of one of the men who started the Assemblies of God denomination (Archibald Collins), which is a little odd for a Presbyterian pastor to admit. I’m also the grandson of a traveling evangelist and pastor (Hardy Mitchell) and the son of two remarkable people who met and fell in love at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, CA, the church I grew up in. As a young woman, my mom (Dottie Shaw) was an accompanist for a ventriloquist who was the first television personality to win an Emmy Award. I have three siblings: my older brother Dana (who manages a warehouse for a school district in Arizona) and my two younger sisters Cindy (who oversees a vast adult and youth ice hockey league in Orange County, CA) and Debbie (who is a marriage and family therapist in Arizona). I also have nine amazing nieces and nephews (Jennifer, Stephanie, Jamie, Jimmy, Matthew, Christian, Bryce, Brittany and Brandon), the oldest is a physician, one is a drummer in a band called Local Natives that just appeared on David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon, another, like his uncle, is a student at Fuller Theological Seminary, and that’s just three of the nine. I could go on and on. I love every single one of them.


JULY 2013



"Grease" Movie Night A photo from last month's Singles' Ohana Event


Physical Activity & Arthritis Betti Griffen (new member), Christian Peterson, Lisa Arashiro, and Shirley Cavanaugh at the Singles’ Ohana "Grease" movie event on June 15th. Betti and Christian were first place winners of the costume contest.

Upon This Rock Update Our "Upon This Rock" capital campaign is on the right track. Here's the "temperature reading" so far:

As of May 31, 2013

• Campaign Goal = $7M • Actual Pledges received = $3,473,517 • Actual collection to date = $2,325,481

$7M $6M $5M $4M $3M $2M $1M 0


JULY 2013

July 31, Wed, 10:30 am, First Prez Physical activity and arthritis–you can do it! Do you or a loved one wish you could be more physically active but find things are harder to do? You are not alone. One in every five adults and 300,000 children in the nation find themselves in the same situation as you are in. There are 120 forms of arthritis, including rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, juvenile arthritis, gout, lupus, fibromyalgia, and more. Where does it hurt? Why does it hurt? How is it diagnosed? What can one do to fight the pain? Jenny Sung, Community Development Manager for the Arthritis Foundation here in Hawaii, will be answering these questions as well as the definition & forms, risk factors, symptoms, and diagnosis. We will learn the benefits of management and treatment, including pain management and arthritis-friendly programs to take control and live life to the fullest. Jenny will also be providing tips on nutrition and exercises that are helpful in fighting the discomforts of living with arthritis as well as its prevention. The Arthritis Foundation is committed to raising awareness and reducing the unacceptable impact of this serious and painful disease, which can severely damage joints and rob people of living life to its fullest. It also funds life-changing


research that has restored mobility in patients for more than six decades; fights for health care policies that improve the lives of the millions who live with arthritis; and partners with families to provide empowering programs and information. And, by the way, Jenny is our new parttime Director of Women’s Ministry, filling the shoes of DeeDee Lee, who recently retired after many years of wonderful service. Jenny is no stranger to many people. She worked as the Volunteer Manager for Hawaiian Islands Ministries for 14 years, wearing many hats and juggling many tasks while wearing a beautiful smile all the while. Come and join us for this informative session. Be ready with your questions on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 10:30 am. Then stay and enjoy Chef Jim’s special catered lunch. Sign up at the Out & About Ministry Table after the 8 am and 9:30 am services on the two preceding Sundays, July 21 and 28. The cost is $13, payable in cash or check.



REVIVE–Women's Contemplative Retreat

Aug 9, Friday, 6 pm to Aug 10, Sat, 8:45 pm, at St. Anthony's Retreat Center (3351 Kalihi St.)


Meet Jenny Sung An Interview with First Prez's new Director of Women's Ministry

Tell us about yourself, Jenny.

I moved to Honolulu from Chicago 18 years ago with my wonderful husband Carl to pursue my masters in speech communication. I love the people, the mix of cultures, the weather—everything! After 12 years of marriage, I was blessed to become a mother. Grant is now 7 and Mitchell, 4.

Tell us about your journey with First Prez.

After my master’s degree, God led me to work at First Prez (the Makiki campus), and then Hawaiian Islands Ministries (HIM). Being the volunteer services manager at HIM, I experienced an incredible time of ministry and growth. One of the most memorable moments was when we were scheduled to fly to the Bay Area for HIM’s annual Christian equipping conference there, and then the Sept 11 attacks happened. We flew over to the Bay Area to minister. It was powerful to see the churches and pastors coming together in prayer and support.

What do you like to do outside of First Prez?

I currently serve part-time as the Community Development manager for the Arthritis Foundation, where I oversee programs and reach out to the community to raise awareness on arthritis. I have a passion for education and learning. I study Korean, and I’m getting a TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) online certification. I love espresso, which is probably linked to my love of connecting with a friend over a cup of espresso. I’m into films like Lord of the Rings, Firefly, Gattaca, and Star Wars, which probably makes me a nerd! And yes, the last movie I saw was Star Trek.

During those first years with HIM, I was also on the women’s leadership team of another church. We organized Bible studies, retreats, teas—you name it. Now I’m back at First Prez to serve the women in our congregation, and it seems my past is all blending together! I am excited for all that God is about to reveal.

Come and drink from the well. Be revived, refreshed, and renewed as we learn about petition prayer, your personal prayer relationship with God. Deepen your spiritual walk, grow and draw nearer to the Lord. There will be times for reflection, journaling and walking the quiet and lovely grounds of St. Anthony's Retreat center. For more details, contact Jenny Sung at jenny@ or at 218-2700, or visit the Womens ministry table on Sunday!

Jenny's adorable sons, Mitch (4) and Grant (7).


Pastor Pam Zunic, our guest speaker at the retreat, oversees the Prayer and Healing Ministry at Inspire Church and was the former women's pastor. She has a passion for prayer and believes that when people pray together, miracles happen!


JULY 2013



August WAKO (Wednesdays At Ko‘olau)

All the Good Things

What's the buzz with First Prez people by Marcia Wright

Wednesdays, August 7, 14, 21, and 28, First Prez Ko‘olau The theme of August WAKO is "It's a Sin to Bore People with the Gospel!" You won't want to miss out on all the ways we attempt to avoid boring people during August's WAKO.


JULY 2013

People Spring segued into summer and here we are in July enjoying the shower trees blooming on King street and the sky being bluer than blue! Be connected and get out there with family and friends for fun! We all know God is amazing and has a hand in our lives from beginning to end. And we all know how small Hawaii is. But did you know that the world can be just as small? Let me tell you a story. Jack and Arlene Bohman celebrated their 50th anniversary last month. Congratulations to you both! They were married in the Trinity Methodist Church in El Paso Texas where they sang in the choir under the leadership of Roy Hallman with his wife Nyle at the piano, organ, or harp. Nyle played harp at the Bohman’s wedding. Roy took his choir on singing tours over the border into Juarez, Mexico to sing at the Cathedral and Jack and Arlene went with him. Now during this time yours truly, Marcia Wright, was growing up in Manoa Valley attending Central Union and singing in the choir. In 1969 when I was 12 a new choir conductor was hired and his name was Roy Hallman with his wife Nyle at the piano, organ, or harp. The Hallmans continued their music tours into Mexico and took the Central Union High school choir on a bus trip across the border to sing in that same Juarez Cathedral. I was in that group.   Pretty small world huh? Well, then about ten years ago Jack and Arlene moved to Hawaii and joined the choir at First Prez where I had been singing since 1988. The plot thickens…Mary Hicks was our choir director and Nyle Hallman had played harp at her wedding to husband Kalani. Two weddings thousands of miles apart… same harpist! And lastly, Arlene was the dear friend who accompanied me to UCSF in 2007 when I had my kidney transplant. God could not have picked a more perfect person to go with me as Arlene is a retired Army nurse. God truly is amazing how He


Gary and Marlene Van Brocklin at the Presbyterian Mission Agency

connects our lives as believers together! And Nyle Hallman is still playing harp at weddings! From Margo Tardiville. “Life on Maui has been a life of challenges and awesome adventures. My son and family are enjoying their second church plant called ‘The Journey’. After four years of not having a car and a place of my own to live or a job that I love, God blessed me in one month with all three! I want to thank all of you for your prayers for healing in our family. After 17 years of continuous prayer and guidance from our Lord I can really see the healing happening.”    Linda Verdugo was pictured and quoted in the MidWeek Poll of favorite authors. Her answer was Jan Karon.  Here’s an update from Gary and Marlene Van Brocklin. “We have accepted the position of Regional Liaison for the area of Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan for the Presbyterian Mission Agency. We will work on mission strategy for the region, do pastoral care of missionaries and oversee the denomination’s properties (mostly schools and hospitals) We were commissioned in May at Montreat (where Presbyterian missionaries have been commissioned for a century). We are excited about the new direction in which God is leading us.” And Gary and Marlene had an extra bonus when they had lunch with Kevin Lo who was visiting in Asheville, NC attending an academic conference. Remember we are the body of Christ. Not just Christians in Hawaii, but all of us from every part of the globe. We are all connected. The story above is just one of millions that the Lord has written to make our lives better and to encourage us! So tell me your good stories that they may encourage others to reach farther, try harder, live more joyous God filled lives.


When We Do Not Pray by Patti Marshall

For the past four months I've been walking through a common “follower of Jesus” struggle–not making time for God. I’m not praying unless I need something. My quiet time with God has been replaced with activities and distractions. I’m feeling guilty because of neglecting my personal devotion time.

The Pali Puka


What's Up with Young Adults July 21, Sun & Aug 23, Fri

The Young Adults at First Prez have some cool events coming up as the Summer heat continues, so mark these in your calendar and RSVP to to let us know you're coming.

you sign up, the lower the cost. Register online at, select the Hawaii location, team name is “First Prez YA!". Cost is $40 before July 1.


July 21, Sun, after 11:11 service If you've never hiked to Pali Puka, it is a must. It's a short 20 minutes in, 20 minutes out. What's cool is that after doing this, we'll forever be able to point to the Puka from the church grounds and say, "We've been there!" Just meet after the 11:11 in front Ko‘olau Kitchen. We'll grab lunch and then get going. Wear hiking clothes and shoes, bring water and sun protection. This hike can be done at any pace. The first part to Pali Puka is not too difficult, and afterwards we'll come back to where we started and you'll have the option to continue on to Notches, which is more for the advanced hikers, or call it a day. So come for the first part or both. In any event, please join us!


Aug. 23, Fri, 5-10 pm, Aloha Stadium The Glow Run is going to be the wildest & brightest night time running event to come to Hawaii! This run is less about speed and more about having a blast and making a memorable experience! Every kilometer will be an exciting glow zone filled with a spectacular glowing surprise! The earlier

Both events are fabulous opportunities to get to know some people your age (20's to 40's) in the church. Our ministry consists mainly of small groups that meet throughout the week for fellowship, Bible study and support, but we gather monthly as a larger community of young adults at First Prez. We would love to have you join us at either or both of these summer activities.


This shouldn’t be happening to me! I’m the elder for Prayer Ministry. I serve in the sanctuary prayer corner. I guide others in their journey with prayer. I helped at VBS. As I write, I’m reminded that my struggle is not about position and performance. It’s about the posture of my heart. I’ve allowed busyness to replace spending time and communicating with God. Thus, His presence, comfort, and guidance are not felt. The effects of this prayerlessness are tangible, visible, and pronounced: • Feeling a lack of Intimacy, His presence, comfort, and guidance. • Experiencing an overwhelming sense of guilt over what God must be thinking. • Failing to really love and demonstrate love for others. • Reminders of how often Jesus spent time with His Father. • Difficulty facing the day with an awareness of my purpose. • No motivation to pray for others. We serve a gracious and patient God. He quietly waits, desiring to walk with us in the cool of the day (Gen. 3:8), just like He did with Adam and Eve. His reaching out will never cease. Lord God, our desire is to know You deeply, and to spend time developing our relationship with You. Forgive us for our apathy, our cold hearts, and our lack of motivation to spend time with You. Replace our mood swings, stagnation, and apathy with Your vitality, excitement, and wonder from time spent with You. Draw us to Your heart so that we might love others they way that You love them. Thank You for wanting to spend everyday with us. Amen.


JULY 2013



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